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Here we are again, approaching the end of the year. It is a time when you may find your mindset taking on a feeling of gratitude. This year more than ever. What a wild ride it has been! Simply put, gratitude is the state of being grateful. It is also a two-way street: 1) When you are appreciative of what you have received, you have gratitude. That’s the only way that you can expect to get more of what you want. 2) When you express gratitude for what you have received, you are living in a grateful state? The only way others know how you feel is to tell them - right? Receiving and expressing gratitude requires few words. With practice, it requires even less thought. There’s no better way to make your day better than living will gratitude in your heart. Especially when you make sure the world knows it. Sponsored by Tri Niagen... Right now, new customers can save twenty dollars on a three month supply by going to
I was standing in a parking lot high in the Great Smokey Mountains surrounded by tourists and the smell of hot engines. I was about to take a hike to the Clingmans’ Dome observation tower - 6,644 feet above sea level. There is a sign at the beginning of the trail that warns hikers that the hike is considered strenuous, the average person will take 30-minutes to complete, and there are places to take a break along the way. While reading the sign, two conversions caught my attention - A couple that had driven hours to get there said, “They say it might be foggy at the top. Let’s not and say we did.” Then my wife said, “I think we should do it non-stop and in half the time. Who knows? It might be clear at the top.” With that, we headed up the hill with thighs ablaze. We passed hundreds of hikers giving up on the trailside benches; even more had turned back as they hiked through the fog, but we kept going. As we closed in on our goal of 15-minutes, we broke through the fog and found a beautiful day and a 100-mile view in all directions waiting for us when we arrived. That’s the thing about setting big goals and going for them. Even if you can’t see the outcome from your starting point, your goals and your mission will carry you to your vision - even if your legs hurt. When you get there, you’ll find that the journey up the mountain and the view from the top are always worth your effort. It’s also less crowded since most people never even start.
As a child, I wondered why I couldn't always have my way. Mom and Dad were so mean! I couldn't wait to grow up, move out, and experience being an adult. Everything would be different - or so I thought. After stepping into the adult world, it didn't take long to realize that not much had changed. It turns out it wasn't my parents. It was life turning down my requests. Life was getting in the way. What was even worse was that I was getting in my way. I've joked over the years that if I'm the Boss of me, so why don't I do what I say? Eventually, I realized having a big ass goal, being on a mission, and most importantly, motivation on demand was the solution. Motivation is a powerful, if not fleeting, tool that we all need. But we need to understand how our minds generate motivation: 1) Your physiology dictates your feelings. The easiest way to break free of a slump is to stand up, take a step, and REPEAT. Movement wakes your body up, guides your emotions, and makes anything feel possible. 2) Focus fuels your fire. If you're feeling unmotivated, you are also drifting in the wind with no direction. Shifting your thoughts in a positive direction and toward what excites you will break you out and get you moving. 3) The words you say create the emotions you feel. Negative self-talk will drag you, and everybody else, down. When you make the words, you say to yourself, internally and externally, positive and uplifting, everything changes. Words matter more than you think. You're human. Your brain isn't wired to stay motivated all the time unless you are willing to give it a helping hand.
Primary Morning Focus

