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Author: Tina Conrad

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Tina's inspirational journey through breast cancer, with episodes on diagnosis, chemo, radiation and life after cancer. A girlfriend's guide to breast cancer for those facing breast cancer or adversity. As a 7 year cancer survivor, Tina describes the challenges and beauty from a life altering diagnosis. DJBreastcancer is dedicated with love to the memory of Sandy Clausen, a beautiful pink sister, who never stopped fighting!
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Reverse Jen is a faith filled physical therapist that started her own company in 2019.  Together she shares how scars affect the body.  "Be Still and know that I am God" is Dr.  Jen's favorite bible verse.  It is difficult to be still and learn to rest. 
Faith > Fear SeriesIn this episode, I discuss the journey of Nicole Jasien, a mother, wife and metastatic breast cancer thriver.  Originally diagnosed in 2012 Stage 3C at the age of 28, she was later diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer with bone metastasis.  She is currently experiencing LMD (leptomeningeal disease).  Nicole is a proclaimed lover of Jesus.  We discuss her favorite bible verses and how faith is about having a relationship with God.  She experiences God in nature and knows that God has a purpose and a plan for her.  Nicole asks for prayer warriors to help her.  Nicole discusses how gratitude shifts her attitude each and every day.  There is always something to be grateful for.  She also discusses how sharing your story makes a difference. You never know the lives and the impact that your story can have on others. Please note that DJ Breast Cancer was listed as a Top Breast Cancer Podcast!
Triple Threat! Tina with Tiff and Trish discuss Hip Hop Happy Hour, the Breasties, fave Holiday tunes and of course a Tina Tip!
This episode features Tracy Lee Ward, a breast cancer survivor and wellness coach.  Tracy is a Reiki healer.  Together we talk about Infertility, feeling your feelings and the importance of community. Tracy shares with us a piece of her heart, writing titled, "Dear Spirit Baby".  It is raw, it is real, it is truly from the heart and from her soul.  She describes that in order to heal, you have to feel.  She describes the journey of cancer and fertility.Tracy has written many lessons from Breast Cancer:1) To be her truest self2) To not give an F* about what others think3) To set boundaries4) To let go of being a people pleaser5) To deepen her calling and purpose6) To slow down, to accept and surrender
Kim Becker spent years growing her salon, pampering women, hearing stories as a stylist, but something didn't feel right.  She achieved every goal she set out to achieve, but there was this whisper of doing more.  One day, Kim realized God's plan, that there was more out there. She imagined a salon that caters to cancer patients, making them feel beautiful and pampered.  Her husband had always wanted her to name her salon, Hello Gorgeous.  And with this idea, she knew this was the perfect name for her vision!Kim is a student, learning what it takes to be safe for cancer patients.  She insists that every session is a "surprise" since women are selfless and would insist on gifting to others in their circle, but Kim wanted this to be all about the cancer patient!  Kim has a goal of 2 affiliate salons in each city in the U.S. to perform 12 Hello Gorgeous Makeovers a year, equating to 500,000 women each and every year.  Kim also has a podcast named Hello Gorgeous.  She is full of love, wisdom and so much gratitude!  She is truly an amazing person, committed to giving to the cancer community!
Stephanie is a young breast cancer thriver.  She shares of her 5 breast cancer recurrences and a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.  A self-described realist, Stephanie talks of her current treatment plan and the ongoing side effects that are impacting her everyday life.  Please consider a donation to help Stephanie (Go Fund Me Link below).  She  found out in December 2019 that she will be on chemo treatment for the rest of my life. The cancer is very aggressive & fast growing. If she is off all treatment, the chances of the cancer coming back is very high. Stage IV metastatic breast cancer has NO CURE, it can only be treated. Stephanie has not been able to work since October 2017, and in October 2018 she was laid off her job of 13 years while undergoing radiation. She has been on Social Security disability since then.  Stephanie is doing this fundraiser to help subsidize the cost of her medical insurance, co-payments, scans, rides to medical appointments and miscellaneous medical expenses so she can continue receiving cancer treatment.
