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Jody Sperling has a really informative AND fun to listen to podcast called Cre8 Collabor8. He talks with guests about marketing and social media practices (among other things) that work to get your book to an audience. Jody is an agented fiction writer with an MFA (masters in fine arts--he can teach college...) in writing. He's from Colorado, but lives with his wife (who is from Chicago (it's a whole thing and we get into it)) in Nebraska, where they're raising their kids to be Cubs fans. Go to for all things Jody's podcast, and get a peek at some of his writing that appeared in BULL called "Valesco". Find Jody on Twitter: @jodyjsperling  .   .   . Thanks for listening! For more info on Creative Ops, OR if you're interested in my novel Switchers, check out all the links and info at
Hello! Welcome to another solo episode. This week take a look at these 10 traits of creative people and see just how creative you REALLY are... Then go to to buy my book, read my blogs, and/or learn more about the podcast! Thanks folks! -CT
Derek Mohr is a Grand Rapids, MI based artist who works as a developer and designer. We talked about his early interest in art and technology, traced his path to professional status, talked about some of his projects, and stuff creative people deal with, go through, and chat about with other creatives. By day Derek works for an agency called Might In The Midwest. You can see more about Derek and the things he does at .     .     . Catch Derek On.. Instagram: @onemohrtimedesign Twitter: @OneMohrTime Dribble:
Didn't get an interview in last week because of my kids' spring break. (I also had a cold most of last week.) So this is my better-than-nothing edition of the show, haha. I'll be back next week with a regular interview episode. Thanks for stopping by, and, if you have time between going grocery shopping and maybe hitting up Bed, Bath, and Beyond, check out for more on the show, the book, and the man behind it all. Thanks. See ya next time!
My book, Switchers, is available for e-book pre-order on Amazon. There are a few reviews up on my Goodreads page. There's also more information about Switchers on my website. Please check out these creative mad-geniuses who helped me in various ways getting this book published: Jason Tieri - Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered Jennifer Soucy - Buy her books! Brandon Scott - Buy his books! Kirk Ross - A TALK IN THE ATTIC (YouTube) Joshua Marsella - Buy his books! TJ Tranchell - Buy his books!
Ashley Grant is my "bloggy friend" and fellow podcaster. We talked about blog-centric stuff on her podcast The Bloggy Friends Show. Now she's a guest here and we talk about finding your path in life, blogging, ghostwriting, where to get writing gigs, freelancing, moving around the country, podcasting, and more. Find Ashley here: Twitter - @AshleyisFamous Facebook - @FamousAshleyGrant Instagram - @famousashleygrant Personal Website - Bloggy Friends Website - Ashley would like to give a shout-out to Alex Fasulo and her Freelance Fairytales Podcast for anyone looking to get into freelance work.
I'll be at Turnstiles Bar in Grand Rapids, MI, for the comedy roast battle on March 23. You should come too! See the comedians be roast one another, then watch me call it as a "celebrity" judge. My book, Switchers, officially comes out June 3, 2022. But if you want to read it NOW!, let me know through a social media DM or email me. @tallonwrites on Facebook @tallonwrites on Instagram  @tallonwrites on Twitter . . . And check out my writer friends I shouted out: Jennifer Soucy, Brandon Scott, Joshua Marsella, and TJ Tranchell
Shatawn Brigham and his wife, Nadia, moved from fields in mental health and education into business with the idea of changing the culture of professional inequality in Grand Rapids from the inside. Listen to how he met his wife, how they've worked to help the city and it's negatively impacted communities, and how GR Noir--Grands Rapids' only jazz bar--came to be. . . . Check them out at, and on Facebook and Instagram!  
Check out my guest spot on Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered. It was my 4th time on the show and we talked about real sh*t, as one does on that podcast. I was also on The Bloggy Friends Show, but it hasn't dropped yet. . . . Check out LaughFest in Grand Rapids, MI. Specifically the shows past guest Mike Logan is producing on the 16th and 19th. More info can be found on Mike's Facebook page @icecoldcomedian. . . . Thanks folks. Rate and review the show on Apple podcasts. (Please. You don't pay for the show. This is all I ask!) Thanks! -CT
Casey Kornoelje is the sole owner of the only locally-owned cannabis dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You might ask, "There are so many is Pharmhouse Wellness the only local one?"  Great question. Listen for the answer to that, how Casey got into growing in the first place, how the shop came to fruition, and what his plans are for the shop and the community around it going forward. . . . Check out Pharmhouse Wellness on their website,, on Facebook @pharmhousewellness, and on Instagram @pharmhousewellness. . . . Follow the show and its host at and on all social media @TallonWrites. . . . And leave a review AND a rating for the show wherever you download podcasts. Thanks!
