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Nalin Chuapetcharasopon from the popular Crush Crowdfunding Blog reveals actionable tips, hacks and insights to launch your crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to get fully funded. Discover useful tips for building a tribe of diehard fans before you launch and how to create a successful campaign from start to finish. The podcast gets down to the nitty-gritty details, including how to set an achievable goal, reward pricing strategies, campaign marketing and much more. Nalin has successfully helped entrepreneurs raise more than $13MM on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and is here to help you launch your project to the world. Let’s go out and crush it!
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In today’s episode, Nalin talks about everything that you can do with a Facebook group during pre-launch to build a community feeling and create excitement for your project launching on crowdfunding. Facebook groups are proven ways to engage and get to know people interested in your idea. Don’t miss it! [0:24]: Why do you want a pre-launch Facebook group? Pre-launch is not only for paid promotion but also to build a real community of real people excited about your project. Facebook groups are a great way to do just that.  [3:50]: What questions should you ask? If you set up your group as private, not only will it give it a sense of exclusivity, but it will also be an opportunity to ask important questions to collect data from your audience. [7:25]: Tell people what to expect People want to know what they’ll get from being part of your group. Be explicit and make sure you share content and interact constantly so people know that you’re there. [10:20]: Friends and family  If you want to get the ball rolling, your friends and family are a great asset to increase the engagement when you first start your group. [13:29]: Share benefits and features People don’t buy anything without knowing what it’ll do for them. Make sure to use the group to share all of the benefits and features of your product, and how it can help your audience. [13:41]: Group activities Create scheduled moments where people can do activities together and interact with you and with each other. A Livestream on Fridays, a “share where you’re working from” post on Wednesdays, or a “what game are you playing right now” Thursdays. Anything that speaks to your audience and makes them want to engage. Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review
In today’s episode, Nalin talks about all things advertisements! She goes over what kind of ads you can do, how to do them in the most effective way for your project, and so much more. Marketing works when it's the right message to the right people at the right time in the right channel - advertisements can help achieve this today we’re going to tell you how.  [0:52]: Why Are Ads Important? You have probably heard Nalin say that your audience is one of the most important parts of your campaign. Well, ads are a huge part of this that you just can’t miss out on.   [2:57]: What Does It Mean To Do A/B Testing For Ads? A/B testing is very important for your product and advertisements, but there is a right and wrong way to do it as well as a right time and a wrong time to do it. [7:17]: The Importance of “Cost Per Lead”  What is the cost per lead and how does it relate to your advertisements? Here is a hint: your email list may play a role. [9:03]: Ad-Fatigue  What it is. What it does. How to avoid it. [10:29]: The Danger of Having Only One Audience  Often times we don’t know which audience is going to work when we start launching a project. However, that doesn’t mean you need to target everyone. Here is how to narrow down how to target the right audience for your project. [13:41]: Landing Pages For Each Audience  Don’t do it!! People like to have different landing pages for each audience type and we’re here to tell you NOT to do that!  Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review
Nalin gets an abundance of crowdfunding questions all the time. In this episode, she goes through some of the most commonly asked questions and answers them. If you’re someone in the crowdfunding space or just getting started, these questions are sure to have crossed your mind at some point and if they haven’t yet, they probably will in the future. No matter where you are in your crowdfunding journey, you’re going to want to take a listen! [1:18]: #1: How Do I Market My Project? Marketing is all about attention. You should be making sure that your product has that attention and from the right people. Let’s discuss who to get attention from, where to go to get the attention, and how to go about getting it. [7:11]: Paying For Attention Sometimes you have to pay for people to notice you and that’s not “wrong.” So many companies do it and maybe you should too. [9:32]: Earning Attention The best way to earn attention is through organic marketing and relationship building. It takes time and there is a right way to do it. Make sure you’re doing it correctly! [13:57]: #2: How Do You Get Your Community? Your community is like an upside down triangle. It’s those people at the bottom who you want to foster and care for. However, you will, inevitably, lose people along the way. Don’t panic. That’s normal. [19:23]: #3: Does This Actually Work Or Am I Wasting My Time? Does crowdfunding really work? If you are having this thought, stop what you’re doing and listen to this right now. Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review  
Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the task of getting people to back your project or idea? If so, you’re not alone and there is probably a very clear answer to solving your problems. In this episode, Nalin explains the importance of goal setting early on and how to do it so that you aren’t feeling overwhelmed and lost mid-way through your campaign.  [0:40]: Feeling The Frustration of Marketing  Do you ever get bogged down with the overwhelming to-dos of marketing? Do you feel like it will never end? There is typically one major thing people are doing wrong if they’re feeling this way. [2:36]: What To Do When You’ve Veered Off Your Path  If you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s probably because you veered off your path. Here’s how to get back on track!  [4:52]: Where Every Crowdfunder Should Start  No matter what you are creating, there is one simple first step that every single entrepreneur should take. It’s not hard and incredibly important.  [6:10]: How To Figure Out How Many People You Need To Back You For Success  Believe it or not, there is a very easy way to figure out exactly how many people you need to back your project for success. [7:54]: How Utilizing Friends and Family Helps Your Ultimate Backer Number  Chances are you have more people in your corner than you think. Use them! [10:34]: The Main Take-Away And Actionable Steps To Take Today  How to take tangible steps to guarantee crowdfunding success.  Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:  
You have probably heard of a landing page, but do you truly know the in’s and out’s of it and how it relates to your crowdfunding success? In this episode, Nalin goes over what a landing page is, how to properly build one, what should be on it, and how to make it impactful for your launch and your product.  [1:07]: How Impactful Can A Landing Page Actually Be? Let’s just say a company Nalin worked with raised $25,000 in the first 10 minutes of their project going live and we’re not saying it was all because of a landing page but...we’re not it wasn’t either.  [2:36]: How To “Permission Build” You have to ask permission to your potential buyers but once you’ve done so the floodgates are open and you just may guarantee yourself an future buyer. [4:23]: What Is A Landing Page? For people to buy into a product that isn’t even made yet takes a lot of risk. Your landing page is extremely influential in lowering that barrier to entry for your potential buyers. [7:20]: How To Build A Landing Page Here are four things you can do today to start launching a successful landing page. [9:30]: What Should Be On A Landing Page A lot of people don’t know what should actually go on a landing page to actually get people to convert. We tell you what you need to know. [12:06]: The Importance Of A “Hero Section” On Your Landing Page Most people don’t scroll all the way down a landing page which is why this “hero section” is so critical. [19:46]: The Influence Of Mobile Devices And How That Impacts Your Landing Page Most people make this one mistake when it comes to thier landing pages. Thinking about the differences of the landing page on a desktop versus a mobile device is something that’s pretty important.  Relevant Resources:   Crush Crowdfunding Starter Kit Crush Crowdfunding Swipe File  Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review
Absolutely no one does crowdfunding alone. There are usually many people behind the scenes that help make a project come to fruition. In this episode, Nalin goes in-depth on two types of “teammates” that could assist you in your crowdfunding journey: an agency or a consultant. You will learn the benefits of both and the essential questions to ask to find out which one would be best for you and your project. [1:10]: The Number One Thing To Stay Away From When Starting To Crowdfund  Chances are you’ve been reached out to and told this line. Don’t fall for it!!  [4:08]: The Pre-Launch  There are a few options for pre-launch. You can go at it alone or you can get help. Let’s explore all those options. [5:34]: The First Question To Ask An Agency For Crowdfunding Help  This is the number one question you need to be asking if you plan to go down the agency route. It will save you a lot of potentially wasted time by asking this one simple question.  [7:23]: The Second Question To Ask An Agency For Crowdfunding Help   There are two different types of people in the crowdfunding world. Luckily, there are also two different types of agencies. You should know what kind you need to best suit your needs and set you up for success. [10:00]: No One Does This Alone No one does this alone. Even the companies that make millions have a ton of people behind them. You shouldn’t be doing this alone. You should have help. [12:49]: The Basic Rule Of Thumb That’s Tried And True  The basic rule of thumb is quite simple but oh so important! It will make or break your experience.  [14:22]: What About If You’re Looking For A Consultant?  There are quite a few questions to ask when looking into a consultant to make sure it’s the right fit for you.  Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:  
