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Two 40-something women, and various guests, mulling over the big and interesting questions of the day. Women's issues, racism, politics, society, humanity, and other fun things are discussed and sang about.
122 Episodes
The Curios take on the gut/brain axis.
Doug joins us for a lively discussion about UFOs.
Beck joins us as we try to keep it real. A social media persona is not necessarily real. Let’s be real (and gentle) with each other. We also sample a new drink called Viking Blod.
We talk about DC Statehood and all of the things the Founding Fathers could not have envisioned. With cocktails.
For a couple of neurotic planners, we did a big, brave thing. We took off down the highway without a plan, a place to stay, or any expectations! Enjoy these clips from various scenic byways and kitschy motel rooms.
A discussion about Rocket Man and other songs about space.
A celebration of spring!
Lee Miller was an important, fascinating, difficult, talented, beautiful woman. Her photography helped the world. We talk about Lee, her lovers, and how women are perceived in our patriarchal society.
A memorial for those we’ve lost this year. We are joined by Beck and Abi as we tell stories, cry, and wonder about an afterlife.
Episode 113: Dig This!

Episode 113: Dig This!


We’re joined by Paul for a groovy night of bongos and poetry.
Game night at Ted Cruz’s expense. With wine.
Menapocalypse is Coming...
We have some fun learning about old, silly, wacky and obsolete laws. A good reminder that nothing is permanent. Change is constant!
A genuine conversation about curiosity and humanity. How do we find common ground in these trying times? How do we find compassion with those we may not agree with?
We are back after a covid-related hiatus. We discuss the recent insurrection, and Trump’s followers. Will democracy survive?
A tribute Jeopardy game in honor of the Canadian who became everybody’s professor dad. Doug joins us as the host of our Curio Jeopardy game. Ep107
Presidenting is a Verb

Presidenting is a Verb


Nanny joins us for a post-election roundup. With wine, and Buddhism. Ep106
A sort of list of Trump Atrocities. With wine. And anger.
The Chipmunk Handmaid

The Chipmunk Handmaid


We did not NOT use a voice modulator for tonight’s episode. We discuss how we’re feeling about Amy Coney Barrett. With drinks. episode 104
69 Nanoseconds

69 Nanoseconds


We’re joined by our friends Beck and Abi to play some Bad Libs. And Abi sings for us!! (She’s really good, guys!) ep103
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