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Gianni founded GiGi’s Playhouse a year after her daughter was born with Down Syndrome.
What’s it like to live with nearly a dozen dogs, 200 cats and an 800-pound rescue pig named Wilbur? Glad you asked.
Portman earned respect in Washington by working across the aisle to get things done. Tilow’s organization supports families and communities in the fight against drug addiction. Together, they discuss a difficult issue.
Meet six people who did something extraordinary in the past year.
Writer and podcaster Jason Feifer transforms what he’s learned into steps you can use to navigate through crises and change.
We’re bringing back a recognition program where you can send a Thank You with a $50 Gift Card to someone you feel deserves to be celebrated. Learn more.
A year after the fall of Afghanistan, thousands of U.S. allies are still trying to escape the Taliban and certain death. Meet the Americans fighting to save them.
Donor Advised Funds are savings tools that had been reserved for the ultra-wealthy until now. Nash, a former LinkedIn exec, brings them to the masses. 
Todd’s nonprofit 80,000 Hours helps new grads and experienced pros alike have greater impact by helping solve the world’s most urgent but neglected problems. 
David Perell and Write of Passage graduates explain techniques for blocking out noise and nonsense and using the internet to improve lives.
The poet, author and philosopher takes questions from Frank and listeners, and offers some thought-provoking questions of his own for you to consider.
Must we face death to appreciate life? Survivor Kristi Nelson says there’s a better way. Learn how to reduce regret and live a life of authentic gratitude.
Her study The Giving Code found a glaring discrepancy between the ultra-wealthy and needs within their own communities. Now this advisor is using her philanthropic expertise to help donors and nonprofits alike.
A top filmmaker and podcaster explains how storytelling helps us develop more awareness and appreciation of one another.
Frank Blake looks back on a leadership lesson and discovers a new meaning. How can you show gratitude when you don’t know who to thank?
Outcomes over outputs: two fundraising consultants, Ted Grossnickle And Laura MacDonald, shed light on last year’s charitable giving statistics and offer advice for the wide world of philanthropy.
After receiving her own “heartbreak in a box,” a Navy sailor founded an innovative service to easily send high quality care packages to deployed troops.
Sean Doherty is a leading venture philanthropist who helped create the T1D Fund, which makes equity investments in companies developing life-changing therapies to cure his son – and millions of others – of Type 1 Diabetes.
Fewer than half of states require financial literacy classes. Tyrone Ross Jr. is passionate about changing that, and expanding opportunities.
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Steve Davis

also coming from Tim Ferris show!

Jan 5th

Artur Gorbenko

coming from the Tim Ferris show. ready to listen.

Mar 20th
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