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Corner of the Galaxy is a weekly Internet Radio Show dedicated to covering the LA Galaxy. Founded in 2009, we're closing in on 1,000 shows that focus on one the most interesting team in Major League Soccer.

2022 Lineup: Josh Guesman (Host, LA Galaxy Beat Reporter, Producer, Creator), Eric Vieira (Co-Host), Kevin Baxter (Co-Host, LA Times Soccer Writer), Sophie Nicholaou (Co-Host, Soccer Reporter, Highbury Squad Host), Christian Miles (Play-by-Play announcer, LA Galaxy Radio, Online Radio), and Nikki Kay (Sideline Reporter for LA Galaxy on Spectrum SportsNet, Spectrum News Sports Reporter).

We've featured many high-profile interviews, including:

Landon Donovan, Edson Buddle, Sacha Kljestan, Jonathan Bond, Greg Vanney, Dennis te Kloese, Kevin Hartman, Robbie Keane, Omar Gonzalez, Bruce Arena, Dave Sarachan, Mike Magee, Todd Dunivant, Robbie Rogers, Sean Franklin, Chris Klein, Pat Noonan, Alexi Lalas, Taylor Twellman, Brian Dunseth, Nigel De Jong, Dave Romney, Chris Klein And many, many more.

It is our mission to provide you first-class LA Galaxy information in a timely, professional, and entertaining fashion. And with many of our co-hosts holding media credentials for the LA Galaxy, you are getting first-hand knowledge from some of the brightest minds in the media and beyond. We'll give you our opinions, and we'll strive to keep you entertained while you learn of the latest happenings across the wide Galaxyuniverser.

Of course, CoG isn't just a show. It's also a group of passionate people. And without the fans, the listeners, and the beautiful community that supports soccer in southern California, this LA Galaxy podcast would never have been around for so long. We're 14 season's into a lifetime of Galaxy coverage.

So what are you waiting for? We've got tons of LA Galaxy information to break down, and we're always planning our next show. We'll see you at StubHub Center.
686 Episodes
- I AM THE NOISE T-SHIRT: - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy are headed back to Utah as they ready for their US Open Cup match against Real Salt Lake. Will the momentum carry them one step closer to a trophy? Or will RSL get their revenge? Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter look at what Greg Vanney had to say about the club on Monday and why the RSL game is just another game that gets the Galaxy's complete focus. Plus, the guys will talk about the continuing details of Chris Klein's departure from the club and why the team found out on the bus ride from the airport. Does it matter that Klein was liked? Does it matter that he was terrible at his job? Finally, with Zlatan Ibrahimovic's retirement, Josh and Kevin reflect on an incredible time for Galaxy fans and media. What does Zlatan's Galaxy legacy have to say? And why was he more than just the ego-centric freak of nature that he so often showcased? We've got a great show for you. So don't miss it!
- I AM THE NOISE T-SHIRT: - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- A crazy couple of days for the LA Galaxy has ended with Chris Klein departing from the organization and the club stealing a win against Real Salt Lake on Wednesday night. We need to talk about all of it. On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira discuss all the latest Galaxy news, including President Chris Klein's dismissal. How did the players react? And why did AEG and Dan Beckerman pick now when the writing was on the wall since before the season started? The guys will also dive into Douglas Costa's legal predicament and why it could be a real problem for the Brazilian Designated Player. Plus, there's a discussion about the win over Real Salt Lake and why Calegari is slowly turning into one of the best defenders the Galaxy have. Is it wild that the Galaxy won a VAR decision, converted a Penalty Kick, and then had to come from behind with goals from Memo Rodriguez and Tyler Boyd? Is it weird to see Greg Vanney pulling all the right strings? And what is up with Boyd's hand? We've got a great show for you today, so don't miss it!
The LA Galaxy lost to Charlotte FC over the weekend. Chicharito got his second yellow card in the 85th minute and ultimately seemed to let his frustration boil over to the point where he'll no longer be playing against Real Salt Lake. Is there no rock bottom? Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter are joined by LA Galaxy Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Will Kuntz. Kuntz will answer questions about why he came to the Galaxy and why he thinks the Galaxy are still a competitive team. Plus, the hosts go over the loss to Charlotte and look ahead to a dismal approach to Real Salt Lake. Just call this one Dark Corner of the Galaxy. A special thanks to Will Kuntz and the LA Galaxy for coming on the show when he certainly didn't need to.
