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Author: Miata Edoga + Kristine Oller

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Are you a smart, ambitious, creative person who is tired of spending too much of your time and energy chasing money (or running away from it)? Wondering how to handle the emotional rollercoaster of having an influx of cash and then a dry spell? Wishing you had a more harmonious and stable relationship with money so you could rely on it being there to support your goals and dreams?

If so, the Abundance Bound podcast is for you.

Abundance is not about the amount of money you have, it’s about the quality of the relationship that you have with your money. And no matter where you’re at right now, you can decide to become someone who is bound TO abundance – someone who is committed to having a healthier and more compassionate relationship with your money, and you can decide to become someone who is bound TOWARDS abundance – someone who stepping into a more expansive financial future. Join coaches Miata Edoga and Kristine Oller twice each month for insightful conversations and inspiring stories of financial transformations.

Miata is the founder of the Abundance Bound Financial Education Company and Kristine is the developer and coach of the Creating Cashflow Program (which lives inside Miata's signature membership – the Financial Empowerment Program). Learn more at
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Kristine welcomes guest Elena Bell who shares how she drastically reduced her expenses and saved her house. But this isn't a conversation about budgets and spreadsheets, this is a conversation about what it means to completely recalibrate your financial identity in order to move your money ship in a brand new direction.    Elena is a licensed clinical social worker who was doing a lot of stuff right – she owned her home, she had excellent credit, fully employed, paying all her bills and then, one day, one letter in the mail turned her world upside down.   Keep listening and you'll hear her story unfold in four phases. First, she entered a Pain Cycle Phase – where she reached out for help. Second, she entered a Power Cycle Phase – where she gained some knowledge. Third, she entered a Maintenance Phase – where she consistently made better choices. And then she entered a Phase of Thriving – where she is now building wealth.   Full show notes and more info here:    
Miata and Kristine offer some counterintuitive perspectives on what balance – in any area of one's life – actually looks and feels like.   Miata maintains that the way you define "balance" impacts your level of self-criticism, and Kristine explains why she considers balancing one's life to be an active state, not a static goal.    Full show notes and more info here:
Kristine welcomes guest Sarah joining who shares her emotional journey across the threshold of a milestone birthday... which, as a result of her bravery, included a significant expansion in her financial life.   After spending most of her 20's and 30's as an actress and a playwright in New York, Sarah made a complete lifestyle and career pivot and, is now a seasoned digital strategist and political campaign manager.   As her 40th birthday approached and her financial ambitions grew, she realized that some of her habits, thoughts and parts her identity were no longer serving her very well.  So, despite some initial fear and resistance, she decided to summon her courage, get some quality guidance, and step into full ownership of the value she brings to the marketplace. Sarah turned stocks into a side biz AND she increased her annual salary by $28,000.   Full show notes and more info here:
Miata and Kristine discuss their definitions of resiliency and their interpretations of what the concept of "the obstacle is the way" actually means.   Miata analyzes one of her biggest moments of financial resiliency (repaying $80,000 of credit card debt) and Kristine notes the difference between self-sufficiency and resilience (and why exhibiting resilience attracts people to want to help you).   Full show notes and more info here:
Kristine welcomes guest Courtney Shane who shares her inspirational story of shifting from someone with a "starving artist" mentality to someone who lifted herself up and into a six-figure support job that provides her with a new sense of financial and creative freedom.   And she most definitely is creative; she's an actor, dancer, voice over artist, clown (as in: trained by Cirque du Soleil), producer, director, content creator... and now, coder.   Her financial transformation started with some odds definitely stacked against her and her husband. Not only did they have to learn how to have a more empowered relationship with money and put some new habits and structures in place, but they also had to unlearn their old – and distinctly different – money stories. Because even though Courtney quadrupling her annual income was a positive shift in their lives, it was something they each had to adjust to.   Full show notes and more info here:  
Miata and Kristine chat about how creating intentionally healthy partnerships can increase your abundance – because partners are the ones who help you stretch, encourage you to stretch, and point out when you are resisting stretching.   Miata shares the origin story of one of her oldest partnerships (and why she remembers it to this day!) and Kristine explores the distinctions between a partner and a guide.   Full show notes and more info here:
Kristine welcomes guest Liza Fernandez who shares the candid story of the moment the "Cinderella bubble" that she had been living in popped and she was confronted with the harsh truth of her financial situation.    For Liza, an actress who grew up in Australia, making her way to New York and then to Los Angeles was a dream come true. And although she had been relying on the kindness of a few Prince Charmings throughout her life, this is the tale of how she became her own hero and saved herself.   No matter how painful some of the lessons were, she committed to learning how to stand on her own two feet and learning how to show up as a mature and equal partner in a relationship (even when her income was much less than his).   In just a few years, Liza did a full financial 180 – transforming her relationships with herself, her partner, and her money.   Full show notes and more info here:
Miata and Kristine compare their own (and very different) relationships with play and they each share stories they had to unwind from in order to incorporate more joyful recreation into their schedules.   Can you generate wealth without play? Yes. Can you experience "success" without play? Certainly. Can you create the texture of a truly abundant life without play? Glad you asked...   Full show notes and more info here:
