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Actions Speak Louder: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Inclusive Workplace. Deanna's mission is a crucial one: getting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into the mainstream and practiced worldwide.  Meaningful change cannot happen without awareness and education, but not alone.  Join us today for an AMAZING CATK Interview.
This week, Netflix updates their culture guidelines and says maybe we aren't a good fit for you. Is honesty the best policy in talent attraction, even when it is uncomfy? Jeep plant in Michigan is making electric vehicles while pumping more pollutants into one of the most polluted areas of the country. Torin and Julie start the CATK conversation on environmental racism. Finally, friend of the pod and master of all things recruiting, Tim Sackett, gives us his take on diversity referral bonuses. We discuss. A good take or a bad take? You decide!
Julie and Torin explore the complexities of the clash of corporate and societal culture and asks what do we expect of our leaders. Is silence acceptable? Where is the line between political and moral? And what are the consequences for both? We take guidance from current CEOs and, of course, share our own. Plus catch up on this week's quick takes and don't miss this episode's Name Drop.
An unprecedented leak from SCOTUS, prepares us for the overturning of Roe and Casey encompassing 50 years of women's rights to safe and legal abortions, contraception, and other reproductive services. In the same week, SCOTUS rules emotional damages are not included in a federal contractor's non-discrimination obligations. Torin says its a limited case, Julie says an open window allows the devil in the house. What's next? Affirmative Action and Gay Marriage are in the Right's sights. This and much more on this week's Crazy and the King.
Who decides someone is worthy of empathy? Do the white elite believe they are the only ones to decide? Mackenzie Fierceton, college student and foster kid, tests the bounds of white elite empathy. Why do we create gradations of suffering? Is suffering less than the most invalid? Let's dive right in on this week's Crazy and the King!
Two women incarcerated at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility — the state’s only female prison — have become pregnant after having sex with a pre-operative transgender woman who is also an inmate.  The revelation presents a thorny problem for state corrections officials, who have been grappling with the sexual abuse and exploitation of inmates by staff at the prison for the past decade.
Julie and Torin take a light hearted attitude this week with some workplaces fails that will make you laugh....and cringe. Plus, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) catches up, half way, on gender identity and Biden makes a big nomination to fill an open commissioner role.
Julie and Torin share some pet peeves. Torin has A LOT of pet peeves. Then they dive into the news of the week and share the story of Ota Benga as a reminder, history isn't as far behind as we would like to believe.
Julie and Torin wrap International Women's Month with a women who shine. Memphis Airport gives in to racism and homophobic slurs by removing Asian Elvis artwork celebrating diverse Memphis art community. What role does philanthropy have in moving the world toward racial justice and prison reform?
This week, so much to dive into with Torin and Julie. First, could universally designed work places (and policies) have prevented or stemmed the Great Resignation? Mason, TN is being threatened publicly by the state's Comptroller. Is it greed or political disenfranchisement? Or both? Jane Campion, puts her foot in it, in her moment in the spot light. A good lesson how to be a better ally and not muck it up.
Torin is back on stage and feeling ALRIGHT. This week, Harvard Business Review lays out how to manage a polarized workforce and conquers the 3 myths about disagreements. Are we seeing the come back of the the office? Finally, Julie and Torin dive into how the World Institute on Disability, the Kingsman and friend of the pod, Tinamarie Duff, are rescuing Ukrainians with disabilities from war zones and we ask, why are people with disabilities always left behind? Donate to the Kingsman or WID to support Ukrainian PwD Evacuation Efforts; Visit the Kingsman and donate online:  Donate to World Institute on Disability (WID) Text WID to 20222 for a $10, or WORLD to 20222 for a $25 donation
Missing the Crazy....

Missing the Crazy....


Episode is missing the fearless leader - wishing Julie safe travels. The King discusses news of the week, other news of the week and a riveting conversation between John Graham, author of Plantation Theory and Dr. Joy Degruy, author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (revised in 2017). The big question within — are you gouging or shaping internal culture? Have a listen.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is prompting strong reaction from the business community, including TA programmatic provider Adzuna. Tesla and Elon Musk do something very right and we give them some props. Finally, a new study shows the power of language and women who transform organizations, transform cultures and shatter gender stereotypes.
Julie and Torin note the potentially historical Russian invasion of Ukraine beginning this week and implore listeners to think about the impact of underrepresented and historically targeted communities who have been safe in Ukraine and very NOT safe in Russia. Then the New York Times helps us understand the importance of alt text in images online - Julie takes it a step farther - when we use alt text we all win. Finally, in our main story, the Baltimore Sun publishes what Julie and Torin feel is a sincere apology and acknowledgement of racist acts in its history. How does it compare to other major pubs like the LA Times and others? How does it make you feel?
André is the Founder and CEO of Onboard Health, a specialized executive search and advisory firm focused on creating a more inclusive future of health. A pioneering strategist with deep ties across the healthcare innovation, startup and digital strategy landscapes — André is dedicated to building the future of health through an equity lens. His work and insights have been featured in outlets such as Business Insider, Fortune, Forbes, NPR, CIO, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report. He was recently named a Fortune Magazine 2020 40 Under 40 in Healthcare. Learn more: Onboard Health Follow André and Onboard Health: LinkedIn Instagram Twitter
When is Enough Enough?

When is Enough Enough?


Julie and Torin dive right into the news of the day. Will the Senate act on creating pregnancy protections for expectant employees? Nancy Pelosi dodges reporters questions on Dear White Staffers Instagram tea and Tesla is back in court for firing and then REHIRING a worker who assaulted and spewed racial slurs at a Black supervisor. In our in depth story, we jump in to the death of Amir Locke at the hands of Minneapolis PD on yet another unnecessary no knock warrant. Brian Flores makes it known the Rooney Rule doesn't work and the NFL is again trying to wiggle out of responsibility for the cultures it creates. In mining news, Rio Tinto releases (on purpose) a transparency report of rampant sexual abuse, assault and rape of women and men in their employment. So much on this week's episode of CATK!
Anti-Semitism is on the rise in the Western World, Mercedes Johnson gets DRAGGED and White Men want to continue to receive their historical affirmative action when it comes to SCOTUS seats. An Atlanta family opens the first fully autonomous Black owned grocery store in the world. We welcome a new sponsor this week....and check out that new logo!
Torin and Julie jump into the Edelman Trust Barometer 2022, Nike's Larry Fink comes clean and Disingenuous legislators do more damage than they are likely to be able to control.
Is stakeholder capitalism the same as capitalism? Larry Fink, CEO of Black Rock, says YES in this year's letter to CEOs. The CDC rallies, admits the mistake and vows to be more inclusive - Isn't this the way it should always work? And a homecoming send off to the last Tuskegee Airmen, Charles McGhee. Rest in Power, sir.
CDC Director says WHAT?!? This week Julie and Torin catch up on vaccine mandates, ADHD at the car the dealership, and why the CDC Director is under fire for her "encouraging words"" What is your take on this week's stories? Tell us on Twitter, FB and LinkedIn. Thank you to our sponsors and to the team at Evergreen! Interested in sponsoring Crazy and the King? Contact us today! Email us at JobVite: Learn more at Prepare yourself for Crazy and the King! Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: More on Torin and Julie: Julie: Torin: Cred: Production and Music: DJ Cellz Image by VisionPics
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