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Dagon's Illusion with Coleman Luck

Author: Coleman Luck

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He was a master mentalist, a warrior of the spirit, an adept in strange arts. And the last battle was about to begin.

The hellish hurricane is coming. As it screams toward landfall, one man knows the truth about its origin and power. One man has seen the Mighty Angel that was called from the depths to wreak destruction and rain new evil onto the Earth. That man is Robert Arthur Dagon, the leading mentalist and magician of his generation. But Dagon is much more than an illusionist, he is a spirit traveler who knows how to leave his body and enter unseen worlds. Support this podcast:
49 Episodes
The horror of a temple in the stars. --- Support this podcast:
Robert Dagon begins a dark journey with Corneal Moon.  --- Support this podcast:
An uncomfortable dream with strange symbols.  --- Support this podcast:
To the thing inside the sarcophagus.  --- Support this podcast:
A visit to an old cemetery and a journey into the past.  --- Support this podcast:
After the hurricane a different kind of storm begins.  --- Support this podcast:
The broken heart.  --- Support this podcast:
At Dagon's Illusion after the storm, danger comes from the streets.  --- Support this podcast:
A young woman from 1876 meets the world of a new millennium.   --- Support this podcast:
A strange meeting of Darkness leads to an even stranger prayer meeting.  --- Support this podcast:
The tomb of a Mighty Angel. --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Jack Carsons has a discussion with Screwtape's brother about the vital importance of television.  --- Support this podcast:
The odor of giants and a visitor from the past.  --- Support this podcast:
Be warned.  This episode is not for children or the faint of heart.  It will take you deep into great darkness.  The parade is not just a product of imagination.  It is based on an actual, horrifying parade that took place yearly long ago and is described by Elias Canetti in his classic book, Crowds and Power.  --- Support this podcast:
Morgulass, the raging angel of the hurricane, feels her end coming and enters the darkness of human death to live again.  --- Support this podcast:
All about Angel Turds.  --- Support this podcast:
The dream of a mysterious city and a beautiful woman.   --- Support this podcast:
The story of a broken heart.  --- Support this podcast:
The terrifying last words of Corneal Moon before his suicide so long ago.  --- Support this podcast:
As the hurricane rages, Dagon struggles to find out what Eustace knows about the young woman who was dead, became alive, and now has vanished.  --- Support this podcast:
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