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Hello Again, and Welcome to Crime In Music! Every other Wednesday, we'll bring you a true-crime podcast about people in & around the Music Business and their mis-adventures in Law-Breaking! We talk about such things as: #CrimeHistory #MurderMystery #MusicHistory #CrimeStories #MusicLife #MusicBusiness #CrimeInMusic If you like that sort of thing, Check Us Out, Hit Subscribe & Tell a Friend! Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

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Her father was a a lineman for the county who died when she was only 3 years old. She started her showbiz journey as a chorus girl for the local Shriners. He was born the son of a mayor and congressman, but there was a revolution and he and his family had to move to Miami Florida and start again. Now in the US, he started singing and playing his Congo drum. Like a lot of couples, they met at work, hit it off and the rest is television sitcom history. Their show was a mirror of their actual life and the viewing audiences loved it. He was a bandleader and Congo player and she was a house wife who always tried to sneak into the show. She gets called out as a Communist, appears in front of the House Un-Americian Committee and put on an FBI watchlist by McCarthy himself. He pulled a pistol on some folks and got arrested for shooting at their shoes. He’s the man who brought Conga Line Dancing to the US, she’s the largest single filler of time on television, he’ll pull a pistol and more than just her hair was red, it’s the the Ballad of Babalu and I Love Lucy Too! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: Gram: FaceBook: Part of Pantheon Podcasts
In this episode, we'll talk about somebody from the new school, modern music maker, a SoundCloud rapper and he's from the wildest state in the union, Florida! The son of a Haitian immigrant, he was raised in the Golden Acres housing project in Pompano Beach. At a young age he started rapping at a local trap house, after school. He starts fighting and breaking into houses, shortly after he is expelled from school, in the fifth grade. After dropping out of middle school, he breaks into the music game as one of the Brutal Youngnz, he then joins the Kolyons and finally releasing his solo mixtape, Project Baby in December 2013. When Drake posts a video of himself dancing to your song, "Skrt", you know you've made it! Two years into the game, he can't shake his past of youth detention stays and probation. Breaking habits is hard and even more so when you're young and famous. After being arrested numerous times, he ends up in Broward County Jail in Florida, and then he was transported to South Carolina to serve some time there, then back to Florida again, and at some point he ends up at a high security prison in Kentucky where he is today, we'll get there. He's got a string of songs and albums on the Billboard Charts, He's made Instagram Live videos starring himself breaking the law with guns, drugs and his kids. He broke house arrest to walk professional boxer Adrien Broner to the ring. He's a mumble rapper to the highest degree. Sit back, get a snack, there's a lot to unpack when it comes to the fact there's no one like Kodak Black! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook: This show is a part of The Pantheon Podcast Network.
Born in jolly Ole England, he knew what he wanted to do from a young age. After meeting and befriending little Andy Ridgely in middle school, they start a ska band and eventually they land on the idea of a dynamic duo, Wham! Wham becomes an overnight sensation, gaining massive success on the Billboard Charts. Wham becomes the 1st pop music group to tour modern China. He wins video music awards for his music videos that he's not even in. Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook: This Show is a part of Pantheon Podcasts.
Son of a Folk Tuba player and raised in the Baptist church, his life was a rollercoaster between the bible and the blues. At the age of 9, he started preaching sermons at his local church and singing hymns. After hearing a bottleneck guitar playing blues musician, he changed his focus from God and switched it to guitar. At a house folic in Lyon, MS while he was playing his guitar and singing the blues, a gunman busts into the party and started shooting. Like all good musicians, he put down his guitar and pulled out his pistol. After shooting the shooter, once the smoke settled, he got arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison. After an appeal from a local plantation owner, his case is re-examined and he is released after serving 2 years in one of the worst prisons in America. After failing out of the music industry, they found him working in a train station in Rochester, NY and thanks to the folk music revival of the 1960's, he becomes a world wide sensation, With a world tour on the horizon, he'd been out of the game so long he needed to be retaught how to play guitar and who better than guitarist from the Canned Heat, Alan Wilson. From being plucked from obscurity, to thrust into the spotlight, tune in to the musical poetry of the pistol packing purveyor of the popular, it's the King of the Delta Blues, Son House. Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook: This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts.
