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Welcome to Crackpot Cocktail Hour! We are a podcast for the strange and unusual. Every episode, we get together to sip on specially themed spirits & speculate about science, space, & scores of other seriously silly & spooky subjects. Listen in and drink along with us!
17 Episodes
EXPLORE: The Nazca Lines

EXPLORE: The Nazca Lines


In the deserts of Peru are approximately 300 straight lines and glyphs of flora and fauna. Between 2,500 and 1,500 years old, these are the markers of the Nazca people. While Roman technology was at its height in Europe, the indigenous peoples of South America matched them in sophistication and arguably outdid them in artistic splendor.​But what are the meanings of the glyphs? How and why were they constructed? Join us as we explore The Nazca Lines! Music Courtesy of SoundCloud.orgOutro By:  For more information please visit 
EXPLORE: Animal Mating

EXPLORE: Animal Mating


Wanna hear us dish on the truth of a clown fish? Did you know the way to a snail's heart includes a love dart? And what about ducks? Would you like to hear how they... well, you get the picture. Join us for our Valentine's Day Special as we explore the strange world of Animal Mating! Music Courtesy of SoundCloud.orgOutro By:  For more information please visit 
 In the summer of 1982, British Airways Flight 9 is in peril over the Indian Ocean. Every action is met with escalating obstacles and inches the flight closer to disaster. Learn the truth and conclusion of The Jakarta Incident. Music Courtesy of SoundCloud.orgOutro By:  For more information please visit 
Somewhere between man and myth lies the truth. Join us, and special guest Kendall Kantola as we dig through history and mystery in search of the legendary immortal. Special thanks to: Search Of TV SeriesMusic Courtesy of SoundCloud.orgOutro By: Additional music by: For more information please visit 
What lies beyond the final border? Will angels meet you with open arms or will you tumble into torment? Does your life truly flash before your eyes?Learn what science has from those who have glimpsed that final frontier.Music Courtesy of SoundCloud.orgOutro By: Additional music by: For more information, please for to
A story of love, tragedy and heroism, 9/11 survivor Tania Head's story seemed fit for the silver screen. But was she everything she appeared be? Join us as we explore the web of lies woven by Tania Head aka Alicia Esteve Head.Music Courtesy of SoundCloud.orgOutro By: Additional music by: For more information, please for to
EXPLORE: Very Superstitious

EXPLORE: Very Superstitious


Join us as we spill the tea (though hopefully not the salt) on some of the more well-known superstitions and traditions which have become a part of our daily lives. From wishing on stars to fending off the devil, join us on this new episode of Crackpot Cocktail Hour.Music Courtesy of SoundCloud.orgOutro By: Additional music by: For more information, please for to
In 2016, The Keepers documentary on Netflix ignited a media frenzy into the speculation of Who Killed Sister Cathy Cesnik? Nearly 3 years later and after new DNA testing, follow us down the rabbit hole as we explore what may have happened to the Sister that November night in 1969. Music Courtesy of SoundCloud.orgOutro By: Additional music by: For more information, please for to 
Would you say the ache in your knees is worse in winter than in spring? Does the summer sun soothe your soreness? Does anyone know whether weather worsens or wanes the pains? Find out what SCIENCE has to say on this episode of Crackpot Cocktail Hour!For more information, please visit: CrackpotCocktailHour.comMusic Courtesy of SoundCloud.orgOutro By:
When the New Age of Reason comes, where will you be? Better hope it's Georgia! Explore the history and mystery of Elberton, Georgia's enigmatic monument! For more information, please go to Music Courtesy of SoundCloud.orgOutro By:



There may not be life on Mars, but is there someone out there? If there is, can we even understand what they are? What if life beyond Earth has evolved beyond the biological?Join us this week as we uncover the Crackpots' first recording! Special guest and original host Kendall joins as we question the possibilities of A.I. and Aliens!! For more information, please visit
When you smell a flower, does the flower smell you back? If a tree falls in the forest, what does it tell its friends? It seems there's more to life than flesh and blood can understand. Join us as we explore Plant Communication! For more information, please visit
Accusations and a court case shake the United States. The Satanic Panic takes stage not only in the media, but on the floor of congress. True crime and modern McCarthyism collide in our finale. ​TRIGGER WARNINGS: Discussions of abuse involving children, Satanic Ritual Abuse, sexual abuse and animal cruelty​For more information, please visit
Some suspect the devil is in the details, or is there something more sinister at work? Join us in Part 1 of our 2 part series, and see the chaotic cascade of coincidence and terror which laid the foundation for the Satanic Panic.​For more information, please visit 
Would you like to Buy the World a New Coke? Are you truly protected by a security company if you post your SSN publicly? What happens when a bottomless offer eats into the bottom line? Explore a history of Advertisements Gone Awry with us! For more information and sources, please visit us at!
EVENT: Pepcon Disaster

EVENT: Pepcon Disaster


In this episode of Crackpot Cocktail Hour, Alex recounts the Pepcon Disaster in Southern Nevada, the largest domestic, non-nuclear explosion in modern history. Feel free to drink along with Lacey's Weekly Special Cocktail, or a beverage of your choice, and learn how one disaster led to another.  Special Thanks to:Channel 3 New in Las Vegas, Alex's mom Judy.  For more information including sources, photos and video, please visit . 
EXPLORE: Human Perception

EXPLORE: Human Perception


In the pilot episode of Crackpot Cocktail Hour, Lacey and Alex take a booze fueled journey into our modern understanding of Human Perception. Grab a cocktail, sit back, and join us as we explore our senses, what is real, and how little we truly know about the world around us. Special Thanks to:TED Talks: Anil Seth: Your Brain Hallucinates Your Reality For more information, please visit
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