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Falling in love is the best feeling in the world. You see stars, you feel giddy, but sometimes it makes us do crazy things and sometimes that means murder. Crazy In Love digs into the complex and contentious real-life stories of when beautiful love takes a gruesome turn. We explore the murderous lengths people went to in the name of love. Romantic love, motherly, brotherly and sisterly love, bestie bonds and lusty love. They can all make us a little crazy sometimes. Each week explores a new crime, told through a combination of interviews, news footage and narration.

10 Episodes
In 1999, 21 year-old college student Justine Swartz was working as a cashier at Lowes to pay her way through school. Justine’s dream was to be an Elementary school teacher. Soon she met and hit it off with 26 year-old Eric Abshire, a former Marine who was a manager at the same store. After a six year courtship Eric proposed in 2005, and they were married in 2006. Shortly after the wedding, Justine began to pull away from her family who sadly had no idea how dark Justine’s world was about to become.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
It’s 2012, and 36 year-old mechanic Dave Kroupa is newly single when 37 year-old Cari Farver drives into the auto shop he manages. Dave is instantly attracted to her. Both Dave and Cari are only looking for a casual relationship but two weeks into dating Dave starts getting confusing texts from Cari about settling down. Dave breaks up with Cari and soon finds himself being harassed by an online stalker. For the next several years, Dave finds himself living under constant threats until a pair of police detectives unravel a web of deception so tangled that when the truth is finally revealed no one, including Dave, can believe what really happened. Check us out online!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
In the bright-lights and pastel-colored city of Miami, FL Wendy Trapaga was in love with Michel Escoto. He was ten years her senior and Wendy fell hard for this poetic bad boy with a red motorcycle that she met while they both attended cosmotology school. Just six months into their relationship, she found herself marrying Michel, only this wedding would soon become a honeymoon of nightmares for Wendy. Check us out online!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
21 year-old Lauren McCluskey, a nationally ranked track & field athlete, was a senior at the University of Utah when she met 28 year-old Shawn Fields, a bouncer at a bar she went to one night. Shawn asked for Lauren’s number that night, and soon after they began dating. Shawn was Lauren’s first boyfriend and she was smitten. But just months after the relationship began a Google search would lead Lauren down a scary path as she would learn dark secrets Shawn was hiding.  Check us out online!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
38 year-old April Christine Favazzo thought she’d finally found the one in 54-year-old doctor, James Kauffman. They were a good match; she was an advocate for veterans and he was a decorated Vietnam War Vet. In a lovely ceremony, April and James were married on Valentine’s Day 2003. But soon things took a turn for the worse when April discovered cracks in James’ outward apperance that revealed dark secrets about the man she once thought she knew. Check us out online!  Learn more about your ad-choices at
In the affluent community of Dunwoody, Georgia, Rusty and Andrea Sneiderman looked like they had it all- adorable children, loving marriage, rewarding careers. But after a tragic event in a daycare parking lot, the family’s once picture perfect image begins to crack. As the investigation continues, no one could possibly imagine that the likes of Barry White and Olivia Newton-John would become key to the grizzly mystery. Check us out online!    Learn more about your ad-choices at
29 year-old lawyer, Ryan Poston, seemed to have it all, friends, a loving family, good looks and he was starting his own law firm, the world was his oyster. When he spotted photos of 19 year-old college student, Shayna Hubers on his cousin’s Facebook page. Ryan’s interest was piqued, a connection was made, and a tumultuous year long rollercoaster of a relationship ensued that would soon have Ryan wishing he had kept on scrolling.  Check us out online!    Learn more about your ad-choices at
68 year-old millionaire Steve Beard had just lost his wife of 42 years when he met 30 year-old Celeste Johnson Martinez, a server at an Austin, TX country club Beard belonged to. Lonely and not used to single life, sparks flew for Steve and he quickly swept Celeste off her feet, marrying her and adopting her twin daughters. But soon after their wedding vows we’re exchanged, Steve would learn that the woman he married was more interested in his bank account than his love. Check us out online!   Learn more about your ad-choices at
Michelle was 21-years-old when she met her husband-to-be Martin McNeill. The pair quickly eloped, and over their 30 year marriage raised eight children and were pillars of society, until...secrets started bubbling to the surface and it was revealed that this picture-perfect life was built on a stack of lies and deception including infidelity, plastic surgery and discovering you married a monster. Check us out online!   Learn more about your ad-choices at
Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Mindy Vest

hmmmm.... is it just me, or could this be the most classic example that "Karma is a bitch?!!!"

Jan 9th

Trudy Averill

what a sad story.

Dec 23rd

Impossible quiz The

Its so great.

Dec 13th


Way too many hosts

Dec 1st
Reply (1)


Wow! Broad sweeping assumptions about Mormons. Just saying “you would guess” does not make it ok.

Nov 18th


This podcast has no point A to point B. You come back from the ad break and say she was counting pills and that was the first time in the podcast that you bring it up.

Nov 17th
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