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Author: Cory Jean

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Join us and learn the secrets to building financial wealth! Cory Means Business is a weekly podcast looking to help entrepreneurs better themselves and their business. With 25 years of experience Cory is here to help YOU and YOUR business become the best. Cory is a nationally renowned business coach who's been featured on Forbes, ABC, and Fox. Join us and enjoy the podcast! For more information, visit
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Like a lot of people in life, Philip hit a wall working for a big company and became unsatisfied with his work. From the sheer desire to move forward and a solid influence from a neighbor, this young father decided to take a leap of faith and quit Walmart to learn skills that became his successful business today. Learn valuable lessons from our business journeys in this week's episode, ranging from the importance of digital advertising, why customers don't like discounts, to always giving clients 110% effort! Follow our journey's here:Cory Jean>>>> >>> You Read My Number #1 Book "Maximize Your Now"? with friends and family that you want to see succeed. This valuable information goes a long way, and our goal is to always help people and businesses grow! Thanks for listening!
That's right, $500 is what Savannah from Zabana clothing company used to start her new business! We discuss how innovation comes out of necessity, utilizing local partnerships, the importance of not underselling yourself, and why small businesses are better than the big ones! Follow our journey's here:Cory Jean>>>>>>> my Number #1 Book "Maximize Your Now" for listening!
In this week's episode, lash business owner Melissa joins me on the show to talk about the journey to her success. A few of the many gems discussed in this podcast are, how education provides self-confidence, value add over discounts and Instagram business tactics! Follow our journey's here:Cory Jean>>>>> my Number #1 Book "Maximize Your Now" for listening!
Why Pro-Business?

Why Pro-Business?


I fly solo in this week's episode, discussing why there's no debating Pro-Business. Find out what changed my mind at age 26 and why I stopped buying into the 'Snake Oil'.Follow my journey here:Cory Jean->>>> my Number #1 Book "Maximize Your Now" for listening!
In this week's episode I sat down with the Iron-Willies Jon and Elliot, from Iron Will Collective. These two ambitious fitness coaches/business owners learn the importance of laying down a solid startup plan, utilizing social media for lead growth, investing in yourself, and much more! Follow our journey's here:Cory Jean->>>> Will Collective->>> For Listening!
The Desire To Succeed

The Desire To Succeed


In this episode we explore why businesses lose sales due to a lack of accessibility and how proper management of internet tools can help fix it for greater sales!
Listen in to what Cory has to say about how to handle situations filled with emotions. Thank you for tuning into this weeks episode of Cory Means Business. If you haven't already click the link below to purchase Cory's new book Maximize Your Now!
No matter what type of business you own these tips will help grow not only your social media but your customer base. Cleaning up your social media and utilizing its FREE tools to your advantage is not used nearly as much as it should be. Cory has mastered the way to utilize social media to his advantage to grow not only his following but his clientele. Things like hashtags and DM Campaigns can do so much for your business. Listen in on what Cory has to say and how YOU should take advantage of these tools.Don't forget to purchase Cory's best-selling book "Maximize Your Now"
Social media marketing is THE best tool to help grow your business. Cory knows all the ins and outs of correctly utilizing social media marketing to your advantage. Learn why it is important to leverage yourself and your business using social media. Listen in on what Cory has to say about creating the perfect social media page for your business to excel and drive traffic.Also, don't forget to purchase Cory's boo Maximize Your Now available on Amazon
There is no question to how contagious something like Covid-19 really is! The question we have to ask ourselves is who is in charge of these numbers? Are the numbers fabricated? Listen in on the facts Cory brings to the table in regards to some very valuable information. Don't forget to purchase Cory's #1 selling book on Amazon:
Is your mask really protecting you and your business from Covid-19? Cory breaks down the science behind how effective your mask really is. Business owners will have to create their own protocol based on their beliefs, but find out why no customer should be turned away. Slowly but surely our economy and businesses will reopen and life will be headed back to normal.
It's Time To Reopen

It's Time To Reopen


Listen in on what Cory has to say about why we need to reopen our economy immediately. There is no if, ands, or buts about how real this virus is. What we can say is that the statistics show that it is not nearly as bad as our government is making it to be. There is no reason for our world to be turned upside down and Cory explains why it's time for the world to reopen. Purchase Cory's best selling book Maximize Your Now!



Tune into what Cory has to say about the Corona Virus topic and what's going on in our day to day life. His research and what he has found might surprise some of you. Cory goes into great depth of how he feels and his take on how the world is handling this situation. It is only a matter of time until we are back on our feet and thriving.
Control what you can take control of and maximize your opportunities. Adjust to these unusual circumstances and flourish. You have 24 hours in a day and Cory will show you what steps you need to be taking to head in the right direction. Todays, episode has tons of knowledge on how to apply for the SBA Loans, handle your business Facebook page, and how to create 10,000 new prospects in no time. Listen in and enjoy todays episode of Cory Means Business.Don't forget to grab your copy of Maximize Your Now
Cory isn't one to sugarcoat anything! In todays episode Cory explains to you how important it is for you to continue fighting the fight and take initiative for YOUR future. Whether for yourself as an employee or as a business owner, Cory will lead you in the right direction. It is up to YOU if you decide to make things happen. The weak will break, but THE STRONG WILL SURVIVE. Purchase Maximize Your Now below:
Today, Cory speaks on what it is like to take control of your current situation and create opportunities during times of uncertainty. Maximize Your Now, offers knowledge that teaches individuals how to take control. Cory will show you how to enhance your current skillset in order to prosper during times like these. Enjoy and do not forget to get your copy of Maximize Your Now!Link to Maximize Your Now:
So, you want to learn more about Sales Funnels? What is a Sales Funnel? In this podcast, listen in on what Cory has to say about creating the perfect Sales Funnel! Cory has been studying the science behind Sales Funnels and his goal is to help YOU realize how crucial they are to your business. Learning how to create a great sales funnel will take your business to the next level, and with the help from Cory Jean, you too can become the top business in your field.Want to learn more from Cory? Get his best-selling book Maximize Your Now currently #1 in Personal Money Management and #1 in Investing available now on Amazon. Get it here:
Welcome to the very 1st podcast of Cory Means Business. In today's episode Cory talks about how YOUR business can survive during the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak. Listen in and enjoy and don't forget to Subscribe to the podcast and share it with your friends.
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