Son of a major car dealer and raised in mansion with a horse paddock and a pond, listen to the musical history of Bobby Shazam. A child of the 80's, he falls in love with rap and break dancing. He teaches himself the wheels of steel, the 1's & 2's and after meeting Mike Clarke he signs a deal with Jive Records and starts as the opening act for Boogie Down Productions. A regular performer at many of Detroit's East Side house parties, he came up along side other local rappers like; Esham, Insane Clown Posse and Slim Shady himself, Eminem. One thing this white rapper will tell you, he hates being compared to Vanilla Ice and blames Rob Van Winkle for setting his career back a couple of years and making it harder to succeed in the music business. With his metoritc rise to the top, he marries BayWatch beach runner, Pamela Anderson. With the ups come the downs, he gets into a fist fight at the MTV VMA Awards with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, he punched out a strip club DJ in Nashville and has a traditional Atlanta Waffle House Brawl. Baw-wit-the-baw, it's time to get raw, it's the roll of Kid Rock! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook: This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts
Her dad leaves to pursue a career in Jazz banjo, raised by her mom’s mother-in law, truancy sends her to the House of Good Shepard Childs prison and after finally being paroled to her mother. At age 10 she drops out of school to work at her mother's diner. She finds a job running errands in a brothel, where she 1st the hears West End Blues. Her mother leaves her for NYC. Only days after being in reunited with her mother in NYC, she’s sex trafficked at the brothel her mom works at. Luckily, it’s raided by the police, but since sex work is illegal, her and her mom are sent to prison.  After release, she started singing in night clubs in Harlem, New York. She changes her name and dives straight into the NYC Jazz scene. She makes her record debut with Benny Goodman, Riffin’ the Scotch becomes her 1st big hit! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook: This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts
He is a child of Florida, thrust into the spotlight at a young age, this celebrity sibling found massive success with Nickelodeon and Disney, singing and acting to the joy of children and pre-teens around the world. He burst into fame by opening for his brother's band, the Backstreet Boys. As a young man, he dated Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan at the same time! Besides girl problems, he has money problems. His parents mismanaged his earnings so badly, at the time of his 18th birthday, he received only $2 million dollars out of an estimated $200 million dollars he had earned to date and then we briefly discuss the Coogan Law. He files bankruptcy and owes the IRS $1.3 million in back taxes, but in only a year, he pays all of his outstanding debts. Like a young Vanilla Ice, he enjoyed racing motorcycles and stars in the movie Supercross, which is said to be based on his life. He and his family get all real on the reality television show; House of Carters. We breakdown the mysteries of Florida cuisine, why buyings is better than renting and how to be "the acoustic douche at the party." He's never done meth or crack, but he has beat Shaq. It's the magnificent musical minor, the little brother like no other, it's time for the Commiserate Chronicle of Aaron Carter! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook: This show is a proud member of the Pantheon Podcast network.
We talk about the Kid from Gower Gultch, he called every man he met son, it's the King of Western Swing; Spade Cooley! This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts.
The Warbeling Wasteland Known as Woodstock '99.
He was thrust into the limelight at a super young age, acting in tv commercials. He made his break thru as little brother, bass player Danny Partridge in the Partridge Family. He studied karate under the living legend Chuck Norris and he featured those skills on several episodes of the television show CHiPs. He has several black belts and national championships. After drugs took a toll on his bank account, he spent some time living in his car. After a radio interview he was offered gig as a DJ. He boxed for a while. He boxed Barry Williams, TV’s Greg Brady. He boxed music’s own, the Stormin’ Mormon Donny Osmond. He fought to a draw against admitted steroid user from MLB, Jose Canseco and he is undefeated against trans prostitutes. Come on get happy, it the Ballad of bad boy Danny Boom-Boom Bonaduce. Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
He chainsawed his neighbors patio, brought a BB gun onto a plane and he's the only original member of Puddle of Mudd, it's Wes Scantlin! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
She moved around a lot as a child. She was a tomboy and everybody knew she was different. Having never completed high school, she finally got her GED. She ran with a rough crowd of socialites like, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian and Ivanka Trump. A victim of the Bling Ring and Guerrilla artist Banksy, even world famous DJs; deadmau5 and Afrojack all talked mad smack about her and her skills on the 1s & 2s, the wheels of steel. FYI, she is the highest paid DJ in the world, making $374,000 per hour. Seriously tho, her music is on par with the likes of; Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and maybe even Hillary Duff. She's had her share of personal stalkers, coming by way of bicycle, classic Cadillac and plane. She's been busted herself, for DUIs and a purse containing cocaine. That's not your purse? It's not expensive of fashionable enough to be yours? But it has your credit cards and ID in it... It's the Destroyer of Worlds or at least celebrity. The woman who invented being famous for being famous. They call her Ms. Blue Baller. It's time for the personal history of Paris Hilton. Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
