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Digital Era Entertainment's weekly Esports and gaming podcast!

Hosted by DEE CORe Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Cardez and his team (Wally Oruam and Luigino Gigante). Regularly broadcast Thursdays at 7pm EST on the DEE Twitch Channel ( LIVE from Waypoint Cafe NYC (

This contains a "starter pack" of the first 25 episodes of the show. All written articles and more can be found at our site! (
25 Episodes
A (visually barebones) milestone episode where the crew discuss card games...again! Also, discussion of upcoming video game releases that have the crew excited and a Disney-related update that may have major impact on the world of eSports. -FINAL EPISODE TO BE POSTED ON CASTBOX.FM...THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!-
Jimmy "MajinKotetsu" Baye (@MajinKotetsu) of Initio Gaming (@InitioGG) joins the team to talk eSports, his road to involvement in the eSports community, and more! (Also, the LONGEST sign-off to date…you'll hear what we mean when you get to it, hahah…)
A new Overwatch Hero (literally) rolls in just hours before the show! The crew discusses this and other developments of the week.
Following their appearance on Overwatch League Team NYXL's Homefront Supporters Showcase, the crew discusses the Homefront initiative with guest Ben Nichol (@MrBitterTV), Event Planner and Business Developer for NYXL!
Having survived the E3 gauntlet, the team reviews a generally lackluster (but still discussion-worthy) conference.
This week, Vince/Mario is out of the truck and on the show as he and the gang prepare for the 2018 edition of "Nerd Christmas" aka E3! (Oh, and we take Ol' Gil/EA to task FREQUENTLY this episode. Because of course we would. Also, 100 YEARS OF *BURP* DEE CODE, VILLAGERS...)
This week, the gang discusses new game announcements, lawsuits, megacorporations, and the prospect of selling out to SNK. Also, Wally posits how eSports is the new NASCAR. (No, really. It's a brilliant theory!)
This week, the numbers dwindle to just two as Ken and Wally hold down the fort(nite), discussing items like the staggering amount of money Epic Games' free-to-play game has made in April 2018 alone.
This week, the gang discuses auteur gaming, pre-pre-E3 drops, and the new Call of Duty being an entry into the "battle royale" genre.
The gang discusses the OWL finals being in our backyard, an unlikely entrant into the eSports field, the latest DLC for Destiny 2, and Nintendo-related content news. D-D-D-DEE CODE...f-f-f-for life.
Who survived Thanos' Infinity quest? Who survived Fortnite's meteor strike?? Who will survive the upcoming Overwatch nerfs??? FIND OUT IN THE FIFTEENTH EPISODE OF DEE CODE, TRUE BELIEVERS!
This episode, the team proves they are savants as a second discussion of "battle royal" style games confirms an accurate prediction from Episode #12. Also, the Iron Banner and Iron Curtain collide as streaming services (and their parent companies) run afoul of Russia. Plus, the week's eSports headlines and neat Monster Hunter World news.
This week, the gang discusses a wide gamut of topics such as OWL player+public personality controversies, PAX East (including games featured at the event), Destiny 2 updates, and the new God of War.
This week, with the team depleted due to PAX East 2018, Wrestlemania weekend, and Kristian running late to the show, Wally and Ken discuss "battle royal" style games as the "last men standing."
The gang returns after a two-week hiatus and discuss all the major happenings from that time!
The show hits double digits and the crew's jaws hit the floor in the wake of Nintendo's Direct that aired right before the show!
The crew discusses "party brawlers," highlighting a few top picks and why certain games in the genre never took off. Also, Mario is publicly declared to be "Vinnie Mac in the truck." It all makes sense in context, we assure you.
Following on the previous week's MOBA theme and the Shadowverse digital card game stream earlier in the week, the team covers collectible card games in all their foil-lined cardboard glory! (And the accompanying animes for a few of them. Because obviously.)
The team covers the origins (and rise to prominence) of MOBAs and discuss EVO as well as the risks and shortcomings of a contemporary game release schedule. Also Wally becomes a (green screen) Force ghost because not enough people bought the DLC. Let's get some extra Digital Villagers so we can have a whole Wally next episode!
The crew dissects and discusses the overused "catch all" term to describe modern day game difficulty; also covered are updates in the TCG world and news about OWL's first prominent female player.
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