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Nalin Chuapetcharasopon from the popular Crush Crowdfunding Blog reveals actionable tips, hacks and insights to launch your crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to get fully funded. Discover useful tips for building a tribe of diehard fans before you launch and how to create a successful campaign from start to finish. The podcast gets down to the nitty-gritty details, including how to set an achievable goal, reward pricing strategies, campaign marketing and much more. Nalin has successfully helped entrepreneurs raise more than $13MM on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and is here to help you launch your project to the world. Let’s go out and crush it!
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Picture this - your campaign is live and it is going pretty well, but it’s not quite fully funded. It’s in these moments that you can start to panic and look for any and all ways to grab people’s attention. In this episode, Nalin discusses proactive things you can do to get to the finish line. She breaks down those myths of algorithms and paid ads; how those tools are helpful but how important it is not to rely on them too much. Main Takeaways   [5:41]: The BIG QUESTION  Does this work? Is it legit? [7:03]: Legitimacy Do these companies have lists of people who fit the profile of a backer or who have backed other campaigns before? Yes! But this does not necessarily translate to them automatically backing your campaign. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. [14.48]: What are Super Backers? These legitimate agencies have created a following of enthusiast backers or super backers. People who have supported dozens of campaigns. For these backers to support your campaign, you need to be prepared, doing well and funded early on. [16:08]: Super Backers trust their platforms Legitimate promotion platforms will endorse good, reliable and successful campaigns in front of their following of backers.  [17:02]: People are social beings You want to understand the psychological effect of crowdfunding. People want to fund campaigns that are prepared. [18:15]: Not every promotional channel will fit every offer And not every offer will fit every promotional channel. If you’re launching a gadget, you won’t be featured in a board game platform.  [20:21]: How to make promotional channels work?  Bringing your own successes first. These platforms are multipliers of your effort. Resources From This Episode   Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review   
If Nalin has said it once, she’s said it one hundred times - when it comes to crowdfunding your audience is KEY! In this episode, Nalin sets aside time to go in-depth as to why your audience is so critical to your success and shares clear guidelines on how to strategize building a crowd and getting that ideal audience to back your projects.   Main Takeaways   [2:05]: The BIG QUESTION  This is the biggest question across all industries when it comes to crowdfunding. [3:24]: Audience Building Let's talk about getting people who are going to love your product and love what you do because - isn’t that ultimately what we want!? [7:13]: How Do I Build My Audience & Who Are They? Who wants your product? Who loves your product? Who will be willing to pay? We can’t stress enough how important it is to find your audience.  [9:21]: Nalin’s Recommendation Of What To Do First Before  What it is what you should be writing down about your audience.  [14:30]: Identifying Your Groups There are thousands of groups you could get into on online platforms to figure out your audience. Don’t waste your time. Nalin’s tips will save you time and money. [15:43]: Why Facebook Will Be Your Best Asset How to utilize Facebook groups to find the best audience for your product.  [19:45]: The Strategy For Finding Your Audience  If you can figure out and implement this strategy you can go anywhere in the world and find your people.   [21:10]: How You Can Learn From The Mistakes Of A Board Game Designer  How a game designer marketed to the wrong group and what you can take away from his failure to be successful in your crowdfunding.   Resources From This Episode   Nalin’s Website for Board Game Marketing Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review 
AUDRIC SeaBorne 500 M is a rugged and elegant Swiss Made watch. The team built a fanbase of watch enthusiasts to raise $142,775 for their idea. In this episode, I sit down with Akshay Solomon to dive deep into the step-by-step process of creating a product to fill a market gap, building a crowd, leveraging influencers, and the importance of a killer crowdfunding video. Links From The Episode: - Crowdfunding Resources - Crush Crowdfunding Blog Book - AUDRIC Kickstarter Campaign
The Alpha Series jacket from Graphene-X is an all-around graphene-based 3-layer jacket. In their first foray into crowdfunding, the team behind Graphene-X created a much-needed product and found a passionate audience to raise $466,659. In this episode, I had the opportunity to chat with Jorge Barros who is one of the Co-Founders of Graphene-X. We sit down to discuss diving into the unknown of creating a new product, partnering with experts, and the importance of open and authentic communication with your audience. Links From The Episode: - Crowdfunding Resources - Crush Crowdfunding Blog Book - Graphene-X Campaign
