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Author: Shilo Bellis

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If you check out the Country Confidential podcast, you're going to learn a lot about your favourite country artists with host Shilo Bellis. Whether the guest is a country artist you've been listening to for years, or an artist you are hearing about for the first time, get to know confidential information about the best music in the world, and the people who make it.
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Shilo chats with JoJo Mason this week on the Country Confidential podcast. They chat about how nervous he is before hitting the stage especially when the performance is televised, how he has lost 40 lbs. in less than 2 months and what his secret is, his Ninja Turtle fuzzy pajamas, and his new EP that just came out.  Also, a bonus performance from Elyse Saunders. See for privacy information.
This week, Shilo is joined by Brad Rempel from High Valley. They chat award shows and a close encounter with Taylor Swift, his son winning a big basketball game, a bunch of new High Valley music coming out, and why Luke Combs went to a wedding in a place Brad  built for his sons dirt bike. Also, a bonus live performance from a new artist from Alberta, Jeremy Dallas. See for privacy information.
This week, Steven Lee Olsen is on the Podcast. We chat about winter in Canada and how he looks forward to spending it with his one-year-old son, how he met his wife at the Canadian Country Music Awards and she had no idea who he was, how he wrote his own Christmas song, and how his mom makes the best breakfasts. See for privacy information.
In this episode, Shilo is chatting with Elvie Shane. Luke Combs says “My Boy” is the one song of the year he wishes he wrote, so they talk about that and the one time he took Luke’s drink. They also chat about Elvie and his stepson collecting hot wheels, how his dad got him to be quiet as a kid while driving, the incredible 2021 he is having, and his very first record being released. See for privacy information.
This week Shilo is chatting with Aaron Goodvin. They chat his latest number one song, recording Christmas music in the summer, how he would never want to watch a show like Game of Thrones with me, and why his dog is not in the new video he just shot for his next single “lucky stars”. See for privacy information.
This week, Shilo is chatting with Stingray Trending Track artist, Hailey Benedict. She tells us about the time when she was 14 she got to play onstage with Keith Urban, how a tv show has really got her to love 80s music, how graduating high school has really helped her music career, and how in her opinion, cats can’t be trusted. See for privacy information.
Don Amero

Don Amero


This week, Country Confidential host Shilo is chatting with Don Amero. They chat how important truth and reconciliation day is to Don and his family, explosions in his new video, home schooling his kids during the pandemic, and his upcoming tour. See for privacy information.
This week, Shilo is chatting with Aaron Pritchett. They chat about how hard it is to stay in the music business for as long as he has, his home renovation skills, his sons following him into the music business, and his struggles with learning Spanish. See for privacy information.
This week, Shilo is chatting with Stingray Radio Trending Track winner, Raquel Cole. They chat first part-time job, the really cool car she got to drive in her latest music video, writing songs in Nashville when she was a teenager, and what it has been like touring with so many great artists over the years including Josh turner. See for privacy information.
Shilo and The Road Hammers chat about new music coming out Friday, how one of the biggest Road Hammer songs almost didn’t get recorded, what keeps them making music after 17 years, and other fun jobs the guys are doing when not together. See for privacy information.
Ty Hunter

Ty Hunter


This week, I am chatting with Ty Hunter from the Hunter Brothers. We chat about the new album, recording vocals on the farm, being home for the first year of his daughters life because of the pandemic, and finally getting back up on stage and traveling again. See for privacy information.
This week we are making delicious summer drinks with David James. David has a passion for mixology, and has teamed up with Crafty Cocktails to create drinks that we can all easily make, even those who aren’t great at bartending. We chat about his partnership with Crafty Cocktails, he tries to teach me how to make drinks, and we chat about his upcoming show on July 31st. See for privacy information.



This week on the Country Confidential Podcast, Shilo is joined by Tebey. They talk about how busy his kids are keeping him this summer, how a hit can come very close to never being written, golfing at one of the best PGA tour spots, and his incredible work with Matt Lang. See for privacy information.
Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce


This week Shilo is chatting with Carly Pearce. Carly and Shilo talk about her invite into the Grand Ole Opry, must haves for her on the tour bus, what it is like to be back out on the road, and her cookout favourite foods. They also talk about how she prepared for not only going back out on the road and playing shows again, but playing 75 minute shows for the first time. See for privacy information.
This week, Shilo is chatting with Jade Eagleson. They chat about how Jade met his wife, and how unromantic he was during their first date, a warning about spicey chicken in Nashville, why he didn’t finish school until he was older, and his potential number one song “all night to figure it out.”   Also, a performance by new artist Graham Scott Fleming. See for privacy information.
River Town Saints

River Town Saints


On this week's Country Confidential podcast, Shilo talks with Stingray Radio Country Trending Tracks artist River Town Saints. They chat about horrible road trip stories, things the new lead singer who is by far the youngest member of the band has taught the other guys, how they found out the news about being the trending track artist, and how they deal with june bugs on stage. See for privacy information.
Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis


This week Shilo chats with Jordan Davis. They spent a lot of time talking about family. Jordan's grandmother has an issue with his house, his mom didn’t always think he made good boyfriend material, and he says he catches more fish than his Dad. Also, he does something most artists never do, almost confirms what his next single is going to be. See for privacy information.
This week Shilo is chatting with Jess Moskaluke and Travis Collins. We find out what it was like working on a song together with Jess in Canada, and Travis in Australia. Some killer advice Travis got from Luke Combs that we will all need if we ever visit Australia, and we play a game of who knows Jess Moskaluke better. See for privacy information.
Jason Blaine

Jason Blaine


This week, Shilo is chatting with Jason Blaine. They chat about song writing and his first time singing at the Bluebird Caffe, playing board games with his kids and how competitive they are, first time hearing his song on the radio, and if he would recommend the music business to any one of his 4 kids. See for privacy information.
This week, Shilo is chatting with Aaron Grain from The Washboard Union. They chat about why he is the one in the band without a beard, his son really getting into baseball, his neighbourhoods awesome way of celebrating Mother’s day, and since the new single is a great road trip song, where he loves to take the family on summer road trips. See for privacy information.
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