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Corner of the Galaxy is a weekly Internet Radio Show dedicated to covering the LA Galaxy. Founded in 2009, we've done over 700 hundred individual shows focused on just one team in Major League Soccer.

2020 Lineup: Josh Guesman (Host, LA Galaxy Beat Reporter, Producer, Creator), Eric Vieira (Co-Host, Video Lead, Writer), Kevin Baxter (Co-Host, LA Times Soccer Writer), Larry Morgan (Co-Host, LA Galaxy Beat Reporter), Sophie Nicholaou (Co-Host, Soccer Reporter)

We've featured many high profile interviews, including:

Dennis te Kloese, Robbie Keane, Omar Gonzalez, Bruce Arena, Dave Sarachan, Mike Magee, Todd Dunivant, Robbie Rogers, Sean Franklin, Chris Klein, Pat Noonan, Alexi Lalas, Taylor Twellman, Brian Dunseth, Nigel De Jong, Dave Romney, Chris Klein And many, many more.

It is our mission to provide you first-class LA Galaxy information in a timely, professional, and entertaining fashion. And with many of our co-hosts holding media credentials for the LA Galaxy, you are getting first-hand knowledge from some of the brightest minds in the media and beyond. We'll give you our opinions, and we'll strive to keep you entertained while you learn of the latest happenings across the wide Galaxyuniverser.

Of course, CoG isn't just a show. It's also a group of passionate people. And without the fans, the listeners, and the beautiful community that supports soccer in southern California, this LA Galaxy podcast would never have been around for so long. We're 12 season's into a lifetime of Galaxy coverage.

So what are you waiting for? We've got tons of LA Galaxy information to break down, and we're always planning our next show. We'll see you at StubHub Center.
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COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The sidelines of the LA Galaxy games are going to look different this year. And while you can't blame that all on the pandemic, the real change will come when Megan Reza isn't standing on the sidelines anymore. On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter will cover most of the Galaxy news that leads up to the preseason camp officially starting. But they'll also get a chance to hear from Reza as she reminisces about what it meant to be on the sidelines for your television coverage and what things she'll take with her as she heads off in a new direction. Josh and Kevin will start by clarifying the ever-confusing new rule that revolves around players under the age of 22. That usually leads to a conversation about MLS and the LA Galaxy and how their opaqueness doesn't help things when explaining the complexities of the league. From there, the guys will discuss the new sleeve sponsorship with Honey and why the Galaxy will get two more seasons of some very great payouts. But come 2022, the gravy train might stop! Plus, Julian Araujo graced the front page of the LA Times today, and that's just the beginning for one of the Galaxy's most generous of players. Can Araujo match his freshman performance with an improvement in his sophomore season? Or will the pressure get to him? Finally, the guys give you an update on Cristian Pavon's legal issues in Argentina and why his lawyers are pressing back on many of the statements that the press has circulated. Are the Galaxy and Pavon in a better position going into what should be the closing negotiations for his playing talents? We've got a packed show that is ready for your listening attention! Let's get started! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS):
SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- We're going to call this the Pavon show. So naturally, we're going to talk all things Cristian Pavon! Because one, it was a slow news week, and two, there is a ton of information on the Argentine. Hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira are going to talk about Pavon's surgery, his legal troubles, and why his dad just declared war on Boca Juniors. And while our opinions on Cristian Pavon haven't changed much since the sexual assault allegations surfaced, we're not here to tell you what we think on the subject. All we can do is describe what the Galaxy are thinking and why it seems like only a "matter of time" until he's permanently a Galaxy player. Gamechangers are far from plentiful on this Galaxy roster, but faith in Greg Vanney's ability to put together a competitive squad seems to be unwavering at the moment. But after Walter Pavon - Cristian's dad - spilled the beans on his son's wishes, do the Galaxy have enough leverage to wait for Boca Juniors to cave? Could the Galaxy approach this deal in nine months from a much stronger position and for no money? But before we even touch on Pavon's lawyers, the prosecutor's office, or whether or not he can travel outside the country, we're going to talk about the now-famous Tech Green Throwback kit. We've got our first look at the authentic kit and debate what color shorts the club will wear with possibly the best two kits in MLS. It's undoubtedly not a bare white kit! We've got a packed show for you today, and we're so excited to discuss all the minute details of the Pavon saga. We're glad you decided to join us! Cheers!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- We know! We recorded on Tuesday instead of Monday. And for that, we're very sorry. But we've got a bunch to discuss, including why Greg Vanney is going after a defensive midfielder and not a central attacking midfielder. Forgive us while we connect the transfer rumor dots! Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss all your latest Galaxy news and pay particular focus to some MLS updates and the roster's continuing build-out. The guys will talk about the shift in the league's starting date and why that necessitates a push in the league transfer window. Plus, was MLS trying to help out teams that put some of their players on short-term loans? You better believe it! Plus, how well do you know the league's newest acquisition mechanism: the under 22 rule? Josh will explain the details while Kevin tries to tell you why it's a bad thing. But is this the next big thing in MLS? And are there some advantages to it? Could the Galaxy take advantage? Josh and Kevin continue with a discussion about Oniel Fisher (there's a good mispronunciation of his name in there) and why Carlos Harvey may not be the last acquisition of the week. Kevin will tell you about his conversations with Javier Hernandez (Chicharito), Greg Vanney, Jonathan dos Santos, and Dennis te Kloese and why Vanney thinks JDS could be the attacker the Galaxy need. Plus, that will lead us into rumors of a defensive midfielder, a slide for Sebastian Lletget, and an update on Cristian Pavon's status. Should the Galaxy even be chasing Pavon? Are the red flags too much to handle? And do the Galaxy, and Pavon get the benefit of the doubt until they don't? We've got a busy show for you, and we can't wait to share it. So let's get this midweek thing kicked off or something. We just never know what to do with our hands.
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- Well, it looks like the LA Galaxy and the rest of Major League Soccer are going to have a 2021 season. And with news of a ratified Collective Bargaining Agreement, we'll tell you why no one except the owners seems to be celebrating. Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter are going to walk through some of the big sticking points of the CBA and get into the details of why the players seemed to give nearly everything and got relatively little. And trust us, there are some hard feelings! The players agreed to extend the CBA through the 2027 season, but this contract still has one big loophole, and it's one that the owners have already exploited multiple times. So does this mean anything past the current year? And what about the gains and salary budgets for the next seven seasons? We have all the numbers! Plus, did you miss the US Open Cup? Well, the good news is that they plan on bringing it back this season. The bad news is that it's not much of an "open" cup. We'll tell you why there are limited teams, and so far, no criteria for how they're going to be selected. But it's unlikely the Galaxy will even be in it. So let's not get ahead of ourselves. And did you see a leaked away kit? Did it look like the 1997 home kit? We'll talk about the details and why it seems like you haven't been shown the authentic version of it yet. But it's definitely going to sell out, so start ordering it right now. Seriously. Don't wait. Finally, Josh and Kevin do a bit of a roundup at the end that talks about Cristian Pavon, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Husein Balic. It's a mix of current and past players that should have the Galaxy focusing on getting some signings across the line... quickly.
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- Oh, do we have a story for you! It involves Dennis te Kloese, the LA Galaxy, Boca Juniors, and a report that may mean the Galaxy got Cristian Pavon without a loan fee. Hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira join on a day that was supposed to be filled with drama. Instead, Major League Soccer extended the lockout deadline by 24-hours. So instead of counting down the minutes until MLS canceled the CBA and locked out the players, we're giving you a news dump worthy of a busy week of Galaxy announcements. We'll discuss some changes in the Galaxy's front office, and we talk about a goodbye from David Bingham. Can you put Bingham's time with the Galaxy into perspective? And do the stats change your opinion of the club's former goalkeeper? Plus, will the loan deal for Diedie Traore end up working out in his favor? Or will the club put him on loan and never see him come back to the club? There's some nuance in this loan, so give it a chance! Josh and Eric will also discuss the Galaxy's rock star coaching staff and why the weakest link will be one of the Galaxy's greatest all-time players. Does getting the band back together do anything wrong for the club? Or will it still take winning to get this team pointed in the right direction? The guys will push through the middle of the show with some disappointing news from Adidas about a possible third kit, and we'll make sure we dive into all the details on why General Manager Dennis te Kloese might be up for an award. Did he pull one over on Boca Juniors? God, let it be true for the laughs! To close out the show, the guys talk rumors -- Sergio Aguero and Husein Balic -- and give you the latest on MLS and MLSPA. Surely the CBA talks will change by the time you listen to this show, but we talked about them anyways! We've got a big show for a big Thursday night. Thanks for listening to us! Now, watch some Netflix or something!
