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Author: Kelley Weaver: Blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency podcaster

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Crypto Token Talk is a podcast by host Kelley Weaver for those interested in learning “Crypto 101” and exploring the new frontier of blockchain technology. It serves as an entertaining on-ramp and newbie-friendly gateway to learning resources related to the world of cryptocurrency. Each episode features a different industry expert in the blockchain sphere or their respective field.

Kelley Weaver is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Melrose PR, a leading cryptocurrency and blockchain communications agency based in Los Angeles, California. Melrose PR believes the future of money is digital, and that cryptocurrency is here to stay.
56 Episodes
Episode 154: Ana De Sousa on Crypto Startups and Impacting Adoption
We are joined by Ana De Sousa who leads operations at FalconX, a cryptocurrency fintech company. Ana shares her vetting process for clients and how execution is perhaps the most important point of the process. She proposes the idea that the blockchain and crypto will continue to succeed and grow as industries because there are so many talented teams working to improve current industries or build new ones specifically for the blockchain. For Ana, however, her deep interest lies in applications dealing with privacy. She adamantly believes that any current issues or criticisms related to privacy in bitcoin or crypto exchange will be solved with time. Furthermore, she is optimistic that the ongoing regulation of crypto will not affect its followership. Ana is hopeful that the crypto space will advance greatly in the next decade. She finishes with advice for people who want to get involved with crypto.   Topics covered: - Ana’s background and an introduction to FalconX. - Differentiating good projects from great ones. - Looking at the team vs. looking at the idea. - Excitement for projects that promote mainstream adoption and onboarding. - A project that Ana is excited about that involves privacy. - Recent breaches in privacy leading to technological change. - The privacy concerns of Bitcoin. - The large number of projects trying to address blockchain transaction speed. - Regulation concerns regarding cryptocurrency. - Ana’s thoughts about how the cryptocurrency space is growing and welcoming new people. - Advice for people who aren’t yet involved with crypto, such as encouraging discovery.   Links to resources:
Episode 158: Ian Balina on Trading Strategy
Our guest today is Ian Balina, a full-time cryptocurrency investor who has travelled to 20 countries this year alone to research blockchain projects. He first became interested in blockchain while working at IBM. After making a humble investment into Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ian conducted additional research into blockchain, before finally quitting his job to invest full-time. He began by creating a spreadsheet of investment requirements to help him choose projects, a skill he had garnered in tech. The spreadsheet was a success and allowed Ian to make his first $1,000,000 within his first year as a full-time investor. Ian shares with us some key insights that he gained in the process and which current projects he is excited about. Looking forward, he describes how we will know when cryptocurrency has entered mainstream use.   Topics covered: - Ian’s work history. - IBM’s involvement with blockchain while Ian worked there. - Ian’s growth as a cryptocurrency influencer. - Finding patterns in ICO data. - Investing in 0x and district0x. - Investing in charitable causes. - Establishing an investing system. - Recent blockchain projects that Ian is a fan of. - Issues facing the blockchain community and Ian’s experience of getting hacked. - Ian’s return to his home country and giving back.   Links to Resources: The Age of Cryptocurrency Digital Gold
Episode 152: Simona Pop on Bettering Communities Globally with Bounties
Today we are joined by Simona Pop, Head of Marketing & Community for The Bounties Network. This network created and uses the Bounties protocol, which enables users to create tasks across any vertical business. The user pays in ETH or any ERC20 token in order to incentivize behaviour. The protocol allows people to impart change in global communities and shift cultural norms all together. Some use cases of Bounties Network include broadening access to blockchain for people with non-technical backgrounds and for non-English speakers, cleaning up oceans and providing free education. Simona is passionate about using blockchain to strengthen a global sense of community. She discusses how blockchain is so much more than an investing tool; she believes the technology can change our world. She wraps up by encouraging listeners to contact her with social impact suggestions and sharing some advice about blockchain.   Topics covered: - How Simona discovered crypto and started the Bounties Network. - Use cases for the Bounties Network, both live and hypothetical. - The technological barrier to blockchain. - Incentivizing and organizing actions. - Changing the current lack of sense of community in the world. - Blockchain’s ability to level the playing field. - Challenges facing the Bounties Network. - Rewarding people for getting educated. - The Bounties for the Oceans campaign. - Examples of ideas for the Bounties Network.   Links to Resources:
Episode 149: Micah Winkelspecht on Giving Power Back to the Individual
This episode welcomes Micah Winkelspecht, Founder and CEO of Gem. Micah first discovered blockchain while working as a programmer. Today Gem is launching a new user friendly wallet designed specifically for non-blockchain-saavy users. Gem has undergone several iterations and released multiple blockchain related products, but Micah maintains that the goal for him has always been to give access and power back to the individual. The newest product launch from Gem does just this. It’s a wallet and portfolio tracker, that manages all of a user’s activities in one space. The wallet goes live in 2019. Outside of making blockchain more accessible to the public, Micah is an enthusiast who is passionate about the industry and speaks openly about the need for security. More specifically, he comments on a recent article about the security risks associated with cell phone carriers and how they can be avoided.   Topics covered: - Micah’s programming background and discovery of Bitcoin. - Creating a crypto wallet library. - The bear market of 2015. - Gem aids large corporation with blockchain security. - Moving towards a decentralized society. - Gem’s portfolio tracker and upcoming wallet. - The adoption rate of cryptocurrency and building products for the next wave. - Best security practices. - Leaders in blockchain. - Getting involved with cryptocurrency as a newcomer.   Resources Links:  
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