Organic marketing has the potential to really be a huge asset in your crowdfunding marketing. In this episode, Nalin explains what organic marketing is and how it relates especially well to Facebook groups. She does this by explaining how organic marketing has worked in her newest business venture and gives you the behind-the-scenes look at what organic marketing can do for you, too. [0:54]: What Is Organic Marketing?  This is a great question. Here we talk about what it is and how you can use it. [2:47]: Organic Marketing and Facebook  How utilizing Facebook can actually be more beneficial for your business than it is for taking up your free time. [4:27]: How Do You Market Without A Budget?  Sure you understand organic marketing and you are full of these grand ideas but what if you don’t have much money to spend initially?  [6:01]: Nalin’s Newest Entrepreneurial Endeavor  Nalin is always up to something. Her newest adventure is not only one we can learn from but also pretty dang cool! [8:24]: How To Do Facebook Right When It Comes To Groups  You may know about Facebook groups, but are you utilizing them the best way possible and in your best interest for your project?  [11:40]: What Does All This Facebook Group Talk Mean For You?  This is can all be applicable for you when launching on crowdfunding. It just depends on what your product is and who your main avatar is for your particular product. [14:57]: What To Start Posting About First  Now that you have the tools and know the importance of Facebook groups - here is what you should post first. Visit the Meeple Marketing Facebook Group: Subscribe to get Crush Crowdfunding Tips:  Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:  
Are you crowdfunding right now? Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Well, you are, whether you like it or not. In this episode, Nalin goes into what it takes to be an entrepreneur. By sharing a current project of her own and the stories of other very famous entrepreneurs, she discusses why it’s so important to trust your gut, be ok with failure, and act on your feelings!    After listening to this episode, you’ll be feeling ready and inspired to go out and crush your crowdfunding! [0:39]: How Crowdfunding Makes You Automatically an Entrepreneur Ever had the thought of “I could never be an entrepreneur?” Well, as it turns out, you may just be one and didn’t know it. [2:10]: Nalin’s Newest Goal/Project As An Entrepreneur  Nalin has been busy with a new project as of late. Here’s what it is! [5:24]: That Funny Feeling You Get When You Know You’re Taking On Too Much Ever know you’re doing too much? Ever not trust what you’re doing? Ever not know where to turn to next? Ever get overwhelmed with how much there is to do that you don’t know how to do? Yeah, us too! [10:14]: The Issue Of Your Ego And How It’s Ruining You Our ego has been shaped by society and we’ve been taught to think of ourselves as “less than.” This is, quite obviously, a huge issue with entrepreneurship.  [11:37]: The Curse of Entrepreneurship  The curse that affects us all at some point of our entrepreneurial journey. We can’t escape it. It’s inevitable BUT we must do everything in our power to push against it. [17:38]: Some Of The Biggest Names In Society And Their Failures Ever heard of Elong Musk? Jeff Besos? Tony Ma? Guess what? They failed and they failed BIG.   [18:36]: What To Do When You Fail There is no doubt you will fail. Here’s what to take from your failures. Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:  
Are you just starting your crowdfunding journey? Are you overwhelmed with the amount of information out there? If so, you’re not the only one. It turns out that many people in the crowdfunding world feel this way.    In today’s episode, Nalin helps break down how not to be so overwhelmed when beginning your crowdfunding campaign. She will tell you exactly what to look for and what to do to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed and can start getting the answers you want and need. [0:39]: The Big Question Nalin Received At 2 AM That Sparked This Podcast It’s a question that all people have when starting out during their launch. Could you have it too? [4:53]: Figure Out Who You Want To Follow  It’s important to figure out who you want to listen to your mind as you continually work through your launch. It just might save you from feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there. [7:19]: Everyone Has Potential To Up-Level  You can up-level and have guaranteed success if you only do this ONE key thing. [11:53]: Grand Picture Tasks Defining your goal, finding your audience, lead magnets… All these and more are critical. Let’s talk about what you need to do about them.  [12:47]: Fill In The Gaps  What are the gaps that need filling and how can you fill them? Let’s talk assets. [16:01]: What To Do after following people, figuring out your grand picture tasks, and filling in the gaps - what’s next? What do you do? We’ll tell you - you DO IT! [17:22]: What Nalin Learned From Being Let-go  The famous saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is true. Learn how Nalin’s experience of being let-go has actually catapulted her knowledge and helped get her to where she is today. Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:  
