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Here we are again, approaching the end of the year. It is a time when you may find your mindset taking on a feeling of gratitude. This year more than ever. What a wild ride it has been! Simply put, gratitude is the state of being grateful. It is also a two-way street: 1) When you are appreciative of what you have received, you have gratitude. That’s the only way that you can expect to get more of what you want. 2) When you express gratitude for what you have received, you are living in a grateful state? The only way others know how you feel is to tell them - right? Receiving and expressing gratitude requires few words. With practice, it requires even less thought. There’s no better way to make your day better than living will gratitude in your heart. Especially when you make sure the world knows it. Sponsored by Tri Niagen... Right now, new customers can save twenty dollars on a three month supply by going to
  You hear a lot about using morning rituals to get more done. But what if you could use your mornings to get more done for YOU? In the fast-face world, we live in today; there seem to be two groups when it comes to how to use mornings—personal and productivity. Once folks remove themselves from the craziness of jumping out of bed, taking care of the kids, and hitting the drive-through, they choose one of the two. But what if there was a third group that was more satisfying? Before I go on, I need to admit that I didn't use to be a morning person and didn't like getting up early at all. I even quit my first couple of jobs as a morning radio host so I could sleep. Later in my career, I would hit my desk at 5 AM and pound through my to-do list as fast as possible. I must have been saying, "I…MUST… GET… IT… DONE!" That didn't work well because I didn't see the purpose of getting out of bed early if it was only to work. For a few years, I spent my mornings reading and meditating before heading off to the gym.  I got in better shape, but my bank balance was less, and my future goals were seemingly unreachable. Then, one day out of pure frustration and sporting a brand-new I don't give a heck attitude, I asked myself a question that changed everything - "What's the first thing I should do tomorrow morning that, if I do, will allow me to live a life of my design?" Notice that I didn't ask about work or what was on my to-do list. It didn't have anything to do with getting more done or getting in better shape. I focused on the lifestyle I wanted to live - and it was life-changing. In the years since I made that decision, I've started my days before 6 AM doing the most important thing I deem required to live the life of my choosing, and I've been happier for it. I've also come across dozens of morning do-gooders who are getting everything done, except what they dream of doing, and when they realize it's not their fault, everything changes. They got caught up in the buzz of life, and everyone does.  But, the minute you choose to focus on YOU before anything else is when you start making real progress. When you focus on what is important to you, you get what is important to you.
Entrepreneurial Friday - Tech Overwhelm I’ve decided to change things ups a bit at the end of the week. Friday is the day of the week that is 100% unscheduled and freeform. I use them to get things done… or go to the beach.  After receiving lots of emails, I’ve decided that my fellow business owners, and hard workers everywhere, could use to have a few questions answered. Dan writes - Hello, I'm a member of Motivation To Move and have a suggestion that is of interest to me. How do you deal with tech intruding on your life? I'm not only talking about cell phones, computers, and social media. I'm talking about when you update your WordPress site, and it crashes. I’m talking about getting strange emails from random people that immediately demand your attention. I'm talking about other tech issues that require enormous amounts of time to fix but have little interest to other people but are necessary to complete as a business owner in 2021. I’m talking about things that take you out of the “real world" and put you into the virtual troubleshooting process. Wasting lots and lots of time out of your control. Thanks, Dan Okay, Dan. Here are my thoughts… I'm going to employ some good old-fashion Scott LOGIC - On the tech front, cell phones, computers, social media, you need to practice tech hygiene. That is, conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, primarily through cleanliness. That means to cut your umbilical cord and default to off. Turn things off more often than you turn things on. How about updates and WordPress crashes? The first answer is to get somebody else to do it. People everywhere don't see that as a problem; they see it as a paycheck. The second answer, get a good Host who makes sure things don't break. Third, defer to the first. How about strange emails from random people that immediately demand your attention? There is no law the requires you to open an email because somebody randomly sent it to you. Set up solid filters, and don't be afraid to use the trash. For everything else, if you are proactive, there is never an email that needs an immediate response. Schedule hours in the day to respond and stick with it. You get the life that you choose. If something feels unsustainable, it’s not. Choose to focus your efforts on doing what you love.
How To Become a Champion

