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People know their hometowns by streets, a favorite restaurant or the local mall. Crime Reporter Nancy Hixt knows hers by the crime scenes she's been to over the past 20 years. Journey deep inside some of Canada’s most high-profile criminal cases. Each episode will take you inside the story to give you details you didn't hear on the news.  New episodes every other week
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On this episode of the Global News podcast Crime Beat, crime reporter Nancy Hixt shares the story Brittney McInnes, the concrete angel.At 17 and just months from graduation, McInnes had her whole life ahead of her.But in January 2010, the Calgary teen disappeared.Police were called to investigate, but the search came up empty.Hours later, Brittney’s family discovered her body.Follow along as police unraveled the web of lies her killer had created, and hear his confession—audio that’s never been made public before.In this episode, you’ll also learn details of further allegations in this case.If you enjoy Crime Beat, please take a minute to rate it on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, tell us what you think and share the show with your friends.Contact:Twitter: @nancyhixtFacebook:
On this episode of the Global News Crime Beat, crime reporter Nancy Hixt shares the story of a young boy who fell through the cracks.You’ll hear from those who loved Alex Radita, those who fought to keep him alive and healthy, and those who fought for justice in his case.And for the first time, you’ll hear a recorded interview with Alex himself — who knew what he needed most to save his life.In May 2013, police were called to a home in northwest Calgary for reports of a teenage boy in medical distress.Nothing could have prepared first responders for what they found.Alex was found unconscious, lying in a bed in an upstairs room of his home.He was skin and bones.He had no useable teeth and was covered in dozens of ulcers and sores.The 15-year-old was wearing a diaper and weighed just 37 pounds.Despite all efforts by paramedics to resuscitate Alex, it was too late.The Calgary police homicide unit began investigating and what they found was that Alex’s death was not only completely preventable, but it was murder.More than a decade before he died, doctors and RCMP investigators in B.C. predicted this would happen to Alex if he wasn’t provided proper medical treatment for his Type 1 diabetes. 
Darkness In The Pass: Part 2

Darkness In The Pass: Part 2


It’s a case the family of the victims call a real life horror show.On this episode of the Global News podcast Crime Beat, crime reporter Nancy Hixt takes you through the details of the crimes committed against Terry Blanchette and his two-year-old daughter Hailey Dunbar Blanchette.  Follow along as we reveal evidence investigators uncovered, and an exclusive interview with the mother of the triple-murderer in this case. Her life has been shattered by her son’s actions.
Darkness In The Pass: Part 1

Darkness In The Pass: Part 1


Two people dead ...and a two year old child gone missing.A small community in the Rocky Mountains...shattered.On this episode of the Global News podcast Crime Beat, crime reporter Nancy Hixt takes you through one of the most disturbing cases she’s covered – one which the family of the victims call a real life horror show.
Trailer - Season 2

Trailer - Season 2


Season two premieres October 8th.Ride along with Crime Reporter Nancy Hixt, as she takes you through some of Canada’s most high profile criminal cases, shining a light into the darkness.
Inside Crime Beat

Inside Crime Beat


Executive Producer Chris Duncombe sits down with Global News crime reporter and host of Crime Beat, Nancy Hixt, for an in depth interview about the podcast and answers audience questions.
In July 2016, a Calgary mother, Sara Baillie, was found dead in her home, and her five-year-old daughter, Taliyah Marsman, was missing.Three days later, an Amber Alert came to a heartbreaking end when the little girl was found dead.On this episode of Global News podcast Crime Beat, crime reporter Nancy Hixt takes a look at who killed Sara and Taliyah.Hours after Taliyah’s body was recovered, police announced a man was charged in the case.Edward Downey was accused of two counts of first-degree murder.Sara and Taliyah’s family was left with so many questions.The man accused of this incomprehensible crime wasn’t even on the family’s radar.Why would Downey kill Sara, let alone her child?For more details on the case check this out you enjoy Crime Beat, please take a minute to rate it on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, tell us what you think and share the show with your friends.Contact:Twitter: @nancyhixtFacebook:
Crime reporter Nancy Hixt tells the story of an inseparable duo, a young Calgary mother and her little girl.In July 2016 Sara Baillie was found dead in her house, and her five-year-old daughter was missing.Police issued an Alberta-wide Amber Alert, and the frantic search for the little girl began.Family held out hope Taliyah would be found alive, but three days later, her body was found in bushes outside the city limits.Follow along as police hunt for a killer and the shocking twist their investigation took.Part 1 of Sara and Taliyah’s story is available now in episode eleven of Crime Beat.If you enjoy Crime Beat, please take a minute to rate it on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, tell us what you think and share the show with your friends.Contact:Twitter: @nancyhixtFacebook:
On this episode of Global News podcast Crime Beat, crime reporter Nancy Hixt tells the story of a man who came face-to-face with pure evil.Mark Mariani, 47, suffered from Crohn’s disease for more than half of his life.On Oct. 1, 2010, Mark was given new hope, thanks to medical advancements. Doctors told him he might not need his colostomy bag anymore.The next night, he headed to his favourite western bar to do some two-steppin’ and meet up with friends.It was the following morning when Mark’s family received a call from police.Mark was found dead in a Calgary strip mall parking lot — his keys, wallet and cell phone were found in a nearby alley.Follow along as homicide detectives investigate the murder of Mark Mariani, and unravel the shocking reason why he was killed.
Nancy Hixt tells the story of an unbreakable bond between a Calgary father and daughter.Sarah Rae was Gord Rae’s only child. In his eyes, the sun would rise and set on her.Their special daddy-daughter bond only grew as Sarah got older. Then, on Aug. 3, 2008, a stranger showed up at Gord’s doorstep.It was a Calgary police homicide detective. Sarah, 24, had been murdered.Sarah’s boyfriend, Travis Martel, found her body in the home he shared with his mother. He told police he owed a large gambling debt and that’s likely why Sarah was killed.Follow the twists and turns, including the shocking discovery of a graphic and disturbing video that led police to solve the case.Contact:Twitter: @nancyhixtFacebook:
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Tami-Lynn Matheson

So well done.

Nov 10th

Marian Baer

I hear that song every Sunday😢❤

Nov 7th

Quazi Sharmin Bonny

love the podcast. I am so glad that I have found it. Neat presentation.

Nov 6th

Nicole Spence

Nancy i LOVE your podcast! you are so easy to listen to.

Nov 5th

Melanie Marie-Jahnke Manning

how was he not considered criminally insane? wow.

Oct 29th

Angie Langie

That was really hard to listen to. I had no idea of some of those gory details 😟

Oct 17th

Royal Ottmar

I just listened to the one about the good man stomped to death by two neo-nazis and they get 10 and 13 years in prison? then they can get parole? the family's of that innocent man will have to go before the parole board and relive it, for the rest of their lives :( Canada's legal system is horrible

Oct 15th

Royal Ottmar

I love this podcast:) I can not believe how lenient the Canadian courts are though. An animal murders his girlfriend, videos it and gets a 14 years in prison for it, then possible parole? that is just wrong. another thing the producers of this show should be aware of is the volume of the sound. as she is interviewing someone, I am constantly turning the volume up and down, as the speaker changes from one person to the other. Distracting as heck when I am driving and painful with earphones Great podcast though :)

Oct 14th

Ashley Streets

Obsessed with this podcast. I listen to sooo many and this is by far my favourite. You are so detailed and professional yet sympathetic and easy to relate to. My only negative comment is that I need more episodes ASAP 😂

Sep 30th

Royal Ottmar

I have listened to many crime podcast and this is my favorite. long enough to tell the whole story and professional. thanks

Sep 23rd

Natasha Palazzolo

this is the saddest story I've ever heard. I can't imagine what this little angel went through, and those who did it don't deserve to live

Sep 2nd

Riss Lockley

Im not crying, your crying!

Aug 21st

Jess Greene

So glad I found this podcast! Job well done with it.

Aug 7th
Reply (1)

Kayla Terry

Love this podcast, it had me hooked from the beginning! It is very professional with a lot of sentiment to the victoms and family. And I love how informational and extremely intriguing it is.

Jul 18th
Reply (1)

Victor Torres

great podcast nancy,,very professional

Jul 9th

Kirt YoungPine


Jun 26th


probably was charged with first degree murder but grand jury droped down to 2nd

Jun 20th

Johane Mc Duff

Because murder at the hands of a domestic abuser is almost always accompanied by stalking behaviour, they should be charged with 1st degree murder.

Jun 15th

Victoria Mackie

Love this podcast. No drama, just facts. She has a really nice voice too!

Jun 7th

Cora Woolley

Keep it up! I wish you posted weekly cause I love your episodes so much.

May 30th
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