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Creators in Saigon is a show based in the rapidly modernizing city of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, Co-hosted by Dana Drahos, Tue Si Nguyen, and Nicolas Thanh.

Together, they have weekly intimate conversations with creative entrepreneurs on all topics of the human experience, such as fear, creativity, sexuality, relationships, health, mental wellness, spirituality, and so much more. Join us as we open up and vulnerably share our experiences in order to figure out this thing called life.

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When you are an entrepreneur, it's easy to get overwhelmed or lost in your own mind. That is why, in this episode we invited Lam Tran, Co-Founder and CEO of Wisepass.  We tried to understand what's the other side of the coin of being a "CEO" and how other entrepreneurs can become as resilent as him. Lam Tran shares with us his different experiences and how he organise himself and manages his startup to stay on track. He explains us why he moved back to Vietnam and what lead him to become a startup founder in Vietnam. We learned that the entrepreneur's professional and personal life can be strongly tied together when facing difficulties in life. We also asked him how he transformed criticism into constructive feedback and used it to reshape his business model. And what's the plan for Wisepass, his startup, to thrive in the coming years. Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
Yes, it's true, Dana has made the difficult decision to move on from Vietnam and go back to the US (at least for now). So what's next? In this episode, we get updates from Dana, Nico, and Tue Si about what they've been working on the past few months and how they've been handling the lockdowns that keep getting more and more strict. Dana shares why she's leaving and her decision process full of emotional ups and downs, and what's next for her. Finally the team shares that we are looking for a female co-host to replace Dana so that the podcast can live on, so if you're interested, please apply at the link below! Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Apply to be a co-host on Creators in Saigon podcast: Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
Do you have a big idea, something you've always wanted to try, but fears are holding you back from taking the leap? This one is for you!  Tam Nguyen is Saigonese and the Founder and Host of Vietnam Rising - a business podcast that focuses on stories from up and coming entrepreneurs and names in Vietnam and why this is the place to be. The show is being broadcast across more than 7 platforms, including Youtube, and is listened to by audiences worldwide.  It took Tam 6 months from having the initial idea to start the podcast, to actually doing it, because she had to overcome a lot of mental roadblocks and fears. In this episode she discusses with us how she overcame those fears, why she decided to start this podcast with this niche, and lessons she's learned about confidence, being a good host, and finding her passion along the way. Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Follow Tam Nguyen: LinkedIn: Vietnam Rising Podcast: Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
✨ In This Episode, we are interviewing Aiyetoro Hinds (Toro), the compassionate creator of UPP Global a charity where he and his team provide sporting and educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people. 👏  It was a pleasure to hear him talk about his passions, his beliefs, and how his deep empathy and pure intentions are fueling his desire to make the world a better place. 🤗 The Team truly hopes that everyone who is experiencing lockdown is keeping safe and we send all our support & love! In this episode: 🎙️His upbringing in Bermuda and studies in England 🎙️Helping homeless youth in England and living with deep emotional empathy 🎙️Coming to Vietnam and the creation of UPP Global 🎙️The future of UPP Global and how he is taking care of himself during this lockdown Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Connect with Toro and UPP Global: Website: Facebook: @uppglobal Instagram: @uppglobal Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
From a very young age, Greg Dolezal has learned how beneficial it could be to contribute to others in need and to stay active. He was a boyscoot, he is a musician playing with The Young Buffalos, he is involved in the Democratic Party Abroad, coaching and teaching as well, etc. But, something was missing to Greg for all these years of devoting his time to good causes and his energy to change the world... He was always frustrated of following someone else's idea. So, Greg decided to take the leap an start his own social-business; Ology. For us at Creators in Saigon, it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about what is a social business and how different it is from a "normal" business. During this interview, Greg explains us how to transform your business into a mission-oriented social-business, that will truly create an impact on the long run and not just make a good sale today. We discuss what's behind "CSR" (Corporate Social Responsibility), what is truly social, what's not and how hard it is to build a social-enterprise. Greg also shares with us how important it is to connect with your community, go to help others in need and grow your business by truly adding value to other people around you. In other words, you will learn how adding the "social" dimension to your business can create a unique mutually beneficial ecosystem for all. This episode is only a fraction of what's left to cover on the topic of social entrepreneurship. So, if you are interested to learn more, feel free to connect with Greg and Ology! Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
Have that ever happen to you?... this moment where you realise, you've been so passionate about this particular thing, and you left all the rest aside? How many of us forgot to sleep while spending the whole night playing video games? How many of us are so "passionate" about our jobs that we don't take the time to eat healthy or go to the gym? And even if we know all that, how can we change? To us, Wes Jackson is one of these passionate entrepreneurs driven by a mission where he could spend countless hours on it while forgetting all the rest. But Wes has realized that although "passion" would help him to keep his motivation high, he would need knowledge and discipline to keep his mind and body healthy... if he wanted to make an long lasting impact. So in this episode, Wes explains us more about his system. He shares how he manage to maintain his mental and physical health while being an entrepreneur and in a relationship. Follow and support Wes Jackson If you haven't already, Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook Page Creators in Saigon Podcast Instagram Page Creators in Saigon Podcast Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
Loan Tran is one of those people who makes you wonder, "How does she do it all?!"  Loan is a leadership coach and business development strategist. She's also writing a book all about the lessons she's learned about leadership and sharing her personal development journey. She volunteers with Little Rose Shelter, and posts daily inspirational and educational content on her Facebook and Instagram pages. In this episode we discuss: 🎙How she manages to be involved in so many things at once without burning out 🎙How she utilizes her feminine traits as strengths in a traditionally masculine career field  🎙Her top tips on how to be a good leader 🎙How she overcame her imposter syndrome and started writing her book Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Connect with Loan Tran: Instagram: Facebook: Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:  
✨ In This Episode, we are interviewing Thuyen Vo, a passionate entrepreneur, founder of Easy English and Easy Vietnamese. She is also a co-host on the Best Ever Food Review Show on Youtube with some of her episodes gaining more than 2 million views! 🎉 She shares with us her passionate journey in education and her hopes of providing quality choices and support for the younger generations. 👏  It was with great pleasure to be able to pick her brain on interesting topics like family expectations, mental health, and self-awareness in Vietnam and we hope to meet her physically soon! In this episode: 🎙️ Juggling early independence and family expectations 🎙️ Her journey founding Easy English and Easy Vietnamese & her vision on education in Vietnam 🎙️ How she handles her recent fame and the pressure of content creation 🎙️ How self-awareness keeps her balance and the importance of mental health Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Connect with Thuyen Vo: Instagram: Easy English Vietnam: Easy Vietnamese Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
As creators and entrepreneurs, we do what we do because we desire freedom, and variety, and control over our own lives. But as wonderful as having these things can be, they come at a cost. Entrepreneurship is lonely, and unstable at times. And if you're not careful, it will really take a toll on your physical and mental health, which is just not sustainable in the long run. But, there are ways to safeguard yourself against these common pitfalls of entrepreneurship.  Our guest today, Darren Joe, has recently achieved a life-long dream to write a book. Darren's book is the culmination of his personal lessons learned over his own 10-year entrepreneurial journey about mental health and well-being as a solopreneur, that you can put into action immediately.  In this episode we dig into a few golden nuggets of wisdom from his book and share a lot of personal stories from our own entrepreneurial journeys.  Darren Joe was born and raised in Southern California, and studied Public Policy and International Affairs at Princeton University. He's been living and working in several different countries in Southeast Asia for the past 10 years.  His business and podcast "Touch MBA" helps MBA applicants match with and get into the world's top business schools. He has just published his first book, The Fail-Safe Solopreneur: 6 Essential Practices to Manage Your Well-Being, Working For Yourself, which was ranked #1 on Amazon for Work-Related Health Books. He's also the host of his podcast ASE, which is about entrepreneurial well-being. In his free time he enjoys Afro-Cuban Dancing & Salsa. Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Get in Touch with Darren Buy the Book: ASE Podcast: Touch MBA Podcast: Blog & Newsletter: Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
