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The latest clinical medicine and health policy news for healthcare professionals, delivered each weekday by host Nick Andrews and MDedge editors. The information in this podcast is provided for informational and educational purposes only.
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Post-MI angina in stable patients flags high risk By Mitchel L. Zoler   Patients more than 3 months out from a myocardial infarction with angina had an increased risk for subsequent cardiovascular death or a new MI.   Other news:   Drug abuse–linked infective endocarditis spiking in U.S. New cases doubled from 2002 to 2016, and those affected tended to be younger white males living in poverty.   U.S. increases in RA burden outpace global averages The incidence of rheumatoid arthritis rose by almost 21% from 1990 to 2017 in the United States.   Rivaroxaban bests combo therapy in post-PCI AFib Though dosing questions remain, the Japanese AFIRE study affirms current U.S. and European practice.   Meta-analysis finds platelet-rich plasma may improve hair growth Five studies reported statistically significant increases in hair density in favor of PRP over placebo.   You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.  
Wildfire smoke has acute cardiorespiratory impact, but long-term effects still under study By Doug Brunk While research advances, the unforgiving wildfire season looms, assuring more destruction of property and threats to cardiorespiratory health.   Other News:    Pulegone levels in e-liquids, smokeless tobacco products exceed FDA limits Daily exposure to pulegone was 44-1,608 times higher than that from menthol cigarettes.   FDA gives dapagliflozin Fast Track status for heart failure therapy The designation is for reduction of cardiovascular death risk or disease progression in patients with reduced or preserved ejection fraction.   Benefits of peanut desensitization may not last Previous studies have shown that desensitization to peanuts can be successful, but sustained response to oral immunotherapy after treatment reduction has not been well studied.   Most patients with RIS develop MS within 10 years The conversion rate jumps to 87% in the presence of four risk factors at baseline.     You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.  
States pass record number of laws to reel in drug prices By Steven Findlay, Kaiser Health News   Measures include authorizing imported prescription drugs, screening for excessive price increases by drug companies, and establishing oversight boards to set drug prices.   Other news:    European cholesterol guidelines lower LDL targets, expand PCSK9 inhibitor use Revised ESC dyslipidemia guidelines set an LDL-cholesterol goal below 55 mg/dL for the first time, and broaden PCSK9 inhibitor use.   Hospital-acquired C. diff. tied to four ‘high-risk’ antibiotic classes High-risk antibiotics included second-, third-, and fourth-generation cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, carbapenems, and lincosamides.   Rates of off-label prescribing for children continue to increase Off-label ordering increased over 10 years, especially for antihistamines and psychotropic drugs.   Presumptive style of conversation boosts HPV vaccination rates in adolescents The two-dose HPV vaccine schedule also seemed to improve completion rates.
Drug doses for heart failure could possibly be halved for women By Randy Dotinga   Women reached the highest level of drug efficacy at half the doses of ACE inhibitors or ARBs and beta-blockers needed by men to reach the same level.   Other news:   'Peanut pill' gets thumbs-up from FDA advisory panel An FDA panel recommended approval -- under conditions including a black box warning -- for AR101 peanut protein capsules as oral immunotherapy for children and teens with a confirmed peanut allergy.   High-dose teriparatide tops standard dose in boosting BMD in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis The findings suggest that high-dose teriparatide stimulates even greater separation between bone resorption and formation.   BP load predicts cardiovascular damage in children The amount of time spent above the 95th blood pressure percentile is an emerging metric of pediatric hypertension control.   FDA: NDMA found in samples of ranitidine The agency is not calling for individuals to stop taking ranitidine at this time.   You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.
MDedge reporters discuss the latest in practice-changing data from the 2019 annual congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Paris.  Join Mitchel L. Zoler, Bruce Jancin, Kari Oakes, and MDedge Cardiology editor Catherine Hackett as they discuss what they reported from the annual meeting.  MDedge Cardiology has a weekly podcast -- Cardiocast -- with new episodes dropping on Fridays.  