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We start in Europe to bring you a uniquely American musical sensation. It all started in Paris, France with successful music producers; Jacques Morali, Henri Belolo (Jack & Hank). Jack knew how to write a catchy tune and Hank was good at business. After a move to New York City to capture the US market, the fellas recorded a couple of Jack's song's with local back-up singer Victor Willis. They had a hit with their song "San Fransisco", but weren't an actual band yet! So in need of some People to populate the Village, Jack and Hank place an ad in the local newspaper which read, "Macho types wanted, MUST dance and have a mustache." After auditioning many different mustachioed men, Jack and Hank had found a roster that they liked and the Village People we're finally formed. There have been approx. 23 Villagers in and out of the Village People over the years, there were some good times and some not so good times. After being on the run for 5 months, for drug & weapon charges and then featured on the tv show America's Most Wanted, the California cops finally apprehend the Village People's cop, Victor Willis. Listen to the origins of the Village People, learn about the legal troubles of their Cop and let us lend some levity to these Disco Legends. He robbed a woman in Reno just to watch her cry, it's Victor Willis and the Village People! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
As a child he lands his own radio show, singing and playing songs on his guitar. Listeners would call in asking for more of the singing kid. As soon as his career starts to take off, the world goes to war. Getting a section 4-F, he grinds out the war at a ship building factory back in the states. After years of trying, he got his big break auditioning for the Grand Ole Opry and then he gets rejected almost immediately. Like most Opry rejected musicians, he ends up as with the likes of Elvis as a member of the popular television show the Louisiana Hayride. After interrupting a record company CEO’s ping-pong match to sing him a song, he’s offered a 6-song contract! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
From a young age, he was a musical prodigy. At the age of 5 he taught himself piano and 14 other instruments. He sang in the church choir like an angel, but burned down his house playing with lighters like a little devil. Raised in the mean streets of Long Island NY. After graduating culinary school, while attending University, he pairs up with a graphic design student named Chuck and together they start a rap group called Public Enemy! At 1st, Rick Rubin, of Def Jam Records, didn’t understand the purpose of a hype man and almost singed Chuck to a solo deal, but you can’t deny a man wearing a wall clock around his neck! After getting busted for scalping baseball tickets and serving his time, he moves back in to his mom’s house and gives rehab a try, for a little while at least. With the reality TV monster calling, he moves to California and switches his career to the small screen. Press Play-Record and get ready to save, its the Flawed Fable of Flavor Flav! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
This man had a dream, a dream where Satan was HIS servant and Giuseppe told that Devil what to do. He even made Beelzebub entertain him, by playing his violin. As the songs will tell you, the Devil plays a pretty good fiddle son, so we’ll give the Devil his due, but Giuseppe Tartini has the 1st Stradivarius ever made and he thinks he’s better than you... Devil! He kidnapped his wife and pissed off her family, an old Sicilian family, wink-wink. Her Uncle was a powerful Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church. The Bishop put a death mark on Tartini. He disguised himself as a monk and fled the country. Taking refuge in Ancona, Italy, this is where he honed his skills on the violin and composed other-worldly concertos, as if plucked straight from the muzak soundtrack of Hell’s elevator. Luckily, Giuseppe was so good at the violin, his reputation spread far and wide and because of this, the “green light” was removed from Giuseppe and he could finally return to his home, with his wife and live the rock star life he so deserved. Tune in for the Tome of Giuseppe Tartini! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: IG: FaceBook:
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Joseph pivarnik

I tried to listen to this podcast but they started making junior references in the first episode. Clearly a low rent rip off trying to ride the coattails of Crime In Sports

Nov 23rd
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Heidi Mae Stoa Price

so disappointed I really wanted to hear this story but it's really messed up and I can only hear the music super loud or static.😪

Apr 27th
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