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy beat a very young LAFC side to advance in the Open Cup. But there's not a lot of confidence you can take from that win. And the loss to DC United still looms large in everyone's mind. On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira want to discuss the Galaxy news that has led to this point in the season and get you ready for the game against Charlotte FC on Pride Night. Will the Galaxy turn things around? And how many times have we said that? Can you trust anything the Galaxy are showing you right now? We've got a great show for you, stick around and talk some Galaxy with us!
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The start of the road trip was rough. The LA Galaxy played a lackluster first 45 minutes that saw them gift the Columbus Crew a two-goal lead. While there was an adjustment at halftime, the Galax's offense remains their most significant issue. On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira discuss the Galaxy's loss to Columbus, the likelihood that they'll lose again in DC against DC United, and why no one but Vanney has any idea what his lineup for the Tuesday match against LAFC will be. Did a rotated lineup against the Crew cost the Galaxy? What needs to happen to start scoring goals? And who wasted their big chance to get some more playing minutes? We've got a crazy show. Even little Guesman makes an appearance because everyone needs a hug at this point!
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy dominated the San Jose Earthquakes. They should have scored more goals and shouldn't have allowed that stoppage-time goal. But having said all of that, are the Galaxy turning a corner? Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the Galaxy's 2-1 win over San Jose, dive into the reserved and decisive lineup, and talk about how that's all shaping up for the road trip to Columbus. They'll give you the Galaxy's travel schedule and talk about the spat of games that are quickly engulfing the Galaxy. Finally, they'll look at the Columbus game and tell you what to expect from tomorrow's announcements.
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- What does a win against a heavily watered-down Seattle Sounders side mean in the Open Cup? And what can the LA Galaxy do with any confidence they gained in the Cali-Clasico? Hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira want to discuss the Galaxy's win over the Sounders in the Open Cup and why you should take some positives from the victory. But more importnatly, did the Galaxy learn something about how they want to play in 2023? The guys will discuss the formations and personnel that made the win possible. And they talk about why the Galaxy even needed the a-team lineup in the Open Cup. Plus, the youth heads to the U-20 World Cup, and the Galaxy are targeting new fans with a complicated marketing strategy. And did Chris Mavinga throw Greg Vanney under the bus? Finally, how confident are you that the Galaxy can get a win against a San Jose side that is 4th in the Western Conference and just coming off a win over LAFC? Let's get to it!
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- It's not unusual to find the best in the bad games. But when the LA Galaxy lost to Kevin Cabral and the Colorado Rapids on Saturday night, the only thing positive was that it probably couldn't get any worse. Hosts Josh Guesmand and Kevin Baxter discuss the Galaxy's 3-1 loss to Colorado and its ramifications for the Sporting Director Greg Vanney and a recently-back-from-suspension President Chris Klein. Is it time for the Galaxy to make a change? Do they throw away the work done in the front office? And who gets to decide to fire Vanney? Would going through another coach fix things this time? Plus, Josh and Kevin will discuss the Galaxy's mindset going into an Open Cup game against the Seattle Sounders on Sunday. Let's get to it!
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy have another Douglas Costa problem. And it's another injury that will put the Designated Player out for the next month. Does that help the Galaxy establish a rhythm? On today's show, the infirmed Eric Vieira takes the night off as Josh Guesman does another surprise solo show -- we promise he tried to get another host in. Josh will start with Hollywood pricing for LA Galaxy II as they prepare to host Wrexham in what should be a star-studded event. But with what seems like outrageous ticket prices, is this game for Galaxy fans? Or is it a cash grab for Wrexham? And is that okay if the Galaxy are getting a share of that as well? And will you be surprised by the level of play? Josh will then talk about the Galaxy ranking near the bottom in Analytics and why that probably doesn't tell the whole story. But it's certainly a story we've been telling for close to seven years. Is there improvement any time soon? But the main crux of the show is listening to Greg Vanney's media availability for this week as the Galaxy prepare for Colorado. Vanney talks about injuries to Costa, Jonathan Bond, and Chris Mavinga and when you can expect those players to return to the team. And there's also some discussion about the U-20 guys and whether they'll be released for the U-20 World Cup. Will Jalen Neal be able to make an appearance? And what about Julian Aude? Finally, Josh will prepare you for Colorado's defense and talk about how both teams are struggling to find goalscorers. Will Kevin Cabral be welcomed back to Dignity Health Sports Park? Will Robin Fraser find a way to unlock the Galaxy's mistake-prone possession? We've got a great show for you tonight -- full of LA Galaxy news and discussion. Thanks for joining us!
