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Hello friends, welcome to Curated Souls. I am your host, Lori Young. Today, I am excited. I've just spent a couple of moments, reading out some scripture and recording that. Because it led me to today's message, all about Loving One Another. I originally thought that I might talk about self care, because May is Mental Health Awareness, I've kind of briefly spoken to you about my daughter, I also have ADHD, I have had some ups and downs with my cognitive abilities through ms which have led to understanding that I've got a bit of anxiety, and also just, you know, some depression that came after cancer. But when I sat down to start to write all that out, where it would be great, it wasn't the message inside me that God had. And so I asked God to give me a word and boy he delivered this morning. And so I just want to kind of break it down and share with you a little bit of hope, and encouragement. And a whole lot of grace, I hope will be given as I try and muster my way through this.I know that this is mainly for an audience who feels like they have been pushed out, feels like they have been judged harshly, completely misunderstood, and completely not loved. And that is not where I think any of us should sit as judge and juror .I know, right now, we've got some really hot topics, there's racism, there's the abortion thing that's overtaking everything. And there are a lot of things happening inside the church where people are leaving, whether it's deconstructing or have been hurt by the church or people of the church. And I'm always always, always saying that I don't want to stand against and tell you what I'm against. I want to tell you what I am for. And I think that that is so important. Because when we go talking about what we're against, we're automatically putting our minds and our bodies carry it fully. But our souls and our minds are automatically on the defense. I feel like there's enough fighting out there about who's right and who's wrong. And that is part of the problem. But today, I don't want to be a part of that fight. I want to be a part of the hope. I want to read to you some scriptures that got me to this message today. That took me away from self care and put me right in it, which is reading the truth.Thank you so much for showing up today. I hope that somewhere in this 35 minutes that it all came together and that if you are the one struggling with your identity, or struggling with the fact that others think that you shouldn't be loved for who you are, for what you've done, for what color your skin is or where you live, I want you to know that ANYONE who loves God, He loves and you belong in the kingdom of God, you are His children. There's nothing that can take that from you. No one can steal that from you. Hold on to it with an unswerving hope. Knowing that you are extra- you're extra extra extravagantly LOVED!! I hope that brings you hope, hope that makes you feel held, and loved in a way that you have been longing for. And friends. I'm going to start a new community soon because I believe that if we started reading our Bible through the lens of that love that God commands, we might do a whole lot less fighting, and a whole lot more good in this world. And where our works is not our salvation. Our love certainly shows that we know who He is and He is in us. Keep doing good because your good heart, well, He loves it. Thank you.Let's be Friends.  Connect with me on  Facebook: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoung Instagram: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoung Pinterest: @loriy  Blog:
Welcome to another episode of Curated Souls with Lori Young. I am so glad that you are here today. And if you haven't listened in before I hope that you will take a listen into the previous episodes. Today we are looking into the Comparison Game. We all do it- there is no one excluded. It's a part of our nature as much as it is to breathe in and out. It's what we do with how we feel when we are in the moment that matters most.  