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Presented by Barstool Sports, Cracking Aces is the newest podcast tackling all things poker, hosted by Nate from Barstool and professional poker player Jake Toole. It will feature the fun side of the poker world and exclusive interviews with the top players. Buckle up and enjoy!
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-- Nate, Mintz, & Jake are joined by 15-time bracelet winner, WSOP main event winner, poker hall of famer, Phil Hellmuth. We discuss the WSOP schedule, the cheapening of bracelets, old school vs. new school style of play, & Phil shares some stories and praise of the late Norm Macdonald. RIP
-- Nate, Smitty, Mintz, & Jake are joined by poker player/WSOP commentator Jamie Kerstetter! We have an awesome conversation with her, discuss Nate's appearance on the Dave Portnoy Show, Smitty's poker play in marriage and fatherhood, Jake's relocation due to Hurricane Ida, & much more --Thanks for listening, and buy some merch!
-- Nate, Smitty, & Mintz discuss adapting to balance life & poker, debate playing with/without headphones/glasses, answer listener questions, & look ahead to our trip to Vegas for the WSOP
-- Nate, Smitty, Mintz, & Jake our joined by a VERY special guest, 2013 WSOP Main Event Champion: Ryan Riess. We discuss Hellmuth vs. Mr. Beast heads up NLH, crypto punks & the NFT market space, & look forward to the WSOP circuit. -- Thanks for listening, buy some merch, cheers!
This week, we are joined by a VERY special guest, the 2003 WSOP Main Event Champion, Chris Moneymaker. We have an unreal interview with the man who changed poker forever, & discuss the WSOP, NFT's, playing cards in Hoboken, & much, much more
This week, we discuss the fate of the WSOP as Covid continues to rear its ugly head, we break down Smitty's deep run in the Pennsylvania bracelet event, Nate shares stories from playing blackjack at Greektown with the Spittin' Chiclets boys, Mintz moving to a legal state, & much much more
This week, we discuss Jake's biggest downswings, Mintz' search of an apartment in a legalized state, our experiences with different online poker sites, tips on how to better focus at the table, Nate and Smitty's balancing of playing in tournaments while also being members of the media, Hellmuth vs Nick Wright, Hellmuth vs Tom Dwan, & the Hellmuthian schtick as a whole, and we pray there's no lockdown 2.0, for the sake of poker.
Another full house today with Nate, Smitty, Jake Toole, Ben Mintz, & Ryan Laplante. We break down Jake's huge weekend, how to play against wild cards, ranges, pay jump implications, etc. - & Ryan Laplante from Learn Pro Poker joins us for an awesome convo you can learn a lot from. Enjoy!
Awesome episode today with a packed studio; Nate, Smitty, Mintz, Jake Toole, & Christian Harder. We break down hands from recent and distant memory, discuss the upcoming WSOP schedule, changes and updates, check in on Smitty's online grind (which includes a big score!) & give him (and the listeners) some advice on how to get better at playing heads up.
Full studio with Nate, Smitty, Mintz, & Jake. We discuss Nate's trip to Colorado, hands stories, poker news, & our upcoming plans
Ep 89 - Summer Special

Ep 89 - Summer Special


Barstool Sports is out of office this week, so we decided to give you guys a "Summer Special," with some of our favorite interviews from the past 88 episodes. These include: the original interview with Ben Mintz (Ep 82) from when he first got hired; he tells stories from the online days, being 7-bet at the WSOP main, & bluffing Patrik Antonius... as well as interviews with Ryan Riess (Ep 3), Scott Blumstein (4), Greg Merson (5), Maria Ho (8), Galen Hall (13), Jessica Dawley (15), Jaime Staples (18), Alex Rocha (20), Jeff Platt (23), and Daniel Negreanu (27)... cheers friends!
Our guys Jake Toole joins us in studio! We share some stories, discuss the state of poker, and talk about an 11-way EVEN chop that happened this week...
We have poker stories about Hellmuth and Esfandiari, Phil Ivey makes a run and wins the $25K WPT heads up; he is a god, Mintz calls in from Omaha to talk about his gambling drama, and Nate and Smitty breakdown the Trysta Krick Sixers saga
Nate is joined by Smitty & Ben Mintz. We discuss how we got into poker, how we ended up at Barstool, how we ended up sitting down to record this episode, and what's in store for the future. We also break down the upcoming WSOP schedule and reminisce on past runs of our own.
Jordan Drummond is the founder of BBZ Poker, a poker staking and coaching company. He joins us for about an hour to talk about the wild world of high stakes poker staking- giving players money to play off on and hoping to make money back. He discusses being stolen from, the crazy swings, flying in players to live with him, guys getting into 6 figure make-up, having "a guy", and much more. It is FASCINATING, and Jordan crushes it. Enjoy!
Don't worry, we don't talk politics! But we do talk how crazy election night's betting line swings were, watching the candidates go from heavy favorites and underdogs and back again. We then talk about Nate busting his roll at 15/30 PLO...oops. We continue conceiving our new coffee shop "Cool Beanz", and have some Doug vs Daniel talk as well. Enjoy!
Start spreading the news, High Stakes Poker is BACK with Ivey and Durrrr. Jason Koon, Hellmuth, and some others are in the mix as well. Before that we discuss Jake's long history at the WSOP, including some deep runs and close calls. We then talk some PKO (progressive knock-out) strat because we might degen HARD in this Venom 5mil GTD PKO tournament. Great idea! Jake gives some bet sizing strategy, and much more! Enjoy!
On today's episode we are joined by the newest hire at Barstool Sports, Ben Mintz. Hired as a college football/sports gambler guy, Ben also is a former professional poker player with over $600k in live earnings. He tells awesome stories from the online days, being 7 bet at the WSOP Main Event, bluffing Patrik Antonius, and much more. He's wildly entertaining and a hell of a poker player to boot. Enjoy!
Polk vs Negreanu is the poker feud that never ends. They are gearing up to play a massive heads-up battle, and Doug Polk is firing shots left and right at anyone who gets in his way (on Twitter). We break the whole thing down, preflop charts and all, and give our hot takes on all of it. We also talk about mid-cashing tournaments, doing your taxes, and answer a few of your poker questions. F Norman Chad.
So Phil Galfond might have just conceded that Phil Hellmuth is actually the greatest of all time, but Fedor isn't so sure. We also talk about Nate finally doing well in a poker tournament, talk about if the asteroid from "Armageddon" is considered a movie villain, and Jake answers some poker questions about online timing and bet sizing tells, x/raising for value vs bluffs, and more. Rate 5 stars if you can, thanks and enjoy!!
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