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DARK FONZIE with Marc Maron & Dean Delray
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DARK FONZIE with Marc Maron & Dean Delray

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Two middle aged guys with no kids, no cigars and no love for sports talking about life, cats, dogs, rock, movies, clothes, food, comedy and most things that have nothing to do with kids, cigars or sports.
5 Episodes
Today the guys dive into all kinds of topics like early days of Drinking, Pellet Guns, and loyalty to a Cigarette Brand. This is ground breaking material that you do not wanna miss out on. Don't forget to leave a review and subscribe on iTunes and Youtube. All episodes can also be found on     
Episode #3 Of Dark Fonzie is here. Today Marc and Dean dive into - Coen Brothers Films, Broken Bones and Junkyards. Have a fantastic weekend and don't forget to support Live Comedy. Please Subscribe and review on iTunes and YouTube and tell a friend. Dark Fonzie can also be found on The Cactus Radio Network along with some other great podcast like Let There Be Talk, The Grail and At Home With Byron Katie. Visit the website at     
Today on Episode #2 of Dark Fonzie the guys dive into The Comedy Store being back open, Late 70's Rolling Stones records and of course some Guitar Talk. Hope you guys dig it. Please subscribe and leave a review on whatever platform you listen on.  Candles Lit.  
Here it is episode 1 of the brand new podcast Dark Fonzie with  Marc Maron and Dean Delray. The guys dig into the importance of friendship during the insanity of 2020. Also some full on bad Fashion talk as Marc and Dean talk about their different looks over the years. Hope you guys dig the show. Please subscribe and review on iTunes and Youtube.                
Welcome to DARK FONZIE.

Welcome to DARK FONZIE.


Welcome to the Dark Fonzie podcast, with your hosts Marc Maron & Dean Delray. Hit the subscribe button on your favorite podcast app to make sure you get the new episodes when they drop.
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nicole mabie

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Jun 11th

Chris Bones

After graduating college I got hired to do archeology/biological survey, mapping, and excavation on a military base. Once the fieldwork is done on a project the next step is to go to the lab/office and analyze artifacts, database data, ID samples, procure all research on the area's history, and making maps. Then its writing a big boring detailed report with photos and illustrations plus....blah blah blah who cares. Also the outdoor stuff is seasonal so very few crew members get to do the lab/office stuff. I got one over 4 positions even though it was my 1st project after graduating college I've always been good at leapfrogging people with more experience and credentials. Funny, humble and good attitude works wonders. I was so bored and sick of the best music I knew at the time so I decided to see what Adam Carolla was doing since I was liked Loveline all through high school. Adam made left Loveline and had a terrestrial radio show I could listen to online but his show got pulled bc it's cheaper to play music only. i followed him to his first podcast and still listen now. this was around 2007 or 2008. i had no idea what podcasts were but git into them fast. mostly comedian's show bc I just wanted good humor. Found Marc Maron soon after and was an immediate fan. Getting into Dean's podcast, which came out much later as far as podcast history goes, was such a good score to find at the time. I was a rock music guy, then mostly podcasts, and now both. Dean's long career in the music world gave Dean tons of music knowledge so the interviews with musicians has been killer. He seems to personally know or at least met many of his guests. Dark Fonzie is gonna be good h

May 22nd
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