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Stay woke and tune in to our daily briefing on the latest about coronavirus in the United States. We're all in this together - share your stories with us on Twitter @coronavirusfm.
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Quick Take The U.S. Department of Health will provide up to $1.2 billion to develop a potential coronavirus vaccine. Fraudsters targeting Washington State’s unemployment system siphoned millions of dollars. Stanford economist estimates that 42 percent of recent layoffs will result in permanent job loss. Long Island and the suburban counties north of New York City could begin reopening next week.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take 38 million people have filed claims for unemployment benefits over the past nine weeks. Thousands of residents were forced to flee their homes in Michigan after catastrophic flooding.  New York State is investigating 157 cases of a new life-threatening childhood illness. President Trump’s former personal lawyer who has been released from federal prison.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take The U.S.-Canadian and Mexican borders will remain closed for another month. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned of more severe job losses in the months to come. New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announces a new pilot program for allowing visitors at hospitals. The CDC quietly released detailed guidance for schools, businesses, and transit systems.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take The Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says economic recovery could stretch into late 2021. President Trump admits he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for a week and a half. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo gets swabbed for coronavirus during his daily live coronavirus briefing. Illinois makes it a misdemeanor for business owners to defy pandemic restrictions.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take President Trump says he predicts the coronavirus death toll in the U.S. could reach 100,000. Top economic adviser says the administration is in no rush to push with another financial aid package. Seven Eastern states join together to buy $5 billion in vital virus-fighting supplies and equipment. J. Crew, a fashion company that operates 170 retail stores, files for bankruptcy.
Quick Take Department of Agriculture spends $300 million on surplus food and sends it to food banks. Ashford Inc. returns $70 million in loans received through the Paycheck Protection Program.  Protesters across Illinois, Michigan, California, and Louisiana demand the reopening of their states. LA coronavirus testing website is overwhelmed with online visitors and testing requests.   Subscribe to our newsletter 👇
Quick Take World Health Organization extends its declaration of a global health emergency. FDA approves emergency use of Remdesivir, an antiviral drug that seems to boost recovery time. Over 75 laboratories participate in a national initiative to speed up research of the virus. CDC report shows that more than 4,000 meatpacking workers have been infected with coronavirus.
States with expired stay-at-home orders: Colorado, Montana, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Idaho, Maine, Georgia, Indiana, and Missouri. Eight other states never enforced such as order. States with eased business restrictions: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Maine, Georgia, and Alaska.
Quick Take FDA requests manufacturers to make hand sanitizers taste bitter. Tupac Shakur files for unemployment along with 3.8 million Americans. California Gov. Gavin Newsom outlines a four-phase reopening plan. Governors in twelve states allow stay-at-home orders to expire.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take President Trump declares meat processing plants as critical infrastructure to ensure facilities remain open. Vice President Mike Pence defies a policy to wear a face mask at a medical center in Rochester, NY. The biggest operator of malls plans to reopen shopping centers across the United States. Bank of America claims the SBA only approved 1,000 of its 184,000 loan applications from small businesses. Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take Trump suggests for governors to reopen their public schools before the end of the academic year. Under growing pressure, President Trump unveiled a plan to ramp up federal assistance for testing. Texas reopens businesses starting Friday, May 1st. A top ER doctor at a Manhattan hospital committed suicide after being on the front lines of battling the pandemic.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has outlined a phased reopening plan starting  May 15th. Dr. Deborah Birx says the US needs a technological breakthrough to screen the U.S. population on a scalable level. IRS makes enhancements to the Get My Payment application, providing an update for millions of Americans left waiting for their payment. All patients from the USNS Comfort hospital ship in New York City have been discharged.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take Systemic disconnects between the IRS and the tax preparation industry causes additional delays for stimulus payments. CDC adds six new coronavirus symptoms to its website. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo allows independent pharmacies to collect and coronavirus tests. The WHO pushes back against the theory that individuals can only catch the coronavirus once.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take Clorox and Lysol issue warnings against ingesting cleaning products. Georgia opens gyms, salons, and barbershops despite much criticism. President Donald Trump signs a $484 billion relief package into law, toping a $3 trillion deficit. The Navy recommends for the Defense Secretary to reinstate Capt. Brett Crozier.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take An antibody study shows that 21 percent of 1,300 people in New York City have had COVID-19. The House has approved a $484 billion coronavirus relief package. California reported its deadliest day with 115 fatalities. Trump suggested medical experts study the use of light and “injecting” disinfectant into the human body.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take CDC director Robert Redfield warns of the resurgence of coronavirus in Fall. President Trump suspends the issuance of new green cards for 60 days, impacting spouses of U.S. citizens. Autopsy shows the first coronavirus death in the U.S. was on Feb. 6th in California. Dr. Rick Bright has been abruptly dismissed after questioning the hard push for hydroxychloroquine.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Trump agreed to waive the state match for the costs related to using FEMA.  The U.S. Senate passed a new $480 billion round of fiscal stimulus aimed for small businesses. Doctors report sudden strokes in COVID-19 infected adults in their 30s and 40s. Tyson Foods shuts down its largest pork plant as 91 workers test positive for coronavirus.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take U.S. crude oil hits a record -$37.63 a barrel. U.S. Senate reaches a $484 billion coronavirus relief deal including funding for small businesses. A team at Oxford begins trials of a potential coronavirus vaccine this week. The Netherlands cancels public gatherings until Sept. 1st but opens elementary schools next month.    Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take The U.S. government investigates possible COVID-19 origination from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. NY extends the state’s shutdown to May 15th and mandates face coverings in public. $350 billion Paycheck Protection Program runs out of funds and declines new applications. Japan makes roughly $1,000 cash payments to individuals as the nation declares an emergency.   Get the full story 👉 here.
Quick Take Trump halts WHO funding as the administration reviews its role in handling the virus. Trump administration reaches a $25 billion agreement with major airline companies. California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the state will be moving from its broad stay-at-home order to a more individual approach. NYC death toll spikes as 3,778 unaccounted deaths are added.   Get the full story 👉 here.
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