How To Become a Champion


We all live in a competitive world that makes getting what we want a challenge. If you've ever found yourself missing out because somebody else beats you to the punch, there may be a simple reason. I've always been a competitive person. Once I set my mind to accomplishing a goal, I will always do whatever is required to win. Still, I've often tripped on my way to winning by others who wanted the same thing but had a different approach. When I decided to enter the world of dog agility competitions, a new friend reminded me of an essential mindset. My friends' name is Jaxon. He's a great competitor and is incredibly consistent in his performance. Every time my dog, Levi, and I compete against Jaxon, we know it's going to be our game to lose. It's not because he's faster, more talented, or works harder. He's slower, a little clumsy, and prefers play over work. He never gets serious or stuffy. Win or lose; he always has a reason to celebrate - usually by taking a nap. On the other hand, Levi has flashier moves, runs faster, and wins lots of blue ribbons before he takes his nap. He also crashes and burns more often, leaving Jaxon with the prize - but not always. Jaxon is consistent, not fast, and doesn't care. Levi is fast and can be consistent if he, WE, cares. That's a little thing called discipline. Consistency in practice and performance is required to do anything at a high level. Without discipline, you will always lose to the one who has it. However, when you require consistency of yourself and are willing to take a chance and go for the gold, that's what makes a champion. Both are happy dogs and enjoy the game. That makes them both winners. Levi is the champion.
How do I get from here to where I want to go? That's a question you may find yourself asking - especially for the big adventures of life. What you need is a dam bridge! A few years ago, I was standing atop the Hoover Dam. It's awe-inspiring—Lake Mead views in one direction and the Colorado River in the other. Below is one of the great engineering marvels in history. But there was something more exciting. New bridge construction high above the canyon walls caught my attention. Construction was well underway, and I couldn't help notice how the process is the same as getting what you want in life. There are three elements; two foundations and a span. When you want something new, it's easy to stumble along. If you do that when you're building a bridge across a canyon, you'll be in the river before you know it. The key to creating anything is to build and fortify your current foundation. That means making sure there is a little drama as possible in your life. Save your money, pay your bills, do whatever it takes to create a firm foundation. The starting side of your new life should be a peaceful base. The next step is to build your foundation on the side where you intend your adventure to take you. That could mean taking classes, learning a new skill, expanding your network, and researching your plan. The goal is to do everything in your power to build a solid foundation for future success. Little by little, your foundations get more robust, and your future becomes possible. You will sense the time as come to build a span between your two foundations. It's time to leave the past behind. Once you have built your foundations and 70% of your span, it's time to leap to the other side. Too early is a false start. Too late is procrastination. Timing is everything. Build strong, be patient, and let your momentum build. That's how you turn small steps into significant change.
Have you ever been attempting to communicate with someone and found yourself hitting your head against the wall with frustration? Communication with other humans can do that to you, but there is a way to your goal. A few years ago, I was invited to Las Vegas to speak to martial arts school owners. At the time, I was having success helping the schools grow through television commercials and infomercials. Over a thousand Black Belts crowded into the Hard Rock Hotel to hear what I had to say. As I began, I explained that I have many rules for communicating successfully. One of them is to never use "inside language" when trying to get someone else to understand you. Whether it's technical mumbo-jumbo that nobody but you understands or the actual language you speak. If you want to get somebody's attention, you must speak their language. That was the problem the industry was having. I asked everybody in the room to stand, and I called out a few, saying, "Stand up and introduce yourself, in your language, and tell us exactly how you help students in your school." For the next few minutes, a dozen school owners spoke in English, Japanese, Koren, Chinese, and a few others, describing how their program was superior to all others. The only problem was, few in the room understood much of what they said. As the room began to lose focus because they couldn't understand, I made my point, "Everybody, please stand, and let's all count to ten together!" The next few seconds were filled with a thousand voices, speaking dozens of languages, all trying to count to ten. When they finished, everybody broke out in laughter at the craziness. That's when I said, "How do you expect anybody to do business with you when they can't understand what you are saying?" During the next hour, I taught them to consistently meet folks where they are, join the conversation they are having in their minds, and use words and phrases that mean something to them. If you do that with every conversation you have in your life, today will be very motivating. For you and everybody else you meet. Imagine how successful that is going to make you?
Decisions Made Easy