Erena Shimoda Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Erena Shimoda received her Divemaster certificate in Venezuela in 2005, and began shooting underwater photographs in Thailand, Bonaire, Bahama, Corsica, Cozumel, Cancun, and Hawaii. She specializes in underwater portrait photography and uses her background in New Media and Fine Art to create unique compositions in different media. She pioneered underwater transformative photography after surviving a car accident in which she lost her father and was severely injured. As a part of her healing process, she volunteered at the American Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better program. The program is for cancer patients to reassure there is beauty during and after cancer. By combining total immersion with portrait photography, she discovered a powerful transformation that can help others who are traumatized by physical disabilities, domestic violence, and PTSD. The transformative effect of her portraits prompted Erena to use her experience in underwater photography to promote recovery, tranquility and freedom. She knows that the power of water combined with the creative process transforms body and mind. The project is a donation base and my business of underwater maternity and underwater beauty shoots fund a big part of the underwater portrait session cost.For survivors, there is a discounted package
Nicole Candiff is an ambassador for the Brave Program and a survivor of Hodgkins-Lymphoma.  She has turned pain into purpose and is such an amazing light and inspiration.  We discuss her treatment and the pain that comes with a recurrence.  We discuss hair loss and how she spent her 30th birthday completely isolated from the world due to treatment.  Nicole is vulnerable yet so strong, she is a fighter!  Nicole discusses The Brave Program and the Wig Fairy and how it's so important to give back to the community after cancer.  She is now an ambassador for The Brave Program whose mission is, "WITH 30 MILLION WOMEN IN THE U.S. EXPERIENCING FEMALE PATTERN HAIR LOSS, WE HAVE COMMITTED TO PROVIDING A PLATFORM OF RESOURCES TO ENSURE NO ONE WALKS THIS JOURNEY ALONE."In regards to water fasting, Nicole advises the following (please consult your doctor before any water fasting): only recommend water fasting to patients who get chemotherapy once a week, once every two weeks or once a month. Reason being is in order for the water fast to be effective, you need to water fast for three and a half days per one day of treatment. Science of Fasting - Amazon Prime Heal - Netflix
Tracy Milgram-Posner is found of BRCA Strong.  BRCAStrong, is a Nonprofit organization built on the very foundation of supporting Previvors, Thrivers, and Survivors. Whether routine monitoring or preventative surgery, we help through the journey.“Our mission is to support, educate, inspire and empower Previvors, Thrivers, and Survivors, to eliminate the feeling of isolation and help them feel whole again.”BRCAStrong strives to alleviate the emotional and financial burdens of women facing genetically predisposed breasts and/or ovarian cancer through advocacy, direct assistance, empowerment, fundraising initiatives and events. BRCAStrong also provides post-mastectomy garments (Compression garments) at no charge to patients in need. Tracy describes her journey, what made her start a non-profit organization and how Covid has impacted BRCA Strong.  Tracy discusses that "Knowledge is power" and the importance of sharing one's story. World Metastatic Breast Cancer day, honoring the memory of Yuliya Babayan.  This episode was shared with me.  It was recorded on a day that Yuliya received feedback from her oncologist that there were no more options.  THIS IS WHY I FIGHT AND VALUE RESEARCH!!!  More options, more days, more living!!  This story was brought to me from Missy Peters, founder of Breast Cancer Portrait Project.Here is an excerpt from Yuliya's story, her blog is attached here. My name is Yuliya Babayan, and on February 6th, 2017, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at age 28. Grade 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, triple negative.  I decided to start this blog to not only keep friends and family updated on my treatments and state of things, but to also provide information and individual perspective from one cancer patient to another. This journey is not an easy one, but I believe that transparency and openness about this adventure is an important step in my healing. Cheers! Jaclyn Tolentino is a board certified family physician, specializing in integrative and functional medicine. She is also a young breast cancer survivor, determined to give back to the community.  Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino has turned her pain into purpose, utilizing wellness, personalized care and holistic medicine into her practice.  We discuss her position at Parsley Health and the collaboration that patients receive with health coaches. Together we discuss her collab with Rachel Rhees, "You are Here" with a focus on wellness. A community of curious and kind people who strive to be well.  We talk all things health & wellness!  Breathing, Sleeping, Hydrating and Moving!!!  Cancer changed everything for Jaclyn and myself.  Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino describes how it touched all facets of her life, from practicing medicine to all of her relationships.
Tina (AKA DJ Breast Cancer) unites with Caya Lieve (The Fabulous Cancer Podcast) to discuss diagnosis, all things podcast & purpose, and life after cancer.  Shining a light into ongoing concerns with mental health after a cancer diagnosis.  Caya describes how daily practice of positivity and gratitude have promoted a life of positivity and purpose. 
Niya discusses pregnancy and breast cancer.  Niya describes how the Instagram community helped her release and find others that were like her.  Niya describes being African American and facing a breast cancer diagnosis.  She also describes what it's like to go through covid and cancer at the same time. Niya talks about celebrating other women on their journey and paying it forward.  She loves to sprinkle other women with a bit of magic. 
Baddie Takeover partner, Cassandra Ducksworth, is an example of faith and light.  Cassandra discusses African American women and breast cancer, from her experience with treatment to finding a good wig.  Cassandra talks about hope and a positive mindset, you are the one in control. "You may have cancer, but cancer doesn't have you"!  
Amazing guest and wellness coach, Marian Barnick. From her great expertise with cancer patients to amazing WFH exercises after a breast cancer diagnosis.
Things get fun with Cora, as we talk all things breast cancer, Ireland and family history.
Join me for a conversation with Marissa Thomas and Jasmine Souers, founders of For The Breast of Us.  For the Breast of Us is the 1st Breast Cancer Community, dedicated to all Women of Color.  We discuss how Marissa and Jasmine started For the Breast of Us.  We discuss some of the specific challenges for Black Women in America facing breast cancer. Community is everything and finding others that are like you is so important!  What can listeners do?  We can elevate voices and stories of Women of Color.  Amplify, be an Accomplice!
A special Covid19 Edition from my house, no guests, just a girl and some poems!  Feeling my feelings in this crazy time.  Poems include:  Quarantine Straight Jacket and Triggers, both written by Tina Conrad. Tina discusses how cancer and covid19 have a lot of similarities from self-isolation to fear and worry about the future while living in a new world.
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