Galaxy keeping their eyes open on Pavon and others during uncertain MLS start by Corner Of The Galaxy
SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- Let's not bury the lede. New LA Galaxy Goalkeeper Jonathan Bond joins the podcast for his exclusive first interview as a member of the club. So we've got that going for us, plus a lot of MLS news! On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Larry Morgan get you through the quiet times surrounding the Galaxy, talk moving Jonathan dos Santos and why Perry Kitchen is no longer an option for the LA. Josh and Larry will start with everything, including the Kitchen sink. Perry Kitchen has moved on from the Galaxy and has landed with the defending MLS Cup champs. Plus, he'll get to be reunited with his former coach and a former college teammate. Then the guys talk about Jonathan dos Santos and why you're going to be hearing and seeing many rumors surrounding the Mexican international. Should the Galaxy consider moving the midfielder? And why do those things become more challenging as his contract counts down? Would you make a move to open another Designated Player spot? Josh is then joined by new Galaxy goalkeeper Jonathan Bond. From his hotel room in Los Angeles, Bond discusses the move from the English Premier League and why he sees the Galaxy spot as a top destination in the world. Plus, he'll discuss his goalkeeping style and why his mom was a significant reason for him coming to the United States to play. Finally, Josh and Larry close out the show with some dead rumors and an interesting MLS predicament as the CBA is set to expire as we record the show. What might happen? And will the season start on time? We've got a packed show full of Galaxy discussion and opinions. Disagree with us and keep this offseason interesting!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- There are some LA Galaxy rumors that just won't go away. So do we give them more credit when they have staying power? Not really! On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter will dive into the latest in Galaxy news and tell you why some things are worth paying attention to -- injured ankles, contracts, and MLS start dates -- and some things you should just dismiss! Josh and Kevin will start with some interesting new information surrounding the contract of Jonathan Bond and how the 27-year-old should be on his way to the states this week and is coming to be the Galaxy's number one goalkeeper. The guys will transition into updates surrounding Sebastian Lletget and Julian Araujo and dive into the MLS announcement that the season will start in April. But is MLS forcing this on the MLSPA? And is a work stoppage going to force everyone to hit pause on an already delayed season? Plus, what exactly does a 34-game season mean? Will teams be able to escape their regional bubbles? Plus, what's happening with Cristian Pavon and his negotiation to get out of Boca Juniors? And why could surgery be a sign that Pavon is pulling out all the stops? Or did the Galaxy miss some signs his ankle was messed up? Finally, the guys preach patience on the Sebastian Giovinco rumor, and take a look at Marcos Rojo and his linkage with the Galaxy after Manchester United is ready to let him go. Oh, and don't miss some insight into the new Galaxy draft pick, Josh Drack. Maybe college was a way for him to mature? And now that he's ready could the Galaxy use him on the senior team? We've got a packed show that we can't wait to share with you. Thanks for hanging in there with us!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- On a day that will probably be remembered for one of the crazier MLS SuperDrafts, we're making sure you're paying attention to some critical LA Galaxy history and some intriguing young players who have signed with the club. On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira get you all the crazy and packed news from a surprisingly busy offseason week! Josh and Eric will start with all the things they messed up on the previous show and some of the stories about how they got corrected -- hi Jonathan Bond -- and why Josh's haircut is probably the biggest mistake of all of them. Then the guys are diving into a 20th anniversary that you should never forget -- even when MLS likes to. Were you at the Collesium 20 years ago? And do you remember what happened to the Club World Cup in 2001! Thanks for nothing, FIFA! Then to prove all white guys look alike, Josh and Eric will get into the details about the Galaxy's newest SuperDraft picks. Do you have any hope that either of the players will be on the roster come March -- or May? Plus, both from the University of Denver? And one of them seems to be a Galaxy fan! But the real highlight of the Galaxy's roster is the additions of Adam Saldaña, Jalen Neal, and Markus Ferkranus (should be announced on Friday). Why is this such a big deal for the Galaxy as an organization? And why will this mean relatively little for the 2021 season? Finally, the guys are diving into the deteriorating negotiations between MLS and the MLSPA. Did commissioner Don Garber send a letter to the "fans" to get the MLSPA to the bargaining table? And why the conflicting messages from ownership? Are we on the verge of a lockout? Don't panic about the roster, right? RIGHT? We've got a jam-packed show that has plenty of twists and turns. And we'll explain it all! Welcome to peak offseason, MLS!