Decisions Made Easy


Have you ever noticed how forward momentum completely stops when you can't make a decision? There's no doubt; the ability to make a decision is a power skill worth developing. I learned mine from my Mom. I grew up in the small town of Manassas, Virginia and I couldn't wait to graduate and begin my life adventure. My focus was on becoming a top-rated morning radio host, making lots of money in a big market. But I had a problem... The day came for me to decide how to begin my career. I narrowed my school choice and had to commit to enrolling - and commitments can be scary. As excited as I was to begin, I was also confused. That's when my Mom stepped in with a solution. Mom was a Legal Secretary and pulled out a yellow legal pad she kept handy. She drew a line down the middle of the page from top to bottom. Oh, no. We're not going to do the old Pro and Con thing again? That never works! Have you ever tried to make a decision using a list of positives and negatives? It only causes more confusion. But that wasn't going to happen this time because Mom had something else in mind. She drew another horizontal line, from left to right, across the middle of the page. Then she said, "This is different. It's about what is going to happen when you make your decision. Try it." With that, I made a list of everything that WOULD happen if I DID commit and get myself moving in the top left of the page. On the top right, I made a list of what WOULD happen if I DIDN'T do anything. Then, things got interesting… On the bottom left of the page, I listed what WOULDN'T happen if I DID. I filled the bottom right with what WOULDN'T happen if I DIDN'T. Clarity emerged, the fear disappeared, and excitement took over. If you find yourself needing to make a decision, you can sort out anything, break free, and build fast and massive momentum with those four questions.
I love tattoos, but I waited until I turned 50-year-old to get my first. There was no deep meaning to my delay, only ScottLOGIC - my way of thinking. In my mind, it made perfect sense to wait until my body decided it wasn't going to get any prettier as it age. Then I would start decorating it. My wife and I had talked about my goal of getting a tattoo. For my birthday, she presented me with an envelope of cash to pay for my new body art and asked, "Have you decided what you want?" While I was in no hurry, I knew what I wanted to across the back of my shoulders. It was my attitude about rising above the interference and surviving modern life. If you found yourself behind me at the beach, you would see the tattoo center is an old-fashioned compass. It serves a North Star and points in the direction of my future. From the center, wings stretch broadly across most of my back. They are lifting me forward and upward toward a large mountain. I am climbing to the highest point on Earth and seeking peace from the craziness below. For me, life is about soaring above the interference that exists in our daily lives. It's about overcoming the obstacles and thinking for ourselves. It is about living to our full potential. Below, where most spend their time, it is difficult -- with everybody is pulling us into their world. Starting the day in mud and ending in quicksand is no way to enjoy yourself. And you can't get ahead with everybody else is in your head. Finding a way to rise above the masses' interference is how you become the person you are meant to be. Seek to rise above what interferes with your dreams. That's where you will find the success and happiness you desire.
  Life can be full of never-ending challenges. Even when things are good and going your way, success can get on the most positive person's nerves. We're wired that way. The buzz of daily activities has the same impact on your emotions. Too much is too much. Good, bad, or in-between, you will feel the strain, especially when things are not going your way. Many years ago, my daughter found a way to deal with the coming death of her Mother. It was positive, hopeful, grounded, future-paced, and practical. She wrote a poem titled, "Soon, Too Soon." It became then, and still today, an affirmation that still serves. Soon we'll all find our way. Soon we'll know what makes us who we are. Soon we'll wake up to a day we can appreciate. Soon we'll know that tomorrow we'll be better. Soon we'll trust that everything's okay, that the past is gone can't hold us back. Soon we'll smile about today. Soon will come too soon. Don't let it slip away. By Carlyn Smith - Peterson
Woody Allen said, "Half of success is showing up." I've thought about that quote many times over the years. There was something about its logic that didn't match up with my day-to-day experience. Don't get me wrong, no matter what you want to do in your life, showing up is the first step in getting it. But I've shown up many times and ended up going home with the prize that I so much wanted. I've also seen others convinced that they'll advance toward their goals if they show up. Instead, they end up disappointed with their results. So, if showing up is getting you halfway, what's the other half? It's knowledge, work ethic, and communication, and people skills. And let's not forget your ability to commit to doing whatever it takes to get what you want. Some people don't show up, and some don't commit. Many do. Why don't they succeed? I remember the words spoken by my Paster moments before my wedding to my first wife, Sheryl. I was a 20-year-old kid, and he asked, "Do you know what makes a marriage work?" Without much thought, I said, "It's a 50/50 thing. As long as we show up for each other, it'll work." His response resonates with me to this day, "Success in anything is 100/100 thing. You show up and commit to giving it 100% of your effort all the time - and so does everybody else." So, yes. Showing up will get you halfway to your goal. But if you want to go all the way, you must commit to 100% and doing whatever it takes to get what you want.
