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Author: Jas Verville

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Welcome to the DIVINELY HUMAN podcast. We all have one thing in common, our Divinely human experience...Join host, Jas Verville each week as she shares lessons she's picked up along her journey as well as open & honest stories from inspiring guests, that uplift, remind & ground you into the deep wisdom of why we're here & where we're going. We talk all things spirituality, mind, body & space wellness, and how to manifest the life of bliss our soul is destined to live.If you connect with what you hear, please take a moment to leave a review, subscribe to the show & share with someone you love. We're all on this wandering together
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Welcome back friends!Wow it's been a little bit since I've been able to come on here and have a sit down with you all. The past 3 months have been heavy. Filled with a lot of growth & transformation as I dove deep into shadow aspects of myself that haven't been touched in years. My personal goal is to be able to look in the mirror and truly love the soul I see staring back at me, and in order to do that we have to do the work. Show up everyday, even when it seems like there's no point, and integrate the medicine of love.In this episode I talk about what's been going on these past few monthsHow I came to uncover some of my shadowsWhat are shadows? And share some of mine.How & why we should all be integrating our shadows.If you connected with this episode, please take a moment to rate it & share it with someone you think might feel connected too!BlessingsSources:@ToBeMagneticTBM Shadow WorkshopTBM Inner Child@moondustourmother
Welcome back family!We're 1 episode away from the end of season 1 & I am eternally grateful every time we are able to share an expansive conversation with you all. This week we're sharing time with my personal Kundalini teachers, Yogi Jenn. She is a true inspiration and forever altered the way I treat my personal practice & devotion with Divine Mother. I truly hope this episode blesses you in all the way you are open to it. You can find Jenn@kundalini.for.the.culture Of course, if you feel called, share with someone that you love and would benefit from the love & message we're spreading. See you next week for our season finale! 
Welcome back family!In this week's episode, I sit down with Jena Sophia to dig deep into her journey as a PSYCH-K facilitator and all around holistic healer. Jena has been practicing alternative modalities of healing for more than 15 years and has such an incredible story. The serendipitous way we connected is a testament to how tuned in she is to Divine source. In this episode we talk* How Jena used PSYCH-K to counterbalance her PCOS, Endometriosis & Depression * Her unique upbringing in a meditative family * Finding an alternative healing to pharmaceuticals * Her 15+ years of healing modalities helping others * Figuring out how her energetic blocks manifested her physical ailments * Breaking down the barriers to linear thinking  * Ancestral Patterning * My fears of sharing my spiritual gifts * The PSYCH-K balance Jena gifted me * How this shifted my perception to share my gifts * Using this balance to reach immense clarity in minutes * Announcing my new healing modality! * Embracing my power & freedom post session * Speaking Light Language * Breaking out of the matrix & being you * Why she's here to serve * Our Divine right to live life with ease If you loved what you heard please share with someone you think it would resonate with! We're so grateful for each and everyone of you that subscribes & leaves us a review, as always take some time to stay present in your presence. all our love   Jena's Instagram- @_jenasophia Jas' Instagram- @moondustandme Books Mentioned:Louise Hay- Heal Your Body
Welcome back beauties, this week we're slowing it down and taking some conscious moments to really tune back in to the Portal of Source, Universe, God. So here is a channeled meditation. We need moments like this to remind us of our Divinity & exactly why we are all here, together. If you would love more of these, let me know by leaving a review! Love, always
In this episode, we sit down with Sunnie, a.k.a @africanboheme to talk about how she uses traveling as a tool to find her soul. Sunnie is passionate about expanding not only her own visions, by embracing all cultures, but is especially conscious on the deep impact that seeing how the rest of the world moves influences her daughter's upbringing. Have you ever thought about globe trotting the world to find your essence? This is your sign! Listen, share, review, & subscribe...gratitude & love
Hi friends, in this episode we spend time with Dominique Drakeford, founder of Melanin & Sustainable Style and co-founder of Sustainable BK. She shares all of her infinite wisdom & why she has chosen her life purpose to reflect her internal redefinition of what it means for a WOC & leader in the wellness industry.Mentioned:The True Cost DocumentarySophia_Roe InstagramMelanin And Sustainable StyleSustainable BK 
Hi friends, in this episode we sit down with Julia Childs Heyl, a writer, mental health & self-love advocate, changing the way we talk about traumatic lineage and is passionate about community healing in order to restore our Divine nature. In this episode we talk, post traumatic slave syndrome, finding her identity as a biracial woman of color, her own personal journey & how to own your own healing with the help of community.Mentions: Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joy Degruy, Brene Brown
In this episode, I invite my husband Alex to come on and talk about one of our greatest passions...building conscious relationships. Being in communion with others is our innate knowing, but there are also some aspects of relationships that are rarely talked about. He shares what programming shaped his past views on relationships, and how he's awakened to a new way of being.
This episode I dive in and share a bit about my story and my first and second awakening. My childhood traumas. Meeting my husband and getting married within 8 months of knowing one another. Our move to Thailand. Family struggles and gratitude for the wisdom that comes along.*Autobiography of a Yogi*Awake documentary*The True Cost documentaryIf you think this will inspire someone you love, share it with them, subscribe & leave us some love! 
Hi Friends,Welcome to Season one of the show, this episode us just a short and sweet intro of the magic we have brewing for this season. Join me next week as I share my story in depth as to how I got to where I am today and get the ball rolling for our beautiful guests to come... 
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