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We briefly touch on the congressional UFO hearing before diving deep into the Matrix...I interview Isaac Rodrigues and discover his mind-blowing research into the 13th Zodiac... Could we be trapped in a matrix of forbidden knowledge?Communication with time-traveling entities and manifesting the life you want, await you, on an all new Cosmic Cantina! #ufotwitter #disclosure
We take a heroic dose of psychedelic research and dive deep into the mushroom matrix…We interview researcher and filmmaker, Ben Stewart , then Josh regales us with his DMT story of encountering entities and finally we learn how shamans shape reality around them.So pass around that baggie of dried fungus and join us for wild times… at the cosmic cantina. #ufotok #ufotwitter #disclosure
With the recent media bombshell about the government looking into unwanted alien pregnancies, we decided it’s time to jump back into a couple of our favorite topics: alien sex and hybrids!Are our alien bros just helping nerds get laid, or is there something more sinister afoot?Grab yourself an adult beverage and join us for some raunchy banter, at the Cosmic Cantina. #ufotwitter #ufotok #disclosure
Permission to climb aboard, as we go for a dive deep into the mysteries of the ocean!From underwater alien bases, to the USO phenomena with our aliens bros. We even reach down under with the story of a cursed Aussie ghost ship…So grab a snorkel and get nice and wet, on this nautical edition of Cosmic Cantina.#ufotwitter #ufotok #disclosure
Alien invasion! Is it happening? How long has it been going on? And why would they do this to us? I dig into the past and the persecution of witches and how it relates to abduction stories today. Josh finds out there is no dark or light when it comes to alien interactions. It is always somewhere in-between. Then Matt brings us home with some really dark and twisted tales of when aliens go wrong! #ufotok #disclosure
We investigate Native American tales of the paranormal.Star people, unheard tales of the Phoenix lights and hey, guess what... Matt found some more Dogman stories... yay...How do the native people's beliefs line up with stories from other cultures AND current tales of paranormal events???Find out on an all new Cosmic Cantina!#ufotwitter #ufotok #disclosure,depicted%20as%20deceitful%20and%20humorous.
The UK government has been investigating people contacting spirits and so we have a first-hand account from Josh's bro: The Skunk Ape Experiments---so we've been invoking the spirits of ancient gods while researching the "Florida Man of Bigfoot" -- Skunk ape! How safe is it to invoke these other-worldly deities from the forest and could bigfoot be related to the ancient gods?Find out on an all new Cosmic Cantina!,as%20a%20faun%20or%20satyr.#ufotok #ufotwitter #skunkape #bigfoot
Could it be that experiencing paranormal activity is not unlike contracting a virus, and could you spread that virus to others?I talk about a recent personal haunting experience that seemed to travel around to my family, who were hundreds of miles away!Matt goes into a classic poltergeist case where an entity terrorizes and follows one person for years.Then Josh brings up the rear to bring it all together and relate paranormal activity to an increase in exorcisms.Crazy times a-comin’, people! So grab yourself a drink and join us for some weirdness, on the Cosmic Cantina!#uap #disclosure #ufotwitter #ufotok #UFO #paranormalpodcast
It's our final episode before the new year, so we thought we'd end on a positive note... Even Matt lightened things up a little!I interviewed Preston Dennett about miraculous ET healings! From profound messages delivered through artwork to shamanic initiation and its connection to alien contact, we cover the whole spread of love, light and positivity! So grab yourself some festive spirit and join us... at the Cosmic Cantina.#ufotwitter #ufotok #alienabduction #disclosure
Tonight on CC...We watched the new documentary: Extraordinary: The Revelations and boy did we go off on some weird tangents...From the odd brain-matter of abductees, to the dark and dirty reasons behind abductions. We cover some increasingly uncomfortable areas.So join us as we get a little real and argue both sides and try to find some light in the dark! #ufotwitter #ufotok #disclosure #alienabduction
We read a book and it blew our minds! Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, wow... There was so much more crazy stuff that our government investigated other than UAPs... Seriously! Dogmen, Poltergeist activity, orbs giving people radiation sickness and so much more!You're gonna need a stiff drink for this one, so pour yourself some love and listen up, people! #uap #skinwalkers #ufotok #ufotwitter
We interview Jack Cary about his new book: "Bigfoot Unleashed" where he lays out his new theory for a Chimeric Bigfoot. Then we dive into some related stories of Dogman and how it could possibly connect to the Missing 411 phenomenon.Finally what happens when you go hunting alone in the forest at night?? Nothing good, trust us... So grab a cold one and strap in for when the hunter becomes the hunted! #ufotwitter #ufotok #bigfoot #dogman #uap #aliens