Deepika, a 19-year-old Pre-Med student from India, sent me an email calling me a "Delusion Buster." At first, I didn't know what to think. Before I dug too far into my mind, I looked up the definition. A delusion is a belief held with firm conviction, despite superior evidence to the contrary. I guess I am a "Delusion Buster" - and you should be too. Living a life of your choosing becomes a reality when you have a vision and a strategic plan. Add in ritualized daily actions and things beginning to go your way. However, it's easy to let the rhythms of day-to-day life influence your efforts and knock you off track. Before you know it, drift, despite superior evidence to the contrary. I guess that, while you may be blind to what is happening, your gut instincts can feel the drift. I'll also assume that you are very good at spotting the same behavior in others who feel a bit lost. And what do you do? You listen, challenge, validate, suggest, persuade—anything it takes to show them the light and get back on track. You draw upon your wisdom and pass on proven strategies and guidance - all or somebody else. But what about you? If you find yourself drifting, it's time to sit with yourself for a few minutes. Analyze your awareness of your situation. Accept where you find yourself. And shift your perception. The goal is simple - How do you go from where you are now to where you want to be? Ever since I was a kid, I've always believed in the wisdom of Casey Kasem. Anything is possible if you "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching or the stars." You do that by recognizing where you are—remembering your dreams. And become a "Delusion Buster" of your own. After all - Reality is hard to accept. But accepting your current situation and adjusting your path is how you get what you want - and it feels great!
So you know you want something different than what you have. You can’t seem to put your finger on what you want. And, the big one, you don’t know where to begin. In my years of helping others reach their dreams, I’ve learned a couple of things - For most of us, our lives are pretty good. They could be more exciting, and you could make more money. Maybe your relationships could sparkle a bit more? Still, you may feel frozen from a fear of what you might lose. It may be from a fear that you won’t get what you want. Is it possible that you are living in a someday-maybe mindset? In the business world, things are a bit more clear. If you want to succeed, all you need to do is offer something your customer wants or needs and provide a solution. It’s simple math. The customer will take you up on your offer, and your business will thrive. Or, they won’t even notice your business, and your competition will succeed. Your personal life is the same way. You recognize that your desire is a problem that needs a solution. Or, you stay forever and frustratingly in a someday-maybe mindset. But, what if there was a magical question you could ask yourself? A question that, if you are willing to accept the answer, would transform your trajectory? I asked a confused client on a recent call, “If I could wave a magic wand and transform your life into exactly what you wanted - what would that look like?” The first few seconds were silent  - until the floodgates of her imagination opened. The picture was painted, and she could see the future. She let out a deep breath, relaxed, and said - “Thanks for getting me to admit what I wanted finally. I’ve been thinking about it for years. I was afraid to say it out loud. It feels good.” It always feels good when you release the dream locked inside of you. Now, accept that you want it and get work making it real. If in doubt, wave your magic wand!
I was on the phone with a prospective client and asked if there was anything else she needed for us to work together. “Yes. Could you hold me accountable? I need help with that.” Am I’m the only one who feels this way? Over the years, experience has taught me something. That when a fully-grown human requests I hold them accountable, it never ends well—for me! Call me silly. I don’t think outsourcing your responsibility is the best way to take control of your life. I said, “Why would you give somebody else control over your success? If there is something you want, why don’t you believe enough in yourself commit to it? Fire up your mojo, trust that you mean it, respect your decision, and take full responsibility!” I was just getting started. “Besides, I know what’s going to happen... The first time I hold you accountable for not doing what you said you wanted to do, you’ll blow it off and say you’ll try again. The next time, you’ll get a little angry at me for doing what you told me to do. And the last time, you’ll tell me that this is not working for you—and you’ll fire me.” Like I said. It never ends well—for me. If I’m going to get fired for doing what my clients asked me to do, I would prefer not to get hired in the first place. So I suggested something that always turns out to be a better solution. “Why don’t you tell me what you want to do, and the next time we get together, you can check-in and report on your progress? I’m sure I’ll have plenty of solutions to keep you moving.” She loved the idea, and it has turned out to be a great relationship. There’s nothing more empowering than holding yourself accountable. Only you have power over what you get in life. You don’t need anybody else to help, so go for it!
Wouldn't it be great if there was a magical method for getting whatever you want in life? If you could pull up a recipe of sorts on your phone, mix it into your bowl of life, and bake up what you wanted? Well, there is. Sort of.. My sister-in-law has talent. She says that she can take a bite of any baked food and, within a few seconds, recite a list of ingredients necessary to recreate it. Something she was doing while visiting our home and eating a piece of my Birthday cake. I asked - "Do you think you can that with my cake?" "Yes. No problem." With that, I issued a challenge. "It takes more than a list of ingredients. Why don't I tell you what to buy and let's see I you can still get the same result?" Within a few minutes, we arrived at the grocery store. List in hand, she purchased everything needed, and we headed back home. 30-minutes later, ingredients assembled and mixed, she popped the cake into the oven - feeling sure she won the challenge. That's when things got interesting. Once cooled, we tasted her creation. My only thought was, "Close, but no cigar." Yes, it was good, but not exact. I wasn't surprised, but she was stunned. I could tell by the look in her eyes what she was thinking - "How was it possible? I used every ingredient. Why doesn't taste the same?" The truth is, what seems simple usually isn't. Ask anybody who bakes, and they'll tell you it's not the ingredients. It's the amount of each, how you mix them, the oven's temperature, and the time you allow your cake to bake. Then you think about it… Baking a cake is a lot like getting what you want in life. Assembling knowledge is only the beginning. Understanding the nuance of how it is put together is how you RISE to the top—pun intended.
The Best Death Ever