Latest suicide prevention research highlights roles for clinicians, teachers, and parents By Heidi Splete   “Belongingness to parents” in particular predicted lower odds of suicidal ideation in high school students in one study.   Other news:   Try testosterone for some women with sexual dysfunction, but not others Evidence does not support testosterone use for other conditions, and concentrations should mirror premenopausal physiological conditions.   Trump administration to ban flavored e-cigarettes The Food and Drug Administration is finalizing a compliance policy that will target flavored e-cigarettes.   Insurers to pay record number of rebates to patients Insurers will pay $1.3 billion in medical loss ratio rebates to patients in 2019 based on collected premiums.   No decrease in preterm birth with n-3 fatty acid supplements Women taking n-3 fatty acid supplements during pregnancy were more likely to have infants that were very large for their gestational age.
Statins may do double duty as antidepressants Mounting evidence suggests antidepressant efficacy for statins in immunometabolic-related depression.   Other news: New genotype of S. pyrogenes found in rise of scarlet fever in U.K.The new genotype of Streptococcus pyrogenes with increased scarlet fever toxin A production became dominant over the course of the epidemic. Judge blocks North Dakota abortion lawNorth Dakota’s law is similar to that in at least seven other states.  Long-term advantages may not endure after early tight control in psoriatic arthritisLong-term follow-up data from the TICOPA study showed no significant difference in disease activity between tight control and standard care.  Two uveitis treatment options yield similar successMethotrexate and mycophenolate mofetil were similarly effective for corticosteroid-sparing in uveitis patients. You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.  
Survival at ‘overweight’ BMI surpasses ‘normal’ By Mitchel Zoler   The new findings suggest that the current definition of a “healthy” body mass index may need a rethink.   Other news:    FDA issues warning to JUUL on illegal marketing of e-cigarettes JUUL has marketed its e-cigarettes and e-liquids as modified-risk tobacco products without receiving FDA authorization to do so.   LDCT plus miRNA bolsters prevention efforts Adding miRNA testing to LDCT lung cancer screening improves prevention efforts with no detrimental effects in lung cancer detection.   Chronic hypertension in pregnancy increased 13-fold since 1970 There was a significant racial disparity in the rates of chronic hypertension.   Wrong cuff size throws off pediatric BP by 5 mm Hg The study helps inform the use of a cuff that’s too big or too small when the correct sized cuff is unavailable.      
CVS-Aetna merger approval gets poor review from physicians by Alicia Gallegos   Physician groups are raising concerns over the merger of pharmacy chain CVS Health and health insurer Aetna.   Other stories: Oral drug for postpartum depression aces phase 3 trial An investigational once-daily oral drug provides a major advance in treatment of postpartum depression.   Visceral adiposity linked to sixfold increase in masked hypertension The body mass index trend was not significant.   New evidence supports immune system involvement in hidradenitis suppurativa Microscopy identifies signs of immune dysregulation in the blood of hidradenitis suppurativa patients.   New IASLC declaration targets tobacco use among cancer patients The IASLC has released a new declaration encouraging physicians to screen all cancer patients for tobacco use.   You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.  
How does diet affect the risk of IBD? By Erik Greb Consumption of various foods increases the risk of incident IBD and may provoke associated symptoms.   Ashwin N. Ananthakrishnan, MD, MPH, delivered this message in a lecture at the 2019 annual Preston Conference in Chicago.   Other news:   New study confirms rise in U.S. suicide rates, particularly in rural areas Suicide levels by county have increased dramatically in the United States, especially in rural areas.   Vape lung disease cases exceed 400, 3 dead Vitamin E acetate is one possible culprit in the mysterious vaping-associated lung disease.   Modifiable risk factors account for many gout cases A substantial proportion of gout cases are attributable to four modifiable lifestyle risk factors, including BMI and alcohol intake.   Pelvic floor muscle training outperforms attention-control massage for fecal incontinence The investigators concluded that interventions do not necessarily need to be conducted at specialized centers.   You can contact the MDedge Daily Medical News by emailing us at or following us on Twitter at @MDedgeTweets.   The postcall podcast is available where ever podcasts are found. You can click here to learn more.       
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