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Author: Karen Maloney

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The intention of this podcast is to help us to open our minds, get curious about ourselves and begin to take radical responsibility for our lives. Only by continually showing up for ourselves, can we release what no longer serves us and raise our vibration and consciousness levels. We have the power to consciously create our lives but we need to 'wake up' to this fact before we can begin the process.
Believe it or not, life is always happening for us. Everything serves a purpose but only by bringing a new level of awareness or perspective, can the insights and truths be revealed to us.
We're more than just this physical, mental and emotional body. Our essence is as an energetic being and we operate on a much higher vibrational level. Hopefully some of these conversations will help you to connect more to your own inner truth, raise your consciousness and notice the support of the universe which is available to all of us.
It is my experience that when we are disconnected from our true selves, we can never fully feel alive, authentic and live in the present moment.
Hopefully the conversations will help us to begin to surrender, trust and gain new insights and perspectives on our lives. It is a process and a unique journey for each of us, so my invitation to you is to get curious and open up to the possibility that you are being supported and guided every step of the way! I'm excited for the conversations that will take place on this platform and I welcome you along on the journey!
"The way out, is to go within".
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Danielle Hahn joins me on this week's episode of the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast. Danielle Hahn is an empowerment and self-love coach for women and the founder of Warrior Women Life. Danielle has experienced vast trauma in her life and also profound healing and she has made it her life's mission to share that healing to the world. Danielle wants every woman to know, you don't have to live as a victim any longer. You CAN take your life back, and stand in your power today.  Danielle's story is beyond belief, which also makes her recovery even more inspiring and empowering. Danielle grew up in a very strict, extremely conservative Christian family system. She was very much raised under a fear based mindset. Church was a huge part of her upbringing but feeling like her family 'stuck out' in a new church they had joined, Danielle decided to join another church that a friend had suggested to her. From there, the Pastors of this church played on her vulnerability and manipulated her very slowly and had her completely brainwashed in their religious cult and exposed her to all sorts of abuse. Eventually, almost 6 years later, Danielle finally escaped and since then she has completely turned her life around. Now she works in helping other women to take back control of their lives too, no matter what the circumstances. Danielle is also working on a book that she will have coming out towards the end of 2019 called 'Warrior Within'. Check out her website
This week I share a simple technique to deal with emotions as they arise. It's simple but that doesn't mean it's easy because the hard part is remembering to put these techniques into practice when the emotion arises. Our emotions are our own in-built feedback system. We need to pay attention to them and learn to tune into them and develop a relationship with them! When we allow and witness them (as opposed to fight and resist them) they pass, they ease off, they dissipate. That's not to say they won't arise again, but they won't have such a tight grip on you. The 4 steps are Stop, Drop, Roll and Give Thanks. 1. Stop - get quiet, down tools, take a few deep breaths. 2. Drop - into your body and feel the emotion (without judging, criticising, analysing), notice where it is in your body and how does it feel. 3. Roll - with the wave of the emotion - cry, scream, kick the pillow, jump. When we feel an emotion, our body is flooded with a rush of biochemicals. This wave lasts 90seconds, so we need to roll with this intense period, then it will start to ease. 4. Give Thanks - it's so important that we acknowledge and celebrate our little wins, so thank yourself for paying attention and allowing yourself to feel the emotion. Get curious and explore it for yourself. Listen to learn more.
Martina Crudden joins me this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast. Martina is a loving mother of 6 children, she is a holistic therapist, a spiritual healer, a Reiki Master and an NLP Practitioner. Martina shares her inspirational story of how she come through tragedy and dark days after the loss of her 2 beautiful children Daniel and Jaimelee and suffering illness herself. She has turned her life around, through sheer soul searching and discipline and faith ain knowing that there had to be something more! In her words, she says, "I am here to walk with you until you learn to walk by yourself, the power to heal your life is in each and everyone of us". "Be kind to everyone and everything. Live life to the happiest and the most that you can be because we only get one life and it's time to live it".
Visu Teoh joins me this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast. Visu is a former Buddhist Monk and has been leading lovingkindness (metta) and insight meditation (vipassana) retreats in Asia and Europe for many years. He and his wife Barbara divide their time between his home island in Penang, Malaysia and Ulm in Germany. Visu was a journalist and then a Buddhist monk for 17 years before he returned to the lay life in 2003. For more information on his teachings, visit his website at "Suffering comes from my attachment and my inability to let go, my ego and this strong sense of I".