Primary Morning Focus


I love the quiet peacefulness of mornings, but I'm not too fond that mornings happen so early. Still, the focus, creativity, and feeling of momentum that comes with getting up before the chickens have such value that I needed getting up a bit easier. My solution to drop the complicated and establish a simple routine. I begin by deciding the area I’m currently prioritizing and choosing a "first thing" task to move me closer to my goal. Next, I set myself up for success the night before. Depending on my task, I make notes, organize my desk, get my gym clothes ready - whatever it takes to prepare. Finally, when I wake up, I get licked by the dogs, take care of my personal needs, read something inspirational for five minutes or less, and start my day. No distractions. No email, social media, or news. Just start. My goal is to make my primary focus the first thing I do in the morning before life gets in the way. It works like a charm. There's a reason the Marines do more before 9 AM than everybody else. Now it's your turn.
Laurie Greiner schooled an entrepreneur on Shark Tank with a business lesson that shot through the screen and knocked my remote control out of my hand. He said, “I’m in the lifestyle business.” She said, “I’M OUT! There’s no such thing as a lifestyle business.” He looked confused, but I got it. Then again, I wasn’t in the hot seat with my entire QVC future on the line. If Laurie were to ask me, I would tell her I run a Lifestyle Driven Business. The goal for myself, and those I consult, whether business or career, is to operate in a way that supports a chosen lifestyle in every way. No compromise. Yes, it’s business first, but your mission should be to earn a living that lets you enjoy life today instead of waiting until retirement.
For years, I've built a reputation for being a guy that never misses a chance for a good conversation. Sometimes I head out the door for a good old-fashion "Talkabout" - an ode to Crocodile Dundee's "Walkabout." I'm not sure when it began, but since exploring life's possibilities is a core value, I know why; there is no better way to learn something new than striking up a random conversation with another human. But, there are rules: 1) You must be focused on exploring and open to following whatever direction the conversation goes. No judgment. No challenging. 2) Your mouth should be open as little as possible. When you speak, everything you say should focus on learning more from the person in front of you. 3) No matter what you hear, remember that you checked your ego; you are here to listen and learn. When you feel the need to make it about you, it's time to move on to the next conversion. Maybe I should start calling them "Listenabouts."
Do you have an image in your mind of what you would like your life to be - except when life gets in the way? There's no doubt that daily life events have a funny way of distracting us from reaching goals. It's just too easy to put them on the back burner. That's why you need to become the keeper of your vision. Every day thousands of opportunities will arrive on your path and detour you from what you want. That's why it's up to you to guard your vision by asking a simple question - Will this opportunity move me closer to the lifestyle I desire or further away? Simple. Know YOUR vision. Defend YOUR vision. Live YOUR Vision. Get more Daily Boost podcasts at! Brought to you by... Go to to start your free 7-day trial and get 25% off a Blinkist Premium membership.
Call me crazy, but I've always believed life should be simple - and there's no better way than to follow an uncomplicated structure in everything you do. I call it MAPSS. Motivation. Everything begins with the motivation that comes from the inside out. Know your "WHY," get excited, and get moving. Accountability. The next step is to put benchmarks in place that allow you to keep track of your progress, providing more motivation. Planning. Plan your work, work your plan. Never begin until you know at least your first and second step. Systemization. Routine and rituals will make staying on your path easy. Lock in your process and repeat it unit you get what you want. Sustainability. You build momentum in life by stacking accomplishment upon accomplishment. Never build a house of cards. Make sure you set yourself up for the long haul. It’s easier to get what you want when you follow a map. Brought to you by - Today’s Daily Boost is brought to you by LUCY Nicotine - makes of a better and cleaner nicotine alternative - the works and tastes great. Check it out. Go to and use Promo Code ​BOOST ​to get 20% off all products, including gum or lozenges.
There are millions of tips and tricks floating around that you can use to achieve whatever you want in life. But there are a few that are always present. Acceptance and recognition of the desire to change are where it all begins. Anything less makes your desire only a dream. Having complete clarity of precisely what you want will separate you from almost everybody on the planet. It will also accelerate your progress. Asking yourself, "If not this, then what?" is an excellent way to begin. Commitment to success, no matter what gets in the way, is the only way to sure that life doesn't get in your way. Being willing to do whatever it takes is a virtual guarantee that you will get what you want. Finally, two things are always around: taking as much action and being as flexible as required to reach your goal. You CAN do much, but success comes faster when you focus on what you MUST do.
Some goals happen quickly. Others take longer. A lot longer. How can you keep your goals alive while you make them a reality? 1) Stop falling for someone else's goals. Everybody has something they want to achieve. It's not bad. It could be useful. In any case, it is a distraction. Know what you want and why you want it. 2) Once you are listening to yourself, be sure that you commit to your plan and never, ever, ever, give up. 3) While you make progress, be on alert when others insert their goals into your life. They are tricky little things. They'll distract you without you even knowing. As you move along, always keep this question in your mind— "Is this an opportunity that will move me closer to my goal or further away?" There is only one answer that will improve your life.
How To Get Lucky in Life

