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Crime and Scandal: True Crime Podcast

Author: Levi Page

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Join journalist Levi Page and guests as they take a deep look at scandalous true crime stories and captivating real life mysteries. "Crime and Scandal" spotlights high profile crimes that have dominated the headlines, cases where the victim is forgotten and the media has moved onto the next big story and even the lesser known cases that need a spotlight shined on them. If you are interested in shocking criminal trials, cold cases, mysterious disappearances and real murder mysteries, this is the podcast for you! If you would like to contribute to Crime and Scandal, go to
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Levi Page reports on the shooting of an unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin and the arrest of a neighborhood watchman that claims he killed the teen in self defense. Support Crime and Scandal at: Sponsors for this episode:BEST FIENDS Code: Levi50
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Investigative Reporter and author of "Be Careful Who You Love" Diane Dimond joins Levi Page to discuss the disturbing allegations leveled against Michael Jackson in the stunning HBO documentary "Leaving Neverland." Was Michael Jackson a pedophile that preyed on young boys?Buy Diane's book on the Jackson case at: to "Crime and Scandal" at
Tricia Griffith from joins Levi Page to discuss the latest in the Kelsey Berreth murder case. If you would like to contribute to the podcast go to
Levi updates listeners on the latest in the Tara Grinstead murder case and journalist Jessica Noll, of Atlanta's NBC affiliate WXIA "11 Alive", joins "Crime and Scandal" to discuss two famous unsolved mysteries from Atlanta. The disappearance of Mary Shotwell Little and the murder of Diane Shields. Listen to 5 Roses at:
Crime Scene Investigator Sheryl McCollum joins Levi Page to discuss the manhunt for the man accused of burning Tara Grinstead's body after his friend killed her. Bo Dukes was out on bond awaiting trial and is now alleged to have raped two women at gunpoint and to have held them hostage in his home. A warrant has been issued for his arrest!
Comments (19)

Cindy Jensen

since your broadcast Steven Powell has died

Apr 16th

Leslie Horn

I reaaaallllly tried listening to this podcast but the bias is hard to listen to. I'm not saying these parents are innocent but he isn't even able to therorize other possibilities.

Apr 16th

Cindy Jensen

I really think Misty didn't want to watch her so I think she drugged her so she and her lover could party without a child in the way, I think Hailey was so drugged that she stopped breathing and died

Apr 16th

Gavin Gibson


Mar 31st

Gail Biondo

Pat Brown, damn woman let the host at least get a word in. She kept talking over him and cutting him off every time he spoke jeeesh

Mar 16th

Becky Williams

4th episode of Hailey's story you really are going to say having a fascination with guns is somehow associated with being a deviant?! Good hell!

Jan 18th

John Tarpley

Very good update. thanks!

Jan 5th

Cindy Currie

horrific sound quality

Dec 27th

Bidyapati Acharya

I'm going there iol

Nov 5th

Alma Perez

Paranormal stories

Oct 1st


why is the sound so bad. this is my first listen and it sounds like an 80's talk radio sports the info but hoping that the sound is better in other episodes.

Sep 21st

steven chambers

on the Rachel Deltando you're nothing but a judgemental prick. how dare you, without a shred of evidence imply that she was "messing " with a 17 year old. I hang out with my boyfriends younger siblings. and how dumb does one have to be to not know that you dont have to be having sex for car windows to fog up. the "websleuth" woman is nothing more than a wannabe detective that obvious has not one shred of sense. you are disgusting. your ignorance is very saddening. and for God sakes get more practice interviewing people, you suck.

Sep 11th

Pamela Griffin

(Martha Moxley) Great episode!

Aug 1st


How much attention to detail could there be, if you can't even spell Walkens name correctly or Robert Wagner?

Jul 29th

John Tarpley

The Dermond podcast was outstanding. I live in Georgia and zi have followed the case closely. Many people here are critical of Sheriff Sill's refusal to use the resources of the GBI.

Jul 28th

Lisa Oneal

I'm so happy I found this podcast...I love Levi Page

Jul 5th

Kathy Ferry-Pawlowski

love this podcast

Jun 15th

Albert F Sionni

Levi Page is my favorite jounalist great podcast

Jun 12th

Shaunalynn Schonder

You should research the victimology of sexual abuse victims. your implication that Misty would not have anything to do with the person who abused them shows a serious lack of understanding and research. As far as the family of Misty - families tend to hide the skeleton of sexual abuse. they don't normally protect the victim. They protect the abuser. You have a very slanted view on this case which makes this less investigation and more conjecture.

Jun 7th
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