The Best Death Ever


You are a goal-setting machine. That’s not to say you are setting, working toward, and accomplishing more goals than anybody else. It’s the way your brain is wired. If that’s the case, why is it that reaching your goal can leave you feeling lost? In 2006 I had a life-changing moment that happened in the middle of the night. My wife, Sheryl, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and my world crashed. Even worse, they told me there wasn’t anything I could do about it. In my world, those a fighting words. The following six weeks were a whirlwind of miracle searching activity, including a trip to Costa Rica for alternative treatment. As the weeks passed, the reality of what was coming became real. Sheryl would not survive. We called Hospice. In the coming days, we settled into a routine that no family ever wants to go through, and that gave me the idea to call a family meeting. Together with my kids around my wife’s bed, I proposed a new goal. “If this is going to happen, why don’t we make it the best death ever?” The initial response was silence - until my wife said, “Well, if I’m going to go through this, we should enjoy the experience - right?” From that point forward, even in the most challenging moments, we all lived life to the fullest. Family, friends, everybody in our circle knew the goal and did their part to help us reach it. Exactly 100 days from diagnosis, Sheryl passed away. It hurt like nothing any of us had ever experienced. Still, we found ourselves with a warm feeling about how we had handled things. In time, our conversations turned to our goal of making it the best death ever. We realized we had achieved it. That the thing about goals… All the excitement of setting a goal happens while you’re in the middle of your journey - and you are always in the middle of your journey. Easy or difficult. When you choose to pursue a plan, the destination doesn’t matter except that it serves as a starting point for your next journey.
  Getting what you want always comes down to knowing what it is, deciding to go after it, and not stopping until you get it. But what happens when you need somebody's help to get it, and they won't step up? I'll never forget that warm September day I made up my mind to get a membership at a new gym. They had been in pre-sale for months, and I had finally decided to drag myself off the sofa and grab a pre-opening special before it was gone. When I walked through the door, it was a beehive of activity. People everywhere packing up equipment. They were moving to the new location across the street. At that moment, I thought I missed my chance, but I stepped up to the counter anyway, "Can I get signed up?" The young girl behind the counter said something that blew my mind. "I can't help you. The computer is unplugged. Besides, you've had a couple of months. You're kind of late." Let me get this straight. This business, whose only reason for existence is to get members, can't because their computer is unplugged, and it's my fault? I was picking my jaw up off the floor when the owner saw what was happening. He stopped what he was doing, grabbed a contract, and said, "Of course we can. We'll do it the old-fashion way and enter it into the computer tomorrow. You can pay when you come to work out." With that, I walked out with my new membership. I started working out the next day, and the actions of that day changed my life. How? I had been working out for a few months and the owner noticed my results. Knowing I had a martial arts background, he asked if I would teach a few kickboxing classes. I agreed, and a few months Motivation To Move was born. Nothing has ever been the same. I learned a valuable lesson about business and life that day. Once you decide what you want, whether it's running a business or on a treadmill, never miss out on an opportunity to get what you want. Even if the computer is unplugged.
Every day, we live in a world full of events, challenges, and people that cause us stress in our lives. Sometimes it may seem impossible to eliminate the cause, but that is what you can and should be doing. Sometimes that takes time. Your subconscious mind always listens and filters the world around you. That means that you are forming opinions. Thoughts are racing. Actions happening. Usually, without knowing why, you are feeling stressed to the max. When you finally recognize what is going on, it's time to take action. I spoke with a client when she mentioned she was having challenges with one of her clients. He was stressing her out and had been doing it for years. She was working up the courage to have a conversation to work things out. Something that was stressing her out even more. When she asked my advice, I said - "How he is treating you is wrong. Anybody can see that. He's doing it on purpose or is unaware. It is still unacceptable and unsustainable. You need to bring it to his attention, reset expectations, and prepared to move on. "Move on?” she said. "Yes, move one, but you won't have to if he values your service. If he's unaware, he'll thank you for pointing it out and change his behavior. If it's purposeful behavior, he'll recognize those days have come to an end and will change his behavior." "What happens if he doesn't want to change? That's simple. "He'll either quit, or you'll replace him with another client who values and respects what you can do for him. You can only win." My client had that conversation and put everything on the table. They both decided to continue working together, and all is well. If anything is stressing you, you can and should eliminate the source as soon as possible. Life is too short to be stress out.
