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Hey dance music fans... I've been mixing for years and love to mix today's hot tracks with yesterday's hot tracks and even some up and coming tracks. Nobody mixes the old with the new... so that's why my mixes are unique. Every podcast is about 50 minutes long and is totally free to download or listen. I mix pop, top 40, dance, edm, house, etc... check it out!
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Hello again my friends... if you didn't hear the premier of my new mix on The Weekend Dance Party on Hitcast Radio May 15th, here it is.  It's another great Top 40 / Pop mix in my style which, if you are here, I'm sure you know how I roll... great party music.  Enjoy it and look for the next one soon!  Stay Safe!
If you didn't hear the premier of the new mix on Hitcast Radio over the weekend, it is ow available here, in the iTunes/Google Play podcast stores and on Spotify.  It's another great Top 40 mix with my usually style of dding in some great throwback songs.  You will enjoy I'm sure!  Thanks for listening as always...   STAY SAFE  
Went back to a little progressive EDM on this one... it's def. not a Top 40 Mix!  Getting a little crazy staying home with the 2020 Virus, so I went off with music!  Also, my Mixes are now available on Spotify under the DCtheDJ Mixcast... follow me and listen to my mixes right there as well as iTunes, Google Play, Podbean or on my website.  Thanks!  STAY HOME, STAY SAFE friends!  
Had an extra day in the calendar, so I thought I'd drop another great hit mix.  New stuff, old stuff and a classic house mash up near the end... hope you dig it.  Now let's all pray for summer to get here!
Going to try to be better at getting mixes done... even though I am now producing 5 online radio stations (Shameless Plug: ALL INCLUSIVE RADIO) I need to keep doing what I have been doing for over 30 years now... making great party mixes.  This one is another Top 40 / Pop mix, so I hope you are digging those!
Into my 5th decade mixing dance music!  And I thank all of you who have listened, downloaded and commented to keep me going.  Here is my first mix of the year and it's a Top 40 dance mix.  Check out great Top 40 mixes every weekend on the Weekend Dance Party on Hitcast Radio, an All Inclusive Radio station!
Wanted to drop at least one more mix before the end of the decade!  Wow, where did time go?  This one started out as a regular mix then took a turn towards a Chicago deep house / tribal mix.  My old school followers will dig it and I hope the rest of you will too.  Thanks for listening and as always, I appreciate the comments!
Well here is the second of TWO mixes dropping.  This one is a pop/top 40 mix with some of todays hottest hits and some great flashbacks.  The other (Mix 4) is a great Progressive EDM Mix.  I appreciate all the listens, downloads and social media shares.  I'm getting older and I don't plan to stop mixing unless you stop listening... so help keep me young!!! LOL . Peace.
Well here is the first of TWO mixes dropping.  This one is High Energy Progressive EDM and the other is a Pop Mix.  I appreciate all the listens, downloads and social media shares.  I'm getting older and I don't plan to stop mixing unless you stop listening... so help keep me young!!! LOL . Peace.
I am back with a killer party mix with some of today's hottest hits, some remixes from years gone by and some killer EDM tracks... I apologize for the time apart, I've been working so hard on my All Inclusive Radio stations including Club DC playing 24 hour dance music and DJ Mixes.  I will try not to take so long to mix for you in the future.  Hope this mix gets you thru the summer months!  
Promises made... promises kept!  I told you I'd be back sooner than later with another great club mix.  This one is pretty progressive versus the usual pop remix stuff I like to do.  The next mix will be more pop tracks remixed... coming soon.  Thanks, as always, for listening in every country!
Well Hey... it's been over two months and I promise not to take such a long break again... those All Inclusive Radio stations I've been working on are taking up more time than I planned, but I will not disappear again.  I remembered how much fun it is making these mixes... and I hope you enjoy them as well... which you must, based on the messages and download totals.  And for that, I thank you so very much!  This mix has a slice of everything... new tracks, hit tracks, edm tracks and even a classic rock track... remixed of course.  Enjoy!  And let's have fun in 2019!
It's been almost 3 months since my last mix and I needed to get this done.  So here it is... My four radio stations have me so busy.  You gotta check out Club DC.  We play dance and mixes by some great DJs 24 hours a day... get the ALL INCLUSIVE RADIO app and listen on your smartphone or tablet.  Great stuff.  Thanks for listening throughout 2018 and I hope to get more mixes done in 2019.  Have a great holiday season!
Well well well... I know I know I know... it's been too friggin long... and I apologize.  But if you like some hard hitting club music, you will love this mix and forget that it took me way too long to get around to it.  Great shit in this mix... download it, share it... and I will be back with another soon... I promise!
Been a while since the last mix since I've been working hard at the 3 All Inclusive Radio Online Stations (Hitcast, Rockcast and the new Mother Truckin Country)... so I thought I'd go way back to the 80's... but with a twist.  They are all new remixes of the classic 80's songs... great stuff here... check it out!  Party on dudes!
Finally Finally and Finally!!! Got this mix done... put some great tracks in this mix... some progressive EDM, some pop and a whole lot more... just put it on and jam!  And thanks for being patient while I've been so damn busy!
Baseball is back and so is another hot mix from yours truly.  This mix has a heavy emphasis on 2018 remakes... songs that were huge in their day, re-done with a 2018 twist.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Be nice to one another.  
Need more dance mixes?  No fear.... 2018 Mix 5 is here!  Great stuff in a typical DCtheDJ mix!  Enjoy and share!  Get more great mixes on the Weekend Dance Party, every Friday and Saturday night on the All Inclusive Hitcast from 10pm-6am est (USA).  Go to and listen!
Thought is was time for a new mix... and here it is!  Mixing new, old and more!  Pop Dance, EDM, Remixes ... I cover it all.  It's another party mix!  And by the way, be sure to give my new internet radio station a listen at RIGHT HERE or on the TuneIn app, just search for ALL INCLUSIVE HITCAST and add to your favorites.  You can also see what's going on at .  We also play hot dance mixes Friday at Saturday nights from 10pm Eastern USA time to 6am!  We play Pop, Dance, Rock, HipHop, and even some hot country!  Yep... we play it all!
Who's ready for another great party mix?  Put this one together for you with some of today's freshest tracks, yesterdays throwbacks and, as usual, like a DCtheDJ mix only does... some tracks you would not expect to hear in a party/dance mix.  
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