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Binho Uckermann, born in the vibrant city of São Paulo, Brazil, is an electronic music aficionado with over 15 years of experience as both a DJ and a music producer. His sonic tapestry weaves together the pulsating rhythms of progressive house, circuit, and tribal beats, creating an electrifying and versatile sound that captivates audiences worldwide.
From the outset of his career, Binho has been renowned for his energetic and dynamic performances, leaving an indelible mark on every dance floor he graces. With meticulous attention to detail, he crafts each set to perfection, seamlessly blending tracks and reading the crowd's energy to take them on an unforgettable musical journey.
Binho's musical journey began in Brazil, where he quickly rose to prominence before venturing into the international scene, captivating audiences across the United States and Canada. His quest for musical excellence led him to the prestigious halls of NYU Tisch School of Arts – The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, where he honed his craft and deepened his understanding of the music industry.
Having left his mark on some of the world’s most iconic nightlife destinations, including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York City, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, Austin, San Francisco, and Montreal, Binho's global footprint continues to expand.
Gifted with innate talent and unwavering professionalism, Binho possesses a unique skill set that allows him to forge genuine connections with his audience. Through infectious vocals, engaging sounds, and pulsating beats, he creates an immersive experience that transcends boundaries, uniting dance floors in euphoria and rhythm.
72 Episodes
🇺🇸 Dive into the newest episode of TURN IT UP, a set mix crafted with much love and my passion for music. Experience the power of pulsating beats and electrifying vocals to transport you into an immersive musical journey. Available on all digital platforms linked in my bio. For the best music experience, listen on spatial audio or Dolby Atmos. Hit play and TURN IT UP! 🚀🔊 . 🇧🇷Mergulhe no mais novo episódio de TURN IT UP, um set mix elaborado com muito amor e minha paixão pela música. Experimente o poder das batidas pulsantes e dos vocais eletrizantes para transportá-lo para uma jornada musical envolvente. Disponível em todas as plataformas digitais, linkadas na minha bio. Para a melhor experiência musical, ouça em áudio espacial ou Dolby Atmos. Aperte o play e TURN IT UP! 🚀🔊
🇺🇸 Hello Guys! I'm thrilled to finally share with all of you the first episode of my new set mix series TURN IT UP. This first episode was created with so much love which represents my passion for music. It showcases not only mixes from producers around the world who I admire but most importantly my very own productions, including the exclusive release of my new mix Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Binho Uckermann 'Turn It Up' Mix). Enjoy, dance and Turn It Up! And see you all soon on the dancefloors. With Love, Binho Uckermann . 🇧🇷Olá, pessoal! Estou emocionado por finalmente compartilhar com todos vocês o primeiro episódio da minha nova série de set mix TURN IT UP. Este primeiro episódio foi criado com tanto amor que representa minha paixão pela música. Ele mostra não apenas mixagens de produtores de todo o mundo que eu admiro, mas principalmente minhas próprias produções, incluindo o lançamento exclusivo do meu novo mix Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Binho Uckermann 'Turn It Up' Mix). Confira e prepare-se para dança . Aproveite e aumente! E nos vemos em breve nas pistas de dança. Com amor, Binho Uckermann.
🇺🇸 It is with great pleasure that I announce the end of the MOVE IT project. But not before leaving you with one last podcast: MOVE IT Final Episode #13 - Classic Vocals Special Edition. To close the MOVE IT podcast series, I decided to include classic anthems full of vocals sang by our favorite divas and remixed by the best producers in the industry musical scene. A final set made for everyone who wants to relive all the memories created by these songs in our lives. Prepare yourself to embark a journey of happiness and nostalgia with every beat. Available on SoundCloud and Apple podcasts. For an improved music experience, enable spatial audio on your device. 🇧🇷 É com grande prazer que anuncio o fim do projeto MOVE IT. Mas não antes de deixar você com um último podcast: MOVE IT Final Episode #13 - Classic Vocals Special Edition. Para fechar a série de podcasts MOVE IT, decidi incluir hinos clássicos cheios de vocais cantados por nossas divas favoritas e remixados pelos melhores produtores da industria da cena musical. Um set final feito para todos que querem reviver todas as memórias criadas por essas músicas em nossas vidas. Prepare-se para embarcar em uma jornada de felicidade e nostalgia a cada batida. Disponível no SoundCloud e Apple Podcasts. Para uma experiência musical aprimorada, ative o áudio espacial em seu dispositivo.
EN-US Check it out! ANUBIS AFTER HOURS PROMO SET Here is a little sneak peak of what awaits for you in the next edition of Anubis this weekend. I'm so happy to show you a little taste of how we do after hours in Brazil. Press play and prepare to shake your butt to the floor. Enjoy and see you at Anubis! . . PT-BR Confira ANUBIS AFTER HOURS PROMO SET Aqui está uma pequena amostra do que o espera na próxima edição da Anubis neste final de semana. Estou muito feliz em mostrar a vocês um gostinho de como nos saímos depois do expediente no Brasil. Aperte o play e prepare-se para sacudir bumbum até o chão. Aproveite e nos vemos na Anubis!