It's Halloween and I'm back from Romania with a coffin-full of amazing stories from this highly spiritual land.With ancient immortal beings, wolf/dragon cults and caves that resonate energy, there is so much going on there!Then we go balls-deep into the paranormal world of malevolent attachments from the forest... namely, Dogman...So drop a couple of candy corns into your beer and join us for some supernatural banter! #ufotok #ufo #dogman #skinwalkers
We're exploring the land of the rising sun!! Could Japan be the next UFO hotspot of the world? With the recent opening of a UFO Laboratory in Fukushima, we decided it's time to look into tales of Japanese UFOs and the connection to their ancient peoples.Magnetic pyramids, lost civilizations and reptilian bros are on the cards, all washed down with a few glasses of cold sake!#ufotwitter #ufotokwww.thecosmiccantina.com
We break down a classic work of ufology from the annals of history, The Watchers…Raymond Fowler’s seminal investigation into possible alien abduction brings us to a heated debate on the agenda behind negative alien interactions.Are we part of a scientific experiment of human preservation or could it be that dark government forces are screwing with our heads?!Either way, we have some interesting tales to tell from those who claim to have experienced all forms of alien probing… oh boy! #disclosure #ufo #uap
Are alien entities tracking a certain population of people via their DNA, in order to study the human species?We watched my new Discovery Channel show 'Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley' and are gonna break down some of the amazing things we experienced, on and off camera...I interview one of the show's other stars, Ben Hanson, and team CC do a deep dive on some of the paranormal craziness that went down during the filming of the show. Alien orbs in the forest, ghostly voices in haunted houses and interdimensional beings communicating via morse code... The Hudson Valley is a real paranormal hotspot, perfect for discussion over a few drinks!
We interview former disinformation agent Rick Doty, where he breaks down a number of amazing topics, including MIBs, government tracking psychic people and UFO disclosure.For a man as sweet as Doty, can we take him on his word or is he still practicing his disinfo expertise?Between interesting stories of misleading men in black, to tales of an alien exchange program to Planet Serpo, we'll leave it up to you to decide what's true and what isn't... #uap #ufo #disclsoure
With the attorney general recently opening a new investigation into “Havana syndrome”, we wanted to dive into the conspiracy-laden world of directed energy weapons…Are US diplomats and intelligence members being secretly attacked with new technology that messes with human biology?Conspiracy, crazy theories and international spycraft are coming coming at ya, in an all new cosmic cantina! #energyweapons
We're back for a new season and on this episode, we're poking portals! How does one go about opening these gateways to other worlds? Positive or negative energy: what works best?We interview Josh's bro, Ryan, and he discusses his recent dabbling into the weird world of ritual, with his attempt to open a portal and the consequences therein...Scientists opening portals to the mirror-verse, the low-down on skinwalkers and Aleister Crowley's ritual summonings... Is this practice just something we should all just keep well away from? Find out, on an all new Cosmic Cantina!#ufotwitter #UFO #UAP #portals
We break down Dr. Stephen Greer's new film, 'The Cosmic Hoax', where he lays out his theory on what's happening with this whole disclosure thing.We also talk to one of the stars of the film, Paula Harris, and get her take on the UAP phenomenon...Could it all be one giant evil agenda being used to manipulate humanity? Geez, I hope not!We go into stories of dark and negative interactions with UFOs, but is it actually our space bros who are responsible?Then finally, what's been predicted to happen this month in regard to alien visitation? Find out, on an all new Cosmic Cantina!!! #UFO #UAP #disclosure #thecosmichoax
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Zak Nicholson

if you also take a map of known underground military bases and overlay it on top of all the clusters, it too will match up

Nov 10th

Emily Mcminn

This is very interesting, I wonder if the idea of our consciousness being spread out over multiple realities plays into this. If you are fully conscious in this reality might you be an npc in a different reality? Especially the point about trauma.Very cool concept

May 20th

summer bear

My sister and I absolutely love you guys. Keep up the good work, this is so interesting. Let us know when you guys get a Patreon.

Feb 6th
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