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- Was the loss to Orlando City another step backward? Or was it on par with the 2023 LA Galaxy season as a whole? How did you view the loss? On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the 2-0 loss to Orlando and why some people are ready to put Greg Vanney on the hot seat. So is Vanney to blame for this season? Did Chris Klein handcuff him with decisions from years ago? And can the Galaxy still find a way into the playoffs? Josh and Kevin will talk about Hollywood's team coming to play Hollywood's team and look ahead to the Galaxy's match with the Colorado Rapids this weekend. They'll also discuss Douglas Costa's no good, very bad day and why Vanney could be giving him a chance to play himself off the team. What reception will Costa get when he comes back to Carson? And what reception does Kevin Cabral get when he steps on the field against the Galaxy this weekend? We've got so much to talk about and so much to do! We're delighted you want to join us on today's show!
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The 2023 season has been full of drama. And this week, it was particularly fever-pitched as the transfer window close quietly, and a Supporters Group vowed to return to LA Galaxy games. On today's show, host Josh Guesman hopefully pressed record on the show and posted the Thursday night show. We can never tell with him. Josh flies solo as he gets you updated on the end of the Transfer Window, Galaxy News, the return to the stadium of Angel City Brigade, and the game against Orlando City. He'll start with the addition of Mauricio Cuevas and tell you why he's another piece in the young player puzzle. Plus, could that mean the return of other former academy products? Then Josh will progress through the dates and times for the Leagues Cup games and the US Open Cup. Plus, tell you why he believes Seatle is as good as any game when it comes to hosting the Open Cup. There will also be talk about how the Galaxy are underperforming against some of their metrics and why that will need to change if there is any hope of a playoff spot. Finally, Josh will dive into the documents and the news surrounding Angel City Brigade's return to the stadium and why the LA Galaxy played this one almost perfectly. Can Humpty Dumpty be put back together again? And what to make of an Orlando team that seems more of a question mark than the Galaxy? Can Vanney find the right guys to fill in for Puig? And will there be two forwards? There's a lot to cover, so why don't you join us?!
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy got their first win of the season. And excuse us if we think it's not a big deal. The Galaxy played a sub-par Austin FC side and dominated them for large stretches of the game. On today's show, Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter get you through the end (almost) of the Transfer window and the reinstatement of LA Galaxy President Chris Klein. While also talking about the success of the club against Austin. What did the atmosphere feel like inside the stadium? Why was it so quiet for a Saturday night under the lights? Why open the berm when the stadium was far from sold out? Josh and Kevin will talk about the formation and why Greg Vanney was pleased with the two-forward set he went with on Saturday night. Plus, who is the key to the transforming 4-4-2? And why is Julian Aude and the rest of the youthful back line a really, really surprising and gutsy feature of this Galaxy defense? The guy will cover the moves made by the Galaxy, with Gino Vivi and Mauricio Cuevas being added to the roster. Is this enough of an action to keep Galaxy-faithful satisfied? And when you answer no to that, whose fault is it? Join us for a fun night of transfer deadline news and a lot of Galaxy talk!
