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Whether you’re jumpstarting the morning, searching for that midday pick-me-up, or trying to finish the evening off strong… Daily Quote offers some of history’s most inspirational quotes whenever you need them—365 days a year. In this 2-3 minute podcast, you’ll be given a quote that will motivate, uplift, and renew your outlook on life. You’ll also dive deeper into the context surrounding the quote—learning more about its origin and the meaning behind it.

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Today’s quote is from civil rights activist, poet and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Alice Walker. She reminds us that so-called flaws can be unlikely sources of true beauty.
What’s the key to staying young? Today’s quote from Irish playwright and political activist George Bernard Shaw gives some insight.
Today’s quote is from the diary of Anne Frank, a Dutch-German Jewish teenager who was a victim of the Holocaust.
Lange is known for her depression-era photographs of farmers and migrants. But before she could create a picture, she first had to see a story.
Every princess wants to be swept off her feet... right? Today's quote, from the author of young adult series The Selection, reminds us otherwise.
How do you create works of art with depth? Take it from this French filmmaker: Put aside boundaries and conventions—and follow the emotions.
In the kitchen, as in life, innovation and adaptation are the name of the game—and no one knows that better than this chef and Nobel Peace Prize nominee.
It’s a paradox: The more successful you get, the more people want to see you fail… Today’s quote gives you a handy mantra when dealing with critics.
For better or worse, the head and the heart are not always in communication—and today’s quote from celebrated author G.K. Chesterton is a valuable reminder.
Today’s quote is from French novelist, philosopher, and Nobel Laureate Albert Camus, whose words challenge us to be present in every experience.
Only a month after hearing his ALS diagnosis, Gehrig told a packed crowd at Yankee stadium the things he was most grateful for in the world.
Life’s simple pleasures are at the center of today’s quote, taken from The Hobbit—Tolkien’s fantastical tale of adventure.
Today’s quote is paraphrased from Frost’s poem, “A Servant of Servants.” It offers a reminder for when tragedy threatens to overwhelm our lives.
Brown’s quote reminds us that there’s one thing we need to break the habit of—and that’s doubting ourselves.
Alexander conquered most of the known world of his time. He knew better than most how the actions of one individual could impact the fate of family members, neighbors… even societies.
Roosevelt was known for his rugged masculinity, sweeping charisma, and substantial governmental reforms. He accredited much of his greatness to his can-do attitude, as expressed in today’s quote!
Today, Charlotte Brontë is known as the author of the celebrated novel Jane Eyre. But her writing career didn’t come easy. Nonetheless, throughout her life, Brontë held firm to her belief in letting go of bitterness and continuing on.
Today’s quote is from fictional lawyer Atticus Finch, the heroic protagonist of Harper Lee’s novel To Kill A Mockingbird. Finch says that even in the loudest, most confusing situations, the definition of right and wrong is found within us.
Today’s quote is from celebrated poet, feminist, and civil rights activist Audre Lorde. Her words capture both the difficulty and the necessity of speaking up in challenging situations.
Today’s quote is from celebrated author and playwright Oscar Wilde. Although it is short, its meaning can be interpreted in many different ways.
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May 8th
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