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Coronavirus Global Update

Author: BBC World Service

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A daily round-up on the spread of the coronavirus, with reports from affected areas, details of the latest medical information and the impact on health, business and travel.
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The Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, said the US and China should work together. Also, The New York Times devotes entire front page to victims of Covid-19 and Eid celebrations under lockdown.
Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others order a complete lockdown during this festival, which is traditionally a time for feasts and gift-giving. Meanwhile, Russians begin to question the accuracy of their country’s official death toll. And Mexican officials say drug cartels have been less active under the lockdown, though murders are on the rise.
President Kenyatta said funding would help vulnerable families, tourism and agriculture sectors. Also: one of the world's biggest car hire firms, Hertz, has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US, and La Liga football season can resume next month.
The WHO says many countries in the region have seen a worrying rise in cases. Also: a study says hydroxychloroquine increases the risk of patients with Covid-19 dying from the disease, and the mystery of the Paris park pandemic lock-picker.
Aid agencies say there's a shortage of equipment and oxygen. Also, India records its highest daily increase in cases and researchers in the UK begin a trial using immunotherapy.
Psychologists say a “disconcertingly high” number of people hold conspiracy theories. Also: Brazil registers a record number of deaths, and France fines protesting healthcare workers.
The cases are recorded by John Hopkins University. Also: A Syrian refugee who works as a hospital cleaner helps persuade the British PM to abandon a policy, and the Tokyo Olympics must be held next year or will be cancelled.
Global virus cases soar

Global virus cases soar


The WHO reports the biggest rise in new infections in a single day. Also: new rules come into force in Spain and Greece prepares for the summer holiday season.
The National Health Commission says new infections also have longer incubation. Also: Brazil authorises the use of hydroxychloroquine; infected mink could have passed the virus to a worker at a Dutch fur farm; and 'adopt a grandparent' -- how people in Bolivia are helping each other's elderly relatives.
The US and China have traded accusations over who has done more damage, but most WHO member states say the probe should be about building a plan for the future, not trying to lay blame. Meanwhile, health officials say Indigenous communities in the Amazon are under threat from COVID-19. And we take a look at the outsized role American women are playing, at work and at home, during the pandemic.
Reaction from Beijing after Mr Trump threatens to withdraw US membership of the World Health Organisation. Also: carbon emissions fall to levels not seen since the Second World War as a result of the pandemic and why Chopin won't be heard outdoors in Warsaw this summer.
The president says he’s heard “good stories” about the anti-malaria medicine, though US authorities have warned against its use for COVID-19. Meanwhile, Germany and France propose more than $500 billion in funding to help the European Union recover financially from the pandemic. And we introduce you to the Cuddle Curtain – one man’s plan to hug his loved ones while social distancing.
The head of the World Health Organisation has promised an independent review of its handling of coronavirus – ‘at the earliest opportunity’. Also: US firm Moderna reports promising early results in its vaccine trial; and a Ghanaian war veteran aims to follow in Colonel Tom Moore’s fundraising footsteps.
Bruno Covas calls for a full lockdown in Brazil’s largest city, citing the failure of partial social distancing guidelines. Meanwhile, Japan is headed for its worst economic slump since the Second World War. And the WHO weighs in on sending children back to school.
Introducing a podcast rounding-up the latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world, with reports from affected areas and details of the latest medical information.
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Tim Stinson

This should be the Coronavirus / bash the US update. We get it, you don't like the US. Get over it and just report about the virus.

May 24th

Dominique Leib

I'm calling bullshit on that dream 😒

May 1st


This podcast is slightly helpful for those of us who can only listen to podcast and not read articles due to working. However, it is very short, and the summary in the beginning is just about as in depth as the rest of the podcast, so it feels redundant. There is also often super long empty air time at the end, which is really annoying when I want my next podcast to play but cannot hit the next button due to work. Cut out the empty space at the end and it is a very brief look at the situation globally. They do mention what Trump says a little more than necessary considering more important facts they could be stating, but otherwise it seems fair and reasonably unbiased.

Apr 30th
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Apr 22nd

Gene Moroney

Offset o

Apr 17th


What happened to the PM's "good spirits"?

Apr 7th
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Artemis Nelson


Mar 22nd

Edmond Williams

The only good thing about it, it keeps me up to date daily.

Mar 21st


Please use more appropriate titles. Not such clickbait in this time of need.

Mar 20th


Is it just me or did this episode have an entire minute of silence at the end?

Mar 20th

Armando Hernandez-ruelas

what about the mexico border???

Mar 16th
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