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The world's first millennial intersectional vegan comedy podcast dedicated to dad music.
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This is the triumphant and SpOoKy return of Dad Bops just in time for Halloween!!! This time it's the '67 classic psych(otic) freaky folk hippie album Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane (ie Grace Slick and the rest of the band who will remain unnamed). We get into why feelings are spooky and upsetting, the secret meaning of 3/5 of a mile, drug culture, annoying intellectual bros talking about media and a lot of other stuff. We're back baby!!!!11 (ALSO stay tuned for new outro music by Matt Buechele, Late Show with David Letterman comedy writer and twitter personality extraordinaire!)
Ok y'all ur fave tripod is back with woke Canadian dad Neil Young and his acoustic jamdown Harvest. After a 10 min intro that's truly for the record books, we get into the takes on "country" vs. "Country" as identity, Neil Young songs as freshman year English exercises, the underrated Neil Young vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd beef, the INCREDIBLE Neil Young sample on Nelly's 'Hot in Herre,' discussions on selling our plasma to fund the podcast and as always, so much more. Enjoy bbs
After a hiatus we are BACK at it again with a new ep of dad bops doing another dose of the boss. That's right we're doing nebraska by bruce springsteen, an hour long, nihilist slog through angry and disenfranchised white America... so who better than 2 sad white bois to take u through it111?!?!?!!? Grace and Lily were in europe (sorry grace and lily stans) so ur humble twitter manager (me, ryan) brought on andrew, a friend of the podcast, bruce stan and nebraskan to dissect it with me. This album is a huge bummer and we are a huge bummer but we go DEEP ON BRUCE BABY- lots of takes lots of dissection lots of political nuggets so we hope u enjoy.
Bet you didn't think we'd be BACK WITH ANOTHA ONE so quickly... well here we are folks. Minor cop out by doing a greatest hits comp BUT it's a definitive one. This ep is calculated yet galvanizing— we talk about EWF but also Macklemore, astrology, briny vegetables, Despicable Me and the minions, the point system on the Good Place, a toilet that has been on our street for a long time and much more. I say it every time but this ep is our BEST YET, the editing is crispy the takes are hilarious check it out fam.
...Ok so it's not really all we have more eps coming BUT for episode 10, we're giving you a recap of what came so far! For new listeners (or old) this one's a nice breezy lil dip to keep you satisfied. We go waaay off course here... besides the dad music, we've got takes on Disney channel original movies, the Lana del Rey vs. Azealia Banks beef, the Mamma Mia films, the Skarsgard acting dynasty, Mad Men, Hollywood remakes, contemporary music faves and MORE... then this one's for you. Plus: we answer your FAN MAIL AT LENGTH so tune in for that (starts at 41:09 approx). Enjoy!
The long-overdue Jimi Hendrix Experience episode is HERE y'all, this time with our guests and friends John and Monica. We talk a lot about Jimi... and we also talk a lot about things completely unrelated to Jimi. There are references to Dune, PJ Harvey, Pam Grier, meth addiction, the infamous Mr. Hands internet video. Editing this ep almost killed me... and it also came close to ending John/Monica's relationship. Enjoy!
Are The Who a conservative band? Is Behind Blue Eyes a white male oppression anthem? How did this band's music become so intimately tied to the CSI universe? These are just a few topics covered on one of the spiciest eps we've recorded yet... tune in for Mandy Patinkin, coexist bumper stickers, Fred Durst, occupying private pools (#beverlyhillsswimin) and so much more.
After a long hiatus... Grace, Lily and Ryan are BACK AT IT with our hot takes on the 70s rock cliché-laden Led Zeppelin IV. The takes are spicy: we tear into Led Zeppelin for being a band for incels, muse about how boring Celtic music is (we're Irish we can say that) and imagine a world in which Led Zep reference Ursula Le Guin novels constantly instead of Tolkien... and we're hardly even scratching the surface here people. Sorry 4 the wait but enjoy the highly improved audio and the truly dank dad vibes.
What's up y'all..... in honor of Mamma Mia 2 (and upon request), we're covering your favorite Swedish pop group. As always, we cover a lot of ground. Though the band gets covered at length, we also discuss the A-Teens, unexpected goth vibes, ABBA's confusing relationship politics and much more. Also we have new sound equipment now! Enjoy everybody :)
Hello dad bopperoonies we are back at it again with episode 5. This week we have a SPECIAL GUEST because Lily's dad is on the show giving his expert opinion on Bruce Springsteen. As always, the takes are spicy: Bruce's latent communist tendencies are covered at length, plus incredible musical impressions of many Bruce songs (and a bonus Tracy Chapman impression as well). Bruce is a crowdpleaser and so is this episode.
How do you cover the Rolling Stones? By doing a TRIPLE HEADER of course (quad header if you consider Exile a double album)! That's right, this week Grace, Ryan and Lily put their fingers in many different pies and get some p sticky fingers as a result. The Grace hot takes this week are that encores are bad and cran-nut muffins are the best(!!!!?!?). Additional detours include cultural appropriation, problematic faves, the kinsey scale of wokeness™ (we just came up with it) and much much more. It's a long one but this is our juiciest episode yet y'all.
What is up party people we are back, again, with episode three of Dad Bops (our best ep yet, imho). In this ep, we're covering iconic pansexual alien David Bowie and his legendary Ziggy Stardust album. Once again, a lot of ground covered: why Grace thinks the moon landing was staged, why Bowie would also have been a moon truther, the Godzilla soundtrack, the baby's penis on the cover of that one Nirvana album (sorry), self-reflexive horniness and much, much more.
After a long delay your favorite eastside LA cuties are back with their spicy takes on Rumours by Fleetwood Mac (with special guest Bosco, our dog). We cover a lot of ground on this one: would you start a band with your ex, the pitfalls of horniness, how car companies ruin classic rock for everyone, why everyone needs a lighting guy and cocaine psychosis.
On the debut episode of Dad Bops, your intrepid hosts Lily, Ryan and Grace explore the glory and the horror of Eagles' classic album Hotel California. Tune in for tasty licks, why Grace refused to cry to an Eagles album and unusual connections to Papa Roach and The Backstreet Boys.(temporary intro music courtesy of but stay tuned for an original theme song coming soon)
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