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Author: Ryan Caligiuri

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The Cut the Crap Show breaks down a best selling book every week into a handful of golden nuggets. The goal of the show is to help you save you time, present new information that can spark change in your life, and most importantly help you to build resilience & Create Your 8™.

Past guests include Seth Godin, Mark Manson, Jeffrey Gitomer, Patrick Lencioni, Dan Pink, and many others.

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Why is it that we look at certain successful people and think they are different from us? We think we can't do what they did. That's the wrong idea. We CAN be where they are or close to it if we follow their lead. So if you have goals to be fitter, more wealthy, more intelligent, and so on...follow the paths of those who are where you want to be! Success leaves clues, so follow them and pick up their clues to help you in your journey!Another thing to keep in mind is follow those leaders who have overcome crazy odds that would scare the living heck out of you! If they could get through it, so could you. I personally think of people like Viktor Frankl or Sylvester Stallone, when I get down on myself. I remember their stories and it inspires me that I will never face the odds they did and I am more blessed than I think I am.Both of these outputs will help give us perspective as well as help us achieve our goals faster.
Mini Challenges are so important because they give you a little shot of dopamine throughout your day. These mini challenges have to be manufactured by you as you push through a barrier in your mind. Set up mini challenges throughout your day - at the gym, at work, at home, in your leisure time. Do it as often as you can and feel a sense of satisfaction that will short circuit your brain, reprogram it, and will help you to eradicate the demons of your mind.
This recording came in the gym while working out and I was thinking about the goals you have and the people in your life who are either helping you or hurting you. I'm challenging all of you to AUDIT YOUR INNER CIRCLE. Who do you have in your inner circle who is helping you to level up and hit your goals. And who do you have in your life is NOT helping you to hit your goals?Create Your 8™: Short Circuit and Reprogram Your Brain to Eradicate Depression
A golden nugget from Dragon the Bruce Lee Story. Bruce Lee had his demons but one in particular haunted him. How many of you have demons that haunt you? Demons from a broken relationship, demons from a financial problem, demons from your health...we all have demons! But we also all have an inner warrior that can defeat that demon! Today I want you to recognize your inner warrior and realize that it is growing and will help you defeat your demons as you go through hardships.
Kicking off a new iteration for the Cut the Crap Show!A golden nugget from Chet Holmes' The Ultimate Sales Machine is the idea of Pig Headed Determination.
This week I'm taking a moment to share with you how I bounced back from my so called set backs this week.
This week I break down the golden nuggets from Dan Ariely's book - Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our MotivationsSupport Ryan and the show through Patreon: theme by Porter Robinson. Song: Language.
This week I break down the golden nuggets from Sarah Knight's book - Get Your Shit Together.Support Ryan and the show through Patreon: theme by Porter Robinson. Song: Language.
In today's episode I break down the book Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear.Support Ryan and the show through Patreon: theme by Porter Robinson. Song: Language.
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Ditmas Park Production

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 only a poor mind set says money dont buy you happiness

Dec 7th
Reply (4)

Deb Donato

Thanks for the #RealTalk re: money, strengths/weaknesses, and saying NO!

Dec 5th
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Ditmas Park Production

where is #1 And #2

Nov 30th
Reply (2)

Vahid Parvizi

That's the best motivational and life training podcast I've ever seen, Thanks for your great job

Nov 28th
Reply (1)

Zoulkifly Lazanba

I'm so angry with myself cause i didn't find this podcast earlier! I've found one episode on YouTube accidentally i opened it and BoooM! it's changed my life I've learned the most important things in my life in those short minutes! thank you very much!

Nov 12th
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