If you’ve ever done crowdfunding for a project you may know what we talk about when we say the “crowdfunding valley of death.” For those of you who are in the pre-launch or in the middle of your crowdfunding- you will, inevitably, experience this “valley of death.” It’s inescapable and so very normal!    There is always that lull after the initial launch where not much is happening and it is very easy to get down or discouraged because of it. However, Nalin believes that there is so much good to be done during this phase. Instead of freaking out, you just need to look at this particular time with a new set of glasses.   In this episode, Nalin gives you those new glasses as well as the tools you need to best utilize your time in the “valley of death.” [0:42]: The Crowdfunding Valley of Death  It’s what every entrepreneur, creator, and project will go through during their crowdfunding so let’s talk about what it is and how you can best utilize it. [4:02]: Cycles Cycles. Ebbs and flows. Ups and downs. Every company, niche, and project has them.  [7:39]: Have A Marketing Plan Bigger Than Launch Day  It’s not enough to have marketing plans for day one. Let’s talk about what that full plan looks like and how to implement it. [9:10]: Reach Out To New Potential Users Who better to tell you about your product then previous backers? They hold the key to a lot of your potential future success. [13:30]: Have Additional Marketing Content At The Ready Don’t leave people hanging. Let them know what their money is being spent on.  [16:30]: Getting The Second Yes It’s a lot easier to get people who have said “yes” once to do it again.  [18:55]: Introduce Stretch Goals To take your product to the next level you can utilize this idle time and your current backers to create something even more exciting. Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:  
MANNKITCHEN MK9 is a large chef knife. In this episode, I had the opportunity to chat with Cleve Oines. He started on his crowdfunding journey the same way others have started - with a strong passion for a product, a burning drive to get it into the hands of people around the world, and an enthusiasm for how crowdfunding can help. We talk about the importance of building a product that solves problems, launching when you’re ready, dealing with internet trolls, and putting together a campaign on a shoestring budget. Links From The Episode: - Crowdfunding Resources - Crush Crowdfunding Blog Book - MANNKITCHEN Kickstarter Campaign
Gino is a personal air sanitizer. The team behind Gino rallied their connections and supporters to raise $69,093 for their idea. In this episode, I sit down with Caleb Storkey to talk about how a B2B business can use crowdfunding to break into B2C, quickly pivoting when things go wrong, methods to build an engaged fanbase for launch, and using Kickstarter to drum up hype for post-campaign successes. Links From The Episode: - Crowdfunding Resources - Crush Crowdfunding Blog Book - Gino Kickstarter Campaign ^ link the words here are the links:
Imagine if you could know exactly what does and doesn’t work when it comes to the industry you’re trying to launch your product or project into? Imagine if you could get the inside scoop so you knew exactly what your audience responds positively and negatively to!    Well, lucky for you - you don’t have to imagine it because it’s a true possibility! In this episode, Nalin will tell you about a method called “funnel hacking” and how that will be one of your greatest tools for a successful crowdfunding campaign.   Main Takeaways   [2;31]: What Is Funnel Hacking? Funnel hacking has to do with following those who came before you and an upside-down pyramid. Confused? We’ll break it down for you. [4:36]: Screen Shooting Others Campaigns See an ad that catches your attention? Save it for later so you know what works for promoting your project or product. [7:11]: Fall For The Click Bait Of Other Campaigns   Usually, we try not to fall victim to click-bait but this time we say - click away! [8:52]: Get On Their Email List  The best way to see what people are doing is to literally be apart of their team. By getting on other campaign email lists you are basically getting the first-hand experience on what works and what doesn’t for your own campaign.  [10:25]: Follow Other’s Launch Watch a launch from the very start to the very end. By doing this you will learn more about successful crowdfunding than you ever thought possible. [14:54]: Recap Of Why Following Other’s Leads Is The Best Thing You Can Do As Nalin says - “Success leaves clues.”   Resources From This Episode   Learn More About What Nalin Has To Say About Landing Pages Here Crowdfunding Starter Kit  Kickbooster Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review   
