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On Crypto & Things, I explore blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, censorship, and privacy. Overall though, my main focus is on blockchain social media platforms which I believe will be the next level of social communication.
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I spent some time with Andrei Poliakov from Coinberry discussing crypto regulation, crypto brokerages, paying taxes with Bitcoin, and much more. Check out our conversation for the inside scoop on how Coinberry and Canada are getting ahead in crypto.Coinberry is a FINTRAC-registered, digital currency platform based in Toronto, Canada. It was founded in 2017 and is trusted by tens of thousands of users. They claim to offer the safest, simplest and quickest way to buy and sell BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, and XRP using Canadian dollars.
I recently spoke with Alex Melikhov who is CEO & founder of Equilibrium and also co-founded Changelly to discuss DeFi, decentralization, and much more.Equilibrium is introducing a cross-chain money market that combines pooled lending with synthetic asset generation and trading. It unites DeFi all in one place. You can lend, trade, borrow, and stake many different crypto assets, synthetic assets, decentralized stablecoins and more. 
I had the opportunity to interview Daniel Satchkov who is the author of the whitepaper for Pkoin & Pocketnet. We discussed PKoin’s tokenomics, Pocketnet, decentralization, censorship, crypto-monetized social media, and much more.
I had the chance to speak with Dan Hensley, one of the co-founders of 3Speak on the Hive blockchain. It’s a video hosting alternative to YouTube and is considered a highly decentralized free speech platform. We dive into decentralization, Hive, blockchain, 3Speak, and much more!
I sat down with Dawson Botsford, the founder of Earnifi to discuss airdrops, how hard they are to find, claiming them, and more importantly how Earnifi streamlines all of this.Hiding out there are millions of dollars in airdrops. Before Earnifi, these airdrops went unclaimed and many expired forever. Hundreds of people find money on Earnifi every day. Protocols sending out airdrops want you to claim their tokens. Just enter your address and find out instantly if you have airdrops waiting!
I had the opportunity to chat with Nicole Grinstead aka @NrdGrl007 about altseason, crypto maximalists, energy FUD, living the unbanked life, and how you can do it too with crypto.
Erica Stanford wrote the book Crypto Wars. She spent the last year researching the biggest hacks and scams in crypto to then share them in her book. She covers faked death, missing billions, & industry disruption. There are so many scams and just risky investments out there and so few people talking about it. Those who risk so much by calling out scams in order to help others should be applauded and have their voice amplified.
I was rejoined by Jason Nelson recently to discuss everything we see going on in the market. We dive into NFTs, DeFi, crypto-monetized & blockchain social media, Bitcoin energy FUD, Ethereum 2.0, and much more!On Jason’s channel, he discusses Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. He does this all with the newcomer and beginner in mind similar to my style of content. There you will find his interviews, live events, tutorials, as well as product and platform reviews.
Torum is a crypto-monetized social media platform that is powered by the XTM cryptocurrency. I chatted with the CMO and co-founder Jayson Tan about the tokenomics of XTM, how decentralized Torum is, and much more. Torum strives to build a groundbreaking ecosystem with a mission to unite and connect worldwide blockchain technologists and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Powered by XTM, Torum is a crypto-centric social media platform that aims to form a powerful one-stop ecosystem by bridging the gap between cryptocurrency communities across the world. 
I had the chance to discuss all things crypto with Hashoshi. We talk about our favorite altcoins, the stock market, bitcoin, Ethereum, social dapps, mass adoption, and more!Hashoshi’s mission is simple: to cut through the hype and provide accessible, free education about blockchain, cryptocurrency, & emerging technology. Together, he hopes we can help build the future of technology in this world, we can accelerate adoption, and we can learn together.
I recently had the chance to discuss TrustToken with Rafael Cosman who is the CEO and co-founder there. We covered what stablecoins are, the need for them, what they’ve built, and their Defi protocol called TrueFi.TrustToken are the makers of the 1st compliant, independently attested digital dollar TUSD and 4 other global fiat-backed stablecoins, and the more recently launched DeFi protocol TrueFi, the deFi protocol for uncollateralized lending. You can earn high yields on stablecoin loans and borrow capital without collateral.Trusttoken aims to be the money for the new global financial system. TrustToken frees money to move to wherever it creates the most value – instantly.
