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Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — David, furious, his honor offended, pursued bloody revenge—until Abigail stepped in to assuage his wrath, undo the offense, and keep him from sinning. Each of us needs an Abigail in our lives—someone who is both a wall to keep us from proceeding into sin and a peacemaker to help repair our broken relationships; and most of all, to help us do what is right in the sight of God. Text: 1 Samuel 25
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — David, pursued by King Saul, had a chance to kill the king, free himself from the threat of death, and take the throne God had promised him. But he didn't; he merely cut off a piece of the king's robe, and then felt guilty for that act. David provides us with a lesson about trusting in God when we're angry or afraid, waiting for God to do what we need at the right time and in the right way.  Texts: Psalm 57, 1 Samuel 24
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — There were surely many Israelite warriors mightier and better-trained than David when Goliath appeared and threatened Israel—but none had more faith! The story of David and Goliath calls us to ask ourselves, "Will I, like David, put my faith in God today?"  Text: 1 Samuel 17
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Like ancient Israel, Jesus experienced an "exodus": God gave him escape from the power of sin and death. By his death and resurrection, Jesus offers us an "exodus" too, setting us free from sin and the fear of God's judgment and leading us to the promised land of life in God's kingdom.  Texts: Luke 9:28-36 and selections from Luke 23-24
Sunday Sermon by Jim Mendenhall, Summit View Church of Christ — Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, so he climbed up a sycamore tree to spot him over the crowd. Like Zacchaeus, if we will seek the Lord, God will let us find him.  Texts: Matthew 7:7, Luke 19:1-10
Sunday Sermon by Jim Mendenhall, Summit View Church of Christ — Guest lesson on the importance of keeping a spiritual focus as we follow Jesus. Text: Matthew 16:1-12
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — In his final address to Israel, Joshua challenged Israel to choose whom they would serve: the Lord or some other gods. But then he warned them not to serve the Lord! Why? Because the commitment to serve God is a demanding commitment. The apostle Paul similarly calls Christians to a high level of commitment to God, giving up whatever sins we must put to death in order to follow Jesus. Texts: selections from Joshua 24:1-28, Colossians 3:1-17
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — When Joshua asked the strange man with his sword drawn, "Are you for us or for our enemies?" the answer was, "No." Is God on our side or our enemies' side? That's the wrong question. The better question is, Are we on God's side? Text: selections from Joshua 2 & 5-6
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — In Deuteronomy, Moses' final addresses to Israel, he calls Israel to love God with all their heart, soul, and strength, and to obey God's commands because they love him. We love God, too, and out of love for him who has been so generous to us we obey him, remember him, and tell the story of all he has done for us. Text: Deuteronomy 6
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Through a talking donkey, God confronted the hidden motives of Balaam's heart, changing his life that day. To help us keep our motives pure, we all need a talking donkey. Text: Numbers 22
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Of all the twelve spies sent to explore the promised land, only Joshua and Caleb trusted God to lead them into that wonderful but dangerous place successfully. What made them different from the other ten spies? They kept their focus on God, remembering all he had done for Israel. Text: Numbers 13-14
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — The apostle Peter writes that we who follow Jesus are a holy priesthood in service to God. What does it mean to be a priest in God's kingdom? Instructions for Israel's priests in the book of Leviticus give us insight into our holy, priestly calling. Texts: 1 Peter 2:4-12, selections from Leviticus
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — The two most profound, defining moments of Israel's early history—at the water and the mountain—point us to our two most profound, defining moments as followers of Jesus...for we, too, share in the water and the mountain. Text: Exodus 14:5-31 & 20:1-21, Hebrews 12:18-25
Sunday Sermon by Jim Mendenhall — In this time of difficulty, we need to know God: the God who forgave Israel, the God who is far greater than all idols, the God who comforts us, the God who gives us strength. Text: Isaiah 40
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — God spoke to Moses at the burning bush and sent him to lead Israel out of slavery in Egypt. But Moses didn't want to go! God sent him anyway, and gave him a promise that encourages us, too, when God sends us to do his work: God would be with him. Text: Exodus 3:1 to 4:17
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Joseph's reconciliation with his brothers was not easy. But God always works to bring people back together, and his people do the same. So Joseph forgave his brothers and worked out a clever plan to find out if their hearts had changed so that he could indeed be reconciled to them. Text: selections from Genesis 42-45
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Whatever Joseph did, it seemed to be answered with unjust suffering. He obeyed his father and was betrayed by his family. He served and honored his master well and resisted temptation, and was thrown into prison for it. Sometimes it seems like "no good deed goes unpunished." But God was with Joseph, and he is with us—and will lift us up in due time—when we suffer for doing good. Text: selections from Genesis 37-41 and 1 Peter
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Abraham (Abram) and Sarah (Sarai) were people of great faith—eventually. Like us, they had to grow in faith. Sometimes, at first, their faith was wobbly. Yet in time they came to trust God completely. We do well to grow in faith as they did. Text: selections from Genesis 12-22
Sunday Sermon by Jim Mendenhall — There is a great mystery in prayer. As we ask, God gives us wisdom. He helps us understand his ways. And he sometimes says "No" to our requests. But in every situation, as we pray, God gives us his peace and helps us. Texts: Proverbs 2:1-8, Habakkuk 1-2, 2 Corinthians 12:1-10
Sunday Sermon by Kevin Jensen — Sometimes it's scary when God calls us to join him in his glorious and meaningful work in the world. It was certainly scary for an older man, a young woman, and a group of guys at work when God called them to share in his work and joy of bringing Jesus into the world. But angels told them, "Do not be afraid"—and they worked through their fear and shared in one of God's most glorious accomplishments. Text: selections from Luke 1-2
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