You have, most likely, heard of the importance of email as a driving force behind funding. While that is incredibly true, that’s not all there is. In today’s episode, Nalin discusses the importance of social media and how you can use it to cultivate different aspects of your brand, company, and product.     Main Takeaways   [1:32]: The Different Channels of Social Media Every platform is different. You need to understand this to know what will work best for your product. [4:28]: Not Every Platform Will Work For Your Brand Each platform has its own agenda and can be quite different. Also, you may just not like using one platform. That’s ok! There are ways to work around it.  [7:24]: Impact of a Reach Social Media  Your reach on social media is one of the most impactful aspects of social. Let’s talk about what it is, how you can utilize it, and why it’s so important. [8:57]: The Influence of the Hashtag Did you know that you can utilize hashtags to generate more reach? By using them in the right way you can make sure your product is automatically getting categorized with similar products to ensure the right types of people are seeing you. [11:34]: Relationship Building Via Social Media One of the most important aspects of launching a product is relationships. What if we said that social media is one of the best ways to do that? With relationships comes trust and with trust comes backers.  [15:54]: How Social Media Can Help So, just how can social media help you? What is the point of it all and what will you get out of it? [17:48]: The Benefits And Importance Of A Call To Action (CTA) Sometimes people just need to be told what to do. Let’s discuss what to tell them.   Resources From This Episode   “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk “Indistractable” by Nir Eyal Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review 
Ever wonder how to make content that your backers are sure to love? In this episode, Nalin goes over the most effective ways to create engaging content during the pre-launch phase. The good news is that there is not just one right way to do it. In fact, there are quite a lot. There are so many different ways to repurpose what you do depending on what you're comfortable with. After listening to this episode you are sure to walk away with a plan that will work best for you and your project. Main Takeaways   [0:40]: The Most Common Content Question  Most creators have, in general, this one common question when it comes to content creation for pre-launch. [2:29]: Content Idea #1: You Working On Your Project Actions speak louder than words so show them your actions. Here are a few examples of what you could show... [4:50]: Content Idea #2: Blogging  Writing out your day-to-day, ideas, or creation process is a great way to let people know and trust you and your process. However, if blogging isn’t your thing, we have lots of other options for you that are just as great. [11:24]: Why Telling The Ugly Truth Will Get You Better Backers Of course, we want to show all the happy things, however, maybe showing the ugly side of things and those really bad days are what people want. [12:35]: Content Idea #3: Testimonials People are herd animals. They are relationally minded herd animals which could work well in your favor if you get them saying the right things. [14:31]: Content Idea #4: Press Content People will want to hear your story. It’s up to you to get it out there! Here is how to do that... [16:55]: What To Expect When You Start Releasing Content If you follow all or some of these rules, here is what you can expect to have happened.   Resources From This Episode   Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review 
In today’s episode, Nalin discusses the differences between a pre-launch page and a landing page. There are not only different ways you can build a landing page, but there are also different types of pages you need to know about for your crowdfunding campaign. We go in-depth on the landing page, pre-launch page, and all the tools and tips you need for each. With this knowledge, your campaign is sure to be a success.     Main Takeaways   [1:38]: The Importance Of A Landing Page  You’ve probably heard of a “landing page” and a “pre-launch page,” but what is the difference? Is one better than the other? [3:12]: The Landing Page What you need to know about it, the platforms that could assist you in it, and what it means for your launch. [4:55]: All The Tools You Could Use To Build Your Landing Page  The good news is you don’t have to go into a landing page blind. There are so many tools out there to help you along the process. We give you a solid five options off the top of our head. [7:04]: The Benefits of Indiegogo Indiegogo is doing the most to assist you in your landing pages. Here is what you need to know about what Indiegogo’s landing pages can do for you and your campaign. [11:37]: Kickstarter What you think of like a landing page on Kickstarter - they call it something completely different and don’t actually treat it like a landing page. Here is what you need to know. [14:30]: The Main Goal For Pre-Launch There is an unfortunate truth about pre-launch that you need to know and we are going to break it all down for you. [17:21]: Why This Is All SO Important The whole reason Nalin took an entire podcast to discuss a landing page and what you need to take away from it.  [21:08]: Recap We discussed a lot, here’s a brief reminder of the main points.   Resources From This Episode   Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review 