Bitclout is an absolute mess and so I had Richard Sanders, the lead investigator at Cipherblade come on the show to talk about it and dissect everything that’s wrong about it and what red flags to look out for.CipherBlade specializes in blockchain forensics and tracking Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in investigations. They have established partnerships with exchanges, all leading vendors of professional blockchain forensics tools, and use a combination of on-chain and off-chain analytics and investigative techniques.Rich is seen as a subject-matter expert by the FBI and at the “top of the Rolodex” for Special Agents who have questions concerning blockchain-related cybercrime. Rich prides himself on a very strong working relationship with the FBI and sees the opportunity to help law enforcement and the government with this new technology as a blessing. “Justice in the crypto space is our domain” – Richard Sanders
I discussed Horizen with Robert Viglione who is the co-founder of the blockchain and CEO of Horizen labs. We discussed what Horizen does, what they are planning for the future and various examples of Horizen blockchain use cases.Horizen claims to be the world’s most secure interoperable blockchain ecosystem. Their main focus is ensuring data integrity and privacy freedom through the most secure ecosystem of interoperable blockchains.
If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the technology behind LBRY, then check out this interview I did with the LBRY ETO & cofounder Alex Grintsvayg who is in charge of the tech side of things there.Some people know it as LBRY, others as Odysee, and now they have a new parent company: Lab From Mars. Whichever interface you use, you are offered an amazing blockchain solution to video hosting backed by their native cryptocurrency: LBC. LBC or library credits allow users to support their videos and stake their content on the network.
Minds has recently gone through some major updates for their platform and their tokenomics. I chat with Bill Ottman the CEO & co-founder of Minds to talk about all the changes and what to expect next.Some of the prominent updates to the token were burning 75% of the supply, more ways to earn tokens, Uniswap integrations for liquidity pool providing, on-chain holding rewards, more minds tokens being distributed, and much more.
I sat down with Joe Roets who founded DragonChain and to discuss Den, Dragonchain, what they are all about, what makes their platform is unique, and where they are headed in the future. Den social is a crypto monetized blockchain social media platform that offers tokenized rewards that all content creators and content evaluators are competing to earn more MTR by creating quality content and by finding quality content fastest.
Check out my interview on RealT with Remy & Jean-Marc Jacobson. We dive into earning passive income from real estate, crypto-asset tokenization, and how the two can combine with real estate to grow crypto wealth.For the first time, investors around the globe can buy into the US real estate market through fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership. Powered by blockchain. RealToken provides investors with a simple, intelligent, and user-friendly method to buy into fractional, tokenized properties, leveraging the U.S. legal system and the permissionless, unrestricted token issuance of Ethereum.
Dislike fiat inflation? Ever wanted to get paid by your employer in Bitcoin? Bitwage makes this possible so I reached out to Jonathan Chester who is the cofounder and CEO there and we talked all about Bitwage and the solutions it provides to both companies and individuals. Bitwage provides the solution for companies to pay individuals and individuals to receive wages in Bitcoin. This is a solution to payroll and HR services for the new digital era. Not only does this help you get paid in a currency that isn’t inflating and thus declining in purchasing power, but it allows remote workers to receive payments significantly faster with fewer restrictions too.
Do you want an internet browser that’s faster, pays you, and values your privacy more? Brave browser is the answer. I spoke with Luke Mulks from Brave a second time who is now the VP of business operations there. We talk about Basic Attention Token and all of the latest and greatest for the brave browser. Brave is aiming to decentralize more and continue to build on what they’ve been doing so well with.Brave is a new way of thinking about how the web works. Brave is open source and built by a team of privacy-focused, performance-oriented pioneers of the web. It’s three times faster than Chrome, better privacy by default than Firefox, and uses 35% less battery on mobile.
Myles Wakeham is a millionaire, more specifically a 3-time millionaire. He’s lost and made his wealth back 3 times on an epic financial journey. We are going to dive into that as well as what he recommends for new investors and what common mistakes to avoid.Myles who is originally from Australia who has made, lost, and made again multi-millions. He’s detailed his journey and knowledge in a book coming out this year on what he refers to as "Financial Sustainability" - a way to grow wealth organically by living a frugal and simple life which as many of you know, is exactly what I attest to.
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