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In depth conversations with interesting people. Each guest provides expertise on their role and or life experience.
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In this conversation I sit down with instructor and educator Mark Eagles. Mark was my instructor for an adult learning program I was in. I found his methods and teaching style in class to be very conducive for a successful learning environment. I had to record an episode with him to find out who he is and where he came from.
EP 028 Paramedic Podcast

EP 028 Paramedic Podcast


Ever wonder what it's like to be a Paramedic? I have, and in this episode I have all of my questions answered. Recorded over several different sessions, we discuss the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to keeping the public safe. Please Enjoy. 
In this episode I find out about the hidden/not so hidden world of escorting.  This episode is an edited/updated version of episode 010 which I had to take down due to privacy reasons. All of the juicy content is still there but as per the guest's request, I have altered some details. Please Enjoy
This episode is gone to the dogs... and cats and exotic animals of all sorts. Dr. Mann from the Moncton Animal Hospital joins me for a discussion around all things Veterinarian related. Please enjoy the show. If you are interested in more information please visit 
Ever wonder what it would be like to hit the high seas of asphalt avenues? Leave it all behind and go trucking? In this episode I sit down with a long haul trucker to discuss the Ins and Outs of a career forged on the road. 
In this episode I am joined by Mindy, a young lady who is living with and fighting against Stage 4 Breast Cancer (Metastatic). Mindy was an open book and I felt like I could ask anything, and I did! I am very thankful for her time. We got into all kinds of topics such as: Alternative treatments, dreams, preconceived notions, lack of eye lashes... The list goes on. Please enjoy this conversation and Mindy's great sense of humour. #BreastCancerAwareness  
On this episode I sit down with Emily from SucSeed. Emily and the team at SucSeed have created hydroponic grow kits that let people grow fresh produce year round without the use of soil or sunlight. Visit for more details
Former Professor at the Memorial University of Newfoundland talks about the strange and interesting traditions, beliefs and rituals here in Newfoundland and Labrador 
A quick episode for Halloween concerning mind control.  Cover art rights belong to:
Cheese is a strange thing. It can be stringy, stinky soft or solid. Cheese can give you nightmares. In this episode I sit down with Adam Blanchard from 5 Brothers Artisan Cheese. Adam started making cheese in his kitchen 7 years ago and now he has moved into a larger processing facility, where he can hardly keep up with demand. Check out this Newfoundland success story and be inspired to follow your dreams and eat some cheese. 
H.O.P.E. Helping Orphans Prosper through Education is a Newfoundland based charity that provides compassion and support to Ugandan orphans through education sponsorship. I sat down with marjorie, one of the founders of the program to discuss the ins and outs of this wonderful and life changing program.
Have you ever found yourself in the woods gazing at the mystery of a mushroom. Have you wondered if its edible? Today I try to find out what you can and cannot eat in the woods. Its pretty crazy that the earth provides us will all of these edible things. Its primal, its the way its used to be, but we have lost the way. Today I sit down with Denis, Denis has rediscovered the way. and he is super excited to share his knowledge. please enjoy my conversation with Denis the forager. 
On today's episode I have a conversation with Ian Williams. Ian and I are both apart of the Fogbank audio co-working group here in St. John's. If you would like to learn more about the group, please check out Before Ian got involved with audio, he went to school to become a Naval architect. A naval architect is the person behind the scenes who designs everything and anything to do with sea faring vessels. Ian was kind enough to answer my main question "why are portholes round?" among many others that sprang up during the course of our conversation. If you would like to check out Ian's podcast which is called Ships in Port, you can do so on the Fogbank website, which once again is and now, my conversation with Ian.
On todays episode I sit down to chat with Grant Genova whose architecture firm is called fresh fruit and architecture. Grant has an interesting story, one that takes him to places across Canada and the united states. His life starts in Toronto but now he calls St. John's his home. Grant has a unique perspective on all things architecture and I believe that extends his perspectives on life,  I hope you enjoy this wide ranging conversation.
The ocean is a vast universe of light and darkness. In its mystery there are many creatures we know and love. Whales, dolphins,  seals and so on. But like so many famous creatures here on land, there, behind the scenes is a plethora of staff that hold the whole production together. Today we are going to learn about one of those lesser appreciated staff members. The tiny but important Capelin. Victoria Neville - is the Senior Specialist of marine ecosystems and fisheries at World Wildlife Fund. She is my friend and the voice of the Capelin. Please enjoy this conversation. Links Mentioned in this episode: WWF - FOOD FOR ALL REPORT DFO
99 days, 8000kms and zero experience. Skyler and Mario cycled all the way across Canada to raise money for Alzheimers research and awareness. I sit down with them, at the end of their journey to find out what its like, to traverse the second largest country in the world.
On this weeks episode I sit down with Keith Vokey. Keith has an interesting job, he is a master of ceremonies of sorts. Keith welcomes honorary Newfoundlanders to our province via a provincial ritual known as a screech in. I won't go into too much detail because Keith lays it out quite nicely in the show. So without further delay, please enjoy my conversation with screech master, Keith Vokey
Ep 012 My Mom!

Ep 012 My Mom!


Did this one with my dear ma. She is a sweet heart of the highest order. We got to talking about her early years as a mom and my early years as a boy. We shared our mutual experience in the moment and in the memory. I hope you enjoy this strange and personal sojourn into our early years.
In this episode I talk to Gaby Eirew, the creator of an app (RecordMeNow) that lets people record video messages to be shared with loved ones after they pass away. We talked about the app and about Gaby's interesting life! Really great conversation. Thanks again to Gaby. Please Enjoy
In this episode I sit down with Sergey Holson. Sergey was a competitive swimmer on his way to Olympic glory but soon found himself changing lanes. We talk about his life post athletics and what it's like to find positivity in life's everyday moments. I hope you enjoy!
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Addison Sutherland

Really innovative and captivating story telling. The creator takes everyday experiences that we normally pass over and gently interrogates them until the underlying humanity is revealed. 10/10

Nov 28th
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