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Hello Again, and Welcome to Crime In Music! Every other Wednesday, we'll bring you a true-crime podcast about people in & around the Music Business and their mis-adventures in Law-Breaking! We talk about such things as: #CrimeHistory #MurderMystery #MusicHistory #CrimeStories #MusicLife #MusicBusiness #CrimeInMusic
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He chainsawed his neighbors patio, brought a BB gun onto a plane and he's the only original member of Puddle of Mudd, it's Wes Scantlin!   Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
She moved around a lot as a child. She was a tomboy and everybody knew she was different. Having never completed high school, she finally got her GED. She ran with a rough crowd of socialites like, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian and Ivanka Trump. A victim of the Bling Ring and Guerrilla artist Banksy, even world famous DJs; deadmau5 and Afrojack all talked mad smack about her and her skills on the 1s & 2s, the wheels of steel. FYI, she is the highest paid DJ in the world, making $374,000 per hour. Seriously tho, her music is on par with the likes of; Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and maybe even Hillary Duff. She's had her share of personal stalkers, coming by way of bicycle, classic Cadillac and plane. She's been busted herself, for DUIs and a purse containing cocaine. That's not your purse? It's not expensive of fashionable enough to be yours? But it has your credit cards and ID in it... It's the Destroyer of Worlds or at least celebrity. The woman who invented being famous for being famous. They call her Ms. Blue Baller. It's time for the personal history of Paris Hilton. Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
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We start in Europe to bring you a uniquely American musical sensation. It all started in Paris, France with successful music producers; Jacques Morali, Henri Belolo (Jack & Hank). Jack knew how to write a catchy tune and Hank was good at business. After a move to New York City to capture the US market, the fellas recorded a couple of Jack's song's with local back-up singer Victor Willis.  They had a hit with their song "San Fransisco", but weren't an actual band yet! So in need of some People to populate the Village, Jack and Hank place an ad in the local newspaper which read, "Macho types wanted, MUST dance and have a mustache."  After auditioning many different mustachioed men, Jack and Hank had found a roster that they liked and the Village People we're finally formed. There have been approx. 23 Villagers in and out of the Village People over the years, there were some good times and some not so good times. After being on the run for 5 months, for drug & weapon charges and then featured on the tv show America's Most Wanted, the California cops finally apprehend the Village People's cop, Victor Willis. Listen to the origins of the Village People, learn about the legal troubles of their Cop and let us lend some levity to these Disco Legends. He robbed a woman in Reno just to watch her cry, it's Victor Willis and the Village People!  Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
As a child he lands his own radio show, singing and playing songs on his guitar. Listeners would call in asking for more of the singing kid. As soon as his career starts to take off, the world goes to war. Getting a section 4-F, he grinds out the war at a ship building factory back in the states.  After years of trying, he got his big break auditioning for the Grand Ole Opry and then he gets rejected almost immediately. Like most Opry rejected musicians, he ends up as  with the likes of Elvis as a member of the popular television show the Louisiana Hayride. After interrupting a record company CEO’s ping-pong match to sing him a song, he’s offered a 6-song contract!  Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
From a young age, he was a musical prodigy. At the age of 5 he taught himself piano and 14 other instruments. He sang in the church choir like an angel, but burned down his house playing with lighters like a little devil. Raised in the mean streets of Long Island NY.  After graduating culinary school, while attending University, he pairs up with a graphic design student named Chuck and together they start a rap group called Public Enemy! At 1st, Rick Rubin, of Def Jam Records, didn’t understand the purpose of a hype man and almost singed Chuck to a solo deal, but you can’t deny a man wearing a wall clock around his neck!  After getting busted for scalping baseball tickets and serving his time, he moves back in to his mom’s house and gives rehab a try, for a little while at least. With the reality TV monster calling, he moves to California and switches his career to the small screen. Press Play-Record and get ready to save, its the Flawed Fable of Flavor Flav! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