Lounge Wagon is an all-terrain utility wagon. They quickly reached their goal and ended up raising $103,724 for their second campaign. In this episode, I had the opportunity to chat with Phil Kelly who is a second-time Kickstarter creator. We sit down to discuss using crowdfunding as a way to test the market, the iterative process of developing a product, and building the business after crowdfunding. Links From The Episode: - Crowdfunding Resources - Crush Crowdfunding Blog Book - Lounge Wagon Kickstarter Campaign ^ link the words here are the links:
Do you have thousands of followers on various social media channels? Are you relying on those numbers to reassure you that you’ll have enough backers on launch day? Well, guess what!? That’s not entirely true. In fact, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.    Do you know what is actually influential in predicting the success of your campaign? Your email list. That’s right! Email is the number one way that people make decisions when it comes to supporting campaigns. Needless to say, it’s something every entrepreneur should take the time to seriously understand.    In this episode, Nalin focuses on the importance of emails and how you can actually use your emails to achieve your goals with your launch. Main Takeaways   [3:07]: Social Media Is NOT A Sales Channel  Thousands of followers on any social media channel doesn’t necessarily equal backers.  [4:24]: Difference Between Traffic Others Own And Traffic YOU Own The difference between the two is really critical for your launch and for everything else that you do for your product and for building your business in the long run.  [8:47]: Long-Term Effects of Collecting Emails Early On  Imagine the repercussions of having potential backer’s contact information when it comes to launching a new product. [12:06]: Using Email To Get Ambassadors  People buy products from people they know, love, and trust. [12:38]: Using Email To Get Reviews Tap into that readily accessible source to get shearable feedback. [13:35]: Using Email For A Referral Program Rewarding people for sharing your product is sure to have your product take off in no time. [16:03]: Emails Is Cake Just like mining for gold, emails aren’t the easiest to come by.   Resources From This Episode   Episode Two: Social Media Is Not A Sales Channel Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review 
Move is an online supermarket. Within the first day, they doubled their goal and surged upwards to $420,835 from 3,659 backers. In our conversation, we talk about how to find the most attentive fans, the benefits and pitfalls of Kickstarter as a launch platform, and building a business after crowdfunding. Links From The Episode: - Crowdfunding Resources - Crush Crowdfunding Blog Book - Move Kickstarter Campaign
One question Nalin often gets is- “How do you get complete strangers on the internet to back your project and give you money?” To that we say- great question!   It’s one thing to get people who know and love you to back your projects, but getting complete strangers from the internet? That’s a totally different thing altogether. What’s even stranger is that somehow it’s those people who we don’t even know that we want to win over more than those we are closest to.    In this episode, we go over four different reasons why internet strangers will choose to support your campaign. By knowing these four reasons you will be able to set yourself up with a campaign that will have people believing in you as a business and entrepreneur.    Main Takeaways   [0:40]: Why Strangers Are Better Than Family  How is it that we get more satisfaction from complete strangers backing our projects then our own friends and family?  [2:11]: 1- Social Proof How social proof can make someone rationalize why your project isn’t worth their time. [8:31]: 2- Reach Your Goal Early Everyone wants to support a winner. So, let’s talk about what that looks like. [11:16]: 3- Get Badges Of Honor  Visual representations of your trustworthiness and legitimacy will go a long way in your crowdfunding success.  [15:11]: 4- Testimonials Who better to tell you about a product then someone you trust and whose opinion you value!? [16:43]: Recap of 4 Ways To Win Over Those Internet Strangers  Recap of four reasons internet strangers will support your campaign.    Resources From This Episode   Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review 
There are a lot of things people do right when it comes to Crowdfunding. Conversely, there are a lot of things people do wrong. Luckily for you, Nalin has broken down some of the biggest mistakes people have made in the past so that you can go out and crush your crowdfunding campaign with more success in the future.    In this episode you will learn 4 of the most common reasons crowdfunding campaigns fail, as well as, learn how you can avoid them.    And, be sure to check out the blog post that inspired this episode - “10 Ways to Fail at Crowdfunding” to get more insight on what has the potential to hurt your campaign.   Main Takeaways   [1:27]: 1- Making Things Too Complicated  Many people make crowdfunding way too complicated when, in actuality, it’s quite simple. Let’s talk about just how simple it really is. [2:34]: K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid  Although very straightforward at the outset, a lot of entrepreneurs have trouble making sure this actually happens. [3:02]: The 4-Step Sequence Follow this 4 step sequence and you’ll be sure to set yourself up for success. [7:14]: 2- Not Having A Defined Audience  Who wants your product? Who loves your product? Who will be willing to pay? We can’t stress enough how important it is to find your audience.  [8:48]: The Importance of a Niche The issue of saying this is for “everyone.”  [11:45]: 3- Setting Unrealistic Funding Goals Sure you want to make the big bucks but - (1) Do you really need them? And (2) Are you setting yourself up to actually make them?  [16:08]: 4- Having Unattractive Rewards Backers want something valuable in return for spending their time and money to help you bring your project to life. Let’s talk about the impact a good reward can have and how to do it right. [18:09]: Recap of 4 Reasons Your Campaign Could Fail  Recap of four reasons your crowdfunding campaign could fail.    Resources From This Episode   Previous Blog on the 10 Ways to Fail at Crowdfunding Podcast on Knowing Your Audience Crush Crowdfunding Website Connect with Nalin Leave a Review 
Do you ever get so overwhelmed and just want to ask someone for help? If so, that’s actually a good sign. To run a successful business you should be getting lots of help from many different places. As they say - it takes a village. And, a village, indeed, is what it takes to run a business, launch a product, and make an idea come to life! Especially when it comes to crowdfunding.    Did you know that there are actually agencies designed specifically for aiding people in crowdfunding? In this episode, Nalin goes over the positive effects an agency can have on your crowdfunding campaign and three key tips to keep in mind when looking at moving forward to potentially hiring one.    Main Takeaways   [0:40]: The Myth of the Entrepreneur  What is the “myth of the entrepreneur” and how it negatively affects your campaign. [1:08]: It’s OK To Ask For Help Ever feel like asking for help? You’re not alone. [4:01]: So, Why An Agency? Exactly what an agency can do for you and your crowdfunding campaign.  [8:13]: 1- Know The Types Of Projects The Agency Works With  Why being involved with an agency that handles your type of niche/category is pivotal to your agency/crowdfunding success. [11:05]: 2- What Will Communication Look Like In Your Working Relationship? The weight that communication has on the partnership between crowdfunding and an agency and what to look for to ensure it’s the best it can be. [14:27]: 3- What Happens When Goals Aren’t Met? The importance of knowing how an agency responds to goals not being met and the questions to ask to predict it. [18:04]: Recap of 3 Things To Look Into Before Picking An Agency  Recap of the three recommendations to pay attention to when looking for a potential agency to work with. Resources From This Episode   Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:
Sometimes launching a project can feel a bit uncertain. It can feel like you’re throwing your idea against the wall and hoping it sticks. But, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? What if we told you there is actually one aspect of crowdfunding that, after mastering you’ll be able to have a pretty good handle on how things are going to turn out?    Well, lucky for you, Nalin does just that in this week’s episode. The topic: your audience. By knowing the in’s and out’s of who your project was made for, you will be able to crush your crowdfunding campaign and have better success.    Main Takeaways   [0:34]: Encouragement for Those in the Trenches   Why Nalin does what she does.   [2:40]: How Nalin’s Previous Life As A Product Marketing Manager Relates to Crowdfunding Being a project marketing manager at an after-market car solution company taught Nalin some very important crowdfunding lessons that she shares with us all.   [4:22]: What Is “Product Market Fit” Anyway?  Let’s compare a cooking pan and a smart trash can to explain this one.   [8:27]: What Product Does Your Audience Like? You have to know your “why” to know your audience. If you can’t pin down exactly who your audience is - go back to the drawing board of why you created your product in the first place.   [10:22]: The Potatoe Peeler Example How does a potato peeler have anything to do with your audience? A lot actually!    [16:17]: Picking Your Audience Helps You Pick Their Influencers  People trust influencers, reviewers, or anyone who has sway in a certain industry. Knowing your audience will allow you to know who will have more success in selling your product to them for you.   [17:49]: How To Predict People’s Response To Your Product What if you could know how people are going to react to your project before it launches? Well, you can!  Resources From This Episode   Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:
Time plays a HUGE role in everyone’s lives. That means it’s kind of a super important tactic to think about and research before starting a crowdfunding campaign. For example, did you know one day of the week is better to launch than others? Or, that there is actually a prime time to send out your initial launch email? By asking Nalin’s four questions, you will set yourself up for the utmost potential of success in your launch.    If you are about to launch your product this episode is a must-listen in order to know how to pick the perfect launch time and date.    Main Takeaways    [0:32]: The Importance of “WHEN” In Your Life  All of our lives revolve around time. Because of that, it’s one of the most important things to think about when launching your product. So, let’s discuss why and how it’s important to your crowdfunding campaign. [2:51]: Determine What Days People Are Checking Their Emails Do you know the best day to launch? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday?  [5:21]: Know What Time People Are Checking Their Emails  There is actually an ideal time to post for almost all crowdfunding projects no matter what your niche.  [7:32]: Know Upcoming Holidays and Events Is it better or worse to launch around a holiday season? We’ll tell you! [10:21]: The BIG Question Are you ready to launch? No…really!  [12:46]: The Four Questions To Ask Before Launching Recapped  Let’s go over those four key elements for how to pick the perfect launch date and time once more.   Resources From This Episode   Websites Mentioned by Nalin in the Podcast: and Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:
Does the thought of doing market research get you super excited?! If you answered “no,” you’re not alone. Market research isn’t the most enticing part of launching a product. In fact, it’s pretty dry. However! Market research is one of, if not the, most important aspects of a product launch. It’s not only the tool that will bring you the most potential for success, but it will also steer you away from wasting your money on crowdfunding ideas that have already been done and proven not to work.    In this episode, Nalin expounds on all the reasons market research should be on the top of your priority list by explaining her four core aspects of market research.    Keep scrolling for a further breakdown of the podcast and helpful links. [2:05]: How Sun Tzu Relates to Marketing Research  “....If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle...” [3:57]: Competitors and Market Research  Market research gives you an inside scoop on your competitors and gives you the insight you need to know what they did right and learn from what they did wrong. [6:57]: Why Nalin is Passionate About Market Research  Research gives you all the information you need to succeed by telling you what to do and what not to do. [7:50]: #1: Market Trends Looking at competitor's trends, market trends, seasonal trends, and more. Why all these things will lead you to your maximum potential.  [10:32]: #2: Positioning Yourself in the Market  This is how you label your product in the world and how your product sits in the mind of the backer.  [14:10]: #3: Pricing Your Product Adequately  Are you pricing in the right range for the product you’re offering?  [16:25]: #4: Marketing Visuals Visuals make or break a campaign due to the trust and credibility they bring to a product and its founder.   Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:  
Before you even begin asking people to back your campaign, you need to dive into understanding why people would choose to do so. Why would people give money to someone they don’t know for a product that may not even exist yet?! You need to get in the mind of the people who are going to, inevitably, help you achieve your dreams before you start asking things of them.   In this episode, Nalin explains five potential reasons why people choose to back projects. If you’re an entrepreneur you can’t afford not to listen to this one!    Keep scrolling for a further breakdown of the podcast and helpful links.   [1:39]: The “What” and “Why” This Podcast is Critical to Your Crowdfunding Campaign: The ability to see things from the perspective of the backer gives you leverage in your campaign to be seen as credible and increases the likelihood of people supporting you and your product.  [3:45]: WHY #1: The Excitement of a Cool, New Product: Some people are just excited to see cool, new, and awesome products on crowdfunding.  [8:13]: WHY #2: A Better Solution to the Problem: Maybe your product solves an existing problem better than another product already in the market.  [10:56]:  WHY #3: Friends & Family Support System: Some people back projects because a friend or family member is the one who created the product and they simply want to support them.   [14:29]:  WHY #4: The Art of Gift Giving: People love to give and receive gifts. Backing a new product and giving that as a gift not only helps a campaign but is also cool to give/receive in the future.  [16:12]: WHY #5: Being A Part of Something Bigger Than Themselves: Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Sometimes it’s that simple desire that makes people back on crowdfunding. The idea of being behind the start of something like Peloton or Oculus would be really amazing, wouldn’t it? That’s enough of a reason to drive people to campaigns sometimes. [17:17]:  The Importance of Sharing Your Entrepreneurial Story: The easiest thing you, the entrepreneur, can do is share your story. The rewards you reap from doing so is huge. This allows potential backers to connect with you and create a bond that makes them want to invest in your story. [18:06]: Recap: The Five Categories: Going over the five reasons people back crowdfunding one last time.    Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:  