How To Get Lucky in Life


Have you noticed that some people seem to get luckier than others? Have you also noticed that they are not just sitting around collecting luck? Getting lucky is almost always the result of taking action on an opportunity that presents itself. Even finding a twenty-dollar bill on the sidewalk resulted from having the chance to take a walk - and doing it. There are three rules to attracting more luck into your life: 1) Get in the habit of seeking and recognizing opportunities that cross your path every day. They might be hidden so keep your eyes open. 2) When you spot one, immediately decide if taking action will move you closer to your goals. 3) If your heart and soul tell you to go for it, jump in with both feet, commit to your action, and get busy turning that opportunity into the luck you’ve been seeking. In the future, when somebody asks how you’ve been so lucky in your life, tell them that you just like to stay busy. The rest takes care of itself.
There are so many choices in front of us every day. Each has the power to determine when and whether you will achieve your goals. Once you know the outcome you desire, these questions will help: 1) What CAN you do today that will lead directly and quickly to achieving your goal. 2) What SHOULD you do today that will lead directly and quickly to achieving your goal? 3) What MUST you do today that will lead directly and quickly to achieving your goal? It’s simple.  Make your next action that one that gets the result you want as fast as possible. Everything else can wait. I dare you to try it.
It's time to crank up those 2021 goals with a new year upon us. Why not choose a simple way? One of the easiest methods of achieving success is to stick to tried and true. That doesn't mean you can't move toward something more meaningful. It means that you forgo new knowledge and skill and leverage what you already understand. The easy way to success assumes: 1) You already have experience and wisdom. You will learn any new skill if, and only if needed. 2) You will choose the path of least resistance. The goal is to get the results you want in the fastest period. No distractions. No zig-zagging. 3) Overthinking burns too many brain calories. If you find yourself confused and stuck, accept that you may need to reevaluate your plan. Do it fast. Human nature will compel you to clutter your success journey with distraction. Seek the direct route to the results you want. It's easier.
It's the time of year when gift-giving is everywhere - but those are not the most important you have received. Every day that passes, you experience life. The good. The bad. The ugly. Those experiences add up to incredible life lessons that you carry forever. That leads me to a question - What experiences did you have last year that you consider a gift? It is challenging or pleasurable. How you perceive has the power to transform your future. As you head into Christmas, take a moment and give thanks for the gifts that 2020 produced. That'll make the next year even better.
Setting goals is a process that can happen automatically or consciously. Sometimes you find yourself on a path. Other times you choose your path, which is the only way to control your outcome. Why should you choose your path? Because there are three elements to successful goal completion: 1) Principles are the foundation that supports your belief or behavior. 2) Strategies are your action plan to achieve your goal. 3) Tactics are the steps you take to achieve your final goal. Think. Plan. Act. That’s the path forward to reach any goal. Focus on Principles, Strategies, and Tactics. Anything else will cause you to slide backward.
Do you have too many options and are having a difficult time choosing? There is a concept called "Opportunity Cost.” It is simply the value gained or the value lost in deciding what opportunities you will pursue. I tend to focus on another question entirely - "Does an opportunity provide the fastest and most direct path for me to reach my goals?" It's easy to look at almost any opportunity and justify a path, especially if you are being persuaded by someone else. It’s more difficult to make a choice. If you want to break free from a stalled life, you must eliminate anything that takes you off course and stay focused on your goals.
  I’ve learned the single most powerful way to build momentum is to make a decision. That's why I’ve chosen “Decide” as my guiding word for next year. When you make a decision, any decision, it can be life-changing - as long as you understand… Decision making is not about a “Yes or No.” Like Yin and Yang, each is the same as the other, only opposite. A decision is also not about “Maybe.” Unlike being opposite, it's a confusing mess of everything negative and positive. What is decision making about? It’s about cutting off all other options and focusing your energy forward. As you gain momentum, you leave your frustrations behind. Deciding can be scary. But it can also be exhilarating. It's also a good habit to develop.
I'm a big fan of setting big-ass goals. Dreaming BIG is my natural state - which is why S.M.A.R.T. goals are not all that smart. S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. While it may seem like a good plan, I can't wrap my head around not setting goals because they don't seem achievable or realistic. Excuse me? Since when did big-ass goals seem achievable and realistic?  If that were true, you would already be doing them. Anytime you are moving from dreaming into doing you will be living in the land of crazy and scary. If you hold yourself to what is achievable and realistic, you might as well keep doing what you're doing. Instead… dream BIG and start taking baby steps. It won’t be long before your goals become real. Sponsored by Jiminy's... To learn more and save 15% on your first purchase, go to slash BOOST and use code BOOST15 at checkout. 
I was on the phone with a client this morning when he said, ”I don’t know why I have such a hard time planning my day-to-day stuff? I just want my day to be easier!” I get it. Everybody does. And to make that happen, you need a mindset shift. First to consider is that non-stop and continuous planning of every task every day is exhausting. It only adds another level of stress to your day. Instead, planning should be done occasionally with a broader focus on short, medium, and long-term. The goal is NOT to spend your life planning.  It is creating containers where you plan to do your work or play. Once you have your containers, you load them with goals and tasks and get them done. When things require adjustments, make another plan. Make your plan and work your plan. Don’t keep change things. That’s how you get what you want.
It’s the time of year when the world begins to believe. Children always believe. They don’t know otherwise. Adults view the world with a different set of eyes, so building self-confidence requires a little more focus. 1) Building belief in yourself begins by taking care of yourself. There is tremendous power in taking control of your body, mind, and spirit daily. You will feel yourself get stronger from the inside out. 2) Once you take control of your own life, it’s time to open your horizons and expand your worldview. Be brave and look outside yourself for new ways to explore the world around you. Start with small steps and grow. The more steps you take, the more your belief in yourself will arise. 3) Share what you have learned with others and give them a helping hand. The positive feedback you receive will build the belief and self-confidence that will make you unstoppable.
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Thank you so much!!! I had a horrible last week feeling all low and sulky! Ughhhh I was a mess. But I just let myself be, then just decided ok that’s enough, let’s get things done! Casually found your podcast and am listening right now as am working from home. This is sooo helpful 👍🏼👊🏼

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