✨ In This Episode, We have the pleasure to speak to Tuyen Vo, the incredible host, and creator of the "Dear Our Community" Podcast! 🎉 She shares with us her journey of resilience that led her to pursue her passion for connecting people through philanthropy and her desire to inspire the younger Vietnamese generation into creating positive changes & social impact. 👏  The team is already fan of her first Podcast Dear Our Community and cannot wait to listen to the new one that she is creating at the moment for an English-speaking audience!  Count on us to offer all the support we can, Tuyen! In this episode: 🎙️ Her difficult upbringing and how her resilience made her thrive for better education. 🎙️ Her work and deep knowledge of philanthropy in Vietnam. 🎙️ Her aspirations for creating social impact in the younger Vietnamese generation 🎙️ The mission behind Dear Our Community Podcast 🎙️ What are her plans in the near future including the creation of a new Podcast Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Check Dear Our Community Podcast & Get in Touch with Tuyen (Kelly) Vo: Facebook: Website: Personal Facebook: Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
Giuliano Cricenti is a 25 year old plant-based nutritionist and personal trainer with a Bachelor's degree in Biomedicine. He's currently working with clients for weight loss and for healing particular ailments. He is partnered with Planta, a meal-based restaurant in Thao Dien, to provide high protein vegan meal plans. Giuliano was born in Australia but has been living in Saigon since he was 14 years old. We discuss all things gut health, nutrition, and debunk common myths and worries around vegan diet and lifestyle.  Connect with Giuliano: Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Apply to be a guest or sponsor: (placeholder for future) We can help you launch your podcast!: (placeholder for future) Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
✨ This Episode is quite special as it is a long-due catch-up episode with the whole team! 🎉 BUT First, We want to thanks The Hive Saigon for sponsoring us with their amazing co-working space for our team recording (...and more recordings to come)! We are beyond grateful! 🙏🏼 😆 We had not done an episode together in so long and the excitement got us quite carried away as we caught up on so many different topics!  So saddle up and get ready for some fun updates, a few laughs, and multitudes of shout-outs! 📖 In this episode: 🎙️ The team reflections on our past guests & the value we are getting out of podcasting 🎙️ Nicolas' experience with doing his "Lifebook" 🎙️ The team reflections on mental health, handling criticism & our hopes for the podcasts 🎙️ Dana's life update on her amazing work in Women's Health & Cycle Syncing 🎙️ The team discusses Plant-based Diet in Vietnam If you love this podcast, consider giving a small donation to support the financial costs of production: Mentionned in this episode: Design your own Lifebook Earthling Ed: Our Ultimate Tool: Get in touch with The Hive Saigon: Facebook: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
Welcome! You're listening to the Creators in Saigon Podcast, a podcast based in the rapidly modernizing city of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam. This podcast was created in 2019 by Dana Drahos, an American expat, and plant-based certified Holistic Nutritionist and Women's Health Coach. She helps people who menstruate to experience PMS-free periods and live in harmony with their hormonal cycle...good bye mood swings, fatigue, brain fog, and painful cramps! Hear her full story here. Get in touch with Dana: Website: Instagram: She started this podcast because of her passion for Vietnam and her curiosity to learn the stories of the interesting expats and locals who live here. This podcast is special because we're not afraid to go into deep and uncomfortable topics like childhood trauma, drug addiction, social issues, loneliness, sex, failures in business, relationships, cultural identity, and personal development. With every episode, you'll walk away with new insights, wisdom, and the feeling that you're not alone. Follow the Podcast! Facebook: Instagram: Donate to Creators in Saigon to support with production costs: This podcast is co-hosted by Tue-Si Nguyen, a Personal Development Coach and Business Consultant with experience managing several companies in the tourism industry all over the world. He now helps people implement systems into their lives and businesses to accelerate their growth and emotional intelligence. By implementing these systems and habits into his own life, Tue Si was able to overcome a two year drug addiction. Hear his full story here. Get in touch with Tue Si: Website: Facebook: Our other co-host is Nicolas Thanh is an Entrepreneur Coach from France & Vietnam living in Saigon since 2012. He is helping overwhelmed and stressed entrepreneurs to optimize, automate and delegate their business so they can have more free time for themselves, for their relatives and for different projects. Hear his full story here. Get in touch with Nicolas: Website: Facebook:
Marc Nguyen is half Vietnamese, half Mexican, born in California, and spent his teenage years in Italy. Throughout his younger years he felt a sense of incompleteness due to the Vietnamese side of his culture being somewhat of a mystery. He felt compelled to learn to speak the language and get answers to the questions he had, and so came to Vietnam as an NGO volunteer in 2013.  Marc is also a professional Latin dancer and choreographer and is passionate about bringing Salsa and Bachata to anyone willing to learn in Saigon. He is currently training a team for the Saigon Latin Cup--a night of dance competition, social dancing, and delicious Latin American and Caribbean food! In this episode, we discuss how he finds a sense of belonging in the midst of multiple cultures colliding, his Latin dance journey, and how he thought a broken collarbone would be the end of everything, but was actually the start of something new and better. If you love this podcast, consider giving a small donation to support the financial costs of production:  Connect with Marc Nguyen: Tickets to the Saigon Latin Cup: Facebook: Instagram: Also mentioned: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website: Episode Cover Photo Credit & Shirt by Dynasty the Label (our previous guest Kimmie, check out her episode here!:
🥗 Vegan and Plant-based lifestyles are popular in western countries where it is nowadays quite accessible, supported, and understood. But what about Vietnam?  🗣️ We are trying to answer this question in this episode with our guest Giang Chu. A young and modern Vietnamese professional that aspires to be the next voice of the Vietnam Vegan Lifestyle. 🔈 From generational misunderstanding, modernizing the already present Vietnamese Vegetarian "Chay" Culture and the deep struggle to maintain the lifestyle without proper support in a country full of delicious meat-dishes...Giang offers us a first glimpse into what could be Vietnam's Vegan life in the coming years. In this episode: 🎙️ Traveling the world and her move from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City 🎙️ How she discovered Veganism and her first attempts at adopting the lifestyle 🎙️ The Difference between Veganism in Vietnam and  the western world 🎙️ Her motivations behind wanting to become Vegans and some of her struggles Books Mentioned in this episode: How Not to Die: Vietnamese Edition: Thay Đổi Cuộc Sống Với Nhân Số Học: Khởi Sự Ăn Chay: Connect with Giang: Facebook: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
If you met Tony Fornaro in his 20's or 30's, you would have met a completely different person than the Tony of today. When Tony reflects on his 20's and 30's, he's the first to say he was honestly, a total a$$hole. He had a series of relationships and each one didn't end so well. But this is all in the time, he thought he was a pretty good, normal guy. He had a well paying job, on paper he was "adulting" but he never really felt like an adult. He was just going through the motions. Every relationship blew up in disaster, and eventually in his mid-30's, he sought the help of a therapist. He also started to travel internationally. This is when he was able to see life from a different perspective, to self-reflect, to question his behaviors and dig deeper into past trauma in order to become more self aware. Finally, he made the decision to quit life in the US and move to Vietnam at the age of 41. What happened? Tune in to find out:) Connect with Tony: Instagram: Facebook: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
🔈 This week, the crew at Creators in Saigon did something new and special! Armed with our brand new equipment and our trusted cellphones, we decided to travel to our guest and interview him in his element! So we have a shorter episode for you that especially goes in tandem with a video on our Instagram page so be sure to check it out! 🍰 Our guest, Robin Mouquet is a pastry chef that has worked very closely with the world-renown & legendary Pierre Hermé, the "Picasso of Pastry". He has now chosen Vietnam to settle and develop his own brand and wishes for all of Vietnam to discover his pastries! He actually rented a whole house in district 10 and re-designed the whole ground floor to be his pastry kitchen & shop so do not hesitate to go and visit him there. It is hard to sit with Robin and not feel the overflowing passion he has for his craft and creations and it was quite invigorating to share a moment with him. The whole team wishes him the very best and we will come back for more eating 😋  In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ His journey from France to Vietnam 🎙️ His relationship with Pierre Hermé "The Picasso of Pastry" 🎙️ His care and patience for every customers' pastry creation 🎙️ His wishes to make all of Vietnam try his creations and what he hopes for in the near future! Get in touch with Robin: Robin.Mouquet on Facebook: on Instagram: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
