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Author: Alyx Levine and Katelyn Hall

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Hosted by Alyx Levine and Katelyn Hall, Cryptid Queens is a weekly conversational podcast about urban legends, folkore, cryptids, and more from around the world. Giggle with us!
65 Episodes
Cryptid Queens is back from the holiday hiatus to bring you two spooky tales from the state of Maryland. First, Alyx covers a terrifying human/goat hybrid wandering the woods. Then, Katelyn discusses a mysterious creature that locals are starting to embrace! (not literally)
On this last episode before the holiday hiatus, Katelyn covers a handful of cryptids, including a potential Dire Wolf that decapitates it's victims. Alyx then explores the tunnels underneath Toronto that are hiding some spooky secrets.
This Big Apple episode is jam-packed with local legends and cryptids galore! Tune in as Alyx takes you through the horrifying truth of the Willowbrook State School, as she dives into the legend of Cropsey that, decades later, became REAL. Then, Katelyn will drop some monstas on ya, including the Monster of Manhattan, the NYC Sewer Gators, and Champ the Lake Monster.Book Of The Time:The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones
Oh hey there! Alyx and Katelyn celebrate Halloween by telling stories about the holiday from around the world! Tune in for surprising tidbits and spooky origins of our favorite time of year.
Welcome to part 2 of the folklore filled country of England! Today, Alyx covers multiple hauntings that are guaranteed to make you uncomfy.
We had so many spooky tales for England, we just had to split them into two parts! Tune in this week as Katelyn talks about a menagerie of British cryptids. Then, enjoy next week's deep dive into extra spooky haunted English places with Alyx. Pip pip!Book of the time: The Butcher and the Wren by Alaina Urquhart
Howdy! Cryptid Queens is covering the big ol' state of Texas on this episode. You'll learn about an old bridge haunted by a half man/half goat beast as well as an owl witch that is seeking revenge.*Content Warning* This episode discusses racism and violence against marginalized peoples.Book Of The Time:
Alyx and Katelyn cover the Central American Bigfoot to start and finish the episode with a run-down on why people were freaking out so much about the Mayan Calendar in 2012. Hint: Sensationalism.
The Queens take on the state of Iowa today, covering the well-known "Ultra Terrestrial" called the Van Meter Visitor. Then, they dive deep into whether the many dragon sightings in the state could be related or something else entirely? Tune in to find out!
This week's episode is a double feature with two countries! Katelyn covers the Werehyenas of Ethiopia, while Alyx covers the vampires of Malawi.*Content Warning* This episode discusses prejudices and violence against marginalized peoples.
This week, Alyx and Katelyn cover the (in)famous Stanley Hotel and a UFO watch tower in the middle of the Colorado high desert. 
Switzerland - Dragons

Switzerland - Dragons


Cryptid Queens is back to their biweekly schedule and what better way to celebrate than with DRAGON TALES! Switzerland is apparently chalk full of em.
Cursed Films

Cursed Films


Katelyn takes a break from wedding plans to join Alyx in a discussion about haunted and cursed films! Alyx deep dives into the harrowing events that follow well known movies such as The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, and The Omen. Be prepared for some spook spook.
Oy. Cryptid Queens is back to cover one of Australia's most profound mysteries: The Somerton Man. Found dead on a beach in Adelaide, Australia, this man has puzzled investigators around the world about his identity and potential connection to a Russian spy ring and/or: aliens, a simple domestic dispute, suicide, a secret society. What do you think?
The Hexham Heads

The Hexham Heads


We are doing things a little differently for the next few episodes! For one, Alyx will be sharing stories solo while Katelyn plans for her big day of love. In this short and sweet episode, Alyx covers the Hexham Heads. Found in the yard by a pair of young brothers in Northern England, these mysterious heads stir up more than just the curiosity of archeologists.
For the last episode before our hiatus, we dive back into the Appalachia region to cover an underrated alien sighting, as well as a perplexing missing persons case in the heart of West Virginia.
This continent is bonkers. On this episode, Katelyn tells the stories of multiple explorers that met their untimely ends at the mercy of the Tundra. Also, Alyx explains the peculiar connection between Atlantis, Nazis, the Occult, and Antarctica. 
This week, Alyx covers a well-documented cryptid called the Dogman and Katelyn tells the story of a little red weirdo that likes to visit Detroit. 
Hallo! Cryptid Queens is back to cover one of the most progressive and culturally rich countries in the world! We dive deep into ancient water burials, giant cephalopods, and a cursed ghost ship that's just looking for somebody toooOOO LOOooooOOooove.
In this week's episode, Alyx covers one of the most haunted objects in the world: a stuffed doll residing in Key West, and Katelyn covers the commonly seen SKUNKAPE!
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