My comparison game was always strong!! I am one of the rare birds, I suppose, who used it as a resolve to improve myself or "not going to do/be" this game.My envy or jealousy didn't center around looks, material things, or knowledge. But rather around the need for deeper stability within my family or home.As a child, my friends that had always grown up in the same place. We moved all the time. I couldn't imagine the comfort of knowing you just were "home." Or the having a set of parents that had always been married. I didn't ease into the idea of trusting that any relationship would last. I had internalized from a hard life of what I call "before 9"- that the world would indeed hurt me and there was no one to trust. Especially men. Comparison is hard. I have spent the better part of the last 8-9 years speaking on it. Especially with a daughter who has really struggled with it. And with this new generation of access to what everyone is doing and how they look while doing it- be it a highlight reel or not.. this is a game that cannot be avoided. But we do have a choice in how we respond to what we feel when we compare. And that is a muscle like all others that has to be trained and strengthened over time. This is an episode that I get vulnerable- as an 8 on the Ennegram, you must know how hard that is for me. Listening to the new book from Ian Cron will give you great insight into the story of each ennegram type- "The Story of You"We will talk about the ways I learned to stop holding back and to Show up in every single moment like you were meant to be there.  I admit this confidence is off putting to some BUT it has little do with you. There will always be a reason for someone to not like you, and you are your worst critic so you know that inside and out. But friends, there is an abundance of life and resources out there in this big ol' universe.& It is waiting for you to feel all your feels So That,  you CAN - LIVE, SOAR, RISE Taking hold of all that is available to and for you!! Please hit subscribe and leave me a review - I'd beg for 5 stars but I want you to be honest so I can grow and learn too!! share this episode if you feel it would help someone right where they are!! Let's all Love a little more, be a little kinder and mostly offer that to yourself with a grace that meets you in a place of hope for tomorrow!! Love you much!! Find all my episodes on my Podcast Page of my website.Instagram    Pinterest
Welcome to Curated Souls with Lori Young. Last week I promised I would come back with a look at the healing process.  I am giving you a look into what life was like just after cancer and having 3 surgeries within that first year after my last chemo treatment. It is a really raw and delicate look. It's been a healing physically, cognitively, emotionally, and a finding my way back into life.  This journey was harder for me than the actual fight mode. Finding my words was a struggle and I am glad that I had a supportive family to help me push through. Even more grateful for a God that kept me through it all!! Please visit my blog for the full story and more of the medical terminology that you might need for the specific cancer and surgeries that I went through. Finding out I had Breast CancerTriple Negative Breast Cancer Diagnosis & TreatmentsBreast Reconstruction Part One and Part TwoAmazon Storefront Breast Cancer Must Haves (affiliated link)Please share with anyone you may know battling cancer or struggling with life after cancer. It's a way to let them know they are not alone!!! Thank you for listening and I hope that you will click subscribe and leave a review. See you next week!! Let's be Friends. Connect with me on Facebook: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoung Instagram: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoung Pinterest: @loriy Blog:
Diagnosis, Treatment Protocol, & Surgery Today’s episode is the beginning of the series of my breast cancer journey. It was a hard episode to record for me. Very emotional still over the details and journey that it was.  This was take 7- I am sure there are parts I left out- like GET A PORT!!  I was diagnosed in 2017 with an aggressive form of Triple Negative Invasive Ductile Breast Cancer.  I share the journey through diagnosis, decisions, treatment protocols and the 3 surgeries that I had over 2 years time. I share about losing my hair, side effects, and so much more.Part 2- I will share more about the details on the DIEP flap, essential items for preparing for surgery and life after cancer. You can read more about my journey on my blog. Here are a few links.Becoming a Warrior Breast Reconstruction part One Breast Reconstruction Part 2 My Pinterest board on breast cancerMy Amazon Storefront for essential items for during chemo & surgery Thank you so much for listening today. It was a hard one. But I hope it was valuable to you. I also want to encourage you to follow along for more encouragement and fun things to come. Let's be Friends. Connect with me on Facebook: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoung Instagram: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoung Pinterest: @loriy Blog:
Walking out Faith