  How would you feel if somebody called you a liar? When I started my first real business 20 years ago, I found myself stressed, working long hours, missing workouts, sleep, and family. I was determined to be a success - even if it killed me. I'm not sure it would have done that, but I was a least on my way to wearing myself out since I was in my office at 2 AM on a Saturday, with a big bottle of wine. Frankly, I was mad that day and was thinking bad things about myself. Feeling a little lost, as well, and a bladder full of wine, I stumbled to the restroom. That's when my reflection in the mirror stopped me in my tracks. The man looking back was not the man I was on the inside. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn't mad. He was sad. Success was proving harder than he thought it would be, and he was lying to himself about why. No. I was lying to myself. In a surreal moment, I realized that I was questioning my commitment. How could I get up every day and say that I was committed and yet allow myself to self-sabotage? How could I commit to taking on a difficult challenge and complain that it was difficult? How could I ever get what I wanted if my commitment was a big lie I was telling myself. Either I was committed to my goals, or I wasn't. I looked into the eyes of the stranger in the mirror and saw a glimmer of my old self. I realized that everything I was doing was self-inflicted, and I was ready to stop blaming my challenges. It was a moment of reckoning, and I could see my commitment returning as a sparkle emerged from my eyes, and relief appeared in my shoulders. My inner Yoda also spoke to me - "Succeed or do not succeed. Both are self-inflicted. There is no try. There is only commitment." After that, I had a very good nights sleep.
What do you do for fun? It's such a simple question that causes people to get a blank look in their eyes. A few years ago, I visited friends who lived and worked on the Grand Canyon's South Rim. Yes, people live there - thousands of them. The drive into town is too far to commute - but that was okay with my friends. They had recently switched careers, packed up, and moved to become Park Rangers. They were right where they wanted to be. It was late in the day when we settled into the guest room of their home and headed to the dinner table. I had been driving all day and was feeling a little fidgety. "So, what do you guys do for fun around here?" He looked at me like the fast-paced city slicker I was and said, "I've been having fun all day - even at work." I didn't get it - yet. It turns out that his life change taught him that having fun is a sneaky little thing. Fun likes to show up when you are not paying attention and in the moment, whether wasting time or working. In my career, I've asked people what they do for fun many times - They are either in a materialistic chase for something our society has told us is fun… or… They have forgotten that what they do naturally, when they are not paying attention, can be more satisfying than they think. And, there it is. When you stop looking down the road for the fun that you think you want to have, you realize that you are already having a good time right where you are. No chasing required.
You've set a goal and are putting in the hours to get what you want. Why is everything moving so slow? Larry was a mentor of mine when I was in my twenties. He owned a business, made an exceptional living, and after hiring me to work for him, took me under his wing. It was a relationship that lasted for years - although I'm sure I didn't make it easy. That's the thing about being a young, bright-eyed dreamer with lots of talent and not much patience. It's easy to see what others have, set an arbitrary date on a calendar, and expect that everything will go your way. One day, I pinned Larry in his office and was making my best case for a raise. I was sure he had gobs of cash, and I deserved my share. After all, I was 26 years old, so it's time that I had a big house and a fancy car like him. That's when Larry said something that changed everything - "Scott, sometimes you have to keep showing up long enough for the right people to notice. Keep doing a good job, and they'll step up." Of course, Larry was already stepping up and was being very generous. I'm not sure I knew that, and I wouldn't say I liked his answer. I'm pretty sure that I stomped out of his office and gossiped about him in the kitchen. Over the years, though, I noticed that there seems to be a hidden layer of successful people all around me. They were keeping an eye out for somebody like me. Larry was right - The person who can help make your life better is not always the person standing in front of you. If you give it enough time, no matter what you do, when you least expect it, somebody will say, "We need to talk. It's time we do something together."
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Arsalan V