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- Winless in seven games, the LA Galaxy are trying to right the ship on Saturday. That's when they'll take on a struggling Austin FC side at Dignity Health Sports Park. Hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira want to argue about Douglas Costa, lament the transfer positions the Galaxy now find themselves in and get you ready for the recycled plastic shirts that will grace every MLS game this weekend. The guys will start by looking at one of the few wins the Galaxy have had in 2023. They'll talk about Tyler Boyd's Goal of the Week, Efrain Alvarez's uneventful trip to play with the Mexican National Team, and dive into Greg Vanney's updates from training today. Are the Galaxy's transfer problems Vanney's problems? And why did the Galaxy wait to get someone across the line? Have they learned things since the first game they didn't know to start the season? And can Douglas Costa play any type of meaningful role on this team? Or is it time to just write him off? Also, is Greg Vanney throwing his hands up with Costa? Josh and Eric will close out the show with a dramatic game preview and all the Austin talk you can handle. What's your prediction for the game? Can you guess better than Eric and Josh?
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy lost their third game in a row and are now winless in their first seven games - a stat that makes them equal their worst start in franchise history and the worst start in the modern era. So what happens at Dignity Health Sports Park that probably has them gunning for Austin? On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and LA Times Soccer Writer Kevin Baxter discuss the loss to LAFC in El Trafico and why a lot of good play was wasted by moments of terrible decision-making and boneheaded mistakes. How much did the injury to Chris Mavinga change the game? Was Sega Coulibaly as bad as he looked? What does a lucky bounce mean for Carlos Vela? And why does Josh think the Galaxy neutralized much of what LAFC does well? Also, what did the stadium sound like, and were LAFC fans taking over the stadium? Is excitement waning in Galaxy Land, even from the non-supporter group fans? Are Greg Vanney and Chris Klein picking a fight with the Supporter Groups? Finally, which Galaxy great does Josh think is overrated? We've got a great show for you that will put a bow on the loss to LAFC and get you pointed in the direction of Austin. Are you ready?
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy have had a wildly emotional week. From dueling open letters to a defender put on waivers to a press conference full of context and feelings. On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Christian Miles dive into everything crazy that's happened this week and get you ready for an El Trafico with so many things coming together, there are storylines everywhere, from everything and everyone! The guys will start by wishing everyone a happy Galaxy anniversary. They'll dive into the Chase Gasper waivers and then onto the announcement of Will Misselbrook -- where there's a "Will," there's a way. Josh and Christian will talk about the open letter Chris Klein sent to Season Ticket Members and then the response from the LA Riot Squad President. Did Chicharito try to end the boycott for ACB? Then Greg Vanney went on the rampage about "context" and "trusting the process." Does Vanney have a point? Does three points from six games also have a point? And is Vanney lacking context about what has transpired since before his LA arrival? Finally, the guys will talk about the buzz saw that is the first El Trafico. How many different storylines can you keep track of for this game? And is this the answer for a struggling team - a rivalry match?
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- And you probably didn't think it could get any worse. But then a bad loss on the road turns into an international embarrassment. And the LA Galaxy's brand erodes even further. Funny that the Galaxy had a real chance at gaining some momentum heading into a lopsided El Trafico without Supporters Groups in the stadium. And now? Is there a response that makes up for two boneheaded plays and two red cards in a game that may have already been decided? Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the faults of the Galaxy in the game against Houston and why all the pressure is cooking this club. And they don't seem to be reacting well. Josh and Kevin will give some broad strokes about the 3-0 loss to Houston. Still, it will be a much more comprehensive look at the club, how it's been created in the offseason, and why an incomplete club is still an indictment of a Galaxy side that is dealing with a summer international transfer ban while being overly selective in the primary window. But the loss isn't just their sixth winless game of the season, it's also part of the mounting frustration from inside the locker room. Has Vanney lost the locker room? Who can fire whom? Why is Vanney not on the hot seat right now? And a lot more. We've got a stellar 90-minute show just waiting for you. We'll just call it group therapy.
