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The latest clinical medicine and health policy news for healthcare professionals, delivered each weekday by host Nick Andrews and MDedge editors. The information in this podcast is provided for informational and educational purposes only.
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Is a rigid HPV vaccination schedule really necessary? Story by Bruce Jancin, reporting from the annual meeting of the European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Delayed administration of the second dose of an HPV vaccine had no negative impact on the magnitude of the immune response. Other top stories: Women are underrepresented as lead authors in oncology trials  The proportion has been increasing but still lags behind the proportion of female oncologists in the United States. Dupilumab found effective for adolescents with moderate to severe AD  Rates of skin infections were higher in the placebo group, compared with the treatment groups. Exposure to outdoor air pollutants linked to increased emphysema  Being exposed to outdoor air pollutants was associated with increases in emphysema as assessed via CT imaging. Favorable Ebola results lead to drug trial termination, new focus  Two of four therapeutics showed greater survival, prompting termination of the initial trial and randomization of new patients to these two drugs. You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News team by emailing us at or by following us on Twitter @MDedgeTweets.
SPECIAL Crossover with Blood & Cancer, the official podcast of MDedge HematologyOncology.  You can learn more about Blood & Cancer at   SHOW NOTES: Alan P. Lyss, MD, a medical oncologist in community practice at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis, joins Blood & Cancer host David H. Henry, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, to break down the most interesting and practice-changing studies at the recent 2019 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Complete show notes by Ronak H. Mistry, DO, resident in the department of internal medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, are available online here. For more MDedge podcasts, go to Email the show: Interact with us on Twitter: @mdedgehemonc David Henry on Twitter: @DavidHenryMD     Relevant links: Big Data Abstract LBA1 Abstract LBA5563 Abstract 110 CancerLinQ Database Colorectal Cancer Abstract 3500 Abstract 3501 Pancreatic Cancer Abstract 4000 Abstract LBA4 Prostate Cancer Abstract LBA2 Lung Cancer Abstract 8504 Breast Cancer Abstract 500 Abstract 502 TAILORx Abstract 503 Health Informatics Abstract 6509 Abstract 6510 Multiple Myeloma Multiple Myeloma Abstracts Smoldering Myeloma Abstract 8000 Myeloma Abstract 8002 Abstract 8007
Today's top stories in clinical medicine.  Medical cannabis laws appear no longer tied to drop in opioid overdose mortality EULAR revises its RA management recommendations Aggressive lowering of LDL cholesterol: Is it a good thing? Residents are drowning in job offers -- and debt You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets
Today's top stories in clinical medicine.  Treat insomnia as a full-fledged disorder. Illinois law expands abortion rights. Consider iatrogenesis in patients with new psychiatric symptoms. Foot osteoarthritis: forgotten no longer. You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.
Today's top stories in clinical medicine: Modest changes deemed inherent in 'normal' aging COPD exacerbations associated with poor sleep quality Genetic analysis links PCSK9 inhibition and CV mortality Obesity and overweight declined among lower-income kids You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.  
Today's top stories: Chronic opioid use may be common in patients with ankylosing spondylitis Reducing pediatric RSV burden is top priority Less reactogenic acellular pertusses vaccine has waning immunity Nearly two-thirds of gynecologic oncology respondents experienced sexual harassment You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.  
You can find more of our podcasts at Today's top stories in clinical medicine: Updated systematic review of aspirin for primary prevention shows benefits, risks. Estimated prevalence of OSA in the Americas stands at 170 million. How to reverse type 2 diabetes with a crash diet the DiRECT approach. Zeroing in on a key issue: SGLT2s or GLP-1s for elderly T2D? You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.
You can find more of our podcasts on our website: Today's top stories in clinical medicine: Coffee, tea, and soda all up GERD risk Warfarin boosts OS risk in Rotterdam Study mTORC1 inhibitor protects elderly asthmatics from viral respiratory infections NJ law, EMR alerts appear effective at reducing opioid prescriptions You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.
Today in clinical medicine: Most measles cases in 25 years prompts government pleas to vaccinate Positive psoriatic arthritis screens occur often in psoriasis patients Sleep apnea is linked with tau accumulation in the brain Patients say primary care video visits are convenient, high quality You can contact the MDedge Daily News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.  
The 2019 annual Internal Medicine meeting of the American College of Physicians took place beginning April 10 in Philadelphia. MDedge Podcast host and producer Nick Andrews joined Internal Medicine News editor Katie Lennon to discuss a few of the biggest topics.  ACP 2019 highlights: Telemedicine update. Neuropathic pain update. Negotiating a strong contract. ACP launches quality improvement tools. You can contact the MDedge Daily news by emailing or by following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.  
Today, we’re bringing you a special episode featuring exclusive coverage from the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology in Washington. 1. Food allergies and atopic dermatitis: What is the evidence? 2. Many common dermatologic drugs can be safely used during pregnancy. 3. 31-GEP test predicts likelihood of metastasis for cutaneous melanoma. 4. Bermekimab reduces lesions, cuts pain in patients with hidradenitis suppurativa. Contact us:
Contact us: 1. CDC: United States has hit a plateau with HIV. 2. Fauci, Messonnier testify on measles outbreaks. 3. Big pharma says it can’t drop drug list prices alone. 4. Barrett’s esophagus uncommon in patients with uncomplicated GERD.
Contact us: FDA panels back intranasal esketamine for refractory depression. ONC aims to help doctors, patients with information sharing in proposed rule. Survey: Health care costs unlikely to improve in 2019. Vaccination and antiviral treatment don't lower stroke risk after shingles.
Contact us: podcasts@mdedge Automated office BP readings best routine measures   Positive FIT test should prompt colonoscopy   Mild aerobic exercise speeds sports concussion recovery   Phase 3 studies of antiamyloid Alzheimer’s drug crenezumab stopped  
Special Report: SABCS

Special Report: SABCS


Contact us: Follow MDedge on Twitter: @MDedgeTweets In this special edition of the MDedge Daily News, Nick Andrews and Terry Rudd report the latest news from the 2018 annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Stories include: using low-dose tamoxifen, the latest findings fro KATHERINE trial, results of a meta-analysis of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, and capecitabine in early stage triple negative breast cancer
Contact us: The Postcall Podcast is available here: Today's stories: Asking about a family's military service can improve pediatric care. Knee pathologies, including multiple meniscal tears, predict accelerated osteoarthritis. Poor-prognosis cancers linked to highest suicide risk in first year. Nuedexta mainly prescribed for dementia, Parkinson's.  
U.S. life expectancy down; drug overdose, suicide up sharply Less-distressed patients are driving an increase in outpatient services. ASH releases new VTE guidelines. Commentary: NIH director expresses concern over CRISPR-cas9 baby claim.
The MDedge Psychcast is new with Dr. John Rozel and a conversation on gun violence. ( TENS cuts fibromyalgia pain in large, randomized controlled trial.  Brisk walking may decrease total knee replacement risk in osteoarthritis.  Smoking neglected in patients with peripheral arterial disease. The American College of Physicians beefs up firearms policy.
MedPAC eyes 'incident to' billing.  ( Stepdown to oral ciprofloxacin looks safe in gram-negative bloodstream infections. ( Nasal cannula device may be an option for severe COPD. ( Brexanolone injection quickly improves postpartum depression. (
Postcall Podcast: ( Suicide risk doubles in COPD patients who are taking benzodiazepines. ( Feds say ACA's silver plan premiums will drop in 2019. ( Bias in the clinical setting can impact patient care. ( Managing asthma in children: PEts don't always have to go.  (
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