Already available on my digital platforms is the LIVE SET of my project CENTRAL PARK BEATS recorded from Sheep Meadow in Central Park, NYC. Press play and enjoy this 4-hour musical journey with me!!! Já está disponível nas minhas plataformas digitais o LIVE SET do meu projeto CENTRAL PARK BEATS gravado no Sheep Meadow no Central Park, NYC. Aperte o play e curta esta jornada musical de 4 horas comigo!!!
ENG: Check out my Live Set recorded at NYE ATL WEEKEND at DISTRICT ATLANTA with 5 hours of circuit house and tribal house music. Enjoy! PORT: Confira meu live set gravado ao vivo no NYE ATL WEEKEND no DISTRICT ATLANTA com 5 horas de circuit house e tribal house music. Aproveite!
FREE DOWNLOAD! FOR PROMO USE ONLY! Confira com exclusividade meu remix para música "I WANT IT THAT WAY" do grupo Backstreet Boys. Check out with exclusivity my remix for song "I WANT IT THAT WAY" of the Backstreet Boys. "I Want It That Way" is a song by American boy band the Backstreet Boys. It was released on April 12, 1999, as the lead single from their third studio album, Millennium. It was written by Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson, while Martin and Kristian Lundin produced it. The pop ballad talks about a relationship strained by matters of emotional or physical distance. Critically, the song was met with positive reception, with many critics commending its catchiness, also calling it the pop ballad of the year. The song was nominated for three Grammy Awards, including Song and Record of the Year, and has been included in lists by Blender, MTV, Rolling Stone and VH1. "I Want It That Way" is the Backstreet Boys’ signature song, and commercially it reached the number-one spot in more than 25 countries,[2] including Austria, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the song peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for eight non-consecutive weeks, while it topped the Adult and Top 40 Mainstream charts. The song has been widely covered and parodied by a range of artists, including other boy bands such as JLS and One Direction, while its music video, directed by Wayne Isham, received famous parodies, including Blink 182 on their music video for "All the Small Things", Big Time Rush on their music video for "Like Nobody's Around", their music video for 'Worldwide', and The Wanted on their video for "Walks Like Rihanna". The original music video received four VMA nominations, winning Viewer's Choice. For Bookings Social Medias
EN: Check out this special episode of podcast series MOVE IT with my digital set made exclusively for PRIDE of city Winnipeg/Manitoba in CANADA at September,13rd 2020 and plus I added 30 minutes xtra for you enjoy everywhere. PT-BR: Confira em mais esse episódio especial da série de podcast MOVE IT com o set feito exclusivamente para o PRIDE da cidade de Winnipeg/Manitoba no CANADÁ em 13 de setembro de 2020 e com plus de mais 30 minutos extras para você curtir em qualquer lugar.
PT-BR: Confira agora o meu set gravado na minha live feita pelo Facebook Live para nossa amada pool party Fresh, a festa em 24 de maio de 2020. Dê o play e aprecie sem moderação. ENG: Check it out my live set recorded on my streamed on Facebook Live to our beloved pool party Fresh, a festa on May,24th 2020. Give the play and enjoy.
My official remix for Bixa song of singer Oxa. OUT NOW for streaming and buy in all digital platforms. 2020 RecordJet For Bookings
Estava com saudades do MOVE IT? Para começar o ano de 2020 o nosso MOVE IT Podcast está de volta em um episódio X-tra para você matar a saudades e dançar do começo ao fim. Com uma seleção musical dançante, recheado de tracks com vocais, batidas e ritmos marcantes e que não irão te deixar parado um minuto!!! E neste episódio de Move It X-tra trago um pouco mais da minha evolução musical depois destes quase 2 anos fora do Brasil e claro trago um pouco da pegada que ouvimos aqui fora também. Então dê o PLAY e confira, tenho certeza que voce não irá se arrepender. MOVE IT! Mexa-se, ouça e se liberte! . . Did you miss MOVE IT? To start the year of 2020 our MOVE IT Podcast is back in a X-tra episode for you to miss and to dance from beginning to end. With a dancing music selection, full of tracks with vocals, beats and striking rhythms that won't leave you standing a minute !!! And in this episode of Move It X-tra I bring a little more of my musical evolution after these almost 2 years outside of Brazil and of course I bring a little of what we hear out here too. So, give the PLAY and check it out, I'm sure you won't regret it. MOVE IT! Move, listen and break free! . . Com produções e remixes de / With productions and remixes of: Alberto Ponzo, Altar, Bruno Ramos, Davis Reimberg, Lucas Medeiros, Maycon Reis, Rafa Pigatto, Yan Bruno, Arturo Estrada, Dani Toro & Roberto Ferrari, Erick Ibiza, House of Labs & Junior Senna, Leo Blanco, Thomas Solvert, Xookwanki. Vocais/Vocals: Pabllo Vittar, Pitty, Anastacia, Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendez, Double You, Elton John, Jonas Brothers, Lady GaGa, Madonna, Marshmellow & Chvches, Normani, Sam Smith, Stella Cox, Whitney Houston.
