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Author: Sara Lahti

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Creatrix Culture was designed by Sara Lahti. She was guided to create a sacred space for Creatrixes to gather, connect, grow, discover, and heal.

In this show, we will openly discuss all aspects of Self. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the magnificent. From Spirituality to Self-Development, and everything else in between.

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14 Episodes
Sara Lahti shares her positive and negative discoveries while going off-grid for a month to her cabin in northern Minnesota with her family. 
Sara Lahti, in the updated episode, explains One Consciousness, law of attraction, and how this effects us as a whole in our current state of affairs. She also does a brief teaching on the Hawaiian healing art of forgiveness called Ho'oponopono.  You can still check out the original podcast recording of episode 13 on the Creatrix Culture YouTube channel titled the same name, "We Didn't Start The Fire."
Sara Lahti takes a deeper look at how having a rebellious spirit can be a positive attribute. 
Sara Lahti claims her declaration of sovereignty.  A great link that describes what is a declaration of sovereignty:
Sara Lahti and Rick Ausland pay tribute to Prince as his spirit is still very much alive 4 years after his passing on 4.21.16.  They passionately share how he has influenced their lives while he strutted this Earth and now in the Ether. *Also the answer to one of Rick's questions... Mayley The Golden Princess's favorite Prince song is, "Paisley Park". She said it was her fave because she likes the lyrics and she likes parks! 
A Message Of Hope

A Message Of Hope


Sara Lahti explains what has been and is happening energetically in April 2020 on Earth and in the Cosmos as we continue to step into the Golden Age of Aquarius. 
Sara Lahti and Kylee Leonetti explore the notion of protecting your inner person, while society is focused on protecting the outward person.  *We apologize for the sound quality during quarantine. 
Sara Lahti looks beyond the current state and taps into the greater good for all; while trying to remain positive in her own situation. 
Sara Lahti takes you on a deep 15 min. guided meditation.  If you are feeling anxious, scared, overwhelmed or burnt out from the effects of COVID-19, or life in general, take a moment to get centered. This meditation will realign you to the Divine and connect you back to Source.  *Meditation starts at 3:00 mark. 
Sara Lahti shares her thoughts and concerns with losing her main source of income due to COVID-19 and the government shutting down restaurants and social gatherings. 
Sara Lahti and Kimberly McConnell unearth the deeper meaning of Self-Love. And what it means to really take care of yourself and put yourself first.
Sara Lahti recalls a sexual assault experience she endured when she was 17. She also begins to scratch the surface on how silent traumas have affected her adult life.  ***Correction Note: The energetic therapy I received prior to Family Constellations was Somatic Embodiment Therapy, not Sodomic. 
Sara Lahti and Naomi Matsuda dive into the Shadow Self. They discuss: What is it, why it is important to know it, and how to work with and heal it.  
Your host, Sara Lahti, explains what the Creatrix Culture and it's Podcast are all about. And what you can expect in the upcoming episodes. 
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