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- Things are eerily quiet for the LA Galaxy. The three signings that were made last week were largely expected. But now what? With ten roster spots to fill, the club gets to add some real playmakers. So who are they? What positions are the Galaxy hunting? And WHY IS IT SO QUIET? On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss a rumor surrounding a former Toronto FC player and someone Greg Vanney knows very well. Could Sebastian Giovinco be on his way to Los Angeles? And how can you determine what is real and what is fake for most rumors surrounding the Galaxy? The guys will discuss what the Giovinco rumors do to the Cristian Pavon hunt, and we'll once again get you prepared for the Galaxy's take on Pavon and his sexual assault allegations. The guys will also talk defensive upgrades as another very good defender hits the market in MLS. Are the Galaxy shopping for a starting center back or perhaps a starting right back? Finally, Josh and Kevin will discuss the most exciting words in the offseason -- MLS SUPER DRAFT TIME! What is MLS's most futile exercise have in store for the Galaxy in 2021? Perhaps the Galaxy can reckon back to 2009 when they landed AJ DeLaGarza and Omar Gonzalez. Or maybe they throw it way back to the days of Tom Smart? Is there a reason the MLS draft is still going on? And what does it mean to academy players if the club starts inserting obstacles into their way? We've got an exciting show that gives you some perspective on what the Galaxy are trying to build this offseason. Don't miss it!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy have been making some offseason moves. They added two players to the roster this week and look to be adding a couple of more in rapid succession. So what can we deduce from their move so far? On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira battle sunspots and internet outages to bring you the latest news surrounding your favorite team. Are you starting to feel the excitement? Would you too like to be rolled down a hill in a barrel? Josh and Eric will start with the latest developments on Cristian Pavon and the allegations surrounding him. The Galaxy remain interested, and there's some good reason why. Plus, Pavon went out on a limb, which may mean he can't go back to Boca Juniors. So where will he go? And who had the leverage? Then the guys will discuss the signings of Jorge Villafaña and Jonathan Bond to tell you how the Galaxy got the deals done and why they had their eyes on these guys. Of course there was a list involved, and of course the Galaxy were keeping track of them. The guys will also discuss the futures of Jonathan Klinsmann and David Bingham and what effect that might have on the roster. Eric will close things out with some Kit news and tell you why you might want to save those pennies. Don't be slow on this. You're going to regret it. (CORRECTION: JOSH MISTAKENLY SAID THE GALAXY WOULD BE GETTING TWO NEW KITS IN 2021. THIS IS INCORRECT. THE GALAXY WILL BE GETTING A NEW 2ND KIT SUPPOSEDLY IN THE COLOR-WAY WE DESCRIBED ON THE SHOW). Finally, there's some roster talk as the Galaxy still need plenty of reinforcements. But there's reason to believe that they have the room to get it all done! We've got a packed show for you, and we're so glad you joined us! Another show in the books! Even if Eric did his best Elsa impression multiple times.
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy and their pursuit of Cristian Pavon just hit a significant roadblock. And it's time for the club to hit pause on trying to bring back the best player from the 2020 season. On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss Pavon's future with the club and why it might be a considerable gamble to bring back the team MVP. The guys start with sexual assault allegations that rocked the camp of Pavon over the weekend as the Argentine star was accused by a young woman of sexually assaulting her in the offseason of 2019 in Argentina. Josh and Kevin discuss the difficult situation the club is in now and why the Galaxy can't afford to get this one wrong. Their reputation rides on so much with how they handle this. And is Julian Araujo ready to head overseas? Not so fast, my friends! But don't expect him to be around forever. The heat is ratcheting up around one of the Galaxy's top prospects, and we'll tell you what is happening behind the scenes. Plus, get your tuxedo out. The Galaxy are bringing Jonathan Bond to Los Angeles. We'll talk about the West Brom goalkeeper, and why he's more than just a secret agent -- in fact, we know relatively little about his play! And couple there be more than just a single announcement this week? You bet! Finally, the guys tell you why there might not be any hurry to kick this season off and why the end-of-January start date for camp seems like a pipe dream at this point. Could the MLS season be delayed significantly? We've got a packed show today that gets you up and running on the Galaxy's offseason acquisitions. The roster-building continues, and Greg Vanney has a lot of work to do!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- 2021 has already gotten off to a rough start. On the show, we fought through some audio and video issues, plus we had to figure out a new way to stream the show. It wasn't pretty, but somehow we got it all fixed before we had a great guest on the show. On today's episode, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira are joined by new LA Galaxy Head Coach Greg Vanney. Vanney will discuss some of his thoughts around his coaching style, why he'll be ready for El Trafico, and where he sees areas for improvement on the Galaxy. And, with a team that has missed the playoffs the last three out of four years, there are lots of suggestions! The guys will also discuss what Vanney's introductory press conference was like and what big things stuck out to the guys about his addition to the team. Does he have the capital to demand he gets his guys? And does he really want Cristian Pavon back? Plus, what's with defenders always becoming coaches? Then the guys will talk about the never-ending contract of Jorgen Skjelvik and why he might actually be gone this time before moving on to Julian Araujo and Sebastian Lletget's international calls. We've got a packed live show to kick off 2021, and hopefully, we can be the distraction everyone knows we all need!