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We tell inspiring stories about people who do amazing things for others.
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Godin is a renowned entrepreneur and author of more than 20 books – including one that helped our host, Frank Blake, turn around Home Depot during his time as CEO. Frank starts the show by sharing an all-important passage from that book, and then kicks off a wide-ranging discussion around meaningful work, finding success through strategic quitting, and the art of creating opportunities for yourself and for others.  For more on Seth and his work, we encourage you to check out his podcast and blog.  Seth’s Podcast: Seth’s Blog: Please stay tuned to Crazy Good Turns on social media. Instagram: Facebook: Thank you for listening to Crazy Good Turns. Don’t forget to subscribe or follow us on Apple Podcasts so you can stay up to date on the good news, including future shows and book giveaways.  Your feedback means a lot to us. If you like what you hear, please leave us a positive review on Apple Podcasts: We also very much appreciate you sharing our episodes and social posts with your friends, family, and anyone else you think will enjoy. Thank you!  
Travis Ellis joins Crazy Good Turns to talk about his fundraising efforts for the SHARE Military Initiative at Shepherd Center in Atlanta. Those efforts include a 684-mile run from Atlanta to Washington D.C. and then a journey twice as long from Boston back to their home down south.  Follow us on social media:  Instagram: Facebook: Thank you for listening to Crazy Good Turns. Don’t forget to subscribe or follow us on Apple Podcasts so you can stay up to date on the good news, including future shows and book giveaways.  Your feedback means a lot to us. If you like what you hear, please leave us a positive review on Apple Podcasts: We also very much appreciate you sharing our episodes and social posts with your friends, family, and anyone else you think will enjoy. Thank you! 
Walter Kirn is the bestselling author of “Up in the Air,” which became a smash hit movie starring George Clooney. Now Kirn is taking a risk on a longshot business that views America as one giant small town. And that’s just the beginning. In addition to his writing, Kirn is a non-partisan political commentator who appears regularly on TV and in podcasts, including one of my personal favorite shows, “America This Week,” which features Walter alongside investigative journalist Matt Taibbi. In a society where algorithms decide what we do and don’t see, and which feed us more and more of the same material, Walter is helping people discover new topics and viewpoints. I’m excited that you’ll discover a little more about him through this interview. You can also connect with Walter on X: Photo by Max Savage Levenson/Montana Free Press  
Dan and his brother Chip are the authors of several best-selling business books, including one that was highly influential for Frank Blake during his time as CEO of The Home Depot. Dan joins Frank to talk about the legacy of his first big book, "Made to Stick," and his new passion project, a podcast interviewing real people working real jobs that they love.  We’ll discuss: The surprising story of how ‘Made to Stick’ came to be  What Dan and Chip do to avoid sibling rivalry and work so well together as co-authors Dan’s approach to identifying whether an idea is good or bad  What strikes fear into his heart as a writer  Dan’s new labor of love, the What It’s Like to Be podcast You can check out Dan’s new podcast at  
Trubek is an author, publisher and entrepreneur who’s been the driving force being an independent book publisher since 2012. She blogs about her experiences on Substack at  We’ll discuss:  Why publishing is “slow motion gambling,” and how she manages to stay afloat How she finds new authors — including one who published her first book at age 70  A tragedy that turned into a Crazy Good Turn  
We asked listeners to tell us about groups and individuals making a difference in their communities. The response was incredible. We heard so many amazing stories about everyday heroes doing powerful work. It was no easy task, but we eventually narrowed the list for our award down to three organizations: Hearts & Hooves of Chattanooga, Tenn., Just Keep Smiling of Gardendale, Ala., and Joshua’s Place of South Lebanon, Ohio. In this show you’ll hear heartwarming stories from all three groups. And you’ll find out who received an award.   
How to let go of ego and emotion and make the right choice, in seemingly small moments that matter far more than you think.
