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CoupleCo: Working With Your Spouse For Fun & Profit

Author: Blaine & Honey Parker

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Is building a business with your spouse the best thing ever--or the craziest? Or both? How do other couples do it? We interview successful couples who are crushing it and ask them everything from how they met to how they do it to how they argue. Whether you're working with your significant other, just thinking about it, or just like modeling other successful business owners, welcome to CoupleCo: Working With Your Spouse For Fun & Profit.
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Thieving employees, digital Cyrano, and a huge lesson on disagreement: We’re in Miami for a conversation with a multi-unit retail CoupleCo. Dan Hitchcock and Ceci Rodriguez-Hitchcock of Miami Home Centers own four True Value hardware stores. These two are in business together almost by accident. Really, this story has several happy accidents, including how they met. And when Ceci came into Dan’s business, she was known by a sinister name. Dan sat back and waited on the outcome, which tough, as it’s not how he normally operates. And Ceci learned an important lesson from Dan—which she wants to share with all couples.
We are back with Jill & Spencer Wright of The Pod Mill in Salt Lake City. These two developed a thriving podcast studio and network after Spencer’s business partner ended up in trouble with the law. They admit that don’t know if they could have done this a few years ago. Do you let challenges make you or break you? It helps to be working in a business that can be fun. Still, this business is not all hats and horns. Jill lives with a transplanted heart, and in some ways this is a mission in their work. You have to understand what’s important to each other, and be supportive. It’s also important to be able to say, “No, that’s a bad idea.” But what if the other person isn’t necessarily right about that? They also have some interesting marketing insight for any CoupleCo in the podcasting age.
Here’s a little bit of the snake swallowing its own tail. We’re introducing a couple in podcasting. They’re also the first couple we’ve interviewed whose business together was spawned by someone else’s trouble with the law. We’re talking to Jill & Spencer Wright of The Pod Mill in Salt Lake City. These two had careers in medicine, but ended up in business together with a thriving operation on the frontier of a fledgling industry. It also happened more or less by accident. Who doesn’t love having their vacation disrupted by a business partner’s legal trouble? After some soul searching and lots of discussion, they decided to take over the business…only to have most of the clients leave. We’re going to hear how these two turned a place with a boys’ club feel into a professional operation in downtown Salt Lake. And how it gives them not only a unique joy, but a particular freedom with their special-needs son. And where do fly fishing and a May-December romance fit in all this?
It’s not uncommon: When a couple goes into business together, they find they’re not having sex as often. Clinical psychologist Dr. Rachna Jain is back with the age-old question: Is your business the reason you’re not having sex? Research shows that the best sex happens when a couple feels connected to each other. It's not physical thing, but emotional, psychological and mental. So often, bedroom challenges actually start outside the bedroom. The bedroom merely becomes a symptom. When a couple loses intimacy, is work taking up too much time and too much importance? Is it necessary to carve out time to just connect with each other? Do you need new boundaries or rules? (We even look at the Hundred Dollar Rule used by the owners of Harcourts Desert Homes in Palm springs, episodes 68 & 69.) Is it necessary to find a pivot? In some cases, it could be as simple as a hug. For one famous author, the pivot is a cheese omelet. And at the bottom of all of this: Communication.
We’re returning to our conversation with Joseph and LeAnn Jackson of LeAnn’s cheesecakes—a baked-goods business which includes infused versions of the product. Joseph is a big believer in the power CBD. A lifelong athlete, he’d spent a lot of time on prescription painkillers—and he credits cannabinoids with getting him back on track. Neither he nor LeAnn have food industry experience, but they’ve been able to crush it with the cheesecakes. This is due in part to Joeseph’s time in his Sicilian grandmother’s kitchen. (This might also explain the passion, the tears and the joy.) These two freely admit running the business has been the most challenging four years of their relationship. And Joseph also admits that getting off of opiate painkillers is responsible for a lot of his emotion in the business. These two have weathered a lot of storms in their relationship together and with their business—which includes an actual storm in hurricane Irma. And after taking on a business-partner friend, they’ve learned a valuable lesson: Running this business, they are stronger together than they are with a third person.
Their cheesecakes in a jar are taking Florida by storm, and there are plans for national domination. The story begins with a whirlwind romance and a lightning-fast marriage. It stars two controlling, passionate people, each of whom fight for what they believe in. We’re sitting down in Tampa with Joseph & LeAnn Jackson of Le'Anns Cheesecakes—which include CBD-infused cheesecakes. Why? Because of a first-person story that should make anyone a believer in the power of the plant. These two have faced every kind of hurdle imaginable. They’ve become experts at weathering crisis with entrepreneurial effort. So how does a packaged food business work out when you’re talking a pre-school teacher and a salesman, neither with food industry experience?  
We are back with Chris & Jim Howard of Live Life Revolution dot com. These high-school sweethearts married young, and ran her family’s business—which could have ruined them. They’ve battled disease, loss, demons and failure. In this episode, we examine the power of having faith in your ability to get through things. There’s the idea that a serious health challenge is the basis for story. We hear how they adopted a dynamic of letting each business experience drive the next phase of their business development. We hear about the not uncommon challenges in their marriage. They’re candid about their respective shortcomings—including a selfishness that could have torn them apart, until they decided to not let it. We also ask about a pitfall to avoid—and they have an entire list. They also joke about saving each other’s lives—but is it really a joke? And, they offer some excellent advice. So, as a couple in business together, are you cut out for this kind of business dynamic?
These two were high-school sweethearts, married young, and ran her family’s business—which was killing them. So they sold the business and became pioneers. They started doing branding and positioning for early internet marketers. Over the years, Chris & Jim Howard of Live Life Revolution have battled disease, loss, demons and failure. They are also proof that, when you’re prepared and have desire, a seat-of-the-pants effort can pay off big. Chris is also happy to let Jim be out front. She’s behind the curtain, running the show and making sure the business can deliver. Jim frequently gives presentations in front of big audiences. He talks about an embarrassing episode in front of hundreds of people. It involves the belt in his pants—and it was a turning point. They are also proof that, when you have preparation and desire, it can pay off big. 
We’re back with a listener favorite: Clinical psychologist Dr. Rachna Jain of Our conversations with her are among the most popular on CoupleCo. Today, she’s talking about one of our favorite subjects because it is such a motivator—but not always in the right way. Hello, FEAR. For a couple in business together, fear can run amok. It can prevent you from starting a business together. It can prevent you from taking necessary risks. But did you know that fear is informative? How do you tell the difference between basic nerves and real dread? Want to learn how deal with fear and get past it—or understand it and come to an agreement? And where does improv comedy fit in all this?
We are back with Scott Palermo and Jim Sanak of Harcourts Desert Homes in Palm Springs. Scott was an exceptional Realtor in Los Angeles. Jim had killer gig at IBM. Downsizing left with a great severance package—and he became Scott’s assistant. What could have been fraught with problems, they approached as a mutual mentor relationship. Their goal: going into business together. We discuss living the authentic life, the concept of co-equals, and the idea of being in alignment with a partner. And, this episode finally answers that burning question: What do Blaine and Taylor Dayne have in common?
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