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy have finally announced that Greg Vanney will be their next head coach after several weeks of speculation. And that means the rebuilding can finally begin. On today's show -- held specifically for the Galaxy announcement -- hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the addition of Vanney to the club and why he made a lot of sense. And we'll get to talk about Vanney's first interview with Kevin just hours before the club made his announcement official. There's a discussion about Vanney wanting the challenge of rebuilding a very broken club and why he sees California as a place to come "home." Plus, there's some good insight into how he could be spending the Galaxy's money in a very uncertain 2021. Additionally, Josh and Kevin will discuss the addition of Dan Calichman to the no. 1 assistant job and why Dominic Kinnear's involvement with the Galaxy might continue but not as a head coach. Would you stay if you were Kinnear? Would you want him if you're Vanney? Plus, there are updates on Cristian Pavon, Jorge Villafana, AJ DeLaGarza, and a lot more. We even made sure to update you on the MLSPA and their problems with MLS and the ownership group. Will the 2021 season also be significantly impacted by Covid-19? Will there even be a season? We've got a lot to discuss in our first show of 2021. And we're glad the Galaxy could finally make the announcement many have been waiting for. If there's a typical start to the 2021 season, the players will be reporting to training camp by the end of the month. Does that make it feel real? Thanks for kicking off another season with us! We're glad you could join us!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy really want Cristian Pavon on their team in 2021. Fans want Pavon on the Galaxy in 2021. And Pavon wants to be on the Galaxy in 2021. But with the official expiration of his loan on December 31, both sides are feeling the pressure. On today's show hosts, Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter, discuss all the details around Pavon's many avenues of staying in LA and why the pressure might continue to rise for both Boca Juniors and the Galaxy as the loan expires. And most of that pressure has to do with both sides feeling a financial pinch from the global pandemic. But first, the guys are diving into the discussion surrounding Lionel Messi's comments about wanting to eventually come to Major League Soccer and why that time is definitely not now. Would the Galaxy even be players in a race for Messi? Or would he instead go to Miami? And Josh and Kevin discuss some fun hypotheticals that take into account Pavon's situation as well. However, the main focus is on Pavon and why the end-of-the-year deadline is far from a deadline. And why the Galaxy may actually want to continue this game of chicken with Boca Juniors as Pavon's wages start hitting the Boca checkbook. Could that get some movement out of this deal? And why should the Galaxy be willing to walk away? Finally, Josh and Kevin discuss when the Galaxy should make their coaching and player announcements and why there may be a small surprise or two along the way. We've got a great podcast ready for you during this holiday moat, and we're glad you could join us. Everyone at CoG is wishing you an excellent 2021, and may you and your family stay safe and healthy during this pandemic! We'll be here to bring you all the Galaxy info you can handle!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy have inched closer to signing a head coach for the 2021 season, and we're all just sitting here waiting for the announcement. Will it come before the Christmas Holiday break? Or could we be looking at something in 2021? On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the latest news, rumors, and information surrounding the Galaxy and why we all may be waiting for a while for them to deliver our gifts! The guys start with the latest reports that put Greg Vanney on the cusp of becoming the Galaxy's head coach. Could Dominic Kinnear still find a way to get in front of Vanney? Sure! In fact, let's not count any chickens before a Laker game, right? If this doesn't remind you of the Caleb Porter situation from 2018, then you haven't been paying attention. Plus, Josh and Kevin will tell you why it will absolutely not be the guy who just got fired from Club America. We're not even going to mention his name! Finally, the guys talked about Julian Araujo and how Italy may be calling for the defender this winter. And why the Galaxy lost out on some money when they brought Araujo up to the senior team. We're keeping you updated during the slow time! Welcome to our only podcast his week!!!