Confira o meu LIVE SET gravado ao vivo na minha terceira apresentação na BiGGER XXXCITED na GAY PRIDE de São Paulo. Dê o play e prepare-se para dançar e sacudir muito. Aproveitem! Check out my LIVE SET recorded live at my third presentation at BiGGER XXXCITED on the GAY PRIDE in Sao Paulo. Play and get ready to dance and shake a lot. Enjoy!
Confira o meu LIVE SET gravado ao vivo na minha apresentação na festa d'Quinta Pride na semana do orgulho LGBTQ+ na Igrejinha Bar em São Paulo. Dê o play e prepare-se para dançar e ouvir o melhor do deep house. Aproveitem! Check out my LIVE SET recorded live on my presentation at d'Quinta Pride on the week of LGBTQ + pride party at Igrejinha Bar in Sao Paulo. Play and get ready to dance and listen the best of the deep house music. Enjoy!
Confira o meu LIVE SET gravado ao vivo na minha apresentação na festa SuperBeat Pride a primeira festa do orgulho LGBTQ+ na BuBu Lounge Disco em São Paulo. Dê o play e prepare-se para dançar e sacudir muito. Aproveitem! Check out my LIVE SET recorded live at my presentation at SuperBeat Pride the first LGBTQ + pride party at BuBu Lounge Disco in Sao Paulo. Play and get ready to dance and shake a lot. Enjoy!
Confira o meu live Set gravado ao vivo em minha turnê em Maio em São Paulo/Brasil na terceira festa Private na Cantho Club em 19 de Maio de 2019. Dê o play e aproveite! Check out my Live Set recorded live on my tour in May in São Paulo / Brazil at the third party in Private at Cantho Club on May 19th, 2019. Give the Play and Enjoy!
Confira o meu live Set gravado ao vivo em minha turnê em São Paulo/Brasil na segunda festa Bigger Party - Bigger 69 na Cantho Club em 17 de Maio de 2019, mais uma festa em tributo ao grande Dj e Produtor Peter Rauhofer e ao vamos club 69. Este live set conta com vários remixes de outros produtores e também contém produções originais e remixes do Peter Rauhofer. Dê o play e aproveite! Check out my Live Set recorded live on my tour in São Paulo / Brazil at the second party Bigger Party - Bigger 69 at Cantho Club on May 17 de 2019, one more party in tribute to the great Dj and Producer Peter Rauhofer and Club 69. This live set contains several music and remixes of other producers and also contains original productions and remixes by Peter Rauhofer. Give the Play and Enjoy!
Confira o meu live Set gravado ao vivo em minha turnê em São Paulo/Brasil na primeira festa D'Quinta no Igrejinha em 16 de Maio de 2019, em tributo ao grande Dj e Produtor Peter Rauhofer. Este live set contém 100% de produções originais e remixes do Peter Rauhofer. Dê o play e aproveite! Check out my Live Set recorded live on my tour in São Paulo / Brazil at the first party d’Quinta at Igrejinha on May 16, 2019 in tribute to the great Dj and Producer Peter Rauhofer. This live set contains 100% original productions and remixes by Peter Rauhofer.Give the Play and Enjoy!
LOVE MUSIC SET-MIX, feito para voce dançar. Com meu Megamix: Madonna VS. The KLF VS. Scissors Sisters - What It Feels For a Like For a Girl VS. What Times Is Love (DJ Uckermann KiKi Mash Intro in O.M.G Megamix Offer Nissim Remix), e meu Power DUB Edit Remix: TYP - Be With You Tonight (DJ Uckermann POWER DUB Edit Remix) Links alternativos: Podomatic: Mediafire:
Check out my long set recorded live on my debut at the Royal Tea Sundays party at Eve located in the city of Orlando / Florida. Get ready for a long set of almost 4s hour with a delightful musical story from start to finish. Beginning the long set with warm up in low bpm having the best of the current house music, with some great classics that marked periods and then following with the musical evolution and with many news and of course, that also has that agitated moment that all we love with highest bpm, then play and enjoy. Confira o meu long set gravado ao vivo em minha estréia na festa Royal Tea Sundays na Eve localizada na cidade de Orlando/Flórida. Preparem-se para um long set de quase 4 horas com uma deliciosa história musical do inicio ao fim. Começando o long set com um warm up em low bpm contendo o melhor da house music atual, com alguns grandes clássicos que marcaram épocas, e depois seguindo com a evolução musical e com muitas novidades e claro, também tem aquele momento agitado que todo nós adoramos com maior bpm, então dê o play e aproveite.
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