Have you heard the saying “work smarter not harder?” Well, that is exactly what Nalin is going to teach you in regards to crowdfunding in this episode.    From page structure to landing page to fulfilling your product for your backers - learn the most important tips and tricks for how to evaluate others in your industry to ensure maximum success for your project or product.   [1:56]: How The Coke v. Pepsi Debate Relates To Your Crowdfunding  If someone else is doing something that works...shouldn’t you do the same? [7:38]: The Importance of Page Structure How are others laying their page our and building their campaigns? What can you do with this information? [9:24]: Benefits of Rewards  What more are my competitors giving that will put them ahead in the market?  [11:31]: A Landing Page The benefits of a good landing page and what you should do to yours for maximum funding. [18:06: How Are You Going To Actually Fulfill Your Orders To Backers? After all the marketing, networking, creating, and building you have to actually get the product to people. That can be as intimidating as the other parts of the process. Here is what you need to know.  [21:45]: Big Picture: How Not To Reinvent The Wheel So what exactly do you need to know as not to waste your time reinventing the wheel? Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:  
Is crowdfunding really for you? Entrepreneurs have many options on how they can launch their projects to the world, and crowdfunding certainly is a popular one. But it’s definitely not for everyone. You’ll need a special set of skills and mindset in order to be successful in this world. Backers are very passionate people, and you’ll need to be just as passionate and confident in your idea to make it happen. Check out what else can you do to know if crowdfunding is the path for you. Main Takeaways   [2:30]: Be interested in the process, not only in the final goal  Crowdfunding is very personal. You’ll need to be invested in the process and want to know the people who will be your backers. If you’re not invested, the people helping you with it, won’t be either. [7:05]: If you’re not passionate about crowdfunding, don’t do it If talking to your fans, creating communities and rallying people are not things that excite you, then you need to find other way of launching.  [8:31]: Agencies and Coaches are different things A lot of entrepreneurs don’t know that crowdfunding is hard work. When perhaps an agency will do everything for you, a coach is willing to work with you, not for you, and you must put in the work.  [11:30]: Creators are passionate Successful crowdfunding creators are people who believe in their project and sacrifice different things to make their project come true. [13:02]: Creators who understand backers, where backers once To start understanding crowdfunding, is a good idea to be a backer for someone else. Understanding the mindset of the backer, the passion and the anticipation. [15:05]: Research research research Have you read about crowdfunding? Do you know what community building is? Do you know what everyone else has done?  [17:30]: You need a certain mindset You want to prepare yourself for the mindset you’ll need to succeed. Is it right for you? Resources From This Episode   Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review 
Picture this - your campaign is live and it is going pretty well, but it’s not quite fully funded. It’s in these moments that you can start to panic and look for any and all ways to grab people’s attention. In this episode, Nalin discusses proactive things you can do to get to the finish line. She breaks down those myths of algorithms and paid ads; how those tools are helpful but how important it is not to rely on them too much. Main Takeaways   [5:41]: The BIG QUESTION  Does this work? Is it legit? [7:03]: Legitimacy Do these companies have lists of people who fit the profile of a backer or who have backed other campaigns before? Yes! But this does not necessarily translate to them automatically backing your campaign. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. [14.48]: What are Super Backers? These legitimate agencies have created a following of enthusiast backers or super backers. People who have supported dozens of campaigns. For these backers to support your campaign, you need to be prepared, doing well and funded early on. [16:08]: Super Backers trust their platforms Legitimate promotion platforms will endorse good, reliable and successful campaigns in front of their following of backers.  [17:02]: People are social beings You want to understand the psychological effect of crowdfunding. People want to fund campaigns that are prepared. [18:15]: Not every promotional channel will fit every offer And not every offer will fit every promotional channel. If you’re launching a gadget, you won’t be featured in a board game platform.  [20:21]: How to make promotional channels work?  Bringing your own successes first. These platforms are multipliers of your effort. Resources From This Episode   Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review   