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- It's our last live show of 2020! But don't worry, we're not going anywhere! And on this show, we're getting you an update on the coaching search -- a big update -- and touching on some players that could be finding their way into an LA Galaxy kit in 2021! Hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira are back to celebrate with some holiday cheer and talk about the Galaxy's latest news, moves, and dudes! We promise the show will better than that last sentence. The guys will start with the departure of Joe Corona in the MLS Expansion Draft and give their verdict on why he was a good player for the Galaxy, but it was predictable that he was going to Austin. And if we knew that, then you could bet the Galaxy knew that as well. The guys will touch on the rumors of Jorge Villafaña and Miguel Ibarra to the club and tell you why they seem similar, but one makes more sense than the other. But are the Galaxy just going after 30-year-old players now? But the big news on tonight's show is what the club is doing to find their next head coach. We'll discuss the breaking news and tell you why things may be more put together than you're being led to believe. And the timing of these things is important. Very important! Josh and Eric will also give you the best goal in MLS history, some trivia around it, and highlight one of the newest contributors for CoG, Ramiro Lopez. Ramiro has a new article out with some analysis on who the Galaxy might target as a backup striker -- and he's offering it up for FREE! It's a great way to close out the live shows for 2020. Our next live show is scheduled for January 7, but we'll have Monday night shows ready for you throughout the holiday break. So grab some eggnog or your favorite adult beverage and join us for some fun Galaxy-talk!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- It's your favorite time of year. That's right. It's when the LA Galaxy leave individual players unprotected for the expansion draft! Yay! But with the draft happening less than 24 hours from when we hit the record button, we're sure the entire MLS world has changed. Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the entertaining but surprising MLS Cup win for the Columbus Crew and why that certainly hopes Seattle's chances of being considered in the same breath as the Galaxy's dynasty. And also why it shouldn't have surprised anyone with how poorly the Sounders have played in previous MLS Cups. But our real focus today will be mixing MLS's new rules with their old practices and trying to explain the expansion team process and why Cristian Pavon is going to be listed as eligible for the re-entry draft on December 17. And it probably means nothing... probably. Plus, Kevin will look back at some of the Galaxy names that have become successful head coaches and why he believes that the Galaxy have stopped their string of internal development when they can't get a consistent process on the field. It's a quick 60-minute look into the offseason Galaxy, and we're glad you could join us!
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- Major League Soccer is on the way to wrapping up the 2020 season with an MLS Cup this weekend. But that also means Commissioner Don Garber gave his State of the League address and the MLS Players Association took some shots at exactly what Garber was hyping. On today's show, we'll discuss some of the State of the League comments and why the players' union is already pushing back on the critical issues for 2021. There is also some argument about when the league starts and under what CBA and conditions the players will compete. Plus, how fan behavior will have a lot to say about how MLS proceeds in 2021! Can the vaccine get MLS back on track? Hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira discuss Sebastian Lletget and Julian Araujo's game with the US Men's National Team and why Araujo seems destined to be playing Olympic soccer this summer. Plus, some notebook updates with a possible interview that the Galaxy conducted and why the club's timeline appears to be working with won't see an announcement until after the first of the year. Nothing good happened in 2020 anyway, right? So here's to looking at a much better 2021 with a new Galaxy head coach. Let's get to it.
- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: - COG MERCHANDISE (SCARVES, T-SHIRTS, BUTTONS, COASTERS): COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- No news from the LA Galaxy this week on their coaching choice. But we weren't expecting anything so soon. We're just expecting them to take their time, check off the interviews they already have on the books, and make a decision between two guys who you can't go wrong with, right? Well, maybe not! On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss why the Galaxy may not have even contacted Greg Vanney yet, and why that all makes some perfect sense. Plus, did Vanney hold off on signing a contract with Toronto because the Galaxy made some coaching moves? Josh and Kevin will dive into the U.S. Men's National Team call-ups for Julian Araujo and Efrain Alvarez and discuss why both players seem to be taking it in stride. And why a Mexico and USA tug-of-war might be great for the Galaxy. Then the guys are off to scoff at rumors that have Jonathan dos Santos moving to a team that his brother might be on his way out of and why Memo Ochoa is suddenly a guy who could be in line for the Galaxy goalkeeping spot -- but not really. And would you want Patrick Viera as your head coach? Why the man who would command attention in the locker room should be on the Galaxy's list. We've got a quick 60 minutes of Galaxy-talk, and we're glad you could join us. Now stay inside, and enjoy your Galaxy-less MLS Cup the way 2020 would want you to -- alone!
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