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Ever wondered where the Bond and Agent XXX motorcycle scene in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME took place? Or how THE PROTÉGÉ references THE BOURNE IDENTITY? Or what’s a great classic spy movie?

Enter Cracking the Code of Spy Movies, a deep-dive into the world of silver screen spies, gadgets, from James Bond to Mission: Impossible and everything in between. Hosts Dan Silvestri and Tom Pizzato have been hooked on spy movies since they were teenagers and now run, a resource for espionage fanatics. And they added an occasional co-host in England, Vicky Hodges who is a Janes Bond movie fanatic!

Expect the decoding of hidden locations, opinions on the latest spy blockbusters and meticulous character, scene and hidden connections analysis. Sometimes Dan, Tom and Vicky bounce off each other, and sometimes they’re joined by fellow spy film experts, insiders, and authors. It’s all part of the mystery.

Together with their worldwide community of espionage fans, they’re on a continuous adventure to uncover spy movie secrets. So grab your explosive eyeglasses and freefall into the back catalogue and current releases!

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NO TIME TO DIE - we look at some of the pluses and minuses of the movie as we decode certain scenes.   "For Whom the Bell Tolls," "A  Farewell to Arms" and lots more!  Morgan Lisney, winner of the 2020 James Bond International Trivia Marathon, sends in his summary review of the movie too. See if you agree or disagree with us! SPOILERS are rampant in this podcast!   If you have not yet seen NO TIME TO DIE, skip this podcast until you have seen the movie. Ideas/Feedback: Website Podcast page: 
Oceans, Beaches, oysters, champagne, a man in a suit on the beach – what? A funhouse that’s not so fun, and . . . a Golden Gun!  Join us as we venture into Scaramanga’s Funhouse in our decoding of the pre-title sequence to the 1974 James Bond movie, The Man With The Golden Gun. We take it apart and Dan does an impersonation of Nick Nack! Reactions? Let us know 
Red Notice – A Quick-Fire, No-spoiler Review  Cleopatra’s Eggs, Deep Fakes, call outs to Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible and James Bond, Ryan Reynolds playing, well Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson playing what he usually plays, and Gal Gadot playing a key role all lead us to our quick-fire no spoiler review of Red Notice.  Join us as we’re Cracking the Code of the just released Netflix movie Red Notice.  Ideas/Feedback: Webpage link:   
Who is buried in the mausoleum niche in Diamonds are Forever?  And where exactly is it?  We recall Bond placing the urn in the crypt and removing an envelope . . . well, it's NOT where everyone thinks it is!  Where is the real spot? Matt Sherman joins us to reveal the real location!  This is some real top secret sleuthing! Matt Sherman runs, is the author of Playing Games With James Bond and James Bond's Cuisine, has been to over 400 Bond locations around the world, has conducted 34 locations tours in the US and overseas, and has Emceed 85 Bond genre events! Feedback/Ideas:  Website Podcast page: 
Here’s our October 26, 2021 edition of Spy Movie News with latest updates on James Bond and No Time To Die, Red Notice, The King’s Man, and more in another special edition of Cracking the Code of Spy Movies! Let’s get to it! All the links to the articles or reports mentioned here, will be posted in the summary article on our website, under Keep Current/Articles at Feedback/Ideas: Website Podcast page: 
James Bond!  Weapons! Berettas!  Walther PPKs, Silencers and more!  Today we talk with a weapons expert, Tom Whiteman of Legacy Collectibles – all about Major Boothroyd’s weapon of choice for James Bond! Join Tom and Dan in a fun talk about the most famous Bond weapon, the Walther PPK! Check our YouTube channel for a short video of this talk and see the guns Tom W. shows us and talks about! Feedback: Website Landing Page: has seen NTTD in most available formats! Tom discusses here: 2D, Dolby Cinema, 3D, 4DX (that has seat movement etc.), and IMAX! We only talk about the theater experience; nothing about the content.  So, there are no spoilers in this podcast. Listen and decide even if you have seen the movie already, you may choose to see it a second or third time – this will help! And if you have not seen it yet, this will help you decide which format to see it in first! Feedback / Ideas: Website Podcast page: 
The living dead! Skeletons on parade, assassin shots ringing out, a rogue Bond?, foot chases, and of course a fight aboard a helicopter! Join us as we decode the pre-title sequence of James Bond’s SPECTRE! Join Dan and Tom and special guest, Mike Reyes of for a fun analysis of Craig's set-up movie for NO TIME TO DIE.  Let’s join the dead on parade in SPECTRE! Subscribe to our show! Feedback/Ideas: Website podcast page: 
Aliens? An agent dies?  A twin-drummed magazine on a pistol, motorcycles on rooftops, an inexperienced agent, a fight on a train (oh, really?!), an excavator put to novel use, and Bond dies again? Join Dan, Tom and Vicky as they get on-track and take a shot at decoding the pre-title sequence to SKYFALL! Let’s Go!!! Ideas/Feedback:  Website podcast page:  Subscribe to our show, Cracking the Code of Spy Movies
NO TIME TO DIE is playing on the big screen! And our Agent Tom Pizzato joined Agent Vicky Hodges in England to see the movie! Tom and Vicky have sent in their NO SPOILERS report on their viewing on NO TIME TO DIE  And we have a clip from the brilliant David Zaritsky of The Bond Experience, then Tom & Vicky interview other theater goers as they exit the movie for their real live reactions, then we hear from Mike Reyes, the Bond expert and fabulous writer at So, sit back and relax and enjoy this NO SPOILERS reaction podcast on NO TIME TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Website podcast page:
Here is our Spy Movie News for September 28, 2021.  Today, we look at NO TIME TO DIE,  other James Bond news, big Mission: Impossible news, and other upcoming spy movies! Feedback/Idea: Podcast Webpage: 
Car chases! Aston Martins! Alfa Romeos! Land Rovers! Lake Garda Italy and Carrara marble – all part of the pre-title sequence in James Bond’s QUANTUM OF SOLACE! We even have a piece from Roberto Schaeffer, ASC, AIC - the Director of Photography for QUANTUM! Join Dan, Tom, and Vicky of – and our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show!  Jump behind the wheel  with us and let's race into QUANTUM OF SOLACE!  On your mark! Set! Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feedback/Ideas:  Website Podcast Page: 
Aces!  Spades! Clubs! Hearts! Diamonds! Death! And OO status revealed all in the Pre-Title and Title sequences of Casino Royale!  Join us today as we take a gamble getting Daniel Craig’s first outing as Bond in as we look at the pre-title and title sequence of Casino Royale!  We will dive into both the pre-title sequence and the title sequence for Casino Royale because they are inextricably connected – with the pre-title being a flashback, and the title sequence really a clever foreshadowing of what will happen in this mission.  Feedback: Website Page: 
Space capsules,  poison-dart-firing cigarette, Little Nellie, safe-crackers, flash paper, slides, closed-circuit cameras, micro-dots, collapsing bridges and more as we decode the gadgets in James Bond's  YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE! Join Tom, Dan and Vicky as they have some fun with the gadgets in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE! Feedback and ideas for a podast?  
Join Dan Tom and a special guest, our agent in Montreal "Eddie," in looking at the Daniel Craig arc - get ready for NO TIME TO DIE! We look at what we call the "connective tissue" holding the four Craig movies together: CASINO ROYALE,  QUANTUM OF SOLACE,  SKYFALL and SPECTRE! Let's go! Feedback: Website Podcast page:   
Here’s our Spy Movie News for August 24 2021!    Amazon and MGM,  Fast and Loose, Argylle, Mission: Impossible 7,  James Bond – say what?,  Martin Campbell, The Gray Man, and industry news! Join us and "Be in the Know" quickly!
Michael Keaton, Maggie Q. and Samuel L. Jackson headline the just released (August 2021) espionage move, The Protégé. Lots of relationships to other spy movies are highlighted including tropes, dialogue, style and more.  Here’s our Quick-fire, No Spoilers review of The Protégé!   Feedback: Website Podcast Page:
Jean-Claude Van Damme is an old ex-secret agent, car chases, bullet-proof tuxedos, child/parent issues, a Big Mac, and a fun ending fight scene round out the latest Netflix spy movie release, THE LAST MERCENARY! Join Tom Pizzato in our No Spoiler Quick-Fire podcast! Subscribe to our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies show through your favorite podcast app, and on YouTube! Feedback: Podcast Homepage on Website: 
Chimera!  Bellerophon! Viruses, antidotes, scientists, the black plague, kids playing and singing, airplanes, and multiple kinds of masks, and who is really who?! Join Dan and Tom for some fun as they decode the pre-title sequence of Mission: Impossible II! Subscribe to the show right now! Ideas/Comments?  Link to Hompeage on website for episode:  
We’re celebrating our second anniversary!  Thanks for being on this journey with us – you make it a vacation for us!  Well, wow!  We have just passed our Second Anniversary for our website,, our social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – and our Cracking the Code of Spy Movies podcast show and YouTube channel!  Let's review the fun year, with some messages from listeners and guests, and look forward to the next! Check out Derek Lyons at Feedback: Episode Homepage on website:  
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