This man had a dream, a dream where Satan was HIS servant and Giuseppe told that Devil what to do. He even made Beelzebub entertain him, by playing his violin. As the songs will tell you, the Devil plays a pretty good fiddle son, so we’ll give the Devil his due, but Giuseppe Tartini has the 1st Stradivarius ever made and he thinks he’s better than you... Devil! He kidnapped his wife and pissed off her family, an old Sicilian family, wink-wink. Her Uncle was a powerful Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church. The Bishop put a death mark on Tartini. He disguised himself as a monk and fled the country. Taking refuge in Ancona, Italy, this is where he honed his skills on the violin and composed other-worldly concertos, as if plucked straight from the muzak soundtrack of Hell’s elevator. Luckily, Giuseppe was so good at the violin, his reputation spread far and wide and because of this, the “green light” was removed from Giuseppe and he could finally return to his home, with his wife and live the rock star life he so deserved. Tune in for the Tome of Giuseppe Tartini! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
Pop on your porkpie hat, raise up your Ray-Bans and hit the mean streets of Chicago's Southside. Hear a tale about brothers who aren't even related. They start a blues band 50 years too late to the game and have a few run-ins with the law along the way. They met and went to school together at St. Helen's of the Blessed Shroud Orphanage. Whether running from rollers or rocking for the Lord, these fellas have each others backs, no matter the situation. With the ritual of cutting their fingers, using an E string fallen from the famed Elmore James' guitar, they truly became brothers in blood and in the blues. After learning how to perform blues and soul music in the janitor's room at their orphanage as kids, they started on the wildest ride the brothers/ not-brother would every take, becoming musicians. Car chases, robberies and missing persons are just a few of legal setbacks you'll hear about. James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker and Cab Calloway are just a few of the musical legends, who like Ben, had never heard of this amazing Rhythm & Blues Review. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a distinct pleasure of the management to present to you, the evenings star attraction. Here they are after their exclusive 3-year tour of Europe, Scandinavia and the sub-continent. Won't you welcome, from Calumet City, Illinois, the show band of Joliet Jake & Elwood Blues, The Blues Brothers Band! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
He was raised on the mean streets of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. No seriously, he saw his buddy die in a knife fight at 11 years old! Not wanting the thug life, he teamed up w/ some friends & family to form the pop group New Edition, which includes members named: Bell, Biv and DeVoe! Hear about that one time Ben stole milk from a store, the Universal Backlot Fire, Kevin Costner's lack-luster movie career and how Ke$ha stole a song from my high school band, 21 Daze. Break out your parachute pants and put on your Air Walks, it's time to remember the 80's! We can do what we want to do, right Ted? It's the Ballad of Bobby Brown! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
We cover the musical stylings of the Canned Heat. Episode highlights include: Blues record collectors start a Jug Band The Jug Band turns into a blues-rock band - Canned Heat Band members rotate due to absence, drugs and death Their song Going Up Country becomes the unofficial theme of Woodstock They have an amazing set a the Monterey Pop Festival We briefly cover the 27 Club (foreshadowing) Brian gets attacked by a ghost They sign away 50% of their music royalties for bail money Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
What do you get when you have 200K people come to see 40+ of the greatest rock bands of the 70's, with only 3 cops and 300 wooden toilets? It's the Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival! The plan was simple, throw a rock 'n roll festival that's better than New York's 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. They had a line up which included: Black Sabbath Joe Cocker the Allman Brother's Band Cheech & Chong Canned Heat Fleetwood Mac Ballin' Jack Amboy Dukes (feat. Ted Nugent) Bob Seger Bang Ravi Shankar Brownsville Station Rod Stewart Black Oak Arkansas the Eagles Slade Nazareth After being BANNED in Evansville, Indiana by the Mayor, the festival was moved to Illinois, but the only way to access the festival grounds was a single road from the Indiana side, this created a lawless wasteland. Just walk down "Alice in Wonderland Avenue", a makeshift row of drug vendors for all of your festival drug needs. After watching the naked people wash themselves in the waters of the Wabash River, head over to the Turd Fields to... well, you get the idea and don't forget to stop by the food trucks for a truck burning or two! For all it's troubles, attendees universally claim it was a an amazing concert weekend, with very little violence. Thanks in part to the "karate experts" from Chicago and Los Angles, the promoters hired to keep the peace. Grab your friends, hike 6 miles up to the stage and ready yourselves to rock for the Epoch of the Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