Sharon Fitzmaurice joins me this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast. Sharon is a holistic wellness coach, best selling author and speaker. She specialises in empowering others to help themselves through meditation, mindfulness, Reiki energy therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, self-awareness and personal development. Sharon works with individuals and groups since 2008 and has facilitated workshops, training and retreats that help participants awaken their potential. After years of learning tools and techniques to help Sharon in her own healing and personal development, she wrote and published two books in 2018. In the first book 'Someone please help me, So I did' Sharon shares her own story of dealing with abuse, anxiety and depression. In the second she created a self-awareness gratitude and guidance journal so that after reading her book, people could apply some of her meditation, mindfulness and journaling skills to help the readers in their own healing journey. As a regular speaker at events, Sharon's down to earth approach and humour help the audience to be their true selves and know that we all have a story to share. We all matter. "Listening is always the biggest part of any healing journey for ourselves". 
This week I'm sharing some insights and nuggets from a recent 9 day Silent Retreat that I did. It was a Vipassana (Insight) and Metta (Lovingkindness) Buddhist retreat. It was certainly a real challenge at times but it was also an incredible experience. I love to experiment and try out these things! The essential teachings of the Buddha (Dhamma) are all about learning to cultivate, purify, tame, develop and train our mind to more wholesome thoughts V's unwholesome thoughts. That's not to say 'put on rose tinted glasses' and pretend everything is great or deny situations that may arise (as another essential teaching of the Buddha is that 'life is suffering') but it's learning to navigate these times in better ways. The idea of impermanence is another aspect of the teachings - everything is always rising and passing away! I found it fascinating and I loved learning more on the teachings of the Buddha as I've never studied them before. However, I'm not saying we all need to book in 9 days for a silent retreat, the magic is finding these moments of silence throughout our every day lives. And the easiest way to do this, is by connecting to our breath and dropping into the present moment! We can do this at a moment's notice and begin to build from there. Our point of power is always in the now! 
Niamh Ennis joins me this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast. Niamh is a Transformational Coach, Mindset Mentor and Energy Healer. All roads have led Niamh to discovering her true soul purpose and by sharing her life experiences she helps women feel held, heard, supported and know that you belong. Niamh works with women from all over the world to help them do the same, be who they want to be. She assists those who are searching for what they need to make real transformation in their lives, at work, in their relationships and most importantly with themselves. “Mine has not been an easy path but I am grateful for the struggles, they have been my gift, they have taught me so much about myself. They are what inspire me now to work with like-minded women who simply want to turn their lives around. They want real Transformation".
The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness


This week is all about the power of forgiveness. It can be a difficult aspect for us to grasp but it is vital for our own wellbeing. To forgive is to 'let go' of the burdens of resentment, anger, rage, frustration for our own benefit, so these toxic energies don't cause dis-ease and illness in our body, it's not about letting the other person 'off the hook'.
"The quality of our life depends on the quality of our questions". This week I'm sharing some tips on how to being to build an awareness practice for yourself. Awareness is key when it comes to making change in our lives. Like Google Maps, if we don't know our exact starting location, it's impossible for us to get to our destination. This is a short episode on the benefits of taking a few moments each day to 'check-in' with ourselves and ask ourselves some self-inquiry questions. With daily, consistent action, we can begin to gain more perspective on what serves us and what doesn't serve us, and learn to install more empowering programs!
Keith Wilson, aka The Chocolate Shaman joins me this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast. Keith spent his early adult life as a geologist, cave-exploring adventurer, and inventor.  Over time, his passion shifted to the practical use of medicinal herbs, and he developed skills in many forms of body work. In the 1980’s and 90’s he joined a meditation and channelling group where he honed his skills as a processing intuitive, helping himself and his clients work through their personal issues and blocks. In 2003, he arrived in Guatemala where he met the Cacao Spirit. She invited him on an adventure to rediscover what ancient Central and South American societies knew and celebrated. Pure, Ceremonial Grade Cacao has the power to open the heart, clear the mind, and produce a joyful and gentle euphoria that makes all of life's spiritual, creative and productive endeavours easier and more fun.   Keith began experimenting with cacao, hand grinding small batches and sharing it with friends and clients. Their reactions were profoundly positive, and often mingled with disbelief; “Really, what did you put in that drink?” This positive response led Keith to invite people to cacao ceremonies for group processing work. It was during these first ceremonies that he became known as “The Chocolate Shaman.” Soon after Keith built a cacao workshop on his property in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, where his cacao is still made today. From its spiritual beginnings, Keith is expanding the use of cacao to the creative and business worlds. Demonstrating that pure, ceremonial grade cacao helps everything flow effortlessly, intuitively and enjoyably, whether it be a cacao ceremony, a budget planning session, writing, painting, a sales call, meditation, software development, yoga or a jog in the park.
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