Holly is the founder of Indigo Volunteers, an organization that pairs people who wish to help with humanitarian projects needing assistance.  Since the refugee crisis of 2015 and 2016, Indigo has placed thousands of volunteers in camps across Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, and more.  Holly says she didn’t know anything about how to launch or run a nonprofit at first. She just saw a need, and then she found a way to help. She’s dedicated more than the past 10 years of her life to it. And she’s had some incredible adventures along the way. She’ll share them in this episode. We discuss:  Her firsthand experience learning how difficult - and expensive – volunteering can be.  How helping refugees has changed since COVID and the war in Ukraine.  What people don’t understand about refugees. What it’s really like inside of a refugee camp.   Why so many charities today are struggling to find volunteers.   How she’s seen the best in people through her work – and the lasting impression that’s left on her.  Follow Holly and Indigo Volunteers on Instagram at @indigovolunteers  
Kimi was a successful television producer working with the biggest networks, like CNN, NBC and Oprah. But a mountaintop revelation led her to leave it all behind. Today she’s the voice behind what might be the world’s first “one for one” charitable podcast. Her show features people who’ve survived terrible ordeals. In this interview, she shares the inspiring lessons she’s learned from them. Follow Kimi’s show on Instagram @allthewiserpodcast We discuss:  What makes a great story — and how to tell it well The overarching lessons Kimi has learned from her guests on the show Her work on the excellent documentary Gleason, which captures the experience of an NFL player battling against Lou Gehrig’s disease — and which is I think just an outstanding tribute to human courage and faith The toughest story Kimi has ever told on her podcast And lastly, toward the end of our interview, you’ll hear a special surprise we have for Kimi   
In a conversation made possible by listeners like you, Amy shares the story of how medical experts wrote off her son Jacob – but she refused to accept it. Instead, she gave up everything to help him. And along the way, she developed a method that’s not only helped Jacob thrive, it today helps hundreds of other kids develop at their school, Jacob’s Ladder.  Follow them on Instagram @jacobsladder407.   We discuss:  What happened on the day Amy walked off her job to care for Jacob full-time  How her work with Jacob started in the kitchen  The first child Amy assisted other than her own son (and how it grew to more than 4,000 kids to date)  The first thing children with neurodevelopmental disorders need  Jacob’s life today  A story showing why hard things are worth persevering through  What keeps Amy from becoming exhausted  
In this unpredictable and fun conversation, Goff – who’s a best-selling author and philanthropist – answers questions from you, our listeners. Along the way he explains how “air distracts him” and what he’s learned to do fix that. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram @bobgoff.   We discuss:  Bob’s journey from high-powered lawyer to popular speaker and writer.  Curious tactics for staying focused, including a countdown clock for your life.  What Bob learned from being 10,000 miles away from any other person.  The magic of “small beginnings,” and how you can do better at turning intention into action. 
Scott, a management expert who’s led teams at Google and coached high-profile CEOs, shares a groundbreaking framework for delivering better feedback to others. Follow her on Twitter @kimballscott  We’ll discuss:  How people in different generations can offer more candid and effective feedback to each other. The new realities of leading a team in the digital age, where every video call can become permanent record.  Why Kim is optimistic about the future, and thinks the class of 2020 might solve some of our most pressing problems.   
A high-profile executive coach, author and podcaster explains why generosity is a state of mind, and how you can shape a more generous life through observation and practice.   
His father’s murder went unsolved. But Backmann did not give up. Today his organization, Project: Cold Case, assists families and keeps memories alive.
Gianni founded GiGi’s Playhouse a year after her daughter was born with Down Syndrome.
What’s it like to live with nearly a dozen dogs, 200 cats and an 800-pound rescue pig named Wilbur? Glad you asked.
Portman earned respect in Washington by working across the aisle to get things done. Tilow’s organization supports families and communities in the fight against drug addiction. Together, they discuss a difficult issue.
Meet six people who did something extraordinary in the past year.
Writer and podcaster Jason Feifer transforms what he’s learned into steps you can use to navigate through crises and change.
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