If Nalin has said it once, she’s said it one hundred times - when it comes to crowdfunding your audience is KEY! In this episode, Nalin sets aside time to go in-depth as to why your audience is so critical to your success and shares clear guidelines on how to strategize building a crowd and getting that ideal audience to back your projects.   Main Takeaways   [2:05]: The BIG QUESTION  This is the biggest question across all industries when it comes to crowdfunding. [3:24]: Audience Building Let's talk about getting people who are going to love your product and love what you do because - isn’t that ultimately what we want!? [7:13]: How Do I Build My Audience & Who Are They? Who wants your product? Who loves your product? Who will be willing to pay? We can’t stress enough how important it is to find your audience.  [9:21]: Nalin’s Recommendation Of What To Do First Before  What it is what you should be writing down about your audience.  [14:30]: Identifying Your Groups There are thousands of groups you could get into on online platforms to figure out your audience. Don’t waste your time. Nalin’s tips will save you time and money. [15:43]: Why Facebook Will Be Your Best Asset How to utilize Facebook groups to find the best audience for your product.  [19:45]: The Strategy For Finding Your Audience  If you can figure out and implement this strategy you can go anywhere in the world and find your people.   [21:10]: How You Can Learn From The Mistakes Of A Board Game Designer  How a game designer marketed to the wrong group and what you can take away from his failure to be successful in your crowdfunding.   Resources From This Episode   Nalin’s Website for Board Game Marketing Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review 
AUDRIC SeaBorne 500 M is a rugged and elegant Swiss Made watch. The team built a fanbase of watch enthusiasts to raise $142,775 for their idea. In this episode, I sit down with Akshay Solomon to dive deep into the step-by-step process of creating a product to fill a market gap, building a crowd, leveraging influencers, and the importance of a killer crowdfunding video. Links From The Episode: - Crowdfunding Resources - Crush Crowdfunding Blog Book - AUDRIC Kickstarter Campaign
The Alpha Series jacket from Graphene-X is an all-around graphene-based 3-layer jacket. In their first foray into crowdfunding, the team behind Graphene-X created a much-needed product and found a passionate audience to raise $466,659. In this episode, I had the opportunity to chat with Jorge Barros who is one of the Co-Founders of Graphene-X. We sit down to discuss diving into the unknown of creating a new product, partnering with experts, and the importance of open and authentic communication with your audience. Links From The Episode: - Crowdfunding Resources - Crush Crowdfunding Blog Book - Graphene-X Campaign
If you’ve ever done crowdfunding for a project you may know what we talk about when we say the “crowdfunding valley of death.” For those of you who are in the pre-launch or in the middle of your crowdfunding- you will, inevitably, experience this “valley of death.” It’s inescapable and so very normal!    There is always that lull after the initial launch where not much is happening and it is very easy to get down or discouraged because of it. However, Nalin believes that there is so much good to be done during this phase. Instead of freaking out, you just need to look at this particular time with a new set of glasses.   In this episode, Nalin gives you those new glasses as well as the tools you need to best utilize your time in the “valley of death.” [0:42]: The Crowdfunding Valley of Death  It’s what every entrepreneur, creator, and project will go through during their crowdfunding so let’s talk about what it is and how you can best utilize it. [4:02]: Cycles Cycles. Ebbs and flows. Ups and downs. Every company, niche, and project has them.  [7:39]: Have A Marketing Plan Bigger Than Launch Day  It’s not enough to have marketing plans for day one. Let’s talk about what that full plan looks like and how to implement it. [9:10]: Reach Out To New Potential Users Who better to tell you about your product then previous backers? They hold the key to a lot of your potential future success. [13:30]: Have Additional Marketing Content At The Ready Don’t leave people hanging. Let them know what their money is being spent on.  [16:30]: Getting The Second Yes It’s a lot easier to get people who have said “yes” once to do it again.  [18:55]: Introduce Stretch Goals To take your product to the next level you can utilize this idle time and your current backers to create something even more exciting. Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:  
MANNKITCHEN MK9 is a large chef knife. In this episode, I had the opportunity to chat with Cleve Oines. He started on his crowdfunding journey the same way others have started - with a strong passion for a product, a burning drive to get it into the hands of people around the world, and an enthusiasm for how crowdfunding can help. We talk about the importance of building a product that solves problems, launching when you’re ready, dealing with internet trolls, and putting together a campaign on a shoestring budget. Links From The Episode: - Crowdfunding Resources - Crush Crowdfunding Blog Book - MANNKITCHEN Kickstarter Campaign
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