That was amazing! I really appreciate it.

Apr 6th

Priscilia Rui

11 minutes of podcast and more than half of it is advertising -.- then when it finally gets to "actual content" it's just...

Feb 27th

maryam Uh

you speak too fast!

Feb 24th

Soma Jim

Scott Smith thank you ❤

Feb 17th


Thank you. it was great 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Feb 15th

Luis Gomez

need to focus

Feb 4th


Thank you, it was so amazing, I enjoyed it. good luck

Jan 11th


One entire tree sacrificed to get the drone back?? is this a joke?? buying a ladder or something wouldn't be better??

Dec 21st


Enjoyed tremendously!!

Dec 2nd

Karl Sib

love how humble you are 👍

Dec 1st

Yashar Hpour's really good podcast but it will be even better if you speak a little bit slower.

Nov 25th

D xR

no paid advertising but the whole thing is an informercial?? you're a disgrace

Nov 21st


i love your podcast

Nov 10th

r. derakhshan

why do you talk this much fast? 😑😮

Jul 9th

Spiritual Entity

now that's something ...

Jun 9th

r. derakhshan


Jun 7th

Farah Khaleck

Thank you so much!!! I had a horrible last week feeling all low and sulky! Ughhhh I was a mess. But I just let myself be, then just decided ok that’s enough, let’s get things done! Casually found your podcast and am listening right now as am working from home. This is sooo helpful 👍🏼👊🏼

May 6th

Farah Khaleck

Thank you so much!!! I had a horrible last week feeling all low and sulky! Ughhhh I was a mess. But I just let myself be, then just decided ok that’s enough, let’s get things done! Casually found your podcast and am listening right now as am working from home. This is sooo helpful 👍🏼👊🏼

May 6th

Jayann Chipman

wow. wanted to like this, you are supposed to be a husband not a leader. I came for motivation, not mysoginy and telling you wife "what she needs to do."

May 1st

Belinda Lee

This podcast doesn't get it. If you are not motivated you are not excited to do something. Why would you lack motivation to do something that you have always been so excited and wanted to do. I think ppl do the shit they want to do and are excited about generally that is not the issue

Apr 23rd
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