DiscoverCreating Espacios: Interviews with Self-Made Latinas Who Are Innovating in Their Spaces
Creating Espacios: Interviews with Self-Made Latinas Who Are Innovating in Their Spaces
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Creating Espacios: Interviews with Self-Made Latinas Who Are Innovating in Their Spaces

Author: A Podcast by Vivian Nunez

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The personal stories highlighted on Creating Espacios will serve as a resource for other aspiring entrepreneurial women and act as a first step in closing the gap in information and resources for diverse communities who want to become a part of the media or startup world.
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Lorena Garcia is a Latina entrepreneur, a mom, and a staunch advocate for self-care. The Arizona-based co-founder of Wela Creative, a creative studio, and Majka, a line of wellness products geared towards the new mom, uses this episode to share more about building up her hustles and how you should be viewing self-care.  Shownotes: Majka IG: Wela Creative IG:  Lorena IG:  Viv's IG: 
Regina Merson went from lawyer to beauty brand founder and she wouldn't take any of her decisions back. Throughout the episode you'll learn more about how Regina navigated leaving a career that wasn't fulfilling her, how needle point helped open her mind to the possibility of doing something she loved, and why it's your right to change your mind.    Shownotes: Reina Rebelde: Reina Rebelde's Instagram: Viv's Instagram: 
Saskia Sorrosa had her career made — she was a top executive in the NBA and was leading a department that allowed her to be entrepreneurial within the safety of a larger corporation, but over time her heart aligned elsewhere. So, she started Fresh Bellies, a baby food company. Throughout this episode we learn how the recipes grew from ones she made for her own to children to those that sit on grocery store shelves today. In the episode Saskia says, "Yes, I gave up something, but I gained so much more just by moving in the direction of my passion." Here's a listen to all she gained.    Shownotes: Fresh Bellies: Fresh Bellies' Instagram:  Viv's Instagram: 
Liz Flores is an artist, a dog mom, and the best person to talk about the ever present “you vs the unit” conversation that’s born when you grow up in a Latinx family. Based out of Chicago, Liz shares how she’s navigated setting boundaries with her family, leaving her corporate job for a creative hustle, and learning to say yes to herself by saying no to others.    Follow Liz: Follow Viv: Shownotes:
In this episode Dannie Lynn Fountain shares something that so many individuals know to be true — owning your identity is layered. No matter how you self-identify, the process of arriving at that elevator pitch for yourself took hard work that was (hopefully) followed by a sigh of relief. Through this episode Dannie shares how her identity has played a role in her career and made her a more effective entrepreneur, intrapreneur, friend, daughter, and partner. 
Denise is the co-founder of Project ñ, a movement that is anchored in the many worlds first-generation Latinx-Americans live in. Throughout our conversation we dive into what it takes to put together a documentary for such a movement and how doing so helped Denise come out of her shell and really learn to tell her story. The episode does an amazing job of putting the cherry on top of a season that has unintentionally always focused on inspiring you to learn to put yourself first.   ---- @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:  
Natalie Boden is the mastermind behind BODEN Agency, an award-winning agency that has worked with everyone from Target to Pepsico. During our conversation we take a step back from Natalie's biggest wins and dissect how she got here. At the core of every story is the agency Natalie has always claimed as her own — she's the architect of her own life and it's a lesson she hopes to pass on to all CE listeners.  ---- @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:    
Leticia Gonzalez-Reyes is the co-founder of 109 World, an org that allows you to use your social media platforms to change the world (seriously!). She and her friends - Olivia and Rachel (who you may know as Yoga Girl) - execute trips around the world with specific goals in mind. On this episode we chat about what it took for her to leave her established career path for a startup, how important it is to trust your gut and why social good will never go out of style.    ---- @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:    
Michelle Herrera Mulligan is the former editor-in-chief of Cosmo for Latinas and a constant champion for Latinas and the power their stories have. Throughout this episode we talk about the current political state of the country, why (now more than ever) it's important for you to tell your stories and how the first step for any progress is learning to get out of your own way.  ---- @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:    
Mitzi is a twenty-something career woman, who lives in LA and balances her tech job with one of her other (big) passions - her family. This episode focuses on what it means to be first generation and no longer just surviving. For instance, disposable do you make the most of it? We also touch on family guilt, moving away and learning to trust yourself.  ---- @mitzign on Instagram @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:    
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