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Crafting Life With Kruze

Author: John Kruze

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Every week I like to share new strategies and a fresh way of looking at life's amazing but sometimes challenging events. Join me every week while I break down how I've crafted the life I want and enjoy. Let's craft the life you desire too!
30 Episodes
When we make decisions there's always the other side of the coin. When you say yes to indulgence and mindless entertainment, what are you saying no to? When you say no to activities that slow you down, what are you saying yes to? 
It's time for a new season with this new decade! I learned that our obstacles turn out to be our biggest gifts and opportunities, then I learned that the biggest obstacle I hadn't seen, was myself. It's time to take a look inward, move through the obstacle that is ourselves, and learn to give the best parts of ourselves.
30 @ 30!

30 @ 30!


Today I turn 30 and it's my 30th episode!! Jump in with me while I cover some of the biggest lessons I've learned in this amazing journey so far.
Think back to a time you were being vulnerable and someone said to you "I'm sorry to hear that" or "that must be so difficult" did it leave you feeling like you wanted to be more open? I didn't think so. Let's set a new standard on being open!
It's easy to get caught in the trap of searching for love externally but we're all capable of giving infinite love, and like attracts like. Jump in as I share lessons in love from my little cat Mochi and the TV show Ballers.
The information we take in plays a significant roles in the happenings in our head. What we imagine often comes to fruition throughout our lives! Let's take a dive into how changing your filters can teach you new moves, help you see the good, and sometimes veer us away from our own path.
You Are The Change!!

You Are The Change!!


Do you look around and see different aspects that you think should be different? Do you ever think other people should think or act differently? I bet there's some change you'd like to see in this world. Well, you're in luck, because you are that change!
In this episode I share one of the most beautiful experiences I've encountered, listening to my own podcast shifted my consciousness!  
Character, relationships, network, cars, accolades, and money are just a handful of the different categories we can use to define success. What does success look like to you?
Do you ever catch yourself putting down what or where you used be? Often times we are our own biggest critics and that internal judgement ends up flowing outward. You are your experience, be content with who you are.
Do you ever feel down and then beat yourself up for feeling it? Do you tell yourself that your struggles aren't big enough? That you're weak or ungrateful? You aren't alone and you couldn't be further from the truth! It's 100% OKAY to feel down, to hurt, and the best way to kill that shame you feel for it is to share your story!
Take Your Own Medicine

Take Your Own Medicine


When someone else is taking on a bold new challenge or facing adversity, how thoughtfully do we give encouragement or useful advice? It just comes naturally. What about when it's our own lives? Do we just follow the path that we know makes most sense? Do we simply take our own medicine? Let's start looking at the advice we'd give other instead of what we'd tell ourselves.
We often create avatars of who we aspire to be, but what happens when we believe that's who who should be and not just who we want to be? Being you is the only choice you have!
The cornerstone of a strong, healthy, and real relationship is vulnerability. When you lean in without the masks we're all so used to, you allow other people to do the same. 
 Often times you can tell a lot about a person by the people they spend their time with... Same goes for you!! What do the people you spend your time with say about you? How to they influence you? 
 What you focus on has a significant influence on the way you view the world and what's around you and changes the way you interact with other people! Focus on what's good, not what's going wrong. 
Do you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is check your cell phone?? It's your life, don't let anyone else have control right off the bat! Join me as I share why making your morning yours will make not only your life better, but also the lives of the people you care about most!
It's your life and I want you to be the one who decides how you're going to live it! No matter what's happening each day, it's in your power to intentionally choose how you're going to go into each day.
 I'm always about challenging myself and in this podcast I do just that! This one's deep, I talk about my dad's suicide, loss of my best friend, toxic relationships, and how I look at all of these situations as what's made me who I am, why I'm grateful for the experiences! Buckle up, lets jump in!
Are you focused on chasing your dream, crushing your goals, and giving to the people around you?? Of course you are! I am too and at times it's easy to forget to slow down and keep the engine running. Today I discuss my recent encounter with extreme burnout, why it's the first time it's happened to me, and all the ways I've used to prevent it up to now.
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