Walking out Faith


Hey friends it's Lori Young, your host of the Curated Souls Podcast.Thank you for joining me today.   Today's going to be a little different you can probably tell just by my voice it's not heavy.  However, what we're going to talk about might feel a little heavy or a little different.Today's episode is walking out your faith.  Friends this is my why, when I decided to start this podcast!  It is my whole heart inside of this podcast. It is years in the making, years of being in that dark room with my bible, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. and working out who He says He IS.So today, I thank you for joining me I hope that you will hit subscribe wherever you're listening and if you would leave a review that would help get this message out to others. So, I encourage you to subscribe and enjoy.  Grab a cup of tea- maybe hit pause grab some tea, grab a water, grab a coffee- shoot if you're listening to this at night grab a glass of wine and let's just talk.What are you sitting on that God has whispered in your ear- given you a glimpse of a vision? Do you question if you are enough? Can we walk through some scriptures that have made me through prayer and trusting in the undoing of me in so many ways? I am hoping it will give you just a little hope. And can we talk about somethings that seem taboo but just maybe isn't? Thank you for listening in today. Be sure to subscribe for our future episodes. Let's be Friends.  Connect with me on  Facebook: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoung Instagram: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoung Pinterest: @loriy  Blog:
Thank you for listening to this weeks episode where we dive into ways we can take all that has been good, bad, hard, and ongoing... and find ways to reframe the stories we tell ourselves or that others tell us to build us up rather than tear us down. Looking into the reflection of practice in taking our thoughts captive, examining the messy middles that no one likes to be stuck in, finding ways to be present over opinionated. "The middle is messy, but it's also where the Magic happens."- Brene BrownIf this sounds like an area you struggle- like so many of us do. I hope to be a creative encouraging voice offering a ton of grace to us all.  It's more than a positive spin. It's a story of struggle and ways I had to get brave in transparency and push through years of heartache so that I could help my daughter and in turn strengthen myself. Breaking down walls that had no structural impact but somehow fooled me into thinking it was a safe way to tuck away things that hurt to expose. Join me today as we begin to peel back some layers and keep it real. I would love to have you every week. Subscribe wherever you listen. Leave a review it really helps me get my message into the right hearts. Thank you for sharing, it means the world.& Let's be Friends.  Connect with me on  Facebook: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoung Instagram: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoung Pinterest: @loriy  Blog:
The Real Me

The Real Me


Welcome  to Curated Souls first official episode. Today is a deeper look into me & my why. I hope you enjoy. I would love your feedback.Romans 8:1 says “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ.” So why are we with our words and our actions as Christ filled believers pouring shame and condemnation onto others who are different from us /believe differently than us? -Those are still God’s beloveds. He created them and as image bearers it is our responsibility to go and make disciples. Not to go and point our fingers of judgment at someone’s story that is still being written. This is who I really am. As a mom who is a Breast Cancer Survivor and MS Thriver & advocating for 2 girls who have special needs… our lives have often been “too much” for some people. But never has it ever been too much for God. Allowing God into the broken spaces of my, and our family’s story, has brought me through rebellion into embracing a Grace I never believed was for me. Now, I “get to” be someone who will fight for those that live on the edge of the line where christians today don’t allow for Grace. The line that others deem unworthy or simply too busy to see the opportunity to meet a need. I believe in unlearning mistruths and breaking down barriers that are harming others. I may not have all the answers but I have ALL the LOVE and willingness to stand up for what is simply Right & I know that’s what Jesus is All about. I’m only sure that loving all, even when you see it a sin, is the only thing I’d ever want to be wrong about. That’s how big my God is… He take my heart, my motive, my Love and use it for His Glory. When we know better we actually Do Better. Together. Stronger.  I am so grateful for a God who has been so patient and loving through all my rebellion and never gave up on me. I know that it’s a kind of hope that only comes when you get a touch of His hem. So let’s be that hope for someone else and let God be- their God in the middle of their story. Thank you for listening in today. Be sure to subscribe for our future episodes. Let's be Friends. Connect with me on Facebook: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoungInstagram: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoungPinterest: @loriyBlog:
Introduction Trailer

Introduction Trailer


Welcome to Curated Souls Podcast with Lori Young. A full time artist, mom to 4 and wife. I am wholeheartedly passionate about loving people well right where they {{ you }} are. This is a place to share creativity, encouragement, and have safe and hard conversations. To examine the systems that are no longer serving the people that they were designed to protect. I would love to encourage and walk along side you and discover ways to do this life in a way that can offer hope and grace in new ways. I am an advocate for adoption, mental health, and around here we don't allow disabilities to define or set limits. You can almost always find me with a paint brush and always singing... This life is short, messy, and hard. It is also full of wonder to be found if you are willing to step out of the way and allow yourself to explore. I hope to be a voice you hear when you need encouragement, a gentle nudge or pep talk. Though,  in all things, I hope you feel the love of Jesus. It's not really about who I am, rather, who He is.  Let's be Friends. Subscribe so you don't miss a thing.Connect with me on Facebook: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoungInstagram: @curatedsoulsbyloriyoungPinterest: @loriyBlog:
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