“Free Shipping” - It’s something you’ve probably seen advertised on a product before. You’ve probably even been the recipient of it. But, if you’re in the beginning phases of launching a product into the market is it really something you can feasibly offer? Maybe you’re wondering if it’s something you should offer?    Luckily, there is no right or wrong answer and you do have options! In this episode, Nalin goes in-depth about three different ways you can charge shipping during your campaign and discusses the pros and cons of each.    Keep scrolling for a further breakdown of the podcast and helpful links. [1:10]: What’s Up With Shipping?  Getting the conversation started on whether or not “free shipping” is really doable. [3:24]: ONE: Integrate the Shipping Cost to the Entire Cost of Production Add on the shipping cost after you look at all the production costs for making the actual product. That way the price of the product already includes the shipping cost. [5:58]: TWO: Subsidize Part of the Shipping  You decide to take money out of your own pocket to cover a certain amount of the shipping and the buyer pays the rest.  [7:29]: THREE: Make Backers Pay the Full Price of Shipping Have backers pay the full price of the shipping.  [9:15]: Additional Information to Take Into Account There are other things to think about: right custom taxes, duties, VAT, etc.  [10:05]: How to Inform the Backer of Shipping Costs Being upfront with your backers about the price of shipping is the best route you can take. It allows them to know exactly what they’re signing up for and, in turn, leads them to trust you because of your vulnerability.  [11:46]: Recap: Your Three Options Do you want to integrate the shipping cost into your entire product cost? Do you want to subsidize part of the shipping cost? Do you want your backers to pay the full shipping price?  Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:  
As Nalin was standing in line for a coffee one day, someone asked her the following question: "Is it easier to raise crowdfunding money/funds for a product with a high price point or a low price point?" It was such a good question that she has dedicated an entire episode to answering it. In this podcast, we will answer that question by going in-depth on the importance of defining your main unit number and educating your potential backers. We will also discuss both the benefits and potential weaknesses of both pricing methods. Keep scrolling for a further breakdown of the podcast and helpful links. [0:39]: The Big Question Is it easier to raise money for a product with a high price point or a low price point? Which one is better or does better on crowdfunding?  [1:39]: The Importance Behind the Number The amount of money you raise during crowdfunding is made up of two things: the first is the number of units actually sold. To find out the price at which you should set your product you must think about the number of products you want to produce. [2:22]: The Initial Difference Between a Low Price Point and a High Price Point This main difference between a low or high price point boils down to the number of units that you are going to need to produce. A higher price point means fewer backers. A lower price point means many backers.  [3:05]: Importance of Building your Community You can set your price at whatever you want, but you must take into consideration how many people are going to need to back you at that particular price point. It is of the utmost importance to calculate how many backers you are going to need and start building that community.  [3:21]: Example of a Low Price Point With a goal of $100,000 at $10 per unit - you will need 10,000 backers. [4:17]: Example of a High Price Point With a goal of $100,000 at $500 per unit - you will need 200 backers.  [4:50]: Comparing the Two Pricing Options  Low price product means spending more time and effort to get people into your community (because you need a lot more of them). However, they may convert quicker because the cost doesn't set them back too much. Whereas, high price product means you don't have to get as many backers but you may have to work harder because that initial investment is pretty substantial. No matter what price point you're at - you need to show the value of your product and clearly explain why people should want to back you. [7:42]: Importance of Educating Your Audience  The second thing that affects the amount of money you raise on crowdfunding is educating your audience and building that community. This plays a part in explaining the value your product can have on people's lives and is crucial in getting their money to back you. [8:03]: The Answer to the Question I'd tell you but then where's the fun in that?! Listen to the podcast and find out! Visit the Crush Crowdfunding Website: Connect with Nalin: Leave a Review:
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