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When we buy into the notion that we are like God in nature and not just image, we buy into a false theology that leads us to a path of death.
Scripture tells us that Christ and heaven are our great reward, but what happens when we preach a theology that demands a return on our eternal investment now? Today we will be talking about the false gospel behind the Word of Faith movement.
The American Gospel wants us to focus on the here and now and not living in light of eternity.
What could and what would happen if the Church of Jesus actually made disciples? What would that look like in our world today? And how would it change us in the process?
We all have come pre-conceived notions of who Jesus was and what He did, but what if our preconceived notions are not all that accurate? Yes, Jesus came to die, yes, Jesus rose again, Yes, Jesus is God incarnate...but Jesus was also the picture of what it means to be above all else a disciple maker. 
We don’t follow Jesus because of what He CAN do for us, we follow Jesus because of what He HAS done for us. We must not allow consumer culture to infiltrate our faith. But, when you are raised in a culture of consumerism that can be harder to recognize than you'd think.
There is a much greater mission that supersedes your own mission for your church. Because long before this church existed, God had a mission. And that mission was to restore all things back to Himself.
James Part 2 – Partiality

James Part 2 – Partiality


We are to show no partiality when it comes to spreading the truth of the gospel, regardless of who we encounter.
Faith without works is…
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