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy have another chance for a win on Saturday. This time, they'll head back to Texas to take on the Houston Dynamo. Some history is on their side, but does the return of Chicharito make this one a massive game for the Galaxy? On today's show, hosts Josh Guesm and Eric Vieira discuss all the Galaxy news you want to know. They'll prepare you for the big game in Houston and tell you why both seem so positive on the winless Galaxy. Josh and Eric will discuss the rut that Dejan Joveljic is in and why Vanney isn't suffering fools. You either play when you're given a chance or you sit down. So will Preston Judd start taking minutes from Joveljic? Will the Galaxy return to normal when Chicharito returns to play against Houston? And will Julian Aude get to watch his first MLS match with the Galaxy before being thrown into the fire the next week? The guys will also talk about the partnership of Riqui Puig and Gaston Brugman. Are we watching Magic in the Making? Or is all of this way too optimistic for a team that hasn't won a game yet? Josh and Eric will talk about the meeting between the Supporters Groups and the LA Galaxy and why Will Kuntz needs to be in that meeting. Will we wake up to a Friday miracle? Finally, the guys get you ready for a Houston team that isn't playing well despite having two more wins than the Galaxy this season. Is this game all about momentum? We've got a great show for you today, complete with a dramatic game preview. We'll get you ready for kickoff on Saturday! Let's go!
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy couldn't find any points in their second home game of the 2023 season. The Saturday afternoon match had plenty of good moments for LA, but Seattle made two first-half goals stand up. Still, there were some excellent moments as Jalen Neal scored his first MLS goal, and Preston Judd forced the offense into a different gear in the second half. But will a botched handball cost Greg Vanney and company some money? Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter (away on assignment) get a call from Christian Miles to discuss the Galaxy's loss to Seattle and what we can glean from another no-points performance. Josh and Christian will talk about the progression of Neal and Calegari and why the Galaxy defense has disappointed in spurts but impressed on the whole. They'll also talk about Tyler Boyd's central midfield performance and why the Galaxy playing with two strikers is different only in the "dedicated" strikers part. Plus, did Preston Judd jump over Dejan Joveljic regarding who can play with Chicharito once he returns? Does that sound crazy? There's also a detailed look at the Galaxy's performance compared to years past, the Galaxy righted some wrongs with player-signed jerseys, and the club gets another goalkeeper after Jonathan Klinsmann plays with a broken finger. Why does $150,000 matter less with an international goalkeeper? We've got a bunch to talk about in regards to your Galaxy. So thanks for hanging in there with us, as always!
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy will return home for just the second time this season as they host the Seattle Sounders. Seattle hung four on Sporting KC, and Jordan Morris is firing on all cylinders and has double the goals the Galaxy have scored all season. On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira talk about the lead-up to Seattle and a whole bunch more. The guys will start by looking back on the draw to Portland while discussing the major issues the Galaxy see in the attack. What can Calegari do that Leerdam couldn't? And why is Julian Aude being sought by Italy? Josh and Eric will talk with Steven from AFJA about all the incredible work that the organization does and where all Josh's Pupusa money goes. Finally, the guys are discussing the matchup with Seattle and why there's a lot of history that will probably work against the home team. If this is a clash of styles, who bends in a game where both teams want the ball and love to build up? And with Douglas Costa staying -- Greg Vanney said so -- what can we expect from a leaner, meaner, Bayern-like Costa? If you aren't getting anyone else, can Costa save this team on the offensive side while Chicharito stays getting all pumped up at home? We've got a great show for you on a Thursday night, a Friday morning, a Saturday, or whichever day you choose to listen! As always, thanks for the support!
- 2023 COG T-SHIRTS! BUY NOW! - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST: - COG LA GALAXY DISCORD: COG STUDIOS, Calif. -- The LA Galaxy are in need of a win. They didn't get one in Portland. So are we looking at this with an optimistic eye? Are the Galaxy getting better with no wing play? On today's show, hosts Josh Guesman covers for a flying Panda. Kevin Baxter is off on assignments. Josh will be joined by Alex Ruiz, the LA Galaxy beat reporter for The Striker, to talk about the Galaxy's 0-0 draw with the Portland Timbers. Alex and Josh will discuss the debut of Calegari, talk about the play of Memo Rodriguez, and tell you why Gaston Brugman has been the best Galaxy player over the last couple of games. But with little to no wing play, can the Galaxy find the guys to make this team complete with just 24 days until the window closes? And will Douglas Costa be back on the field against Seattle? Or is he headed for a buyout? Josh will then break down the Galaxy's first four games on the game tracking charts and tell you why you don't know what kind of team the Galaxy will be from the first four games. But at this point, it could go either way. Hang on for another bumpy internet ride. Your captain has turned on the fasten-seatbelts sign.
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