Kristine welcomes guest Ruthy Otero who shares how she grew beyond her initial shame around not knowing what she "thought she should know" about money to becoming one of the first Abundance Bound course facilitators for the Financial Empowerment Program   As it is for so many of us, Ruthy's family of origin wasn't able to offer much in the way of solid financial guidance – especially in relation to her life as an artist and non-traditional earner. So she chose to seek out a community that understands the challenges of having income that fluctuates and that provides a space where it feels safe to be a beginner without any judgement.   Working at Abundance Bound became an additional source of income for Ruthy, as did the little side biz that she started shortly after the pandemic began.   Over time, her relationship with money matured into one filled with much more clarity, intimacy, and kindness.   Full show notes and more info here:
Miata and Kristine discuss the value of making conscious and informed choices regarding the people we are motivated and influenced by – especially when it comes to our relationship with money.   Miata shares a story illustrating the "dark side" of role models, and Kristine delineates the very important differences between role models and coaches.   Full show notes and more info here:
Kristine welcomes guest Liz Femi who shares the wisdom she has gained from a decade spent building her business muscles and shifting her stories around what was possible for her.   After growing up in Nigeria, Liz graduated from Harvard – twice. She left that institution with a Master's degree in English Education and an MFA in acting, and (you guessed it) a mountain of student loan debt.    Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, she was juggling a handful of part-time jobs, slowly burning out, and wondering if she would ever be able to enjoy a life of creativity and contentment.  Once Liz committed to expanding her financial education, the full and fruitful life that she envisioned for herself started to take shape: an artistic career, two businesses, one husband, one daughter, and, most recently, a new home. Full show notes and more info here:
Miata and Kristine examine the "dark sides" and the "light sides" that motivate and complicate both the ways in which we give and the things we chose to give.   Miata offers some guidance on how to avoid having a "giving hangover" and Kristine explores how the stories you have about giving and receiving may be impacting your business.   Full show notes and more info here:
Kristine welcomes guest Dominique Toney who shares why she started surrounding herself with layers of financial support in preparation for a big break that she believed would happen – and how all of that preparation helped her fully enjoy that financial windfall when it finally came.   Dominique embodies the typical and frustrating dichotomies faced by many artists and freelancers. She has elevated her acting and singing talents to a professional level – and she has six-figures of student load debt. She books work in the industry that she loves – and she's had times when finding enough money to repair her car or pay her dentist was a total struggle.   And, she knew that she had some choices to make that would shape her financial future. And now, Dominique's choices – to start educating herself about money, to utilize the tool of an accountability partner, and to learn from other people's mistakes – are truly paying off.   Full show notes and more info here:
Miata and Kristine meet to share some new perspectives on what "taking responsibility" can truly mean – and why it is often viewed as a negative judgement rather than utilized as a positive tool.   Miata shares a question that you can ask yourself to "open the doors of possibility," and Kristine offers some strategic guidance for when you're feeling a little helpless or a little hopeless.   Full show notes and more info here:
Kristine welcomes guest Elena Campbell-Martinez who shares the shifts that happened in her life once she discovered that her money mindset held the missing pieces of her personal financial puzzle.   Elena has pretty much ALL of the other pieces of the money puzzle:  she has money, she owns a house, she is a self-proclaimed "numbers nerd," and, in addition to her acting career, she also had a career keeping track of millions of dollars for a major studio.   Too often people think that getting guidance about money is only necessary if you are someone who needs more income or who is scared of math or who is "not good" with money.  But Elena is proof that taking steps to improve your relationship with money can help you feel purposeful and prosperous on a whole new level – no matter what stage of your financial life you are at. Elena communicated with her partner, shifted some of her old money stories around greed and desire, and started a brand new side biz.    Full show notes and more info here:
Miata and Kristine share some very useful, very practical reasons why having a clear vision for yourself (and for your relationship with money) improves your wealth and your well-being.   Miata shares why connecting with your vision can't be something you simply do once or twice a year, and Kristine offers some guidance to anyone who finds visioning to be a bit difficult.    Full show notes and more info here:  
Kristine welcomes guest Michael who affirms that a complete financial overhaul IS possible within just a few years. Michael went from being in the lowest financial situation of his life (no phone, no car, not a lot of cash) to owning a home, consistently funding his retirement, and having a completely different outlook on life.    We're doing this podcast episode a little differently in that we're not going to tell you any specifics about who Michael is or what he does – because we want to focus your attention on what's most important about his story – which is that it could be your story, too.   Full show notes and more info here:
Miata and Kristine sift through the emotions that get churned up around money and discuss the rewards of facing our fears.   Miata shares how she shifted from a Pain Cycle to a Power Cycle once she looked her $82,000 of debt straight in the eye, and Kristine backs up her declaration that "clarity is only for the brave."   Full show notes and more info here:
Kristine welcomes guest Regina Melzer who shares how her ideal side biz was born.   Regina was in a situation familiar to many performers:  A wildly talented actor who was doing restaurant gigs that drained her of her energy and supplementing those with a little side biz as a petsitter (where she was chronically undercharging). That sounds very typical, right?   But what isn't typical – at all – is how committed Regina was to enduring the discomfort that comes along with learning how to make more money... and, by doing so, she made more money.   She embraced coaching and community and courage – and shifted her circumstances.   Full show notes and more info here:
Miata and Kristine reconvene to examine, from a variety of perspectives, why honesty is such an important aspect of your relationship with money – not just being honest about it, but also being honest TO it.   Miata shares two stories – a client story and a personal story – that illustrate true honesty in action, and Kristine explains why being successful is not necessarily an indication of the health of your relationship with money.   Full show notes and more info here: