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People know their hometowns by streets, a favorite restaurant or the local mall. Crime Reporter Nancy Hixt knows hers by the crime scenes she's been to over the past 20 years. Journey deep inside some of Canada’s most high-profile criminal cases. Each episode will take you inside the story to give you details you didn't hear on the news.  New episodes every other week
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Meika Jordan, The Broken Princess  | 1
On this episode of Crime Beat, crime reporter Nancy Hixt takes you through the case--step by step. Follow along as she reveals the shocking behind the scenes details of the Meika Jordan case --and goes through the evidence as it was uncovered by investigators in their quest for justice for Meika.Meika Jordan was a bright, cheery and playful six year old. When she was rushed to hospital with serious life threatening injuries, her father and step-mother told police she had fallen down the stairs.But the injuries didn’t match that explanation.Meika later died in hospital.That was the beginning of a lengthy investigation into her death--lead by the Calgary Police Homicide Unit.The little girl was from a split family--she spent half of her time with her biological dad Spencer Jordan and her step-mother Marie Magoon. She spent the other half of her time with her biological mother Kyla Woodhouse, and her step-father Brian Woodhouse.Early on, it became clear to detectives there were two people with the sole opportunity to kill Meika. But why would anyone kill such a beautiful and innocent little girl?If you enjoy Crime Beat, please take a minute to rate it on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, tell us what you think and share the show with your friends.Contact:Twitter: @nancyhixtFacebook: nancy.hixt@globalnews.caResources:If you suspect a child is in immediate danger please call 911.For more information or if you're looking for support: 
Comments (4)

Jay Algater

wow. so sad. I hope these pieces of S&$t get what's coming to them in prison. who could do that to a child

Mar 14th

Jess Moran

Do not listen to this at work unless you are comfortable bawling your eyes out infront of co workers.

Mar 13th

Catherine Lillos

wow! I couldn't listen longer than 30 seconds without breaking down in tears.

Mar 12th

SandG beach

came here from dark poutine:)

Mar 9th
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