We're introduced to the land of Hoboken, NJ USA, site of the very 1st baseball game played in the states. He was born in America, his parents, were Italian immigrants. His mother would translate for Italians during their immigration and court proceedings. She also was a midwife and ran a secret abortion service for local Catholic Italian girls, which earned the the nickname Hatpin Dolly and she even served a little bit of jail time for preforming back alley abortions. Franks father was an illiterate amateur boxer, fighting under the name Marty O'Brien. As a bantam weight fighter, he had amassed a record of 1-8 with 6 KO's, him, not his opponents. Eventually retiring from the Hoboken fire department as Captain! Prohibition of alcohol in the United States helped the family to flourish, by running a tavern called Marty O'Briens. Local officials refused to enforce the law of the land and it was rumored that they were supplied their hootch from the Italian Mafia. While being raised in a bar with a player piano, the young lad would sing for spare change. After attending his senior year of high school for only 47 days, he dropped out to pursue his dream of becoming the next Bing Crosby. He gets his 1st big break because his mom told the local singing group, the 3 Flashes, to let her little boy join and they needed somebody with a car to drive them around. A legend was born that day!   After being arrested and charged with Seduction and then finding out the woman in question was already married, the police then dropped the seduction charge and change it to an Adultery charge! One of the most popular teen idols of the time, he hung out with the who's-who and did what's-what. All the ladies wanted him and all the fellas wanted to be him. Parents lock up your daughters, daughters get out your poodle skirts and pull up your bobby-socks. It's the Chairman of the Board, Ole Blue Eyes himself, it's time to listen to the Serenade of Frank Sinatra! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
The son of a 911 Dispatcher and a New York City transit worker. He was one of 6 kids, but he regularly hung out with his cousins watching Kung-Fu movies. While regularly riding the train from Brooklyn to see their other cousin on Staten Island, the guys would make beats and write rhymes to pass the time. We learn that drugs from the city have an incredible markup on Staten Island and these three cousins can rap! After starting their 1st rap group the Force of the Imperial Master, aka the All In Together Crew, they do some re-brand and eventually re-form as the Wu-Tang Clan! He's the only guy to take a limo to collect his welfare check, fresh off a Top 10 Hit. While on the run from the police during a Federal manhunt, he records some tracks to finish up an album and then snuck on stage for the group's release party, with 50 police just outside working crowd control. Hear about the time he saw a child get run-over by a car, so he ran to the street and lifted the car off her and saved her life. Ben and I have sidebars on: the fighting abilities of Quentin Tarantino, how some people end up with screwed up names during the birthing process and we discuss the possible link between heavy cocaine usage and young people with heart attacks. Tune in your earholes to the Opera of ODB! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
He can sing, dance and act, he's a triple threat. Born in Dorchester, Massachusetts USA to a delivery driver Dad and a bank clerk/ nurses aide Mom. The youngest of 9 children, with siblings who are also in show business as singers and actors. At a young age, he ran with a rough crowd. Drugs, gangs and violence were a common theme, he developed a cocaine addiction by age 13. His older brother Donnie, tries to get him off the streets and away from his thieving ways; assaulting people and boosting cars, but he ends up in jail. After serving his time for assaulting a couple people, he gets a job as a brick layer, but again his brother Donnie tries to help him out. Donnie sets him up with some singers, dancers and rappers known as the Funky Bunch. After making a splash in the music world, he does a series of underwear ads for Calvin Klein as a young model who can't keep his pants up. He enters the film world with the help of Danny DeVito and Leonardo DiCaprio. While still big in Germany with his music group One Love, he doesn't completely give up on music yet, but his movie roles were getting bigger and bigger (insert Boogie Nights joke here). Ben and I discuss the recent advancements in our podcast production, the violent chicken sandwich wars of the USA and how porn sets the trends in media technologies past, present and future.We dive deep into that one time Ben tried to sweet talk some Canadian cops in Windsor, Ontario Canada for a drunk guy he didn't know or like. The studio gets invaded by some dogs, we talk about the Irish and hear our mid-break song sent in by listener Sola. Listen to the Myth of Marky Mark, it's Mark Wahlberg!  Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:  
He taught himself guitar and learned to play piano in a pool hall in St. Louis. He's worked as an elevator operator, a radio DJ and sat in with traveling musicians who came thru his town. From blues and boogie-woogie big bands, he splits off and invents Rock 'N Roll with his song Rocket-88. Young Elvis Presley use to watch him play piano at the clubs. He discovered Blues Icon BB King. His main competition coming up was Sir John's Trio with Chuck Berry. Little Richard copied the piano opening for Good Golly Miss Molly note for note from him. Phil Spector produced his wife at the time, Tina Turner's first songs. They open for the Rolling Stones on both European and US tours and he even goes on to sing a duet with our first podcast guest ever, Rick James! He got introduced to cocaine from his friends in Las Vegas, "The King", Elvis Presley and comedian Redd Foxx. Liking the side effect of reducing the need for sleep, so he could write more music, he spent an estimated $11 Million dollars on cocaine over his lifetime. When the SWAT team busted into to his state of the art recording studio, Bolic Studios, he had a .357 magnum, a live hand grenade and was trying to flush 7 grams of cocaine down the toilet. A short while later he watched as Bolic Studios burned to the ground for 18 hours! Ben & I have sidebars on: the duties of and responsibilities of an elevator operator, the climbing habits of porcupines and venison recipes to sneak people venison. Ben recommends some blues bars in Chicago and we answer the age old question about Ramen, to drain or not to drain? Hear an amazing theory about holes that basically sums up the universe, it's the Tale of Ike Turner! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:  