It is quite hard to walk away from any discussions with Will without thinking: "What a nice, genuine guy!" Being in hospitality for half of his life working for Michelin-starred restaurants, Will is now an entrepreneur in his own right and the proud owner of Luu Bar and soon to open Bento Bistro. Will is an encyclopedia of good and candid stories written in the sweat of his past mistakes and successes. His creative entrepreneurial journey is far from being over and It was very refreshing to get his experience and point of view on the F&B industry in Vietnam and how he attempts to live a balanced lifestyle while being the owner of a bar! In this episode, we discuss: 🎙️ His F&B Journey that lead him to travel the world and working for Michelin-starred restaurants 🎙️ How he settled and fell in love with Vietnam in 10 min 🎙️ His first few businesses in Vietnam and how he learnt from his mistakes 🎙️ Opening and owning his own bar and his successes & struggles after being open for a year and half 🎙️ How he attempts to find balance in his life ⁣ Get in touch with Will: Luu Bar: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
Jana Van Beek's favorite toy as a child was...a comb! Not the usual toy, but it makes perfect sense when you meet Jana today, who followed her passion of hair styling to become a Professional Hair Stylist, and creator of Earthy Blonde, an all-natural shampoo product to protect blonde hair from pollution and coloring. Jana started her first very successful hair salon in South Africa at just 23 years old and was styling hair for fashion week and Miss South Africa. After some unfortunate events, she had to close the business and made her way to Asia. She re-built her business in Saigon from scratch, all while juggling full time school and a teaching job, and now has over 30K followers on her Facebook business page! In this episode, we discuss: Struggles and successes Jana had when starting her first hair salon in South Africa Lessons she learned through having to close her business Why she is passionate about hair styling Why you need to learn to preserve your energy as an entrepreneur (or anyone!) and how to do so The importance of systems and structure for entrepreneurs and what tools we personally use Why and how Jana created her first hair product, Earthy Blonde, an all-natural shampoo for blondes Jana has been kind enough to offer an exclusive discount for our listeners! Head to her website or her Facebook page and use the promo code CREATORSINSAIGON to get 10% off your purchase! All proceeds from this episode will be going to Little Rose Shelter, a charity and shelter in Saigon for young girls❤️ Get in touch with Jana Van Beek: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
Lua Le, in her previous life, was a promising Vietnamese female office-worker who was recognized by her co-workers and praised by her family. But she also felt deep down that something was missing. She was bored and frustrated about her day to day. So she started to go dancing and meet some international friends in Saigon. That is how she met some digital nomads and started to question more about her career. But still, she needed to go see the world for herself. So, at 30+ year-old, after many moments of thinking and doubts, she decides to quit her job, leave her family for a moment, take her savings and travel the world on her own. This decision changed her life. And in this episode, we cover the many difficulties coming along such a big decision. Lua Le shares how her family reacted to it, her travel adventures, how « not-perfect » this adventure was and how she found herself. You will also learn about how she started her cooking class business and why it’s now rated as a top-experience on Airbnb or TripAdvisor. She explains us all the journey toward her current success, with all the ups and downs; including how she pivoted during the pandemic. At the end of the episode we have a really insightful conversation about « getting out of your comfort-zone ». We really hope you learn a lot and enjoy this episode! To connect with Lua Le, please find her on Facebook and feel free to ask her anything! Hosts: Nicola Thành & Dana Drahos This episode is brought to you by Creators in Saigon Podcast! Please, listen to this episode and share it with your friends, talk about it, and let us know your thoughts!
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