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The Resilience Prescription with Ryan Caligiuri
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The Resilience Prescription with Ryan Caligiuri

Author: Ryan Caligiuri

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The Resilience Prescription (RRX) is a collection of three shows (The Cut the Crap Show, Create Your 8™, and Brain-Jiu-Jitsu) hosted by Ryan Caligiuri that are designed to help you build resilience as you learn tools, strategies, philosophies, and stories on how to cope with the stresses of life, develop a positive mental attitude, and become a beacon of positivity and resilience for your family, friends, company, and community.
202 Episodes
This week on Brain Jiu-Jitsu, the BJJ Crew grapple with what they could have done better the last week, their favourite pick me ups, the power and danger of positive and negative friends, and how to build a core group of friends.This episode is brought to you by the Oura Ring. Get $50 off your Oura Ring and support the show when you go to
The BJJ Crew is back together for the first show in 2020 and talk all about their highs and lows from 2019 and their goals for 2020!
In this episode of BJJ the entire crew discusses how we can teach someone how to develop common sense, self-awareness, and empathy. Can it be done!?SPONSORED BY: OURA RINGGet $50USD off your order by visiting
In this episode of BJJ the entire crew welcomes in long time listener, Kyla Bernardo. Kyla is a counsellor specializing in anxiety, depression, trauma, and PTSD. Together the crew discusses vulnerability, depression, body positivity gone too far, and the usual shenanigans mixed in throughout!SPONSORED BY: OURA RINGGet $50USD off your order by visiting
In this episode of BJJ the entire crew discusses, goals, purpose and why we're so lost without them and why in some cases we don't need them.Our camera battery died half way through so we're using backup audio from our phone for the last half!SPONSORED BY: OURA RINGGet $50USD off your order by visiting
This week on Brain Jiu-Jitsu, the BJJ Crew is back together as they discuss the importance and difference between role models, coaches, and mentors.
The BJJ Crew gets back together to hear about Shawn’s health scare, discuss how we all build self-belief, and share a damn good laugh at the expense of two bozos in tight white shirts! 
We all tend to wallow in our negative thoughts...that's normal. But what I want is for you to spend LESS time wallowing and more time taking control of your thoughts to bring back your positive mental attitude.
This young woman gave me an incredible perspective shift and I have to thank her for that. I hope she is able to do the same for you as well!
This week I sit down with Marshall Goldsmith, the author of Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts--Becoming the Person You Want to Be as we both break down his book into a handful of golden nuggets!
Four members of the BJJ Crew discuss the importance of self-awareness and the growing trend of No Nut November among men in place of the previous trend of Movember.(The first 10 minutes of this episode were lost unfortunately)#BrainJiuJitsu #TheResiliencePrescription #RyanCaligiuri
This week I sit down with Art Markman, the author of Smart Change: Five Tools to Create New and Sustainable Habits in Yourself and Others as we both break down his book into a handful of golden nuggets!
The BJJ Crew discusses a comment made to Shawn that the only reason he is so happy is because he has not faced enough hardship in his life.
The BJJ Crew gets together to share their favourite habits that help them take greater control of their health.
This episode of Brain JIu-Jitsu is all about fasting, the difficulties with fasting, the benefits and why you should start fasting too!
The BJJ Crew struggle their way through understanding the differences between men and women, but as they progress through their discussions some of them start to form some ideas into the differences...or lack of differences between men and women. This one had a lot of moments of laughter, I hope you enjoy it as much as did!
This week the BJJ Crew gets together to figure out how Shawn CY8s every day, how our demons control our minds, how to cope with death, philosophies, and habits.
In this episode of Brain Jiu-Jitsu we talk about what offends you, why, and how can you use it for good in your life? Is the school system broken? What comes first, goals or purpose?
This week the BJJ Crew asks a question that some think is pretty straightforward while others think it's more complicated than that. Listen to each opinion and tell us what you think. As the discussion unfolds we also get into a deep conversation about religion which came out of nowhere but was a great thing for us to share and learn about each other.
This week the BJJ Crew talk all about the power of storytelling, hitting the snooze button, is motivation garbage, is saying lucky offensive, and how to change your mood in a minute.
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Ditmas Park Production

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 only a poor mind set says money dont buy you happiness

Dec 7th
Reply (4)

Deb Donato

Thanks for the #RealTalk re: money, strengths/weaknesses, and saying NO!

Dec 5th
Reply (1)

Ditmas Park Production

where is #1 And #2

Nov 30th
Reply (2)

Vahid Parvizi

That's the best motivational and life training podcast I've ever seen, Thanks for your great job

Nov 28th
Reply (1)

Zoulkifly Lazanba

I'm so angry with myself cause i didn't find this podcast earlier! I've found one episode on YouTube accidentally i opened it and BoooM! it's changed my life I've learned the most important things in my life in those short minutes! thank you very much!

Nov 12th
Reply (1)

Omer Mushahid

Hi Ryan, absolutely love the show !!! Getting to hear the authors is even better than listening to the books. It gives you a genuine impression of the presective and personality of the authors. May be towards the end you can include what topics were left out and a give rating based on "golden nugget" vs "pure fluff". It is also good that you have slightly diversified into productivity as well.

Feb 16th
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