He was a God fearing, church singing, Sunday School student until the day he found out his Dad wasn't really his Dad! Following in his birth Father's footsteps, he becomes a local juvenile delinquent and gets arrested 20 different times in his home town of Lafayette, Indiana. With the fear of being charged as a career criminal, he moves to California and starts his namesake band; AXL. After teaming up with Traci Guns and his band LA Guns, they merge with Axl and Hollywood Rose and create one of the most successful bands of all-time: Guns 'n Roses! Welcome to the Jungle Baby, it's time for our episode on rock n' roll singer and famous frontman Axl Rose! Ben & I have sidebars on how Saturday Night Live works, amazing martial arts movies with Bruce & Brandon Lee and the proper attire for the mosh pit. Hear about several times Axl inspired mosh pits and incited riots throughout Canada, he personally wrote Indonesian President Widodo to talk capitol punishment and we go over that one time when Axl got into a fist fight with fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger at actress Rosario Dawson's Birthday party at midnight in the streets of New York City. Listen right now to the Requiem of Axl Rose! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
In this episode we talking about the Possum, George Jones! A Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner, "No Show" Jones wrote several Country Classics, including "He Stopped Loving Her Today", and "White Lightening." His youth was spend dealing with an alcoholic father and having five sisters. To escape his home life, George would busk on the streets with his guitar. After getting a gig playing guitar on a radio show, George started his journey to musical stardom.  George Jones brushed elbows with the greats of country music; Merle Hagard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny PayCheck and even the King, Elvis himself! (check out their episodes for more on Country Music Mayhem) Ben & I discuss George's arrest record, including the time he got a DUI on a lawnmower and this one time, when he flushed $2,500 down the toilet for fun! Ben details a method on dealing with gofers/groundhogs, we come up with a nickname, Bumper-Deuce and all the Scooby-Doo copycats. Learn all that and more in the Genesis of George Jones! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
Our first PART TWO, Elvis Presley!! This time, we dive into the crazy meeting between Elvis and then President Richard Nixon. Hear about Elvis and his crew, the Memphis Mafia manhunt a guy through an airport, stopping a plane and we detail the Los Angles warrant for Elvis arrest. Ben & I discuss the finer points in the rise of ass-chugging alcohol, the fact that Quigon Jin was the first force ghost in Star Wars history and we try our hardest not to steal quotes from the Canadian sensation television show, Letterkenny. Kick off your blue suede shoes, fry up a mess of peanut-butter and banana sandwiches, sit back and enjoy the Epoch of Elvis Presley, part 2!! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:  
This star was so big we had to split the episode into 2 episodes! As a youth he was described as a loner, hillbilly kid who brought his guitar to school and played it at lunch time. Not the best singer, he was told by his music teacher that he couldn't sing, he also failed an audition for the vocal quartet the SongFellows, for not being able to harmonize and once he was told by Hillbilly Singer, Eddie Bond to stick to truck driving, cause you'll never be a singer. Discovered while making a record for his mama, shortly after he had an opportunity to play the Grand Ole Opry. Unfortunately, he was not well received, but soon after he crushed it on their main competition's TV show: the Louisiana Hayride. We tell you how Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl fought his way through a flock of girls at a gas station to freedom and after getting drafted into the US Army, he got extorted for thousands of dollars while stationed in Germany.  Ben and I stumble upon the Kylie Jenner Lip Gluing Challenge, we talk about the coolness of senior year of high school and the remaking of Back to the Future. Ben will teach you how to spot a South African accent, the proper to deal with extortionists and the difference between a late-life crisis and your buddy secretly becoming an Elvis impersonator. Finally, we beg for your impersonations of us, all that and more right here in Part 1 of the Posey of Elvis Presley! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
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Joseph pivarnik

I tried to listen to this podcast but they started making junior references in the first episode. Clearly a low rent rip off trying to ride the coattails of Crime In Sports

Nov 23rd
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Heidi Mae Stoa Price

so disappointed I really wanted to hear this story but it's really messed up and I can only hear the music super loud or static.😪

Apr 27th
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