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Cut To - A podcast on World Cinema
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Cut To - A podcast on World Cinema

Author: Vivek and Viru

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Just 2 guys tripping over cinema from across the world. Get movie suggestions, find out some interesting trivia and just listen to them ramble about a new movie every episode.
83 Episodes
Available on Youtube. This documentary is about the extraordinary tale of a punk rock band from the 70s made by 3 brothers that went largely unnoticed until they became a sensation on the internet 35 years later! And this was accurately predicted by the eldest brother who passed away a long time back. Listen to my discussion with Srijith Nambiar on this touching tale.
Available on Mubi, this is a documentary about a weird fetish on the deep dark web. A couple of journalists investigate the origins of CET - Competitive Endurance Tickling! But as they dig deeper, the people behind the videos start threatening them. We discuss this intriguing, sinister documentary.  
Ep 81: Athena - France

Ep 81: Athena - France


Available on Netflix, this is an incendiary film about an uprising against police brutality by immigrants and a band of brothers caught on different sides. While one is leading the revolt, another is trying to be the mediator and the 3rd is just trying to just make a fast buck by whatever means possible. Will it all all turn out fine? or is it a tragedy? We discuss this explosive Netflix film.
Available on NETFLIX, this is India's official entry for the Academy Awards. Reminiscent of the classic 'Cinema Paradiso', this is about a kid in a small village in Gujarat who gets fascinated by cinema and starts an unlikely friendship with a film projectionist. While he learns more about the art, he realises that the only way he can realise his dreams of making films is to leave his village and family, and travel to the city. 
Available on Youtube, this is fun fish out of the water comedy, about an aimless young man who takes up forestry as a profession. Being a city slicker he finds it difficult to adjust to the life in the village he has to do his internship in, but slowly he becomes a part of the community and starts loving his job. We talk about this breezy comedy.
Available on Mubi, this is a love story in disguise of a murder mystery, where an experienced detective falls for the wife of a guy who's death he is investigating. Is she the killer and playing him, or is she innocent? We discuss this slow burn of a film and talk about how this is a complete googly from a notoriously gruesome director. 
Available on Netflix, this Golden Globe nominated film is a harrowing tale of World War 1 where naive German citizens fall for the government's propaganda and enlist themselves into a war they cannot win. Told from the POV of one such naive German, this film takes you into the heart of the war and shows you the futility of it. It's brutal, it's heart-wrenching. It's moving.  Listen in now.
Available on Netflix, this Danish thriller is about a couple that's out to kill one another. When the husband is caught cheating by his wife, he decides to take matter into his own hands. But when the wife survives, she is determined to make him pay for it. What happens next would make Abbas Mastan proud. 
Available on MUBI, this is the real life story of Tommaso Buscetta, who stood against the infamous Cosa Nostra - Sicilian Mafia and became the informer who triggered its downfall. An epic ranging over decades, this film tracks his life from the time he became aware of the rot within the gang, to the eventual court case that led to him proving the nefarious link between the Mafia and influential politicians.
We talk about 2 films from Assam by Rima Das available on NETFLIX. The first, a slow deep dive into the world of kids from her village and the 2nd a tale of adolescent tale of friendship and love. While Village Rockstars is about a girl's dream to have her own rock band, Bulbul Can Sing is about a teenager's first love and the complications that come along with it. Vivek and Viru discuss these 2 gems from Assam by the one-man army - Rima Das. 
Available on Netflix, this Malayali film is a sports drama about a football team owner in the popular Sevens tournament. He gets 3 new players from Nigeria to play for his team and thus turns the fortunes of his team. But when one of them gets injured, the owner battles adversity along with his friends and family, to take care of him. Viru and celebrity substitute Srijit Nambiar aka @Numbyaar discuss this heartwarming film in the absence of Vivek.
Available on Prime Video. When an aspiring writer meets his childhood neighbour, who is a starry-eyed, free-spirited girl, his life turns into a slow burn thriller. While he develops feelings for the girl, he starts getting jealous of a rich guy who comes into their lives. Will his over-active imagination get the better of him? Or is the story truly about something way more sinister? Vivek and Viru dive into the possibilities.
Ep 71: A Hero - Iran

Ep 71: A Hero - Iran


Available on Prime Video - A man gets a 2 day leave from prison to try and figure out a compromise with his creditor. But things go from bad to worse when he decides to do a good deed by returning a purse he finds at a bus stop. Every step he takes pushes him deeper into the mess he has created for himself. Will the Hero be able to redeem himself? or is he doomed? Vivek and Viru discuss this fascinating drama by Asghar Farhadi. 
Ep 70: Maktub - Israel

Ep 70: Maktub - Israel


Available on Netflix - When 2 small time hoodlums miraculously survive a terrorist bomb attack, they see it as a sign of god and decide to do some good. So they start picking wishes written on the Wailing Wall and help people fulfil those wishes. Things get a little complicated when they pick a wish that is too close to home! Vivek and Viru discuss this cute little comedy set in Jerusalem.
Available on NETFLIX - A super natural thriller with a cat and mouse game between 2 characters 20 years apart but connected by a magical phone. When a girl moves back to her home, she starts getting a mysterious call from a girl who used to stay in the same home 20 years ago. Things turn dangerous when the girl from the past turns out to be a serial killer and controls the destiny of the girl in the present. Listen in to find out more about this film. 
Available in Theaters. An immigrant mother's life is upended when her husband from a parallel universe comes seeking her assistance in defeating a threat to humanity across universes. Vivek and Viru discuss this sci-fi action dramedy with Monish Moorthy.
Available on Mubi. The luck of a quiet teenage girl from a poor family takes a dramatic turn for the better when she wins a luxury car. Will she be able to show off her new car to her friends or will her father sell it off so that they can use the money for the family? Listen to Viru and Vivek discuss this film as they dive into their personal experience in advertising. 
Available on Prime. This is a spaghetti western vampire horror which is also a love story based in this fictional Iranian town called Bad City, where a chador wearing Vampire skateboards around at night and kills men who are victimising women. Viru discusses this film with Yatin and Monish.
Available on Netflix, Breaded Life is a fun magical tale about a rich brat whose life changes one da when the entire world forgets about him and he now has to fend for himself in the ghetto. Aided by a breadseller, he learns how to survive, finds true love and infact thrive. Will his family ever remember him again and what is the mystery behind his world changing one fine day. Viru discusses with Srijith Nambiar
Ep 63: Gargi - India

Ep 63: Gargi - India


Available on Sony Liv, this 2022 tamil film is about a school teacher who's father gets accused of having raped a 9 year old child. Though her world turns upside down, she decides to prove the innocence of her father. Will she be able to prove it or will she be proven wrong? Viru discusses this serious film with 2 friends Siddharth Sarathi and Meenakshi Negi
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