Hey folks! The show is officially 2 years old. Woo! Thanks to all the guests who've been on, people who've listened, and friends I've made along the way. This show means a lot more to me now than it did at the start. It used to feel almost like a chore to get them out on time, especially when it felt like hardly anyone was listening. Now I get as many downloads in a day as I used to in a month. So thanks for everything. Truly. Other stuff on this episode: Happy Birthday to Brandon Scott (Episode 8)-->buy his books! Book News: Shooting for a June release date. See more about my upcoming book, Switchers New original music for the show Last week recap Next week teaser A heartfelt thanks (like the one above) Thanks for listening. Now go be creative!
Author, Actor, & Academic, TJ Tranchell came on the podcast to discuss his book TELL NO MAN, as well as his writing process, upcoming projects (so exciting!), acting, teaching at a community college, dropping out of school, providing professional writing services, and much more. Check out his website: Buy his books on Amazon, I highly recommend TELL NO MAN. Look for him on Instagram (@t.j.tranchell), Facebook (@TJTranchell), and Twitter (@TJ_Tranchell). Thanks to TJ for the chat, thanks to you for listening in, and HUGE thanks to anyone who will or has left a review AND rating on Apple podcasts or wherever you get the show. Enjoy!
Me n Kirk are always up to something groovy. We've collab'd on a few things but none to the scope of this project. We made a song AND a music video. Go to my YouTube to see the music video: Creative Ops on YouTube Then go to Kirk's YouTube to see the Behind-the-Scenes: A TALK IN THE ATTIC on YouTube And listen to A TALK IN THE ATTIC, why dontcha. They're everywhere podcasts can be found. Follow ATITA on social media, too: A TALK IN THE ATTIC on IG ATITA on Facebook And last of all, go to for all things host and show. Thank you good people of Earth!
Joshua Marsella came on for his third go round on Creative Ops, this time to talk about HIS brand new podcast, WRITERS ON WAX. Starting February 2 you can hear Joshua talk to other writers about the grand craft, as well as the music that inspires them. Please follow Joshua Marsella: @joshua_marsella on IG @JoshuaMarsella on Twitter @JoshuaMarsella on FB And listen to WRITERS ON WAX wherever you get podcasts (except Spotify...he's not gonna be there), and look him up on Amazon, goodreads, and the like for info on his books.
Hey folks, Follow this link for more info and to see where you can get these books: CLICK ME!!! It will also take you to the video I speak of in near the end. I hope you enjoy the origninal music strewn about this episode, and I particularly hope you enjoy the fun I had with the drops while the music was playing the show out. Say hi and/or follow me on social media, check out the website, rate and review the podcast. You know the drill. Instagram FaceBook Twitter  Website Podcast Contact
Christopher Daradics works at the University of Oregon's Center for Applied Second Language Studies - CASLS (check that out for free language learning tools!) He's also a part of Resonance Building, a healing and arts collective. Check out their upcoming online workshop "The Embodied Voice", and keep coming back for new events, projects, ideas... .   .   . Learn more: Christopher Daradics on IG: @swagadics Resonance Building on IG: @resonance-building CASLS website Resonance Building website Embodied Voice info/registration .   .   . Thanks everyone! See ya next time. -CT .   .   . For more on Creative Ops and/or Christopher Tallon: Website | Instagram | FaceBook | Twitter | Podcast
Ok, so the title may seem a bit outrageous, but it's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, people. Rather than get interviewed by someone else or perform an autobiography in the vein of a get-to-know-your-host style program, I interviewed my mom about what it was like to raise me. As we talk about, I hated school and decided to almost completely tune out for the last half of my public education. I was most commonly described by teachers as "smart but he doesn't apply himself." I graduated high school with a 2.01GPA. That whole time, my mom was always about as cool as a person could be in that situation, which is probably why that part of my life hasn't deterred me from doing what I **really** want to do. If you were kind of an asshole as a kid, this might be an interesting memory jogger. If your kid is kind of an asshole now, this might be informative and relieve your soul a little bit. Or not. I don't pretend to know about stuff like that; I'm just a creative genius with a cool mom. . . . Find me, Christopher Tallon, on, or on your favorite socials @TallonWrites. (My mom doesn't do social media, but I'll tell her you said "Hi")  
I hope music continues grow in its importance to the overall production in this podcast. As I make the music, sometimes by myself, sometimes with a friend, I show you a little bit of how the process comes together. Hear snippets of unfinished songs, pieces of this and that, then how it all works together in the end.  Then go and have yourself a happy holiday and enjoy the rest of the year. Check me out at or as @tallonwrites on all SM platforms. Happy new year, folks!
Check out and check out the blog for the Creativity and Cannabis blog post, as well as the post with the top 10 most downloaded for a complete review, links, and all that shnazzy jazz. POST LINKS: Cannabis & Creativity Top 10 Shows  
Fable the Poet (aka Marcel Price) became the Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids, MI in 2017. At the time, he was GR's first black PL. He was the first PL to not graduate from college. On top of that he was also the youngest PL in city history. Now he works with The Diatribe, mainly focusing on improving the south side and educating people about GENTRIFICATION and REDLINING. Check out The 49507 Project. Marcel Price / Fable the Poet: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter The Diatribe: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SUPPORT!
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