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Cryptid Studies Institute is a thought provoking radio show dedicated to bringing you high quality and truthful information in the field of fringe studies whether it be in the arena of, Cryptids, the paranormal, history's mysteries, religion, black science or many other things. If it is strange, if it is bizarre, or down right freaky we have probably got you covered, Cryptid Studies Institute is sometimes shocking, sometimes controversial, but always informed and on the edge.
60 Episodes
Cryptid Studies Institute proudly welcomes Linda Godfrey, famous researcher of the dogman phenomenon, and original author and journalist of the "Beast of Bray Road” newspaper articles. Linda is the author of 18 published books detailing encounters with strange creatures, and eyewitness accounts of the unexplained. She frequently is a guest on national TV and radio shows, including the Wall Street Journal Books page (Aug. 2019), Chicago Tribune, Small Town Monsters, Legend Seeker TV Show, Dead Files, The Unexplained (Travel Ch.), In Search of Monsters (TRVL Ch.) Monsterquest (Seasons 1 and 4), Fox News Red Eye, Lost Tapes, Monsters and Mysteries, Sean Hannity’s America, Inside Edition, Coast to Coast AM, Wis. Public Radio, the Jenny McCarthy Show and many more. Linda personally goes out into the field and conducts her own research, and visits the sites of many encounters whenever possible.  Call in with your questions for this veteran of cryptid research!
This week we proudly welcome Matthew Delph, cryptid researcher of over twenty years. Matthews entrance into the study of cryptozoology began with an aggressive encounter with a sasquatch at the age of twenty one. Since then he began the Mountain Empire Cryptid Research Organization, and has been both speaker and host at numerous bigfoot conferences. Matthew co hosts the podcast "Bigfoot and Company," and is a co-author to the book "Lizard Man, Bigfoot, and Friends." Matthew is devoted to the research of these fascinating creatures and regularly goes into the field in an effort to study and bring awareness to their existence.
Cryptid Studies Institute welcomes Jack, a Southern researcher and healthy skeptic, to discuss his encounters and experiences in the deep swamps of America's South. Strange and mysterious stories have originated for decades from this part of the Nation. From the Werewolf-like Rougarou, to the Honey Island swamp monster, to even unusual tales of goat-like men referred to as the Manitou. America's South is no stranger to the unusual!
Cryptid Studies Institute interviews fellow researcher Nate (Bull) Bowling, and is the main researcher of Big-Dog T2B Bigfoot-Dogman Tracking and Trending the Beasts. And Nate has been researching and investigating bigfoot, dogman, and other strange cryptids from the South since atleast 1986. Nate is found of the Big-Dog T2B Database, an online database that receives submissions of sightings, and encounters from anyone who cares to share their terrifying reports. Nate is a fellow researcher of Christian Macleod of the Asheville Cryptid Society who was a guest of our previous episode.
Cryptid Studies Institute is proud to interview Christian MacLeod, director and lead investigator of the Asheville Cryptid Society ( or A.C.S. for short.) Christian has many years of experience researching and investigating cryptozoology and the paranormal. Christian and the A.C.S. is based out of Asheville North Carolina, and is dedicated to bringing you their findings of all the strange curiosities that the state has to offer!
Cryptid Studies Institute proudly welcomes Joedy Cook to the show to discuss his research on the dogman phenomenon that continues to spread throughout America. Joedy is the founder of the North American Dogman Project or NADP for short. The NADP has been studying the dogman curiosity diligently and sharing their fascinating evidence and information through their website, multiple books, and documentaries.
Cryptid Studies Institute is proud to welcome Lisa Lycan X to the show . Lisa is a prominent researcher in the cryptid field, investigating the dogman curiosity, as well as sasquatch throughout the country. She is well known for her encounters with the dogmen creatures specifically one known as "Blondie". Call in with your questions for Lisa on her fascinating encounters!
Cryptid Studies Institute is happy to invite Jason Weaver to the show! We will be discussing his terrifying encounter with Bigfoot, and the research that he has gathered following this experience. Jason is a researcher of all things cryptid, and has been investigating for numerous years!
Cryptid Studies Institute welcomes George Workman to the show, where we will dicuss his research on the elusive sasquatch and dogmen that roam throughout the forests of America and the rest of the world. George is the administrator of the Bigfoot & Dogman Info Library (BDIL), in this group he provides online resources of sounds, videos, pictures, and documents that help to prove the existence of these peculiar creatures. Call in with your questions for George!
Cryptid Studies Institute is proud to welcome Gene McCauley onto the show to discuss his research on the Carter Farm of Tennessee. The Carter Farm is the site of one of the most prolific bigfoot events in American History. The influence of this site is so widespread that researchers from across the world have come to the farm to investigate for themselves. Our guest Gene McCauley is one of the original researchers from this intruiging location. Call in with your questions for him and for us!
Cryptid Studies Institute is proud to invite Jason Acy onto Blog Talk Radio! He will update us on recent cryptid news and his research on the White Bluff screamer and the cryptids of Tennessee. He has been studying sasquatch and the cryptids of the Dickson County region for years in an effort to learn more about the mysterious creatures that roam through the forests of Tennessee. Call in with your questions for us and for Jason!
Cryptid Studies Institute will be discussing the possibility of Cajun werewolves in the bayous of Lousiana, and we interview an individual about his run in with the mysterious Rougarou. He has been featured on television for his encounter. Call in with any questions you may have for him or us because we would love your support!
We will be having LaShelle Shuman on the show tonight. LaShelle will be discussing the fundraiser for "Saddle Up and Show You Care." This fundraiser is to raise funds for St. Jude hospital and gasterparesis research. Tune in for more details!
We will be having Alta and Chad Dillard on the show to continue the discussion of their encounters... Come join us for our Season Finale!!!
Surviving Marshall Law

Surviving Marshall Law


I will be interviewing Daniel Vitalis tonight. Daniel Vitalis is a Leading Health, Nutrition, and Personal Development Strategist as well as a Nature Based Philosopher.   He has been featured on the Alex Jones show. He is the creator of as well as co-founder of Daniel will be telling the best and easiest ways to survive.
Fight for the Republic

Fight for the Republic


Ray Jones from the Memphis Tea Party will be joining me tonight as we delve into the Occupy  Movement that is spreading the across the nation. We will also talk about the upcoming presidential elections. Could America survive another four year term with Barrack Obama and answer the question is there a Republican candidate out there who can heal America's current woes?
Tonight's show is not to be missed, as we bring you a prerecorded interview from the Investigative Journal. In 2007, Svali, an Illuminati raised inside,r gave a rare interview in which she revealed top secret information on the shadowy entity known as the Illuminati. Svali, who is now in hiding, dishes up the dirt first hand, and holds nothing back as she talks about her role as a mind control, brainwashing program tech for the group. She'll also talk about the power structure, plans, and human sacrifice that she has witnessed. this show is not to be missed.
Season Finally call in show! Call in and be a part of the fun...
Broken Chains

Broken Chains


Jeff Harshbarger author of From Darkness to Light will be on the show tonight. Jeff will be sharing his testimony as well as sharing how you can bring your loved ones out of the occult.
The Hollow Earth

The Hollow Earth


Will Z will be joining me tonight as we talk about the Hollow Earth.
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